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12:59 PM   [28 May 2019 | Tuesday]

How Much Does Public Lighting Illuminates Residential Areas

We believe that with the development of new zoning and residential areas, public lighting should be required and wiring should be required to be buried underground. We are consistent with our theory that walking or cycling communities are highly desirable.

In existing residential areas, residents' preferences are often the most important factor. Some communities feel safe and semi-rural, and unless it is necessary for driver safety, public lighting(CLASSIC) will only annoy residents.

Even so, by using simple reflectors instead of well-designed public lighting plans, you can better highlight specific drops or other roadside hazards. In many places, residential public lighting has been added and the bulbs have only been replaced when residents complain.

Typically, you can pay for the installation through a special assessment, which is a voluntary tax on specific residents and/or business groups. The special assessment will take effect within the specified number of years and is usually paid monthly as part of the utility bill.

Of course, a special assessment that is paid monthly or annually “running with the property” means that if the home is sold, the next homeowner is also responsible. In some countries and situations, one-off special assessments are also legal.

For residential streets, the recommended interval between fixtures is typically every 400-600 feet, but it is more practical to consider local climate and tree coverage before making a decision. The color and reflectivity of the street surface is also important.

When the distance is not easily divisible by the recommended interval, decisions and therefore conflicts are also common. So be prepared to have some warm conversations with citizens.

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12:50 PM   [28 May 2019 | Tuesday]

Public Lighting Does Illuminate Adjacent Areas

The public lighting(CLASSIC) is not actually meant to illuminate the road ahead of the car, as the lights can do so. But public lighting does illuminate adjacent areas, alerting drivers to possible dangers.

Pole height is very important in terms of light distribution, so transportation engineers often want to install the lights on higher speed roads.

For a safe driver, the lights must be relatively constant. We know that our eyes adjust to the sun faster than going into the dark. For a while, when we entered a dark room, our vision was impaired. Therefore, driving from a well-lit area to a dark area produces a similar effect. Therefore, ideally, if an area must be illuminated, the globe is mounted on a relatively high pole so that the light remains constant and the eye does not continuously adjust to achieve different brightness.

For pedestrians, the goal is usually to illuminate the sidewalk itself. Additional black spots along the sidewalk can be created by a variety of conditions, including trees, large bushes, strange angles of the street, parking patterns, tall church spires or other buildings allowed by residential areas, or many other potential effects.

Keep in mind that as cycling becomes more popular, you need to monitor the presence of public lighting on these new bike lanes and trails.

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12:41 PM   [28 May 2019 | Tuesday]

Fusion of Solar LED Street Lights And New Countryside

Solar led street light(CLASSIC) uses solar energy as energy. During the day, solar panels charge lithium batteries. At night, lithium batteries supply power to the light source. No complicated and expensive pipeline laying is required. The layout of the lamps can be adjusted, safe, reliable and energy-saving pollution. No manual operation is stable and reliable, saving Power maintenance.

Each solar LED street light is a separate system, and if there are any problems, it will not affect the use of other lights.

The solar LED street light is ultra-low pressure cargo, stable in operation, safe and reliable, and there is no safety hazard in solar LED street lights.

With the development of China's economy, the pace of new rural construction to accelerate rural road lighting projects is also the focus of every new rural construction. The emergence of new rural integrated solar street lights is a traditional street predicament that solves the rural environment installation.

Solar energy is clean, pollution-free and renewable green energy. Utilizing solar energy, unparalleled cleanliness, high safety, relatively broad and abundant energy, long life and maintenance-free other conventional energy sources, photovoltaic energy is considered to be the most important new energy source in the 21st century.

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12:21 PM   [28 May 2019 | Tuesday]

Phoenix City to Cooperate With World Renowned LED Street Lights manufacturers

According to the local government, by 2019, the LED street light replacement program will use the updated, brighter LED streetlights to illuminate the yellow high-sodium road bulbs in the to-do list of all cities in Phoenix, including approximately 100,000 non- LED street light. The program will be completed in cooperation with world-renowned Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC).

The existing traditional street lights currently mean a lot of electricity bills for local authorities. In addition, maintenance costs account for a large proportion of street light costs.

