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12:19 PM   [10 Aug 2012 | Friday]

Signs of Revival in the Local Church

Signs of Revival in the local church…


Hello friends – hope all is well with you today!  In this little blog – I want to share a few thoughts on: is there, or could there be revival in the local church today –(of course there can be!)


I felt like the Lord put that question on my heart – can there be revival in the local church?  I would say YES!!!  I think what it will look like from church to church would be different – just in the fact that each church has her own identity in Christ – so we must make sure that we never try to copy or mimic another move of God – it will be shortly lived if so…


So what could revival look like in the local church?  Here are a few points:


1.   A passion within the people to see the lost come to Jesus.

2.   A passion within worship that goes further then just signing songs.

3.   A passion to hear what the Father is saying to the people.

4.   A passion to see the Lord restore, convert and bring freedom to the community.

5.   An increase within the gifts of the spirit. Healing, Words of Knowledge and Prophesy that brings direction.

6.   An understanding among the leaders that it is a team that brings the Kingdom of God to earth in its fullness.

7.   The congregation realizing that they play a role in such a movement.

8.   The congregation beginning to walk in their individual calling and purpose.

9.   The church realizing what the Lord is doing and rejoicing in it.

10. A bond of unity seen among the congregation. 

The list could go on…we must never look down on the small beginnings – you never know the fullness of such a movement – I believe the Lord conceals that so we rely on Him – period.


Does this revival have to spread to different states – That is all in the Lord’s will and purpose. We can not assume such a thing – such an action would neglect Proverbs –Lean not on your own understanding” – I would say, go with the flow of His spirit – if we stay humble, sincere and minister in Love – the move you may experience may ignite outside of your community, county or State.


I would say, local revival is to revive not just the people in your church – but is should bring an impact on its community.  We should see and hear about people getting ministered outside of the church walls. The Lord doesn’t revive a people just so they feel free, loved and looked upon – but there is always a purpose to His movement – to bring the lost to the saving grace found in Jesus!



Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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9:52 AM   [27 Jun 2012 | Wednesday]


Why the Supernatural – Part 3


So my lovely wife and I were out on a date last night and we were talking about the supernatural and kinda dreaming big for our community and church family.  Is it ok to dream big, I think so – depending on what the potential the dream has in the outcome?


We were talking about how people fly all over the world to go to conferences to get an impartation or healing, miracle or just to soak in His presence.  I have no issue with this if there is a balance in your walk – meaning that you do not become a“conference junky” and your life is still in chaos.  Purpose of the conference is to equip, heal and set free the saints.


So I was talking about my desire and ongoing vision I have for our community and church.  Right now our Pastors wife is at Global Awaking school of ministry where they are teaching on the power, influence and how to move within the supernatural.  Our Pastor has a hunger to see the Church walk in the true model of the New Testament Church found in the book of Acts.  We have people interceding for our meetings,community and those that are lost in this darkness.  We have people beginning to understand their purpose / calling in the body.  We have had a transition in our Worship ministry – that has opened doors for others to step into their role – as the former ones are walking in theirs helping another body.  Also we have had witnessed numerous words of knowledge that led to people being healed.


As I think about this – I can imagine we are at the verge of renewal to come upon our fellowship. There is a buzz going around that people are starting to come looking for something different then what they are use to.  We have a few families that have joined in our meetings that are totally on board on the direction we are heading.  The last thing that is so exciting and interesting is the Lord spoke to our body that we have been trusted to spiritually govern a 50 mile radius around our church building.  Do we totally know what that means, not yet –but we are praying for a true understanding.


So what does this have to do with the supernatural?  I believe the first point is – we as a body and through the leading of the Holy Spirit have seen change in different areas within the “government of the church”. As I have mentioned in the last to parts – the supernatural is evident when the Holy Spirit has freedom to move. This starts from the governing body that guides the Church. 


First Step

I can see that we are shifting from a “pastoral government”to an “apostolic” government – in a nutshell – going from caring for the peoples concerns to making the shift to caring for the will of the Father – in which covers the people and their needs, but it is lead by His spirit.  Caring for the people being lead by the Holy Spirit will have more of an impact then someone trying to do this through their own understanding.


