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12:44 PM   [28 Sep 2019 | Saturday]

What Measures Can Solar LED Street Light Strengthen to Prevent Theft

We know that many local engineering companies have not carried out anti-theft installation due to construction, leading to the theft of batteries and panels of Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT). This situation not only affects normal lighting but also causes unnecessary property losses. According to reports of engineering cases, batteries and panels are commonly stolen. Faced with this situation, how should we take anti-theft measures for solar LED street light?

At present, the development of solar LED street light is not perfect. Compared with traditional street light poles, its composition is messy, which brings great difficulties to daily maintenance. At present, there are many deficiencies in the management and service system construction of solar LED street light equipment, resulting in the late management and service of solar LED street light can not keep up with the speed of theft and damage after the installation.

In order to reduce the theft of solar LED street light, the following aspects can be strengthened:

1. The cost of solar LED street light is higher than that of the traditional street light pole, and the technology of anti-theft and stability is not sophisticated yet. It should be set up in a public place or a safer place in the city, not easily installed in suburban areas.

2. Pay attention to the safety monitoring of solar LED street light, and set up a monitoring system or a device alarm system in simply stolen places so as to learn the usage of solar LED street light in time and carry out useful management.

3. Select-control boxes and other materials of solar LED street light that meets the standards and quality standards and ensures that the device of the consolidating parts meets the requirements during the device process, so as to ensure the consolidation of the solar LED street light and also play an anti-theft role to a certain extent.

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12:07 PM   [28 Sep 2019 | Saturday]

Public Lighting Meets People Needs Functionally

The public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) is an indispensable part of the modern landscape. It not only has its own high ornamental value but also emphasizes the coordination and unification of the landscape of public lighting and the history and culture of the scenic spot and the surrounding environment. Landscape lights use different shapes, different colors and brightness to create landscapes. For example, the red-light lantern-shaped street lamp brings a festive atmosphere to the square, and the green coconut tree lamp sets a tropical style on the edge of the pool. Landscape lights are suitable for landscapes such as squares, residential areas, and public green spaces. In use, be careful not to overdo it, so as not to overwhelm the audience, making the landscape look messy and flashy. Landscape lights also have certain disadvantages, such as not being environmentally friendly.

Trails and garden lights are actually a combination of two types of lights. The garden lights pay attention to the landscape, and the walk lights focus on the functionality. The two can be separated into their own systems, but after considering them, they are still combined. Public lighting for the trail.

The public lighting of the trail should pay attention to the following issues in the design:

1. The public lighting of the trail mostly exists in the form of diffused light. The difference between diffused light and direct light is that it does not produce excessive shadows, which makes the color appear softer when it becomes brighter and darker. However, an important problem that needs to be solved in the form of diffused light in the public light of the walk is that the surface temperature of the illuminator is too high. In view of the popular street garden lights on the market, few products can solve such problems.

2. Calculation of elevation angle and shoulder distance. The calculation of the elevation angle and the shoulder distance can achieve a good balance between the function and the landscape function. For example, if the design of the elevation angle takes into account the corresponding landscape design, then the role of the landscape can be better reflected. Meet people's needs.

The low-level luminaires first need to pay attention to the innovation of design concepts, followed by the humanization and diversity of functions. I saw a low-level lamp in Japan. This luminaire not only plays the role of lighting and beautification but also plays a warning role. It tells passers-by that the front has a large curvature and many people in and out. Please be careful with drivers and road walkers. In order to achieve the versatility of the low-level lights and the integration of landscape lighting, it is necessary to introduce the idea of ​​composite design and coordinate the function lighting and landscape lighting as much as possible.

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12:42 PM   [22 Sep 2019 | Sunday]

LED Public Lighting Into The Lighting Market Potential Stocks

Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT), a high-tech lighting product with long life, no radiation, low energy consumption and so on. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, LED public lighting is more energy efficient. Compared with energy-saving lamps, it does not use toxic materials that cannot be degraded, such as mercury, and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

In the Chinese lighting market, LED public lighting has a good performance in outdoor applications, and many landscapes, traffic signals, advertising displays, etc. are widely used, but in the home market, they are left out. Many people don't buy LED lights because they are several times more expensive than ordinary incandescent and energy-saving lamps. In addition, the uneven quality of products also reduces consumer confidence.

