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The "I don't trust in God" Coin


“These things I’ve spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace, In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33
This passage is the culmination of Jesus Upper Room Discourse. It’s important to notice that ‘in Jesus’ there is peace, but ‘in the world’ there is tribulation. Someone once defined in “possessing adequate resources.” In Jesus, we have everything; in ourselves we have nothing…
One Year
Devotional Prayer Book II
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Formulas are the real workhorses in the worksheet. If you set up a formula properly, it computes the correct answer when you enter the formula in a cell.
Excel 2010
For Dummies
Grey Harvey, phD
In accounting the worksheet should work out in regular idea of how to make profit. But in the formula of prosperity as in accounting personal, city, state, family, national, even world, if something doesn’t go out, nothing comes back.
And we may have peacefully hungry and freezing to death before having tribulation in the world, but if we don’t give, Paul had nothing to say to those praying for him, but that the Lord said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
We cannot create capital gain just by smudging the worksheet of the nation inventory of what we have not to solve our problems.
Technology works if we can sell it, but if at least works to save money in our personal expense overhead.
When I was a little boy in Kindergarden in Mexico, the first thing the ‘teach’ taught us to do is to wash our face, our teeth, our clothes and more our hands…
That increase the interview 30% and to have good manners and someone in church taught me to share and my Dad does that all the time…
Descency is not taught in any University, but is the first thing to keep a job, and be accounted to trustworthy to keep the safe and the company books…
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How I love you, let me count me out the ways!!


Today in the same way Lenkya had woven comfort and friendship in her stews, Christie had put all here wisdom and love into her cooking and nourish her family every way she could. She wished and prayed happiness into every recipe, hoping that the ferocity of her love would provide a talisman for her sons, and their wives and her born and unborn grandchildren.
And hoping that this love could keep the feeling of danger away. But no, Christie refused to thing Carey Wolensky.
Past Secrets
Cathy Kelly
No hoping is bad in the end, but…
Putting a family in a home would be at least put the children of America in home. And financially it cost but having values is not a bad deal.
And cutting taxes on the middle class and increase on the “rich” I would say cuts investment opportunity for enterprise.
Nomeraclure, I would think that if we take of care of the personal consumption inventory of citizen we would think we are gear and preparing him of that child to have a productive future for future propensity to have something and be part of the “rich”.
Businesswise the utility expense is something we need to take care of. But like we said, if we cut our sources to nill and energy to kill, the how are we going to be “rich” business wise. And if we did not want to have social programs and but can see how a business is run…
Where is the reference in hoping…
The President did something wrong, moping!!
If you can’t count…
How can we on you count??
Ant Eater
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Aloe Vera Key


Until the Progressive’s demand for secular, liberated society, the founders’ friendly completion was the norm. The end they sought—a religious society in liberal polity—was achieved through the proper kind of religious liberty. The protection of freedom of conscience, and the existence of sufficiently numerous religious sects to prevent sectarian dominance and the majority tyranny, made religion safe for democratic liberty.
Review of Politic
William Dean Howells
If we continue to have the gift to have Internet to continue to preach the gospel, that same gift will keep that what we say will benefit.
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The Seal of God

The Finest Circuit

August 1, 2012

Early in my reding process, I needed to address a question that had bothered me for a long time and that had become a reason or (excuse) during my rebellious years for me to discount the bible as intrustworthy...

The Seal of God

Chad Williams


Chad Williams of the world, the notion that love is gift is pervasive to the human mind because we are control freaks to say the least. traditional marriage values as man ahead of the house is nifty good without the responsability to make the woman happy.

 And if I can get that is nifty but when I need to wash somebody elses feet I thought was a dream well now it is time to move on to another teacher who thins otherwise.

And it is not impossible to make someone happu...

And a bowl of chili beans cannot make anyone love much...

But you will keep that person around a long time...

Even well...










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Mr. Blessings2you from Christianblog has underworld connections of national security nature!!..

Mr. Blessings2you renown CNA operative has cnnections with Holand spies who undermine our Constitution make up and has resorted his office to serve aforeign Government and has undermined the Executive order of the President to restrain his jurisdiction...

And has an office at Cabaret Street  in a residential house across by the way from 208 Cabaret and has rumured the fact that he was responsible for violating the constitutional rights of California Children of Mexican American Decent and has been rumorer that he hads confess to some executive officer in Pensilvania Avenue to to open revile to sumit to the USA Government...

If you have any information on his where abouts...make a citizen arrest and call the FBI immediately...

He doesn't like anyone but og jewish the FBI right away..he is extermely dangeous...

Citizen of the United States...

Gog Bless America

Mood: cranky
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I wish late President Lincoln was here to endore our campaign!!..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I wear socks!!...