Second Step

The Lord is revealing within the church the gifts that have been given to help equip the saints – also He is revealing spiritual gifts within people – as they move in them; it creates an atmosphere for Heaven to touch earth.


Third Step

I think this is a very important step – we are building relationships among the congregation. This is a much needed step for trust, credibility and openness to be within our family.  We are asking for each member at some time to go through a discipleship class – so needed in the church.  When the supernatural becomes part of our culture – we will need solid men and women to help guide and disciple others.


Fourth Step

We have a created a “healing Room” ministry.  Does this have to be implemented in a church to have the supernatural?  No, but it creates a “safe haven” for those that are sick to come and get ministered too –as they get healed and testify – it creates faith that our God is still healing today – and stirs up the body to receive prayer.  Healing is part of the supernatural move oft he Lord – we need to be open and willing every opportunity to pray for the sick.


Fifth Step

As I stated – we have had a change in worship – we are looking to the Lord to release His song over us – someway / somehow that will stir the hearts of the congregation to go deeper in the praise unto Jesus that invites His presence.  Worship is a key that opens the heart and spirit that allows the Holy Spirit freedom.


Sixth Step

There is a hunger among the congregation to hear the Lord speak and release it prophetically. Hunger is a key – it shows that we are dependent on the Lord.  For some reason the Lord uses man to release His will, purpose, healing, miracles, signs and wonders – we need to be that open conduit to allow such a movement.


So…to tie all this together – I believe without the six steps we are achieving in our church culture – we would not be at what ‘I feel”on the edge of a breakthrough.  Such a break through that will lead to renewal of the body that sets the stage for revival in our community.  We want to be known for a body that does not speak persuasive words – but one that comes in the demonstration of His power!


The supernatural is released through co-laboring with Heaven– not fighting against it.  As we progress in wisdom and knowledge – the more we will see the unfolding of His purpose in our Land.  God is a God of order – and He is looking for those to walk in such an order – and it usually will not be in an order that we have been taught or thought.


I felt like I needed to spell out in simple terms why and how we are beginning to see His hand move – I feel like the Lord would have this written to stir up others, to give hope and assurance that He sees and hears the hearts of His people – whether you are in our home church or another– seek for His love to shine that will bring forth the fruits of the supernatural.

Each church family has its own identity - we are beginning to understand ours - my prayer is that your church will walk in theirs to the measure given to them...


Many blessings to you,

Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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12:48 PM   [25 Jun 2012 | Monday]


Why is the supernatural needed?


Hmmm…let’s see, are you or any one in your church sick?  Do you know any one that needs a miracle?  Do you know anyone that needs a word of wisdom or a word on knowledge? Just to get started!


What is the supernatural? In a nutshell – it is the Lord moving through people by the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill His purpose on Earth. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit – with that being said, we are all called to be a vessel that will allow Heaven to invade the Earth with signs,wonders, healing and miracles. 


I believe as we move in the supernatural – The only glory that can be given is unto the Lord Jesus. Only Heaven can perform such things – but He is looking for a people that will say. Here I am – work through me! There is no question when the supernatural is present.  Man can not make up such things, nor can any man perform a genuine healing or miracle without the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Paul sets the model –


1 Corinthians 2:4

4 and my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5 so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.


I never want to minister in persuasive words of wisdom – because they come out of my flesh and not the leading of His spirit – but I do want to minister in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power!


We as a body must realize that we are in a partnership with Heaven.  Both Heaven and I have a role to play.  To work with one another to bring a demonstration of His spirit and power may be seen that the faith of man will rest on the power of God.


The supernatural takes the focus off a man or woman and leads the one ministering too the foot of the Cross.  We must realize that God set it up so that you and I would be a conduit for Heaven to be shown through the earth.  Many fear this, because it is out of their comfort box they established for Jesus to stay in.  It is shameful that the New Testament church has been around for over 2000 years and we stay struggle in allowing the Holy Spirit in…


You may walk in the supernatural today and do not even realize it…it is not just about healing and miracles.  The Supernatural is all the workings of the Holy Spirit.  If you move in any of the gifts that are spelled out in Romans or Corinthians, well my friends then you are walking in the power of the supernatural.