The high price is actually that the consumer has not calculated the account, that is, the electricity bill saved by the LED public lighting can completely offset the difference between the LED public lighting and the ordinary incandescent lamp and the energy-saving lamp. Moreover, LED public lighting is also more durable, unlike other lights, which are easily damaged due to the high number of switching times.

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12:42 PM   [22 Sep 2019 | Sunday]

Don't Underestimate This Small Public Lighting

Another peak of power consumption is coming, and energy conservation naturally becomes a topic that cannot be avoided. How to save energy? Choosing energy-efficient lighting products is obviously an important means.

Don't underestimate this small public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT). According to the data, at present, China's lighting power accounts for about 13% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society. If all the incandescent lamps are replaced with high-efficiency lighting products, the annual electricity saving will be 48 billion kWh. If the whole society realizes the replacement of LED lighting products, it can save about 350 billion kWh per year, which is equivalent to the power generation of four Three Gorges hydropower stations. If you change road lighting to solar street lighting, it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

"To change a light bulb and change the way we think, we can change the whole world." UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. A lamp may be insignificant, but the energy gathered can not be ignored. Frugal and healthy, low-carbon life, let's start from now, start from each of us.

When installing public lighting, many friends did not know that the voltage of the battery was 17.5v and the voltage of the battery was 12v. We know that the solar panels are composed of series-connected cells. The voltage of each cell is 0.5v. The 36 cells are 18v. It is generally lossy. The voltage rating is 17.5v, and the voltage rating of the battery is 12V. However, it is about 13v after a full charge. When the battery voltage is lower than 11.6v, it needs to be charged. The battery itself has discharge protection. We know that high voltage can only charge low voltage, and there is a pressure difference before it can be charged. Therefore, the voltage of the panel can charge the battery at around 18v.

In addition, when the system of solar street light is 24v, the solar panel is parallel with two pieces of the same power to charge the 24v battery. The other small series needs to be explained that the total power of the battery board is superimposed, the same power. The series voltage of the battery is doubled and the series current is doubled.

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12:19 PM   [22 Sep 2019 | Sunday]

Development Status and Future of LED Street Lights Manufacturers

According to the latest news, the utilization rate of LED street light is getting higher and higher, so whether LED street lights can replace traditional lights depends on whether the comprehensive performance of LED exceeds that of traditional light sources, whether it has long-term cost-effectiveness, and what is the current development situation and future of Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT)?

1. The difference between LED street lights and traditional street lights.

Different from LED landscape lights that have been widely used, high-power road lighting requires a wide coverage, a large amount of light projection, and high uniformity and heat dissipation requirements, which are the most difficult areas for directional LED research. Compared with traditional lights, LED street lights have different characteristics in four aspects.

(1) Light structure. (2) Efficiency. (3) Light color. (4) price.

2. The application and development status of LED street lights

(1) The threshold of 1)LED light products industry is low, and the quality is mixed. The material bidding mode that won the bid at the lowest price makes it difficult for high-quality products that do not have price advantages to be shortlisted.

(2)LED products are faster than the new ones, and the products of different manufacturers are not compatible with each other and cannot be exchanged, which makes the later maintenance more difficult.

(3) The testing standard is not mature, and there is no authoritative standard testing method for LED products, which makes it more difficult for us to select high-quality facilities.

(4) Most products need to be replaced with whole lights, and the maintenance cost of a single light is about 10 times that of conventional lights.

(5) In recent years, LED street lights have been invited for bidding for many times in succession, among which the number of successful bids has reached 11. The main reason is that the parameters of manufacturers' weight lights fail to pass the testing by authoritative testing organizations, which has seriously affected the promotion and use of LED street lights.

3. Prospect of LED street lights in the future.

Overall prospect: Although LED has been limited by color and luminous efficiency for many years, LED has been favored by users due to its long life, high reliability, low working current, compatibility with TTL and CMOS data circuits, etc.

The breakthrough point in the development process: First of all, support from industry policies are needed to formulate unified labeling and specifications to solve the problem of the interchangeability of clients. Secondly, we should solve the problem of improving lighting efficiency. The third is to control costs. Only by controlling costs can the advantages of cost performance be realized. The fourth is to ensure the working conditions of LED and the cognition degree of power supply technology.

