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Pocal Harem

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pocal Harem

Opal spread her arms wide, allowing the black magic to pulse in orange cables along their limbs. "ara you terrified boy?" Artemis Fowl The Last Guardian Eoin Colfer ---------------------------------- In "My Religion", My guardian angel takes care of me. And who I take care of remains to be seen.
Agap had a problem in Akkad Country where he could not go from demension to dimension. And seeing the Lucifer had a Lord who had Power to go from Dimension to Dimension..., Invited Lucifer to a social,... And Agasp being so much lead veines bent the light Lucifer had and swallowed a all
the light he had,... Kind of like a black hole swallos everthing and the came to be the King of those who are lesbians ans fagots... And being downcast is what prevail all that are unthankful,... And behold came to be the Devil otherwise called Satan,... And only a reflection became of God in
Satan,... And but at the mercy of the lead in the Mirror and fragile as the glass as once was Lucifer the bringer of light...
Mirra...Mirra inte wall,... Who is the fairest of them all??? The forgot one seem to shine bright in the eyes of the Prince... ...ugh!!!
Mood: bouncy
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"The Lost Room", the Lord and me...


I rented the movie called "The Lost Room'. I didn't know where that would take me. I wasn't indecent and I thought is took me places, but I wasn't prepared for the after-math. My day today started on the low ebb. My morning prayer was sketchy. I turned to my devotional and I did not have anything to say. Not to productive start. I got on my knees and what he wanted to do for me today and instead I should of said- what do you want me to do for you today?

I decided I was going to have a low key cookout outside, just a couple of us. I headed to the super-market. I was set not to spend a lot of money. My budget is on the tight side. But when I got to supermarket the dollar store was close by.

I had remembered the movie I had seen last night called "The Lost Room". They searched and searched for some object which would bring loved one from the dead. They had to put everything together to open the porthole into the beyond and bring and save the dead loved ones.

Sometimes when I go blank and cannot blog anymore I just retreat to Walgreens or dollar store and buy something I don't need but buy just to have a monetary peace offering of some sort. I suppose I was puttiing together the item that would raise from the dead.

I bought a dollar jounal, a set of ballpoint pens, a coffeer cup filled with candies and dollar spanish english dictionary. I suppose that is what I needed to lift my spirit from the dead and create a blog that perhaps was exactly what the Lord wanted to create this morning.

I paid my 5.41 at the checkout and went to the super-market to buy the meat for the low-key cookout. Some few pork-chops and chicken necks to cook in the grill. To make things short the items brought me from the dead like the movie. I must with the Lord about this and I turned on my ipod and listened to the radio.

I just wonder about the Lord. The trouble he took to help me to write one more blog. I felt better and I created this blog in my mind. The meal was wonderful. My mother and father joined me and we talked. In the end the party turned into clean the back-yard party. We worked together and took care what I

had postponed in doing for a long time. But I wonder about the Lord. He girded himself and ministered to me. We cleaned the back-yard. The meal was wonderful and sumptious. And I remember the movie. I has asked the Lord how a sci-fic movie would be used to bring glory to his name.

So we now pray to finish this blog. I don't know who will read this blog but I'm certain the Lord always does things for a purpose. And truly like we've said nothing is impossibe for the Lord Jesus. I just wonder what it took you to bring you from the dead today?

Only you know if this blog is talking to you. I certainly enjoyed writting this piece and my ipod is blasting away as I write. May you be blessed. Amen.



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