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4:39 AM   [16 Jan 2014 | Thursday]

What are we aiming for ?

What are we aiming for ?

We all have dreams and goals, are we not ? Having observed life in over fifty five years (i am now 61), these are what I can summarize. We all want to be rich, no one wants to be poor, are we not ?. We all want to finish school or college, or some to succeed in business. We want to be known. We would like to eat our favorite food and drink our favorite drinks and be in good health. We want our own house. Some of us wants to be in a public office serving people. We want to be handsome or beautiful and stay young. Some or all of us want to have our own family. Some of us wants to retire and enjoy the fruits of our labor (I am retired by the way).

Let us say , you or we  achieved all you/we  are aiming for, then what ? or what then ? Can we say and we will happy ever after ? This is what life showed me, we will be gone someday or we will die someday whether we like or not, it is just plain reality, is it not ? And we will leave what we aimed for. You may ask is that all, am I here to depress you ? No, I am here to show you a wonderful life or everlasting life.

You may be saying, show me then. And let me show you.

Have you tried Jesus or do you know Jesus ? Some of you may be saying " Is He the one nailed to the cross ?" , my answer is yes, but He is no longer in or on the cross, He died and already rose from the grave and now in heaven. You may be asking, how do I know these ? My answer is it is written in the Holy Bible. Perhaps you are asking "how do I know it is true ?" Something in me tells me it is true and i believe God is the One who told or telling me through His Holy Spirit. God also promised that we will have eternal life when we believe in His Son Jesus Christ.

i believe God , how about you ?


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6:07 AM   [03 Jan 2014 | Friday]

Starting 2014

Starting 2014

Here we are on the third day of the New Year 2014. Soon this year will become busy. We could be pursuing so many things like education, making a living, raising family, planning a business, making new friends, making travel plans, pursuing personal goals, buying something, learning new skills, etc., etc.

Whatever it is we are planning, are we forgetting anything ? Let me make a suggestion, start with God. Yes God knows what is best for us. He created us. He could save us a lot of wild goose chase (wasted time and effort).

Let me make another recommendation, start reading the Bible, if you have not done so. I started reading the Bible in 1976 and still do now and never regretted it. For those new to Bible reading, I suggest starting with the Book of John. If you do not have a Bible,  try to have one (ask, borrow, or buy).

God bless and may we have a wonderful 2014 .


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10:41 AM   [25 Dec 2013 | Wednesday]

Psalm 127:1

Psalm 127:1

Before we go to Psalm 127:1 let me share something. There is something in man that is fascinating. Man can build and has build superstructures like bridges,skyscrapers, coliseums, churches,cathedrals, bunkers, tunnels, cities, etc.  Mesmerized I went to our city library and borrowed about building structures. Still enchanted I wanted to have my own copy of the books I borrowed, but the prices of books could add up, so I looked for used books in the internet. In a few months I was able to collect  my own small library.

Being a Christian , I also read the Bible regularly. Soon seems competition for my time is building up , my time and space for the Bible and my focus on building stuffs. On my research for building, comes also finding why buildings fall.

Then while I was reading my Bible, my mind started to wander , stealing my time to focus on building.  Our God is a Jealous God. He will not allow competition so He reminded me of Psalm 127:1.

Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

Question : What is the lesson here ? Does that mean, men should not build ? No, man can still build but let us not forget the LORD.


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7:18 AM   [27 May 2009 | Wednesday]

Christian Camp

Christian camp

I am writing this blog as a tribute to the people who are called camp committee. It seems like this people are just doing a regular assignment but as I ponder upon it they are actually doing an important job or part in God's plan to redeeem a lost and dying world. There are many ways God accomplish His plan and I believe Christian camp/ camps is one of the places where He does them. My point is further shown by the attitudes of two bricklayers, one thinks he/she is just laying bricks but the the other one sees that he or she is building a cathedral or a big building.

So what goes on in a Christian camp ? I will mention a few things not necessarily in order. Some relationships are restored, issues resolve.And in our busy world, a camp is a place where we get away to be refreshed and get our bearing back. It is a place where pastor could get to see the state of the flock that God entrusted to him.It is also a place where dreams and ministries start.

I believe these are some of the things that happen in a Christian camp and that the camp committee is a part of,and I thank God for them.

Mood: thankful
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