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12:55 PM   [30 Jul 2019 | Tuesday]

Solar LED Street Light Is The Emerging Road Lighting Main Product in Recent Years

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, the speed of industrialization has been accelerating, resulting in more and more serious smog pollution. However, occasional good weather is still often visible, and this rare warm sunshine has become a big Nature's best reward for humanity has also become a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the lighting industry. In addition, as a new green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting product, Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) have been favored by many customers.

In the face of increasingly severe air pollution and waste of resources, for sustainable development, and for our children and grandchildren, more and more people are choosing to use green energy-saving products. So, let's take a look at the solar LED street light with my footsteps.

Compared with ordinary lighting street lights, solar LED street lights not only have solar brackets for mounting solar panels but also the light source configuration used is the corresponding LED light source. Therefore, it is more cost-effective, reduces power consumption, and can fully utilize green and environmentally friendly performance. In addition, as a new road lighting product in recent years, it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and green, and meets the standards of sustainable development. It is mainly suitable for large-scale enterprises and institutions, government roads, school parks and other places that respond to environmental protection.

Solar LED street lights are typically 5 to 12 meters high, and their price will fluctuate with height, environmental performance, battery panels and LED light sources. However, the design of the height of the solar LED street light is mainly determined according to the width of the road and the range of lighting required. The solar bracket orientation, solar panel installation orientation, and the solar cell can be designed according to the lighting time of the street light and the local climate. The size of the board, battery, etc. In addition, its working principle is mainly to use solar panels to receive sunlight, store light energy, and convert the light energy into electrical energy through the converter and store it in the battery for illumination.

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12:50 PM   [30 Jul 2019 | Tuesday]

Daily Maintenance of Public Lighting

Products produced by public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) manufacturers are often seen by us. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to culture. And public lighting plays a role in the cultural beauty of the city, so how should it be maintained?

When we find the lampshade tilted during use or cleaning, we should correct it conveniently to keep it beautiful. When adjusting the lampshade, care should be taken to avoid the reflection of shadow when lighting the lamp. Do not hang articles on the lamp, such as airing quilts. Frequent switching will greatly reduce its service life. Ensure the safe use of public lighting, regularly replace aging lamps to avoid accidents.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the choice of public lighting should also comply with the safety and energy conservation, which not only can better decorate and beautify the environment, but also will not cause burden with the environment, and better play its effect.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led Public lighting.

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12:10 PM   [30 Jul 2019 | Tuesday]

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Are Realizing Energy Cost Savings

Through simple mathematical calculation, the energy efficiency of LED street light system is obvious. Traditional incandescent lights convert most of the energy into heat energy. LED street lights use less than 20% of the energy required by incandescent lights, and each watt of energy (i.e., "lumens") input generates up to 30% more light. The combination of these two factors has LED to the energy cost savings being realized by Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT).

The advantages of LED street lights far exceed efficiency and cost savings. LED street lights can be precisely controlled. Unlike other newer lighting systems (including sodium and mercury vapor lights), LED street lights can be turned on and off instantaneously. This fast switching response allows the motion sensitive control system to be integrated with the LED street light, for example, to rapidly increase the brightness of the LED street light when pedestrians are present and to dim it when pedestrians are not present. LED street lights can be connected to emergency centers to create bright paths and directional lighting for first responders.

LED street lights have various colors and lighting temperatures, which can be combined to create unusual and attractive environmental lighting in the urban environment. When city planners begin to examine the possibilities of LED street lights, they will find themselves overwhelmed by these possibilities.

These possibilities have also changed the norms traditionally used by city planners and engineers to define and meet the needs of city lighting. They can still consider lumens, which are the basic unit for traditional lighting applications but LED street light

systems allow consideration of color rendering and color temperature, uniformity, and lighting depreciation, all of which can be combined to create unique solutions for street lighting applications.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.

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12:05 PM   [30 Jul 2019 | Tuesday]

The Solar LED Street Light Is Better Installed

With the maturity of the development of solar energy and the vigorous development of Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT), solar LED street light is installed in rural areas now. If solar LED street light is to be used normally, they must be properly installed first. Although the installation of solar LED street light is not complicated, there are many matters needing attention during the installation process. Now, let's introduce to you some points for attention to the installation of solar LED street light.

