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Problems Often Encountered In The Production Of Chair Mould

 1. Reasons for slow production cycle of chair mould and improvement measures.

Answer: The main reasons for the slow production cycle are that the cooling time is prolonged, and the screw returns time is prolonged due to wear. Improve the cooling effect of the Chair Mould, shorten the cooling time, replace the worn screw, shorten the material returning time and speed up the production cycle.

2. The purpose of acid resistance test.

Answer: The acid resistance test of products is to detect the internal stress of products and the location of the stress points, so as to eliminate the internal stress of products.

3. The reason why metal inserts in products are easy to crack under stress.

Answer: When the insert is placed in the product, internal stress will be formed when the hot melt adhesive meets the cold insert during beer moulding, which will reduce the strength of the product and make it easy to crack. Therefore, during production, the inserts should be preheated.

4. Rationality and selection method of exhaust point of chair mould.

Answer: The unreasonable exhaust point of the mould will not produce the exhaust effect, but will cause the deformation or dimensional change of the product, so the exhaust point of the mould should be reasonable. Choose the exhaust point of the mould, and open the exhaust at the place where the product is finally filled with glue and the place where the product is trapped and burned.

5. Causes and solutions of brittle fracture of products.

Answer: The product is easy to crack, which is caused by using too many nozzle materials and secondary materials, or the material stays in the material pipe for too long, which causes the aging of the rubber compound and makes the product easy to crack. Increase the proportion of new materials, reduce the recycling times of nozzle materials, generally no more than three times, and avoid the long-term stay of rubber materials in the material pipe.

6. The causes and solutions of fiber flooding in glass fiber products.

Answer: Because of the low melting temperature or mould temperature and insufficient injection pressure, the glass fiber can not be well combined with the plastic in the glue, which makes the fiber overflow. Raise the melt temperature and mould temperature, and increase the injection pressure.

7. Influence of inlet temperature on products.

Answer: Too high or too low temperature at the inlet will cause unstable material return of the machine, make the feeding amount unstable, and affect the size and appearance of the product.

8. Reasons and solutions of white spots in transparent products.

Answer: White spots in transparent products are caused by cold glue in products or dust in materials. Raise the nozzle temperature, add cold material well, and pay attention to preservation of raw materials to prevent dust from entering.

9. Cracking of spherical surface after screen printing.

Answer: Because of the stress on the surface of the product, it cracks after screen printing, which increases the mould temperature and reduces the stress. The stress can be relieved by annealing.

10. Product deformation.

Answer: Product deformation is mainly caused by imbalance during thermal shrinkage, or caused by internal stress.

11. Bubble problem of transparent PC shell.

Answer: The raw materials are not dry enough; Uneven glue thickness, poor exhaust of chair mould and easy decomposition of raw materials may cause bubbles in the product. Fully dry raw materials, increase mould exhaust, and minimize uneven thickness of adhesive.

12. The product is covered with rubber, and the nozzle edge shrinks.

Answer: Poor exhaust of the chair mould, slow glue injection speed, and insufficient holding pressure and time can all cause the nozzle to shrink. Increase the mould exhaust, properly increase the injection speed, and increase the pressure and time of holding pressure.

13. When black masterbatch is used for ABS material, the product is easy to break and peel.

Answer: Too much carbon powder is used in the pigment of the color master, which causes the peeling of the product. Change the masterbatch pigment.

14. In the production process, the product lacks glue, and sometimes it is ineffective to increase the pressure and speed of glue injection. Why?

Answer: It is because the melted glue keeps taking away the heat in production, resulting in insufficient melted glue, high viscosity and poor fluidity of the glue, which makes the product lack of glue. Improve the material pipe temperature to solve.

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Important Factors Affecting Trash Can Mould Quality

 From the following two characteristics, we can properly understand the concrete quality of the Trash Can Mould. Here we only make a specific introduction of plastic materials, and more specifically, we only compare PP polypropylene resin.