Many struggle with the word“supernatural” just think about how you encourage someone in the spirit, or you move in the gift of helps, or have the gift of leadership, or move in the gift of hospitality or so on, you can not fulfill such a gift without the anointing of the supernatural, period!  You are co-laboring with God almighty and walking in His presence to meet the needs of those around you, today.


So why do we need the supernatural?  Easy, many times you will see in the Word as the New Testament church was being established, they preached and signs, wonders, healing or miracles followed.  Those men were open to the Holy Spirit.  They were untrained.  Meaning they did not have a four year program to go through, but on the spot training governed by the Holy Spirit?


Please don’t take it the wrong way,I believe in the school training if you feel led and there are good teachers out there that want to impart what the Lord has – but we must stay focused why we are going to school and not lose the goal – to win souls and allow the Holy Spirit to have His way.


May point is, God is looking to use anyone that is open and willing to be led by His spirit.  It doesn’t matter what degree or the lack there of that one attains, the degree is granted when the heart is truly opened.


The need of the supernatural is so needed today.  Think about all the sick,dying, hurting lost people – just around your life, now think about in your community, your reign, now your state…


Imagine a breakout in your church that brings and invasion of Heaven to earth that has healing and miracles –wouldn’t that take the reward of man and the Glory given to God? 


Think about this, just a thought I had while writing this – “think about the power, glory and money that is given each year to the pharmaceutical companies – how that compares to the amount of Glory given to the Lord in your home and Church?”


Which one is on top?  In many cases – the pharmaceutical companies– to many Christians put stock in them before going before Heaven to seek a supernatural touch – I am not against doctors at all – but we need to have are focus on who is the true Healer.  My wife and I try to instill in our children who are 5 and 3 years old – that we go to Jesus before we go get any medicine – we have seen the Lord heal our kids– does it happen every time – no, but more often then not and that is why I keep pressing in – My God should be first…


That’s my thoughts for now…more to come!


Les Tomlinson, Jr

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12:44 PM   [18 Jun 2012 | Monday]


There is a lot of talk within the Church about the "next" movement of God, or revival. At times it seems like we are missing the mark in our intercession. I do not have a problem praying for God to rain down, or move upon His people. My issue would be, that the church has her eyes on "key" people that have some type of platform. Now if that platform has been given to them from God, then so be it...


My point is this...God is in the business to use all His children. We should be praying, God us me! Why should there be prayers like...God send your servant to bring revival? You are a servant of the Most High...


Do not take me the wrong way, I know that some have a call/gifting to stir the body...I am all for that, but what i want to do, is to stir you up to realize that you are no different then the other person...


We need to have a change in our view of who we are. You are an ambassador of Christ! You are the Beloved...He has your name written in the palm of His hand...He knows your are a friend of the King!


If we think about just those few titles, why wouldn't the Lord be able to use you right where you are? The Lord is looking for a group of people that are saying, here I am, use me!


A major part of having the Fire of God in your church is due to the cry in the heart of the people. Yes, God can send someone there to start the fire, but who will keep it burning?


Take a look at your prayer life today...what is it echoing? Send someone Lord...or use me Father?

When we think about those in the front line..Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers...Yes I am going to say it...Apostles and Prophets...there is one part of the Body that really does not get noticed or appreciated as much...


We need these men/women on a weekly basis to help the Church operate, but most church members do not view their role as important. Who are we talking about...The that has the gift of hospitality...These men/women serve with a cheerful heart and never look for a reward...


I think some of them have come to a place of realizing that they are the reward is in Heaven. To serve without looking to gain anything, but the Love of their Father...


Some might be thinking, what does this have to do with getting the Church on Fire? If the Church doesn't embrace these men/women and revival breaks out...who will be there to serve the hurting, dying, drunk or full of addictions?


All true servants have the heart of the Father...Its okay to not be in the spotlight. To Jesus, whether you are in the spotlight or in the back ground, are you fully showing the Love of Jesus? That is the key in all ministry...