A small number of street lights in the downtown area have been converted to LED street lights. And the effect is very good, welcomed by the local residents, so the plan of nearly 100,000 people will be on the road to nearby neighbors.

Monica Hernandez, a spokesperson for the Phoenix Street Department of Transportation, said workers would try to minimize disruption. “In the vicinity, we will work during the day,” she said. Light replacements on major roads will occur at night, "to avoid some heavier traffic," she said.

The replacement of traditional orange lights with new white LED street lights will provide greater efficiency as a superior way of saving energy and repairing bills to local authorities. It is estimated that it will save more than $22 million by 2030.

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12:16 PM   [28 May 2019 | Tuesday]

LED Public Lighting Is A Highly Efficient LED Device

Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) is a highly efficient light emitting diode device. It must operate in a constant DC environment to consistently emit intense light and illuminate the world. The advantages and disadvantages of the drive will directly affect the brightness and quality of the light. How to choose good LED public lighting is the key to manufacturing LED lamps with excellent cost performance.

Currently, LED public lighting has three types of led drivers.

The first is the resistor capacity power supply to be eliminated.

The second is a non-isolated switch constant current power supply.

The third is a new high-voltage linear constant current led power supply.

At present, the main products of LED incandescent lamps are C35 candle lamps and A60 bulbs, which have a very narrow space for installing led power.

In the early stages of LED public lighting development, only annular plastic parts were added between the glass bulb and the base to expand the space that could accommodate the power module. With the advent of a new generation of LED filament driver chips, many of the necessary protection functions for LED drivers are concentrated in the chip, and the application circuit is more compact. The peripheral components of the application circuit are more scarce and the production cost is further reduced.

Today, a new generation of drive power chips and a small footprint solution can meet the requirements of incandescent lamps without plastic parts.

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12:59 PM   [24 May 2019 | Friday]

Australian LED Public Lighting Analysis

Australia is a developed country in the southern hemisphere, with a GDP ranking 12th in the world and a population of about 23,000,000. Therefore, its manpower manufacturing industry is not so strong, resulting in lighting manufacturing conditions similar to the few local lighting companies. As a result, Australia's Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) products rely heavily on imports, most of which are from China.

In this beautiful and expansive country, home to 7m-8m families, average family own 70-80 fixtures, most of which are about MR16 halide lamps and traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. This huge country has great potential. Australia is the first country to completely eliminate traditional incandescent lamps, a paradise for efficient lighting products.

In 2015, China's total exports of lighting products to Australia reached US$71.4 million, an increase of 14.20% over the previous year, including US$39.6 million, an increase to 13.08%, and ranked 10th among exporting countries.

With the development and improvement of the LED industry and the improvement of green awareness, the high price of LED and the volume of traditional products have dropped significantly. Therefore, since 2010, LED public lighting products have continued to grow locally.

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12:43 PM   [24 May 2019 | Friday]

Add Public Lighting for The Health or Safety of The Planet

The purpose of public lighting(CLASSIC) is to help drivers, pedestrians and cyclists find their way in the dark. Many community groups believe that additional lighting can help prevent crime, and commercial district lighting can also help create a pleasant environment. If your city government or community group is considering adding or replacing certain light bulbs (as sold by sales and technical personnel), this page will provide you with an overview of the precautions.

Photocells can now turn off and turn on most bulbs based on the amount of light available, so we have been on the road for a long time. Now we rely on high intensity discharge lamps. Due to its energy saving, LED lighting becomes powerful in the case of focused lighting.

However, you will still find many different types of fixtures, including older mercury vapors, sodium vapor or high pressure sodium and metal halides.

Often in areas where it seems easier to commit crimes, people will demand more and more public lighting. In fact, uniformity is much more important than the brightness of crime prevention. High brightness can cause glare, while a sustained but small amount of light increases the sense of security.

The light distribution on the surface of the building can increase the security of the business district. Research is not clear as to whether a very high level of street lighting really prevents crime; one can find results to support these two arguments. A school, CPTED (Criminal Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) does emphasize good lighting and does not produce shadows as one of several central principles. However, many community groups are convinced that lighting is part of their arsenal of crime, and if it is strong enough, it may be part of the answer.

