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12:48 PM   [28 Apr 2019 | Sunday]

LED Public Lighting Maintenance Guide

The Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) system consists of several different components, each of which needs to be replaced after a long period of operation. These components include LED drivers, light engines, housings, protection components and control systems. Semiconductor circuits in LED drivers will be more susceptible to failure if they are exposed to consistently high temperatures without proper engineering and thermal management techniques to withstand and dissipate heat. LED, a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial LED public lighting systems, uses a passive thermal control technology that eliminates the heat of the drive itself and dissipates heat by integrating the ambient airflow over the heat sink. Facilities that choose an LED public lighting system with a good thermal management system typically have lower maintenance and replacement requirements for the system.

Collisions and other physical shocks of the equipment can damage the luminaire and enclosure in different operating environments. If the facility expects its lighting to withstand high levels of physical stress, it should choose a fixture that can withstand these stresses. If these pressures are caused by wet, corrosive or corrosive environments, such as high humidity indoor growth facilities, chemical plants or oil rigs, the facility can further reduce its repair and replacement needs against those environments by selecting a rating LED system.

In addition to component failure, the quality of light from the LED source will decrease over a long period of time. When the amount of light produced by the LED common illumination is less than 70% of its initial light output, the LED light is typically replaced. The well-designed LED lighting system does not fall to this level until 50,000 hours, and in many cases it can be used continuously for up to 100,000 hours.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.

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12:18 PM   [28 Apr 2019 | Sunday]

Solar LED Street Light Save A Lot of Transportation Costs

First of all, the Solar led street light(CLASSIC) has a small footprint, so things are integrated into one or two parts, just like a laptop, so the parts are concentrated in one province. The integrated LED solar street light is convenient for transportation, long and long distance. It is very convenient to transport or short-distance installation. Thirdly, it is easy to install. Nowadays, 5 large components of solar street light are assembled on the spot. First, install the battery board on the bracket and put the lamp holder on the arm. Then place the bracket on the pole. The premise is that the manufacturer will thread you, integrate LED solar street light and then you will still be threaded and assembled. The cost of personnel is not small, plus transportation and other expenses must be saved a lot.

Solar LED street light generally refers to the light source controller battery and battery board. Of course, the direction of the battery board is adjustable. Generally, the LED light has a built-in space lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate battery and then a controller is directly sealed. Into the lamp housing, then the battery board is calculated and installed so that the wiring is convenient and convenient to transport. Such a street lamp has been installed, but the effect is unqualified, and the solar LED street light is not very good. In the long run, the integration of the solar street light can be very cheap. Serving customers are very convenient.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led street lights Manufacturers.

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12:11 PM   [28 Apr 2019 | Sunday]

Public Lighting Reduces Our Urban Burden

How does the city maintain this growing asset? Many cities around the world are implementing public lighting(CLASSIC) programs for two main reasons, economic growth and community security. Public lighting supports economic growth by increasing the time it takes people to dine and play after dark. At the same time, research shows that public lighting can reduce crime rates by 20% and traffic accidents by 35%.

However, financial barriers and institutional constraints have prevented many municipalities from adopting such “low-hanging results”. Although the energy and cost savings potential of LED public lighting is much greater than the initial investment, and the physical transformation is relatively simple, the cost of capital is still higher than the traditional technology. Unsubsidized LED luminaires cost two to four times more expensive than high-pressure sodium-steam (HPS) luminaires, depending on taxes, exchange rates, the absence or presence of local manufacturing, and the size of the LED program. For urban governments with few resources, capital investment may be too high. Many cities in developing countries either lack the credit to raise funds in the market, or the cost is so high that the feasibility of the lighting plan will be greatly reduced. In addition, cities may face challenges, including perceived barriers, lack of a supportive regulatory environment, and low institutional capacity to develop and manage complex business models.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led Public lighting.

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12:01 PM   [28 Apr 2019 | Sunday]

Power Features of LED Street Lights Manufacturers

Why does the Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) power supply have a constant flow? The characteristics of the LED lighting material determine its environmental impact, such as temperature changes, LED current will increase, the voltage will increase, and LED current will increase. Exceeding the rated current will greatly shorten the service life of the LED lamp bead.