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12:58 PM   [15 Sep 2019 | Sunday]

LED Public Lighting Design Requirements

The guidelines for Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) design are based on the "led public lighting design specification standards and the LED lighting industry". This standard is formulated to ensure that urban road lighting can create a good viewing environment for vehicle drivers and pedestrians, and to achieve safe transportation, improve transportation efficiency, facilitate people's lives, prevent criminal activities and beautify the urban environment.

1. Lighting LEDs The main feature of public lighting is the ability to directionally emit light, since power LEDs are almost always equipped with reflectors, and the efficiency of such reflectors is significantly higher than the reflector efficiency of the lamps. In addition, the efficiency of the self-reflector has been included in the LED efficacy detection. Public lighting using LEDs should utilize the characteristics of directional emitted light of LEDs as much as possible, so that each LED in the public lighting fixture directly directs the light to each area of the illuminated road surface, and then uses the auxiliary light distribution of the luminaire reflector to A comprehensive light distribution that achieves very reasonable public lighting.

2. The LED public lighting power system is also different from the traditional light source. The constant current driving power supply required by the LED is a cornerstone to ensure its normal operation. The simple switching power supply scheme often brings damage to the LED device. How to make a group of LEDs tightly compressed together is also an indicator of LED public lighting. The requirement of the LED for the driving circuit is to ensure the characteristics of the constant current output. Because the relative change region of the junction voltage is small when the LED is working in the forward direction, the constant driving current of the LED ensures that the output power of the LED is constant.

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12:50 PM   [15 Sep 2019 | Sunday]

The Development of Public Lighting Intelligence Is Changing With Each Passing Day

With the increasing functional requirements for public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT), the development of public lighting intelligence is changing with each passing day. The technical core of luminaire intelligentization is realized by intelligent control system on the one hand; on the other hand, the quality control and technical innovation of the light source can ensure the realization of relevant intelligent functions under the condition that the volume and quality of the light source are unchanged.

The intelligentization of public lighting can save resources and create a comfortable atmosphere with a sense of three-dimensionality and layering, which is conducive to people's physical and mental health. With the further demand for spiritual and material civilization, intelligent public lighting products will become the darling of the market and will be widely used everywhere.

In terms of channels, the main procurement of LED public lighting products is still municipal engineering in various places. Compared with other lighting product sales channels, public lighting channels are more specific, mostly invisible channels. This method plays a big role in the sales, brand promotion and promotion of public lighting enterprise products. It is understood that the government procurement model does not include the government's daily demand for fixed asset investment construction procurement projects into the engineering business category, but only the special procurement of LED public lighting products.

Public lighting companies also need to meet a number of qualification requirements to become a government procurement lighting supplier. The inspection of the qualifications of the municipal management department is mainly reflected in its own business philosophy, service awareness, and operation process. The quality information can be obtained through the analysis of the quality of its products and the investigation of the completed projects. From the price-oriented in the early years, the market is raging to the current strict quality control issues, the market is rational and cautious, which is important for the future direction of public lighting.

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12:12 PM   [15 Sep 2019 | Sunday]

LED Street Lights Manufacturer Heat Source Treatment Should Consider Factors

The solution to the problem of LED street light heat source should be based on the material and composition of the light, and solve the problem of high-power LED heat source from the inside out. When the light-emitting component is bonded to the aluminum substrate, the thermal conductive adhesive plays a key role. Some Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) think that the thermal conductivity film or the thermal conductive rubber pad has a good thermal conductivity, and the thicker the film thickness, the better, but does not want the thermal resistance problem. The thermal conductivity is good, and the thermal resistance of the film thickness is useless. Moreover, the thermal conductive film or the soft thermal conductive gasket does not really adhere to the substrate, and there are actually many voids in the bonding surface.

The thermal resistance should be low to use the thermal conductive adhesive. It is recommended to use the soft ceramic thermal conductive adhesive for screen printing. The soft ceramic thermal conductive adhesive of screen printing is different from the traditional laminated thermal conductive adhesive film. The soft ceramic thermal conductive adhesive is soft semi-liquid. When the screen printing machine blade is coated on the aluminum substrate, the thermal conductive particles will penetrate into the pores of the substrate surface and Fill it up to full.

