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Support Our President and you next meal!

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Support Our President...He is on our side...

July 30, 2012

To become the Cheetah Girl only I can be, i promise not to follow anyones else's dreams but my own. No matter how much I quiver, shake, shiver, and quake!.

the Cheetah Girl

Deborah Gregory


Ii would thikn Romney would not be a Cheetah Girl since i see a new Reagan looming back anti world and anti-American to be caustic to some who have no ill with us. And iwouldnt be a good idea for him to move to Israel and not bring Israel ideas over here and bring here their own plight od perpetual deafeat.

And bringing on another waw would be his answer if he only took a rifle and go into the front lines. His respect for women is somethihing less there is something less than exaplaryns being a leader in the home would thin heating the home and puttin din on the table is some more or what a woman would think about and he certainly does not understan women or foreign policy being a patsy of the whim of others than his own.

And certainly owr president is more able to put people on a house than than dashing our youth across a stone in  a war that is not our own, a looking for Christmas and gift but rather a purple defit and recession as his predecessor Reagan envisioned and brought us disaster.

Support our President---he's been on boondock sna that is the best experience of wisdom---a warm meal, awarm home and our childern secure unharmed.


Do not make the mistake of loosinf you freedom to hope and deram and enjoy the good thingd


Mood: contemplative
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Self steem then?...

Contem-pltating once Self...

by Francisco J. Zubia on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 2:34pm
Your note has been created.

quote from the book on self steem...

"In our journey together we have explored a variety of self-steem building skills. As with any other skill, self steem skills take time to aquire and practice to maintain..."



in platin' a new way to do things...

old things are new sometmes work best...

But a new thing takes on...

That we have to elect and what is best...




Do not new wine into old ideas...



Mood: curious
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The Road to Calvinary...not good... at all...!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Calvi-n-ary Question...

Any way love...I mean for you kind of know...that is it...that way...there...

Why would you say fatso...calvinizer...I do have a no all...!!

Kind of think of it hat it way I though of you when I looked into your pretty eyes and sweet smile...

I don't know this Calvin thing looks better and better and what ...else di... you ...see...?

I say heaven open...and a voice say...this decision you don't want to make...

And...what lovi...?


Anyways...He said...It is not good to be alone...

But the quilt is for two...

Yep two out three ain't bad... not let me make a choice for you...



The quilt is good for two...

Here it is...I'll shower and get up...


Well just put the pillow aligned right..when you make the bed...

I thought that maybe that was not what I had in mind...kind of thing...I think...

Well ok...I'll just sleep in...get the kids ready for school and aling the dishes right ...when you wash them...

Baby is it too late...

Why don't we go to I-Hop for breakfast...?

Maybe the dishes are already alingned at that place...!!!

I kind think that too...

The quit...

Well la necesidad es santo...let talk about it like the strawberry ones...

....short circuit...

I don't thing that was the Best Buy...

check...but not freeze...o that...

...troubled soul...

...Prayer for redemption...


Puttin two much sour on the cream...can make the cream to go sour...

Mood: complacent
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Like a thief in the night my knight!!...

The Way we were...

Nantiki: And whuz does one say that Christ is the Way?!!...

BSOM: I'm gettin' married but they haven't offered the 51 million dowry for my skin!!...

Nantiki Perplexed: That is kin of stff!!...

BSOM: Yep all the souls I could of money could of saved them!!...

Nantiki 140: I don't know that triple pass five I don't know...!!

BSOM: You don't know because the reviler is messing up the BB machines!!...

Nantiki: Dowry persor will eventually get married to someone he may not like at all!!....

BSOM: Hold me tight...My Lord...

And never lose sight...

...You are of all might!!...

Nantike: And he may come any moment...

...Like a thief at the night...


Like a thief in the Knight...


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Love is in the Aire!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Loving Lace!!..

Coming across the range...

My thought in something entertain...

And thinkin' of something vain...

I really hurried to...

...perhaps take another train...

And in thought I sometime said...


Love for you neighbor include!!...

And keep that the best thing to do...

...what ever you do...

pray for the mood!!...


Come here all ye..let God you mind love understood!!..


Mood: creative
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The Best Buy interlude and even God!!..

The Best Customere Service!!..

I wus doint the Best Buy and the Hoboo was inviteed to interneed or net a la free!!..

And he took his Diet Coke and a free routed and tested the unit there!!!..

And he just happened to remember...

That some one somewhere along the way...

She was kind to him and prayed for him and Starbucks!!..

And he just said,...Elohim!!...

God must be in this place!!..


Get the best deal here above!!


Mood: chipper
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