The LED constant flow changes in environmental factors such as temperature and voltage to ensure that the operating current value does not change. Constant current accuracy on the LED street light power supply market Some power supply constant current accuracy is poor, just like the popular recommended scheme on the market, such as constant current scheme, the error reaches ±8%, and the constant current error is too large. The general requirement is ±3%. According to the 3% design. Fine-tuning of production power, achieving ±3% error.

LED street light power supply operating voltage general LED recommended operating voltage is 3. $. 5V, after testing, most of the work is at 3.2V, so it is more reasonable to calculate by 3.2V. The total voltage of the n-Lamp beads is $liter. $ N.LED Street Light Power Board Series - How wide is the parallel and wide voltage? In order to operate the LED street light power over a wide range of input voltage ranges ac85-265v, the LED series-parallel method is very important.

In order to obtain a larger power factor, the series of lamp beads should not be too small, otherwise, the optimal working condition will not be achieved. The number of series and the number of secondary winding turns on the isolated power supply must meet the power output power. The smaller the operating current of the electronic component in the rated voltage operating current range, the longer the life and the shorter the life. LED street light power beads are sensitive to exchange weight, the higher the traffic, the worse the light comfort.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.


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12:59 PM   [25 Apr 2019 | Thursday]

There May be Favorable Policies for Replacing Public Lighting

If you need or want to change public lighting(CLASSIC), it's also worth asking the utility company to share the cost. Many utilities will have a favorable policy if the old lights are older than a certain age.

Why do you require new public lighting? Newer street lights may be more energy efficient. Even during the day, worn or slanted poles or fixtures can detract from the appearance of the neighbors.

In some parts of the country, it is also common for municipalities, homeowners' associations, or other entities that pay for public lighting to rent fixtures rather than from fixtures. If you rent, you will almost certainly be limited by the choice of utilities.

Sometimes municipalities maintain their own public lighting, and sometimes this burden is borne by utilities. Utilities may also offer options. In some parts of the country, private companies sell services that maintain public lighting, including the replacement of light bulbs.

Light pollution (generally unwanted light in the sky) and light intrusion (unwanted light that illuminates adjacent buildings) are also an increasingly important issue.

If light intrusion plagues residents, look forward to complaints. In the past 25 years or so, great progress has been made in providing highly oriented street lighting that does not spill over into unwanted areas.

If you need to retrofit an old street light to solve the problem of light shining into the bedroom window, the cost of the directional shield is much lower than the street that replaces the entire fixture or fixture.

Some towns have so-called dark sky regulations that require public lighting to be highly commanded and do not spill into the sky. Manufacturers also occasionally rise through the production of night sky fixtures.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led Public lighting.

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12:22 PM   [25 Apr 2019 | Thursday]

Composition Solar LED Street Light

The Solar led street light(CLASSIC) comprises a light pole, the upper part of the light pole is provided with a lamp holder, the lamp holder is provided with an LED light bulb, the top of the light pole is provided with a power supply device bracket above the light fixture, and the connection point of the power supply device and the light pole is provided with a rotating column. The power unit can be rotated along the spin column, and the solar panel, battery pack, and battery pack are battery packs. Electrically connected to solar panels and lamp holders for controlling LED bulb switches and solar panels as well as battery charging and discharging controllers, electrically connected to solar panels, batteries, and battery covers.

Solar panels, batteries, and controllers are integrated into the power supply. Solar LED street light avoids external wiring, are easy to install and do not require damage to the underside compared to an existing solar street light. The angle of rotation of the solar panel can be adjusted to rotate the solar panel according to the position of the sun to achieve all-weather solar energy.

In short, some of the foundations of solar LED street light are sure to serve the public and be more cost-effective.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led street lights Manufacturers.

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12:15 PM   [25 Apr 2019 | Thursday]

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Help Save Costs And Increase Brightness

Previously, the streets of Lai Shen District in Yantai City were illuminated by orange lights, causing great trouble for residents and drivers. The high beam in the car must be turned on the street under the orange light. After all the traditional light conversion to the new LED street light provided by the Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC), the brightness has been improved.

In the context of the rapid development and energy saving of LED street lights, the conversion plans of China and the world have emerged in recent years. For a time, LED street lights have always replaced the mainstream of traditional lamps, and intelligent control features also enhance the superiority of LED street lights.