We should support and encourage those that are in the "helps" ministry today...they are there to be used and not "abused"...



Les Tomlinson, Jr

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9:43 AM   [14 Jun 2012 | Thursday]


Words of Knowledge – what is the purpose and how do they help the body? 


In this brief blog, I want to share on the power of words of knowledge and why does God reveal such things. We know that Corinthians 12 it states that it is a gift that the Holy Spirit gives at will.


So what is the purpose – this is in a nutshell – so it will not be long or deep!


A word of knowledge is something that is revealed by the Holy Spirit that contains information about a situation or circumstance within someone’s life.  It could be in the present or something that has taken place years ago.  It usually will be something that has meaning in their heart or triggers them to remember something that took place in their life.


For me personally, I receive words of Knowledge for people I do not know – I think this is part of the Father extending His love, grace and hope to the person getting ministered too. I believe this happens to build credibility and acceptance and prepares their heart to receive what the Lord has for them. 


Why do I get them for people I do not know? 


Word of knowledge is to stir the person up to receive – If I know something about them and state it as a “word of knowledge” what is there to gain – nothing – I am moving in the flesh and not hearing from God.It is a gift that builds faith both in me (from hearing correctly) and in the person I am ministering too – (2 Corinthians 13 When we tell you these things, we do not use words that come from human wisdom. Instead, we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths.) 

The power of this gift is to grab the attention of the one you are ministering too.  One the Lord has their attention it is a lot easier for them to receive the prophetic word! 


Just because we receive a word of knowledge – that is not totally the prophetic word – the word of Knowledge is like a “forward” of a book – you read this part first before you get into the information that is in the book – same with this gift – it sets the atmosphere to receive!


When we receive a word of knowledge we show ask the Lord – Ok, what’s next?  What is the message you are trying to covey to this person –


Have you heard the saying – give me the meat and potatoes?  Many times,the word of Knowledge is the potatoes and the prophetic word, is the meat…Both come through the anointing and ministry of the Holy Spirit.


A few little examples!


A few days ago – my pastor asked if I would  pray with Him and some friends for a Missionary – I did not know this man, I did not know his name nor where he lived.  I said, of course –since I love hearing from God that can change the heart of men, or give them strength and direction!


So the day came, Me. Pastor and our friend Jon where there in the office speaking with this man via the phone.  I love the challenge – there is no way to feel or see his reaction – many times people fall into relying of body language – I think this is a snare and can lead you out of the presence of God.  How so?  We try to align our self and word to their reaction – I always tell people – we do not prophecy by emotion – but by His leading!


Ok – off to the fun stuff!


I was asked to lead – so my first word of knowledge was that His favorite book in the Bible was Philippians and the Lord has five revelations that He was going to reveal to him through this book.


Word of Knowledge

He loves the book of Philippians


Prophetic Word

The Lord was going to reveal 5revelations to him through this book



He agreed that it is “his” book and he quotes and prays verses out of it!


Our friend Jon had a word of Knowledge

This man had a sick brother and was heavy on his heart – the missionary said that was correct and we go to pray for him.

This was a big step for our brother Jon – and it was great to see him step out!


Is there more – yes – we had numerous words of wisdom,knowledge and guidance as the night went on here are a few more… 


I had a word – and this is what I heard as I was driving to he church – I asked the Lord if He had anything to say to this man…I hear “14years”…Ok, what the heck does that mean?


I couldn’t get away from it – so I began to tell this man about it – and as I was speaking I began to say it was something that is on heart and mind for the last 14 years and it’s a prayer that he so wants to see answered and the Lord said that He was going to answer it in a way that was different then what this man was thinking…


Word of Knowledge

A prayer he has had for 14 years…

Prophetic Word

The Lord was going to answer in a way that was different then what he was thinking…



This was the missionary’s words – I have been married for 15years, and for 14 years I have been praying to be able to be a daddy – I wanted to be like other men and raise children – but they were not able to conceive…


Remember – God reveals the secrets of the heart of men – God hears this mans cry and was letting him know that his answer was coming…


The man went on to say, just the other day, I went down to the big brother, big sister program to see if he could join and be a “big brother” to a young boy!