First of all, as solar LED street light is a kind of product mainly using solar radiation as an energy source, the intensity of light irradiated on this kind of product directly affects the lighting effect of this kind of product. It is also because of this that when selecting the installation location of street lights, everyone must ensure that they can receive sufficient sunlight, and must ensure that sunlight can be irradiated at any time throughout the day. During the installation process, it is also necessary to ensure that there are no leaves or other obstructions around the installation location, which is a very important point of attention.

Secondly, when threading solar LED street lights, there are also many matters needing attention. During threading, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the wires of street lights cannot load the connection of light poles, so as not to damage the normal use of products. In addition, the connection of wires should be fixed. PVC tape should be used for winding for those connections so as to have a better fixing effect.

Finally, when using a solar LED street light, in order to ensure the beauty of the product and the battery module can better receive solar radiation, everyone must ensure that the cleaning work is carried out every six months to thoroughly remove the dust on the battery module of this product, but when cleaning it, everyone must pay attention to not being able to wash from bottom to top during washing and cleaning, which will cause unnecessary damage to the product. It can be seen that when installing solar LED street light, everyone must pay attention to the above precautions, which is very important for everyone. Only by doing this can they be installed better.

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12:04 PM   [30 Jul 2019 | Tuesday]

LED Public Lighting Can Create The Best Environment

Parents often tell their children to avoid dark and abandoned streets when they are young and stay in light-filled, densely populated streets when they go out at night. As children gain experience and maturity, they naturally understand that they are safer when they have better lighting on the street. The new discovery now reveals that Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) can create the best environment to help people stay safe while walking down the street at night.

In terms of safety perception, LED public lighting has two significant advantages over traditional high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps. The first is the ability of unparalleled LEDs to replicate natural daylight conditions. The "white light" perception of LED lights allows people to see facial features and details more clearly and helps them better identify colors and textures. Just copying the sun, LED public lighting gives people a better impression.

The second advantage of LED common lighting is that they can be guided and controlled to illuminate evenly on sidewalks and crosswalks with little or no dark spots or shadows between higher lighting standards. Traditional street public lighting produces the brightest lighting gradients near the luminaires with dark spots between the luminaires. LED common lighting fixtures can be used, which distribute light in a distribution known as i-type to v-type. The i-type LED luminaires are distributed laterally along the sidewalk and path, while the V-shaped distribution is circular. Municipalities can combine different distribution patterns to create bright, consistent lighting on all pedestrian areas and roads when necessary.

City planners and city managers will also appreciate the energy and efficiency of LED public lighting systems. Towns that have transitioned to LED streetlights typically reduce lighting energy consumption by more than 50%. Even in areas where temperature and rainfall vary widely, the long life and durability of LED public lighting can reduce the cost of lighting maintenance and repair in the city. When using an intelligent system to control the LED light, the cost can be further reduced, and the smart system can reduce energy consumption when the motion and proximity sensors determine that the street is empty and there are no pedestrians or drivers.

Environmentalists also prefer LED public lighting because no hazardous materials are used in the manufacturing process and they can be directed to minimize light pollution. Mercury vapor street lighting fixtures contain substances that may require special handling if they are damaged or replaced at the end of their useful life. In contrast, LEDs do not impose special handling obligations on towns where LED street lights are installed. Pedestrians and motorists also enjoy the benefits of not being exposed to hazardous materials, further enhancing their sense of security. The directionality and controllability of LED public lighting also reduce light spills, which may affect residents, which may disrupt the activity patterns of nighttime wildlife. Towns with LED street lights usually reduce the “city sky glow”, a typical phenomenon of urban and large population concentration.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.

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12:41 PM   [24 Jul 2019 | Wednesday]

Three Solar LED Street Light Reconstruction Systems

Maybe you want to be a green company, or you want to reduce costs or both. There are several ways to complete the transformation of Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) and accomplish two goals.

The first solar LED street light retrofit system is a grid-connected system. Installing solar panels on the existing poles to supply power to the power grid during the day and using the power grid at night will help offset some costs and provide a green alternative. Depending on how much energy you generate in a day, the installation size of the solar panel is determined. Work with the local power contractor to decide what you need, and work with the local power company to install a special device to track your power generation. In addition, please make sure to switch to energy-saving LED light to save costs to the greatest extent.