In the external protection of LED lights, LED lights and soft ceramic heat-dissipating paints are recommended. The spray-type soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint can be directly sprayed on the outside of the LED light, and the construction operation is simple, and can be adapted to various shapes of heat-dissipating structures, and can also be adjusted to different colors, in response to the needs of landscape design. The soft ceramic particles in the spray-type heat-dissipating paint are subjected to nano-treatment, and the fine particles are not only easy to be sprayed, but also the heat-conducting particles on the same coating area are dense and dense, and the area oftemperature volatilization is also increased. Let the heat of the LED luminaire be quickly conducted out.

The cost structure of LED street lights has been continuously improved with the development of packaging technology, carrier board design and heat dissipation module structure, and the cost has also decreased with the development of technology and market demand. However, there are not many manufacturers investing in material improvement, which is mainly related to the history and habits of Taiwan's industrial and commercial development. Taiwanese manufacturers are more prone to process and design, and have less ink on material development. Therefore, in the issue of solving technical problems or reducing costs, it is more biased towards purchasing thinking or management thinking.

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12:02 PM   [15 Sep 2019 | Sunday]

Attention to the Use of LED Public Lighting

1. The current single Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) power is low. In order to obtain high power, multiple parallel connections are also required.

2. Low color rendering. The color displayed under the illumination of the LED public lighting is not true of the incandescent lamp, which is to be analyzed from the spectral distribution, which is a technical problem.

3. Spots. Due to the defects in the manufacturing process of the white LED public lighting and the matching error with the reflective cup or the lens, the "yellow circle" problem is easily caused.

4. LED public lighting uniformity problem. If the secondary optical design is not carried out, and the illumination of the LED is relatively concentrated, it is necessary to carry out the secondary optical design, so that the light intensity distribution map can be made into a bat shape.

5. The current light fade problem of LED public lighting. And compared to low-power LEDs, the light decay of such high-power LED public lighting is much better now. However, low-power LED heat dissipation is small. Moreover, the high-power LED is a problem that there is no way to solve the problem of heat dissipation, and the brightness will be significantly reduced after the heat is generated, so the power cannot be made large.

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12:39 PM   [05 Sep 2019 | Thursday]

Ideas and Solutions of High Temperature for LED Public Lighting

The high temperature of Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) will affect the service life of LED lamps. The industry believes that the lower the better, so the life of LED is inversely proportional to junction temperature. The higher the balance temperature, the lower the life. The radiator is designed to dissipate heat, so long as its temperature does not exceed the temperature it can withstand. The key is the temperature of the chip. The heat generated by LED public lighting should be quickly conducted to the radiator to achieve the effect of rapid diffusion and dispersion.

Six Solutions to High Temperature of LED Public Lighting:

1. Super-thermal conductivity: Micro-groove group composite phase change cooling technology has super-thermal conductivity, its thermal conductivity is 10,000 times higher than that of aluminum substrate. This technology can timely send the heat of the LED chip to the infinite heat dissipation surface. The thermal conductivity is greater than 106 W/(m*℃).

2. Supercooling capacity: the heat flux of heat extraction has reached 400W/cm2, and its capacity is 1000 times higher than that of water cooling and about 100 times higher than that of the heat pipe. The heat extraction capacity is 100 times higher than forced water cooling and 1000 times higher than forced-air cooling.

3. No power consumption cooling: passive heat dissipation, no fan or water pump, no energy consumption for cooling, no power operation, and energy saving. MGCP technology ingeniously utilizes the healing energy of the high-power power electronic device to evaporate the heat taking medium to generate kinetic energy and potential energy, the vapor flows to the condenser to release heat and condense into liquid, and the capillary force of the micro-groove group of the heat taking device and the gravity of the liquid return to the heat taking device closely attached to the high-power power power electronic device, thus realizing a closed heat dissipation cycle without external power.

4. Light weight and small volume: the weight is less than 25% of the existing radiator, and the volume can be as small as less than 20%.

5. High reliability: the device is simple and compact, stable in operation, has no startup problem, and is much more reliable than fans, water cooling, and heat pipe radiators.

6. Low cost and environmental protection: the product cost is lower than that of fans, water cooling, and heat pipe radiators; Phase change working medium is environmentally friendly, with little consumption.

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