There were many more – but for time sake – I will end –remember there is a purpose to words of knowledge, not for us to “look or sound” spiritual – but to build faith so they can receive what the Lord would have to say!



Les Tomlinson, Jr

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12:14 PM   [12 Jun 2012 | Tuesday]


We know the old saying “there are two sides to a coin” – so true in certain respects to the Word and we see that in the following passage – it is so important to read word for word to understand the true meaning of what the writer was trying to say…This little blog is about gathering knowledge and understanding and how the co-labor together!  It is not enough to have one without the other!

Phil. 1:9-11

9 I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding. 10 For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return. 11 May you always be filled with the fruit of your salvation—the righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ—for this will bring much glory and praise to God?


I was reading this passage because I felt the Lord spoke to me about someone I was asked to go and minister to…I never met the person but that how awesome our God is – if we ask,He will give within His will and timing – so anyway I figured I would read the passage I kept getting to see what the Lord was saying – So in doing so, I thought, wow this is a good passage to blog about!

My attention was drawn to verse 9-10.  There are four major points we need to grasp as we read this and they are clearly defined! 

1.       He states – I Pray – we need to have a prayer life that is outside of our needs.  We should be praying for others that are ministering, growing, caring for others and so on – The Fathers Heart is bigger then our needs – we are called to be a family – walk in unity – what better place to start then praying for each other! 

2.       What was he praying for –That their love would overflow – We know that the Bible states – “they should know us by the way we love each other” Love is a powerful, attractive and explosive attribute of Heaven – How is it seen on earth?  Through the lifestyle we are called to walk in through the Name of Jesus.  Kevin Prosch– Once sang ‘Love is the key that sets the captives free, so we worship you Lord, for the Freedom”  This was back in the late 1990’s and to this day – I can still hear that line in my mind…Love is a Key – Its time to use it!

3.       Knowledge – there is a huge difference between earthly knowledge and retaining knowledge about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Heart of the Father – we are called to gain such knowledge– the Bible says “be ready in and out of season” We need to able to witness,share, pray and direct the hurting to the Cross to move in repentance and acceptance of Jesus.  It’s not enough to have such knowledge, but knowing how to apply it is the true test.

4.       Understanding – How do we gain understanding?  Spending time with Jesus – Through worship, hanging with other believers, watching how the Lord may use His gifting – true knowledge and understanding is revealed as we walk in our true personality that is aligned to His will.  We should have a passion to understand how the Holy Spirit wants to minister – what I mean is – the understanding comes as you say – Ok Lord, use me, I want to be used in your gifts, to bring salvation to the lost, to have signs and wonders follow the knowledge I speak of…


I encourage you to read this passage again – ask the Lord to help you walk in the fullness of these four points, Prayer, expressing His Love, gaining knowledge of who He is and walking in such understanding!



Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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9:31 AM   [07 Jun 2012 | Thursday]


Hello friends!  Hope you are feeling the Love of Jesus today.  So we are going to continue on with part 2 of “New Season”. Part 1 began the journey and we are about to go through verse 11! 


Song of Solomon 2:8-13

Ah, I hear my lover coming! He is leaping over the mountains, bounding over the hills.

9 My lover is like a swift gazelle or a young stag, Look; there he is behind the wall,looking through the window, peering into the room.10 My lover said to me, “Rise up, my darling!Come away with me, my fair one! 11 Look, the winter is past, and the rains are over and gone. 12 The flowers are springing up, the season of singing birds has come,

and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air. 13 The fig trees are forming young fruit,and the fragrant grapevines are blossoming. Rise up, my darling! Come away with me, my fair one!”

In this brief blog, it is my desire to show that we all go through seasons and all of us are at different places within a given season in our walk with Jesus. I love how the Word of God can bring hope, clarity and motivation anytime we dive in to see what the Spirit of the Lord is saying!


Ok. Verse 11 – the beginning to realize you are in a season!  That’s the first step.  Many times we hear people saying, why the Lord isn’t speaking, must be a season…hmm…

Look,the winter is past

LOOK – so often we read to fast and miss important words that bring awareness to what the writer is actually trying to stress.  What does the word “Look” mean?  To turn your eyes to see!