The second kind of solar LED street light renovation is to completely disconnect the system from the power grid by installing and turning off the solar LED street light. These systems charge the battery pack during the day and power the lights at night. The solar panel module is used as a photocell to turn on and off the light, usually providing five nights of autonomy. The purchase cost of this device is higher, but it can provide free energy for the life of the system, usually for 30 years or more, and replace the battery every five to seven years.

The third type uses a backup battery system, which allows you to generate electricity for the battery, usually with smaller battery components than a completely off-grid system, and to transfer excess power to the grid. The battery can run at night for a set period of time and then be connected to the power grid for the rest of the time, or it can only be used when there is a power failure in this area. This is a good idea for regions without reliable grid energy. This arrangement can also be used with larger backup batteries and trickle chargers to provide multi-day storage like off-grid systems, but can only be activated when the grid is interrupted.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led street lights Manufacturers.

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12:35 PM   [24 Jul 2019 | Wednesday]

Points for Attention in Design of Public Lighting Lights

In the stage of lighting landscape planning, public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) manufacturers should pay attention to all kinds of lamps and lanterns installed in the project, which should not be less than the minimum installation height required by the attached table. Otherwise, the installation position and installation angle of public lighting should be adjusted or shielding measures should be taken to avoid directly appearing in people's field of vision.

From the management level, in order to realize the overall coordination of lights, the relevant urban management departments must intervene as soon as possible, carry out macro-control, organize relevant social forces, and carry out unified and comprehensive urban and regional lighting landscape planning, so as to provide evidence for individual lighting planning.

The establishment of the profession of lighting designer by the state will be conducive to standardizing the lighting design market and building a high-quality lighting design team for public lighting manufacturers. It is a concrete manifestation of the central spirit of saving energy and protecting the environment. It is of certain significance for the implementation of green lighting and the construction of a stable and harmonious conservation-oriented society.

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12:06 PM   [24 Jul 2019 | Wednesday]

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Create Conditions for The Conversion of Street Lights

To a certain extent, “trend” is the direction in which something develops or changes. The conversion or transformation of LED street lights is definitely the current trend of global cities. Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) have created conditions for the conversion of street lights.

LED street light systems have significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs.

LED systems produce the same or better illumination, while traditional high-pressure sodium street lighting uses less than half the power. Lower electricity consumption translates directly into lower utility bills in cities that may struggle with limited budgets. Newer LED luminaires can also provide over 50,000 hours of work time and, in some cases, up to 100,000 hours of operation without failure, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Due to the high cost in the upfront, a city may be reluctant to convert to an LED streetlight system, but the cost savings realized by the city by switching to LED lights will soon pay for the system itself and will bring longer-term economic benefits to these cities. In addition, as LED street lighting becomes more prevalent, these upfront costs will inevitably decline as manufacturers gain economies of scale through greater production.

LED street lighting creates a brighter, safer community.

LED street lights and fixtures can be configured to produce consistent and uniform light on all street surfaces, with no dark areas or shadows. This versatility increases the safety of pedestrians and drivers on city streets. Although some doctors have commented that the wavelength of LED street lights has an adverse effect on urban residents because of the high wavelength concentration in the blue spectrum (which may interfere with sleep patterns), next-generation LED street lighting will reduce the spectrum and will not reduce the illumination. Or performance.

The LED streetlight system provides unprecedented control for the city.

The LED system is fully illuminated almost immediately after power up. They can be dimmed in the middle of the night, and when the foot and motor vehicle traffic is low, the power consumption can be further reduced. Advanced control systems allow city planners to adjust the lighting levels of individual fixtures or fixtures based on the different needs of the entire night. Unlike traditional street lighting, which is typically limited to switching operations, LED systems offer an almost unlimited number of control options.

The LED street light system is environmentally friendly.

LED luminaires are free of hazardous materials and have a significantly lower carbon footprint in manufacturing and operations than almost all other types of industrial lighting. Cities that have retrofitted LED systems have also experienced a reduction in light pollution because LED lighting is more directional and unwanted light leaks into areas outside the surface that the city wants to illuminate.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.