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12:05 PM   [24 May 2019 | Friday]

Solar LED Street Light Runs Stably

Solar led street light(CLASSIC) consists of the following components: solar panels, batteries, solar-powered controllers, illuminators and lights. It is an automatic control working system. The solar LED street light will automatically run when the system is set to work mode. The solar street light is the ideal road lighting. With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of society, it will be the widely used sun. At night, the earth is provided with light for human illumination.

Solar LED street light is mainly composed of solar panel components, intelligent controllers, battery packs, light sources, poles, and brackets.

Solar LED street light uses solar panels to convert solar radiation into electricity during the day, and then store the batteries in the battery through intelligent controllers. When the night falls, the sun's light intensity gradually decreases. When the intelligent controller detects that the light is reduced to a certain value, the battery is controlled to supply power to the light source, so the light will automatically turn on when it is dark. The intelligent controller is used to control the charge and discharge of the battery, as well as the opening and illumination time of the light source.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led street lights Manufacturers.

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12:04 PM   [24 May 2019 | Friday]

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Tells You The Advantages

The street lights of Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) are different from traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. High-power LED street light adopts low-voltage DC power supply. It uses Gan Power blue led and yellow phosphor to synthesize high-performance white light-emitting diode. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response and unique color index. Can be widely used in urban road lighting. The outer casing can be made of PC tube, with a high temperature of 135 degrees and a low temperature of 45 degrees.

A light-emitting diode (abbreviated as LED) is a highly efficient solid-state light source that emits weak power based on a semiconductor PN junction. In a certain positive bias and injection current, the holes injected into the P region and the electrons injected into the N region emit photons after being diffused into the active region by radiation, and the radiation directly converts the energy into light energy.

Advantages of LED street lights:

1. Features of LED street light itself - One-way, no light diffusion, ensuring light efficiency.

2. LED street light has two unique optical designs, which will illuminate the led street light to the required lighting area to further improve the lighting efficiency to achieve energy saving.

3. The efficiency of LED light source has reached 110-130lm / w, and there is a lot of room for development, the theoretical value is 250lm / w. The luminous efficiency of the high-pressure sodium lamp increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall luminous efficiency of the LED street lamp is higher than that of the high-pressure sodium lamp; (this overall luminous effect theoretically, the light efficiency of the high-pressure sodium lamp exceeding 250 W is actually higher than that of the LED).

4. The color of the LED street light is much higher than that of the high-pressure sodium lamp. The color index of the high-pressure sodium lamp is only about 23, and from the street color index to 75 or more, from the visual psychological point of view, to achieve the same brightness, the LED street lamp illumination can be higher than the high-pressure sodium lamp. The average is 20% lower (refer to the UK Lighting Standards Principle).

5. Light decay is small, the light decay is less than 3% in one year. It still meets the road use requirements after 10 years of use, while the high-pressure sodium lamp has decreased by more than 30% in one year. Therefore, the use of LED street lamps in power supply design can be lower than that of high-pressure sodium lamps.

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12:49 PM   [21 May 2019 | Tuesday]

Outdoor Lights Built by LED Street Lights Manufacturers

Outdoor lighting refers to lights outside the indoor lights. Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) requirements for outdoor lighting are to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and to obtain decorative effects. Outdoor lights include: street lights, high pole lights, garden lights, led street lights, lawn lights, wall lights, floor lights, light bulbs, spotlights, light bulbs, etc. These are collectively referred to as outdoor lights.

Garden lights are mainly used for urban roads, community roads, industrial parks, landscape lighting, tourist attractions, park courtyards, green belts, square lights and lighting. Garden lights can significantly improve the living environment and improve the quality of life of residents. The daytime garden lights are dotted with urban views; night garden lighting provides the necessary lighting and living convenience, increasing the sense of security of the residents, while also highlighting the highlights of the city and creating a distinctive style.

Landscape lights are an integral part of the modern landscape. It not only has its own high-level appreciation, but also emphasizes the harmony of the landscape of the art lamp and the historical culture and environment of the scenic spot. The garden lights are characterized by their versatility and aesthetics, which are also known as landscape garden lights. It is mainly used for lighting in public slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, plazas, etc., which can extend people's outdoor activities and improve the safety of the property.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.

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