We need to see where we stand to make a difference.  It not enough to say this is a season, but to see around you what season you are in. Look the winter is past.


What is the winter season – of course it can change due to a person – but mainly the winter season is a season of bareness.  No fruit. A time where we need to be examining our heart – seeking after the goodness of God. 


Winter is a symbol of spiritual climate.  To survive in such a climate, we need a source of fire to produce heat to stay warm. I believe this is a time that the Lord does a work in our heart, mind and spirit to get us ready and prepared to go into the next season.


Also this season could be a state of heaviness.  Someone carrying burdens that they need to be leave at the Cross.  Snow is very pretty to look at (but it can be heavy, as it accumulates it gets weighty and puts a structure to a stress test) – meaning many walk around with a smile and ask as though things are well – in reality they are hurting inside from the burdens that are carrying.


How do we get beyond this season?  We must come to the point of saying – Not by my understanding but by His.  There may need to be repentance to begin to take away the burdens.  Seeking forgiveness is different then repenting – later blog!


We must seek help in the body – lets look at the snow analogy again – say you are not able to go out and shovel the snow to make a path to walk.  You seek help, correct?  If one part of the Body suffers, the whole Body suffers.  We are created to help each other in the Body of Christ.  You hurt yourself even more, if you don’t seek help.  At times, not seeking help will keep you in that season longer. 


There are times where we need the body to support, encourage and pray with us.  Never become a loner –in prayer the Lord can speak to someone a word of Wisdom to bring you to a place of freedom for the winter season.


Worship is another key to help “melt” the coldness around our heart.  Our worship has the potential to ignite a fire in our heart that sets us free. 


I do want to say, in every season – we should seek the Lord for His will and what is there to gain at this time.  He doesn’t have seasons for us to walk in without making us stronger more powerful and stable then we were before we entered into that time. Don’t go through a season without reaping its benefits!


Part 3 we will look at the second part of verse 11.  I don’t want to rush through nor have too much to read in each blog!



Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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9:49 AM   [04 Jun 2012 | Monday]


Ah, road construction – how we love it so much that we do our best to try to get around it the fastest way possible!  As I woke up this morning, I heard the sounds of a dump truck backing up down my street numerous times.  I did not know that they had shut my road down to use it as a by pass for work trucks to get to the area they were working on.


As I was sitting in my truck, I was waiting for another dump truck to come backing down the street – as it got to my truck it stopped!  I was blocked in and no where to go – as the time was ticking away, my thoughts were, great now I will be late, why are they doing this, why didn’t we get a notice and WHEN IS HE GOING TO MOVE!


Finally, he began to move again – as I began to drive I felt the Lord speak to me and about “road construction” in our spiritual walk.  Why do we need it, what is in the process of construction and the difference, once completed.




Many of us are one Christian boulevard taking in the sites as we journey through this life.  On this journey, we at times, have decided to create our own little side roads –thinking “this is the way” to His will. Or this is the way to get His spirit to move – and we may find ourselves right outside of His intended will and purposes.


Road construction is to fix a road that is need of repair…Pretty easy to understand.  It may have potholes, (traps from the enemy) we apply the Word of God in those areas.  The road may get widen – this could be someone expanding their sphere of authority – walking with others due to the revelation that we are not called to do it on our own!  Maybe a toll station is being added – at season that we begin to really understand the cost of laying our life down for the things of the Kingdom.  Lastly, they could be re-striping the lines – God gives us clarity in our boundaries that keep us safe, on track and in His will – it clearly defines our path to stay on track!




So how do the “pot holes” get filled in?  First, we have to determine where the hole was created – how did we fall in it – this usually will have to do with repentance and healing of the issue that has left a wound.  We do not want to just get to the root, but fill the “hole” in with the Fathers love, Word and grace so it can not become an issue again.