The thought being so elusive about where things are...

I take raod to another horizon...

Perhaps in the distant future...

I may find that home is home again...

And the process...

Put to hope my one grain of sand!!...

And don't swagger wrong...

I begin to hear the Huntsville Town ROTC parade band!!...

And this ids the time join President of USA...

And for the Constitution of the same USA...

Make a lasting for our Children Stand!!!...


Come all ye people and the join the Peace Train...!!!


Mood: contemplative
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A Citizen Arrest Guide that we may need...

Copyright ©1994 Constitutional Business
Post Office Box 90
Hull, Massachusetts 02045
Tel. 617-925-5253
Fax 617-925-3906
All Rights Reserved

Limited License:

The right to publish this article off-line in print, or via CD-ROM, floppy diskette, tape, laser disk, or any other media, electronic or otherwise, can only be granted by the author and must be in writing. Online usage is unrestricted as long as this article, including the byline, copyright notice, publisher's address, and limited license, is published in its entirety.


Published By Citizens' Justice Programs

Post Office Box 90, Hull, Massachusetts 02045

Citizens' Arrest

By David C. Grossack, Constitutional Attorney

Common Law Copyright © 1994
All Rights Reserved

Not long ago the politically correct Boston Globe noticed a "shocking" new trend. It seems as if some citizens of Massachusetts were so fed up with crime that they have begun to intervene in petty street crime afflicting the streets of our cities. Thieves and pickpockets in Massachusetts should exercise caution in where and how they ply their craft as the chances that vigilantes pummel them and drag them to the nearest cop are definitely on an upswing. While the Globe is shocked at this healthy trend, students of the law should note that both a statutory and common law basis for a certain degree of "vigilante behavior" is well founded. Indeed, in an era of lawlessness it is important that readers be advised as to their lawful right to protect their communities, loved ones and themselves by making lawful citizens' arrests. The purpose of this essay is to simply explain the law and the historical context of the citizen's arrest.

First, what is an arrest?

We can thank Black's Law Dictionary for a good definition: "The apprehending or detaining of a person in order to be forthcoming to answer an alleged or suspected crime." See Ex parte Sherwood, (29 Tex. App. 334, 15 S.W. 812).

Historically, in Anglo Saxon law in medieval England citizen's arrests were an important part of community law enforcement. Sheriffs encouraged and relied upon active participation by able bodied persons in the towns and villages of their jurisdiction. From this legacy originated the concept of the posse comitatus which is a part of the United States legal tradition as well as the English. In medieval England, the right of private persons to make arrests was virtually identical to the right of a sheriff and constable to do so. (See Inbau and Thompson, Criminal Procedure, The Foundation Press, Mineola, NY 1974.

A strong argument can be made that the right to make a citizen's arrest is a constitutionally protected right under the Ninth Amendment as its impact includes the individual's natural right to self preservation and the defense of the others. Indeed, the laws of citizens arrest appear to be predicated upon the effectiveness of the Second Amendment. Simply put, without firepower, people are less likely going to be able to make a citizen's arrest. A random sampling of the various states as well as the District of Columbia indicates that a citizen's arrest is valid when a public offense was committed in the presence of the arresting private citizen or when the arresting private citizen has a reasonable belief that the suspect has committed a felony, whether or not in the presence of the arresting citizen.

In the most crime ridden spot in the country, our nation's capitol, District of Columbia Law 23- 582(b) reads as follows:

(b) A private person may arrest another -

(1) who he has probable cause to believe is committing in his presence -

(A) a felony, or

(B) an offense enumerated in section 23-581 (a)(2); or

(2) in aid of a law enforcement officer or special policeman, or other person authorized by law to make an arrest.

(c) Any person making an arrest pursuant to this section shall deliver the person arrested to a law enforcement officer without unreasonable delay. (July 29, 1970, 84 Stat. 630, Pub. L. 91-358, Title II, § 210(a); 1973 Ed., § 23-582; Apr. 30, 1988, D.C. Law 7-104, § 7(e), 35 DCR 147.)

In Tennessee, it has been held that a private citizen has the right to arrest when a felony has been committed and he has reasonable cause to believe that the person arrested committed it. Reasonable grounds will justify the arrest, whether the facts turn out to be sufficient or not. (See Wilson v. State, 79 Tenn. 310 (1833).

Contrast this to Massachusetts law, which while permitting a private person to arrest for a felony, permits those acquitted of the felony charge to sue the arresting person for false arrest or false imprisonment. (See Commonwealth v. Harris, 11 Mass. App. 165 (1981))

Kentucky law holds that a person witnessing a felony must take affirmative steps to prevent it, if possible. (See Gill v. Commonwealth, 235 KY 351 (1930.)