In the past three years, 13 streets in Laishan District have been converted into more energy-efficient LED street lights, involving about 1,050 LED street lights. According to statistics, in 2016, the electricity saving fee was more than 480,000 yuan compared with 2015. The current plan is to convert 2,216 traditional lamps into LED street lamps, including Guangdong East Street, Shannan South Road, and Shennan Road. A spokesperson for Guishan said that the estimated electricity saving fee is about 900,000 yuan.

Converting to new LED street lights can help improve road lighting brightness, help save energy, improve urban image and increase the city's international reach. At the same time, it is of great significance to improving the national environment and sustainable development.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.


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12:04 PM   [25 Apr 2019 | Thursday]

Understand The Role of Optics in LED Public Lighting

The optical system in any Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) system is a key element of the system's performance as they alter the directionality and strength of the LED source. The optics in LED common illumination may include a spatial distribution of light from the diode itself, as well as reflectors, lenses, and brackets that use mechanical blocking to cut or limit the output light. The installation of the LED public lighting system will use different optics in the LED lighting, for example, controlling the beam angle of the output light, producing edge or diffuse light, or focusing light on certain areas while limiting other areas.

Method for improving LED illumination optics

The lens can be used to diffuse light more evenly over a larger surface area. More advanced "TIR" lenses can be used to achieve a more uniform diffusion of LED common illumination on a particular surface. In addition, some lenses will filter out different wavelengths of light to create a pattern or color on different surfaces.

Reflectors sitting on LED common illumination have different shapes and sizes, with or without sub-lenses, allowing for greater light diffusion. The reflector can have a smooth or mottled inner surface to create different illumination optics, or to concentrate or diffuse illumination with the integrated lens. Brackets are the simplest form of optical in LED public lighting because they simply sit on top of the LED fixtures to mechanically block some of the light from the fixture.

A variety of optical options in LED public lighting have created new ways to generate and focus light on specific areas and optimize the benefits of this illumination for the underlying applications.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.

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12:48 PM   [23 Apr 2019 | Tuesday]

LED Street Lights Manufacturers to Deliver Great Economic Benefits

Stimulated with economic benefits and high efficiency of converting the traditional street lamps with new-type LED street lights, local Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) in India are setting out a plan to replace all the traditional street lights including high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, and high-mast lights into more energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED street lights. Actually, around 37,000 LED street lights have been installed in the last year, which delivers energy reduction by 41percent. All of these LED street lights, with the progression of the technology, can achieve operation and maintenance automatically

In 2014 a study conducted by a public body that pointed out large difficulties emerge in the operation and maintenance of the street lights, particularly in switching on and off, which drive the possibility of this act. The study also showed that an approximately 50% electricity bill was found to cost on operating and maintaining these lights. To address this issue, some measures engaged with how to better understand these charges required are taken to better manage these lights for the efficient cost.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Solar led street light.

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12:23 PM   [23 Apr 2019 | Tuesday]

The Main Advantages of Solar LED Street Light

Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is energy. During the day, the solar cells are used to charge the batteries, and the batteries are used to charge the batteries at night. The solar LED street light do not need complicated and expensive pipelines to be laid, and the layout lamps can be adjusted, safe and energy-saving, and no manual operation is required.

The main advantages of solar LED street light include:

1. Energy-saving, solar LED street light to use natural light sources to reduce power consumption;

2. Safety, commercial lighting may have safety hazards caused by construction quality, aging materials, and power supply disorder of L solar LED street light. Solar LED street light do not use AC power, use solar cells to absorb solar energy, convert low-voltage direct current into light energy, and solar LED street light has no safety hazards;

3. Environmental protection, solar LED street light pollution, no radiation, in line with the modern green concept;

4. High-tech content, solar LED street light is controlled by intelligent controllers, according to the natural brightness of the 1d sky and people need to automatically adjust the brightness of brightness in various environments;

5. Durable, most solar cell module production technology is enough to ensure that the performance of the solar LED street light solar cell module can not be reduced for more than 10 years;

6. The maintenance cost is low, far away from the remote areas of the township. For the maintenance or maintenance of conventional power generation, transmission, street lamps, and other equipment costs are high. Solar street light only need inspection cycle and little maintenance workload, and the maintenance cost of solar LED street light is lower than that of traditional power generation systems;

7. Install the building blocks, the installation is flexible and convenient, humanized, and the size of the solar street light can be selected and adjusted according to your own needs;

8. Independent power supply, the off-grid operation of solar LED street light, with power supply autonomy and flexibility.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led street lights Manufacturers.

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