Widening the road – This is a great part of construction in  our walk.  Everyone that calls on the name of Jesus should have a group of people to stand with.  We are not called to walk alone, minister alone or be alone on this journey.  The Lord is into team work – remember He sent out the seventy, another time He sent them out by two’s?  We need to find other believers that have a passion, desire and goals that align us with each other –to serve the body to the fullness.  Do not take a detour, but stay focused and allow the Lord to show you the team He has in store – of allow Him to fix the team you are on!



The area where many try to go around and not realize that is will do more damage then gain.  We need to come to a place and realize the power that really comes with laying it all down for the Kingdom.  We may view it as,sacrifice but it really is obedience. Jesus paid the price we are called enforce it.  He is looking for obedience, not sacrifice.  So times we may get this confused and rather give a “sacrifice” then obedience. 


As we travel this road – our obedience goes from a heart of“well it’s a sacrifice” to “I love to be obedient” its much more rewarding.  Obedience comes out of a relationship founded on Love – sacrifice comes from and unsettling foundation.  We should love to be obedient – which allows His love to shine in us, through us and around us!


I hope today that you will see in some why the construction he Lord may be doing in your walk.  Take it as a upgrade and not as though you are doing wrong, but the Lord doing His part in helping you become the great masterpiece He created you to be!  Just as i did not know that they were going to do construction on my road today - the same is true with the Lord - Sometimes we do not know when He is going to begin to work on our heart - so stay open to His tugging!


Enjoy the construction, think about the end result – if the construction is done right, the new road that is built is so much more pleasing to ride along – then the old one with pot holes and strips you can barely see –He is the perfect craftsman – allow the construction to continue and see the beauty that He is transforming in your heart today!



Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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12:48 PM   [31 May 2012 | Thursday]



In this blog we will continue on becoming a trail blazer! Have you thought about how, where and what you should be doing to become this flame of fire in this dry land.
We know that a fire can start very quickly in a dry area. Think about how you can be that fire in this dry spell. Your passion, prayer and openness to allow the Holy Spirit to work through can bring a fire that can be seen for miles both in the spirit and natural realm.
To start a fire, you need a spark and something to burn, correct? You are the spark in the darkness. What needs to burn, the hearts of those that are coming to church and not experiencing the presence of God. How do you become a Trail Blazer – Say, Holy Spirit come and fill my cup – overflow in power through my prayer – release your will through my words in Jesus Name.
We are not out to create the wheel – but to help those that do not see how Heaven can and wants to evade earth. We bring the standard up in the spirit – A trail blazer sets the bench mark to aim for –then help His fellow brethren to achieve all that God has called them to be. We do not create a platform for “our” ministry to a platform for the Holy Spirit to move and revive the hearts that are needing a touch from Heaven.
A trail blazer spends time in prayer seeking the will of the Lord, what he prays for in secret the Lord rewards in the open. His heart is for the betterment of the Church. To see, hear and feel the movement of God that brings a renewal to a dry place.
You may be in a church that has good worship, message and have those that pray – but do you have unity among the members? Do you see the Lord moving upon the meeting with signs and wonders? Are there those that are going out as an evangelist team to share the gospel on the streets?   The list can go on…my point is – do you know where you fit in, if so – are you pushing the envelope in the spirit to see the Holy Spirit move?
A trail blazer doesn’t need to be in “leadership” but his gifting should be noticed by the leaders. Out of humility, he will grow and set a flame hearts of those he comes in contact with. Are you excited to share the heart of the Father? Do you see the gifts of the spirit moving in your walk? Can you see a change in those that you minister too? 
As we walk in wisdom and revelation, we begin to set a fire that is attractive. If we set a fire from our own understanding or will – it will last but a moment; if we start one through the Lord it leaves an everlasting impact.
As I was driving today – I asked the Lord, show me where I was used to be a trail blazer, to raise the standard. Instantly I had a vision when I was a Youth leader. How the Lord used me, by His spirit to impact many hearts in the six years I served the church in that capacity.
When we move under the direction of the Holy Spirit – we have no idea how many lives we can change, impact and impart the things of God. Do not grow weary if you do not see instant results – but if you are moving in His presence, but faith we know we are changing the atmosphere!
It is time for us to bring Heaven to earth and wake up the church community to get a fire, passion and zeal back in the hearts of His children – He is asking –will you become a trail blazer?
Les Tomlinson, Jr
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9:36 AM   [30 May 2012 | Wednesday]

Becoming a Trail Blazer!