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12:00 PM   [24 Jul 2019 | Wednesday]

LED Public Lighting Renovation and Lighting Redesign

The revolution in industrial and commercial lighting is leading a series of new Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) systems, which are replacing traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. As more and more organizations seek to realize this transformation, their first question is whether they should transform the existing lighting system to utilize LED public lighting and control systems or completely turn to a new redesign of their entire lighting configuration. Like many other facility-related issues, this decision will depend on personal preferences, the facility itself and budgetary considerations.

If your work budget is limited and the facility does not have unique lighting requirements, renovation may be sufficient. Existing lamps can be simply replaced by LED public lighting and independent drivers. The end result will be equivalent or better lighting and immediate reduction in utility costs, but maintenance costs may be higher than full or partial redesign. Compared with traditional bulbs, LED public lighting has stronger directivity. Replacing the existing bulbs will not solve the problem of light distribution, nor will it eliminate any shadow generated by the existing design.

The next step in replacing lamps only is to replace all existing lamps with lamps specific to LED public lighting. New LED public lighting and lamps may produce more lighting than previous generation lamps, and this option may create a superimposed environment. In addition, it is not easy to increase advanced control over LED public lighting by replacing lamps, such as dimming and customizing individual lamps.

Redesign of a complete lighting system will bring the highest upfront cost to an organization, but cost recovery through public facilities and maintenance cost savings can be achieved more quickly through redesign than through simple renovation. The design engineer will analyze the space to be illuminated and draw a customized plan, including a mix of different LED public lighting, to achieve the best lighting for the facility. LED public lighting has a variety of light distribution modes, which can be mixed and matched to uniformly light facilities with minimum dark spots and shadows. Engineers can also integrate advanced control systems into new LED public lighting designs, enabling facility operators to selectively dim or adjust individual lamps to change facility lighting to conform to specific or changing uses of the facility.

In the past ten years, LED public lighting technology has developed rapidly. Decisions to retrofit or redesign lighting systems should be based on the latest available information. At that time, manufacturers and designers of LED public lighting systems also accumulated rich experience to help their customers make the best lighting choices that meet their needs and do not exceed the budget. This experience extends to the application of specific color temperature and color rendering index (CRI) to the new lighting system, which can improve employee morale and performance by better matching the natural sunshine throughout the day.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.

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12:45 PM   [18 Jul 2019 | Thursday]

LED Public Lighting Technology Is An Emerging Technology

The explosive growth in demand for Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) has spawned a large number of manufacturers who are competing to meet this demand.

In the past ten years, many high-quality LED public lighting manufacturers have entered the market. Other companies, including LED public lighting in Columbus, Ohio, have entered the market for 30 years or more and have taken the lead in promoting many advances and innovations in market growth. Those mature LED public lighting manufacturers have experience and technology to solve design problems and provide services to meet your needs.

Some mass market LED public lighting manufacturers to produce only a few bulbs, lamps and systems, which may force you to choose products that are not suitable for your application. Other companies are private brand distributors of overseas manufactured products. Products or systems that are very suitable for your application are more likely to be produced directly by a company that puts its name on the product and supports it with a strong warranty and effective service.

LED public lighting products and systems rated by Energy Star, Design Lamp Alliance (DLC) or Lighting Design Laboratory (LDL) will meet strict third-party testing and evaluation, thus they will be more suitable for applications requiring higher quality products. If the LED public lighting products and systems you select have already received one or more certifications from these rating agencies, they may last longer and provide better performance.

LED public lighting is a new technology. Although you can simply install a new LED public lighting to replace the existing incandescent lamp, the terminology used to describe LED public lighting and the technology used to generate LED public lighting may cause confusion. In order to minimize confusion, please find a LED public lighting manufacturer with trained staff to help you choose the right products and systems for your application.

Although the price of LED public lighting continues to decline, the initial product and installation costs of LED public lighting may be higher than similar costs of traditional lighting systems. However, it is still possible for you to recover the upfront costs in less than two years because the high-quality LED public lighting system reduces the operating and utility costs. If you choose low-cost or high-quality LED public lighting, the bulb may not be able to provide the performance you want or need for a long time. High-quality products may cost more, but in most cases, they will give you longer service and better long-term economic benefits. When selecting LED public lighting products, the quality and cost should be balanced to obtain the best effect.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.

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