Indeed, Kentucky citizens are permitted to kill fleeing felons while making a citizen's arrest (Kentucky Criminal Code § 37; S 43, §44.)

Utah law permits citizen's arrest, but explicitly prohibits deadly force. (See Chapter 76-2-403.)

Making citizen's arrest maliciously or without reasonable basis in belief could lead to civil or criminal penalties. It would obviously be a violation of a suspect's civil rights to use excessive force, to torture, to hold in unsafe or cruel conditions or to invent a reason to arrest for the ulterior motive of settling a private score.

Civil lawsuits against department stores, police departments, and even cult deprogrammers for false imprisonment are legend. Anybody who makes a citizens arrest should not use more force than is necessary, should not delay in turning the suspect over to the proper authorities, and should never mete out any punishment ... unless willing to face the consequences.

As the ability of the powers that be to hold society together and preserve law and order diminishes, citizen's arrests will undoubtedly be more common as a way to help communities cope with the wrongdoers in out midst.

The author is an attorney in private practice in Boston.

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What is the New Life About?!!..

BSOM: Any ways love...what's with new life?!!..

thbg: Well the New Life is about responsability!!..

BSOM: And how is rat that lovely lace?!!...

thbg: Well we address hopes...count costs...take chances...hope for success...and if we make a mistake we report to God...if triumph we give him all the credit and all thanks...

Trust in the Lord with all your heart...

Lean not on your own understanding...

In all ways acknowledge HIM...

And he will direct the way to next!!...your paths!!...


Get help here above!!


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The 4 O'Clock Alarm...


My alarm clock is set to ring at 4:00 every morning. At that time I ask the Lord is there something he wants me to think about or write. If not I may just go back to sleep. Sometimes I sleep over and then get up to write. I have other chores to do each day. Make no mistake.

Bu t it seems that every time I get up to write something my mother, bless her soul, makes coffee for the both of us. I had a nervous breakdown sometime ago and my mother is the one who has helped through these difficult years of recovery.

Make no mistake; God has been the author of all good blessing in my life, even every breath I take. I divorce my wife some years ago. I pray for her every day. We, I just made a lot of mistakes. I haven’t remarried because of personal reasons. And because my wife or ex-wife I have heard is sick.

And for some reason I’m not in the mood to have anybody takes her place even if we have been divorced for a long time. Plus the Lord told me that an elder has to be of one wife. And I want to follow that admonition. If you have your lovely wife, may God bless you.

But in all of this tragedy and turmoil, God has given me time to pursue him and his understanding. My main goal in life and daily meditation is to divulge my whole understanding to others. Every time I think about this. It seems that the more I study and give away what I think. New ideas and understanding comes.

It seem that it is like when Elijah was sent t to the widow and told her to bake what was left of the bread and oil and it would never run out on her unless  she stopped finding new containers to put the oil –new ways to divulge the truth.

I have some devotionals that I read and perhaps see what they say. I was reading a Lutheran one this morning and the subtitles on two pieces were called: Pushing the Line and the Gift forever.  And I just thought why not think about the ‘forever gift’ and or the ‘pushing the mine’ or ‘pushing the mind’.

You must think this is disastrous. In Pushing the Line it said not cross the ‘river Rubicon’ a river the Roman designated as an upper boundary to the empire and if you crossed that line you had made of mistake and invaded Rome.

In the ‘forever gift’ we read about the gift of eternal life which is all fine, but I had in mind the ‘gift forever’ or vice-versa because I was thinking of the gift God had given me to use today before forever comes. The thought of the shrewd manager comes to thought.

And the Lord wants to know how shrewd we are in dealing with the gifts and talents he has given us. Mind the Parable of the Talents and visit the Parable of the Tenant. How we are we minding the vineyard and the machinery God has put at our disposal?

In some certain place in Luke 14-15, God asks whether we feel proud only to follow the guideline and do only our duty. He won’t gird himself and serve us if we don’t venture into enemy territory once in awhile and really do something beyond our duty.

So we ask what are you doing with the gifts God has put at your disposal? What is my real aim in life? Do I really want to miss out on the blessing diligence brings? Have we really pushed the gospel into enemy territory? I just thought I asked these questions this morning as food for thought.

Certainly Josiah was a good king who pleased the Lord and did many wonderful acts and works for God in his time and there was time when in Judges the people did what was right in their own eyes because there was no king to lead. But Josiah in the end died a premature death and the people in Judges took it upon themselves to decide what was right.

In closing we have two extremes, even with the best king who is the Lord, it profits nothing if we are diligent to hear his voice and not do like them in Judges do everything that was right in their own eyes. May you have a good day. Amen.


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