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Main Characteristics Of Temperature Control Of Pipe Fittings Mould

 The temperature in the Pipe Fittings Mould is uneven, and the injection moulding of the pipe fittings mould is also related to the time point in the injection cycle. The following control methods are suitable for controlling the mould temperature: controlling the fluid temperature is the most commonly used method, and the control accuracy can meet the requirements of most situations.

Using this control method, the temperature displayed on the controller is not consistent with the mould temperature; The temperature fluctuation of the mould is quite large, because the thermal factors affecting the mould are not directly measured and compensated, including the change of injection cycle, injection speed, melting temperature and room temperature. Secondly, direct control of mould temperature. In this method, a temperature sensor is installed inside the mould, which will be adopted only when the precision of mould temperature control is high. The main characteristics of mould temperature control include: the temperature set by the controller is consistent with the mould temperature; The thermal factors affecting the mould can be directly measured and compensated. Generally, the stability of mould temperature is better than that by controlling fluid temperature.

The purpose of controlling the mould temperature of pipe fittings and the influence of mould temperature on injection moulding parts In the injection moulding process, the main purpose of controlling mould temperature is to heat the mould to working temperature, and the other is to keep the mould temperature constant at working temperature. If the above two points are successful, the cycle time can be optimized, and then the stable high quality of injection moulded parts can be ensured. Mould temperature will affect surface quality, fluidity, shrinkage, injection cycle and deformation. Excessive or insufficient mould temperature will have different effects on different materials. For thermoplastics, a higher mould temperature will usually improve the surface quality and fluidity, but it will prolong the cooling time and injection cycle. The lower temperature of the pipe fittings mould will reduce the shrinkage in the mould, but it will increase the shrinkage rate of injection moulded parts after demoulding. For thermosetting plastics, a higher mould temperature usually reduces the cycle time, and the time is determined by the cooling time of the parts.

In addition, in the processing of pipe fittings mould, higher mould temperature will also reduce plasticizing time and cycle times.

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How to Prolong the Life Of Trash Can Mould

 This article mainly explains how to prolong the service life of trash can mould in our daily use.

The service life or times of use is an important basis for the quality of the Trash Can Mould. If it is broken and can not be used after several times of use, then it must not be a qualified trash can mould. How can we extend the life of the trash can mould?

First, since it is a plastic product, the aging problem is an indisputable fact. Plastic trash can mould adopts hot melt injection moulding process, which may cause mould deformation or aging, and lose its original precision and strength. If we buy it back and don't use it immediately, it is recommended to store it in a cool environment.

Secondly, apart from the above natural factors, human factors are also the main reason for the damage of the trash can mould. Although the trash can mould has strong toughness, it will definitely affect it after being compressed, so attention should be paid during the processing.

Third, after the trash can mould is used, we should clean and orderly store the residue on the inner wall to ensure the next use.

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Key Factors Affecting Quality Of Household Product Mould

 The processing of Household Product Mould is a very complex and dynamic process. Every factor in the moulding process has an important influence on the moulding quality of products. Forming shrinkage is one of the key factors affecting product quality.

There are many factors that can affect the shrinkage of household product mould, and moulding materials (including molecular chain structure, crystallinity, mechanical properties, rheological properties of polymers, etc.), product structure (including product thickness, insert structure, etc.), process conditions (including injection speed, holding pressure, holding time, cooling time, etc.) and mould design (including gate position and number, cooling circuit distribution, etc.) can all affect its shrinkage behavior.

The temperature of household product mould refers to the temperature control of injection mould. In the injection preparation stage, the mould temperature machine is used to preheat the mould temperature to the required temperature value, which shortens the production preparation time; 2. In the production process, the injection feed temperature is high, so a mould temperature machine is needed to cool the mould to accurately control the temperature and ensure the best product moulding temperature. In short, using the mould temperature machine to accurately control the mould temperature can shorten the moulding cycle, improve the product surface smoothness and improve the product qualification rate.

Accurate temperature control process has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, die casting, plastic, rubber, carbon fiber and many other industrial production processes. Its ultimate effect can be attributed to providing production efficiency and improving product quality.

(1) the mould temperature will affect the moulding cycle and moulding quality. In practice, set the lowest suitable mould temperature of the materials used, and then make appropriate adjustments according to the quality conditions.

(2) Accurately speaking, mould temperature refers to the temperature of the cavity surface during moulding. Under the conditions of mould design and moulding engineering, it is important not only to keep proper temperature, but also to make it evenly distributed.

(3) Uneven mould temperature distribution will lead to uneven shrinkage and internal stress, which makes the mould opening easy to deform and warp.

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How To Effectively Reduce The Cost Of Pipe Fittings Mould

 The cost of Pipe Fittings Mould is affected by many factors such as manpower, materials, mould design and manufacturing procedures, suppliers, etc. How to effectively reduce the cost of pipe fittings mould?

1. Reasonable design of mould

Many enterprises lack experienced mould designer or professional designers in different fields. The unreasonable design is a disaster for the enterprise, which will directly increase the cost of the mould.

2. Selection of factories

Without factory resources, it is difficult and time-consuming to find a factory. Whether a matching factory can be found directly affects the cost of moulds. It is very important to choose a stable and reputable factory.

3. Procurement of mould materials and accessories

The cost of materials accounts for about 25%~30% of the production cost of the pipe fittings mould, especially due to the different types of working parts materials. Therefore, mould materials and accessories should be selected correctly. It would be a great pity if only cheap and hasty purchasing could cause mould problems or short service life.

4. Quality and delivery control

The cost control of pipe fittings mould is directly proportional to the quality and delivery time. If the quality of the mould is in place at one time with few modifications and shorter delivery time, the manufacturing cost will be relatively reduced. However, this requires enterprises to send special personnel to track and control, which increases the labor cost.

5. Reduce capital disputes and after-sales problems

If there are some bad behaviors and nonstandard operations during the processing of pipe fittings mould, or due to technical and empirical reasons, the enterprise will increase other expenses, such as the occurrence of residual, inferior and waste products, the additional expenses of test expenses caused by rework and multiple tests, and the after-sales service expenses caused by bad products. And because there is no strict trading rules and fair and just judgment by the third party, it is easy to have capital disputes, and after-sales problems emerge one after another, which is unsatisfactory and causes the cost to increase continuously.

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