Hello my friends – Hope you are well in the Lord today! 


The last few days I keep having a thought in my spirit – “establish Trail Blazers” so I feel at this time I can share a little – I have been kicking it around for about four days!


So what is a “Trail Blazer”?  If we would look in the beginning of Acts – those men were Trail blazers – they were bringing the power and movement of the Holy Spirit wherever they went – they we experiencing manifestations of the Lord as they never have seen before.


Such manifestations as signs, wonders, healing, and salvation – They went out with the understanding that they had something to give – and that was the Holy Spirit.  They didn’t speak with persuasive words, but in power, through the Holy Spirit –


They were setting the trail for generations to follow! Are you ready to set the trail for the next generation???


So who can be a “Trail Blazer” – You can be one!  The Lord is looking for anyone to say – Here I am, use me – pretty simple!  I believe it is rooted in our love for who He is and all that He is about – in that Love, we blossom into who we were created to be – through grace, mercy and power we begin to set a trail.


This does not mean we walk away from our foundation or church – but we push the spiritual atmosphere to the edge of the authority we have at this time and place in your walk.  We do not neglect disciple or leadership, but we strive to stand with them to motivate them to go deeper into the things of God.


A trail blazer is one that sees the potential of the Kingdom of God having a collision with the earth that brings about the supernatural through His spirit. 


Guess what?  His spirit works through you!  You are the vessel that brings such an encounter to your community or church outside of the sovereignty of God!  He created us to house such power but to walk a humble life – what an amazing God.


A trail blazer has a daily prayer life and out of that, the Lord reveals what path to take.  Releases wisdom and revelation on the next step to walk out that will lead to an encounter.  They have a heart to see and hear from Heaven and realize that they are capable to have this type of relationship with Him!


A trail blazer is someone that seeks out the positive potential in a church.  They see past the mundane lifestyle that may be present and comes along in love, humility and grace to release an awareness of the potential of the Holy Spirit.  They seek out the Hand of the Lord to show His power – they have a heart to pray through the apathy of the body because they sense the Love the Father has for His children.

A trail blazer has the ability through Jesus, to speak and encourage a body to see that there is more then what they are experiencing.  They begin to have a bond within the Leadership (if they are open).  A trail blazer is not a “solo act” but he or she knows that they need others to help create new paths, to dig new wells and prepare the wine skins for His outpouring!


A trail blazer can be a man or woman that has a daily job, but has come to a point in their walk that they know there is more and if they ask, the Lord is faithful to move upon their prayer and desire to see His spirit have His way upon a meeting.  I believe many “trail blazers” are going to be people in this particular state.  It could be your mailman, your cashier, school teacher, your boss, you fitness instructor – wait a minute – IF CAN BE YOU!


Being a trail blazer is a lifestyle – I do not believe it is a season, but someone that has had a change of view of who they are in the Lord and has come to a place of faith and assurance in Jesus.


There are many great men and women that have walked or still walking this earth today that we can say – they are trail blazers – Look what the Lord did through them to help promote His Kingdom, and that is what this is all about –promoting the Kingdom to see the Lost come to Jesus!


I will say – Lord I want to be a Trail Blazer – I want to fulfill all that you created me to be – Help me to see and walk as you lead.


So where do we need trail blazers?  I would say, from the inner working of the church – those that govern the daily working of the church to those that have the gift of helps and hospitality.  In every avenue of the Church the Lord is looking and calling people to set the standard for others to come to.


This doesn’t mean that we are any more special to the Lord, not at all – some are called to lead and some are to follow – but show others how to follow as they set the example.  There is always someone looking at how you handle yourself – it doesn’t matter if you are in leadership or not – your walk is just as important, beautiful and special unto the Lord.


There is much more I would like to share on this topic – and I will as the Lord leads!


I hope this little blog stirs you up to go after the race that is set before you!  It is time to burn away the weeds on our path and set a standard in the spirit and physical realm today!



Les Tomlinson, Jr

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