1. It can directly distinguish the concavity and convexity of the trash can mould quality in appearance and hand feeling. The trash can mould made of new materials is crystal clear in appearance, translucent, mottled, smooth in hand feeling and without any obvious abrupt appearance. However, the appearance of the mould with the secondary material return will be mottled and dim, which is easy to distinguish.

2. Distinguishing by heating method, a trash can mould made of brand-new polypropylene material will be softened and easy to melt and deform when heated at high temperature, while the trash can mould made of recycled materials will be directly blackened and carbonized, so that the quality of the trash can mould can be clearly determined. It is also due to this factor that direct sunlight is prevented in storage as far as possible, and the quality guarantee time of the trash can mould is more lasting.

Summing up the above two points, we can see that the most important factor affecting the quality of the trash can mould is the raw materials. The quotation of new materials must be much higher than the quotation of two or more returns. Therefore, the simplest way to distinguish the quality is the concavity and convexity of the quotation of the trash can mould. There is always a reason why you are expensive.

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Development Status Of Car Parts Mould In China

 However, the development of China's Car Parts Mould is not so ideal. The technical level of high-end car parts mould enterprises is not up to standard, the technological innovation ability is low, and the new mould research and development ability is insufficient, which restricts the development of China's car parts mould industry. As a result, car parts mould enterprises cannot produce moulds that match the high-end market, and the moulds needed for high-end automobile manufacturing must also rely on imports. However, domestic high-end mould enterprises occasionally have to change their initial market positioning to seize the middle and low-end markets because of insufficient production load.

Multi-station progressive die and fine stamping die represent the development direction of stamping die, with extremely high precision and life requirements, which are mainly used for electronic information industry, automobiles, instruments and meters, electrical machinery and other supporting equipment. There is a considerable foundation in China, and foreign technology and equipment have been introduced. The products produced by individual enterprises have reached the world level, but most enterprises still have a big gap, and the total amount is in short supply and imports are more.

The high-end route of car parts mould in China is the only way for die enterprises to develop. The market demand and development also urge the development of large-scale multi-position progressive dies matched with other large and medium-sized stamping parts.

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Ensure The Quality And Cost Saving Of Crate Mould

 In our daily life, we often see many different Crate Mould. Correct maintenance and accurate construction methods can greatly ensure the quality and cost saving of crate mould. So how should we clean and maintain the crate mould?

First of all, in view of the stage when the new products are not used, we should try our best to store the crate dies on the flat ground and stack them regularly, which can effectively prevent the dies from being deformed due to the long extrusion of commodities. The consequence of deformation is to increase the number of discarded products in the processing process, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming, and increases the cost.

Secondly, in view of the repeated use times of the crate mould, after each smooth demoulding, we should do a timely finishing operation for the crate mould. The most important thing is to remove the residue on the inner wall of the mould, and do not use sharp tools to prevent scratching the inner wall surface.

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Key Development Direction Of Stool Mould Manufacturing

 Stool Mould are widely used in a series of fields such as industrial parts manufacturing. At present, the rapid growth of mould business has provided some growth power for the machine tool field. At the same time, due to the improvement of the technical requirements of stool mould, the technical requirements of machine tools are improved simultaneously.

As we all know, stool mould parts are produced in single piece and have specific users. Its process characteristics are participating in product (mould parts) design, and each mould product is complex, with large processing procedures and high unit price.

Especially, in the manufacturing process of stool mould fittings, the design of innovation and modification should be combined according to the requirements of users, and the whole process of installation and debugging should be constantly modified and adjusted, so it is extremely important to monitor them in time, which puts forward special requirements for mould processing equipment and measuring equipment.

At present, the key development direction of stool mould manufacturing is three-dimensional mould design, analysis and manufacturing; Mould software functions are integrated, networked and intelligent; Graphic-free mould production: High-precision parallel processing of single piece; Less humanized and unmanned processing. CNC machine tools are required to meet the requirements of high speed, high dynamic precision, high rigidity, thermal stability and high reliability. The matching control systems have personalized characteristics, and all kinds of advanced software are open and compatible for the overall operation of the machine tools.

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