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Shear Rate of Air Cooler Mould During High-speed Filling

In the injection moulding process of the Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), the hot runner is used in conjunction with the mould and plays a very important role.

High-precision and high-quality products can be easily produced by using hot runner. For injection moulding raw materials with poor fluidity, the air cooler mould can obviously improve the fluidity of the raw materials by using hot runner to ensure smooth injection moulding production.

The nozzle tip of hot runner nozzle is easily worn away by glass fiber. After the nozzle tip is worn away, there is too much cold glue in the gate area, so the injection pressure is not enough to rush out, and no glue will come out. So many companies can't get glue out of their hot mouths after using them several times. If the nozzle tip is made of high-speed steel or other materials, the high-speed steel is poor in heat conduction, and the temperature difference between the nozzle tip and the runner is too large, cold material will be generated as well as injection moulding is difficult.

The air cooler mould is filled at high speed. When filling at high speed, the shear rate is relatively high, and the viscosity of plastic decreases due to shear thinning, which reduces the overall flow resistance. Local viscous heating will also make the thickness of the cured layer thinner. Therefore, in the flow control stage, the filling behavior often depends on the volume to be filled. That is, in the flow control stage, due to high-speed filling, the shear thinning effect of the melt is often very large, while the cooling effect of the thin wall is not obvious, so the effect of the speed has the upper hand.

Generally speaking, the strength of the weld line produced by the air cooler mould in the high-temperature region is better, because the high-molecular chain has better mobility and can penetrate and wrap each other. In addition, the temperatures of the two melts in the high-temperature region are relatively close, and the thermal properties of the melts are almost the same, increasing the strength of the weld region. On the contrary, in the low temperature region, the welding strength is poor.

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Possible Faults in Furniture Mould Processing and Their Solutions

The structure of Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) and the process of mould processing will affect the quality of plastic parts. Sometimes, furniture moulds also show defects in production, so how do we eliminate our needs?

1. Damage of guide pillar.

The guide pillar plays a leading role in the furniture mould to ensure that the moulding surfaces of the core and the cavity do not collide with each other under any circumstances. The guide pillar cannot be used as a force bearing member or a positioning member. Under the following conditions, the fixed mould will have huge lateral deflection force when moving during injection:

(1) When the wall thickness of the plastic parts is not uniform, the flow rate through the thick wall is large, and a large pressure occurs here;

(2) The side of the plastic part is asymmetric, such as the mould with stepped parting surface, and the opposite side faces are not subjected to equal backpressure.

2. Moving and fixed die offset.

Large furniture moulds have different filling rates in different directions and are subject to deadweight during filling, thus moving and fixing the moulds are deviated. In the above cases, the lateral deflection force will be applied to the guide pillar during injection, and the outer surface of the guide pillar will be roughened and damaged during mould opening. In severe cases, the guide pillar will be twisted or cut off, or even unable to open the mould. In order to deal with the above problems, a high-strength positioning key is added on the parting surface of the furniture mould, one on each side, and a cylindrical key is simply and effectively selected. The straightness of the guide post hole and parting surface is very important. During processing, the movable and fixed dies are selected to be aligned and clamped and then bored on the boring machine at one time, thus ensuring the concentricity of the movable and fixed die holes and minimizing the straightness error. In addition, the heat treatment hardness of the guide pillar and guide sleeve must meet the planning requirements.

3. The gate is difficult to take off.

In the process of injection molding, the gate is stuck in the gate sleeve and is not easy to come out. When the mold is opened, the product shows crack damage. In addition, it is necessary for the operator to knock out the top copper bar from the nozzle to loosen it before demoulding, which severely affects the production power. The main reason for this problem is the poor finish of the gate taper hole and the knife marks in the circumferential direction of the inner hole. Secondly, the material is too soft, the small end of the cone hole is deformed or damaged after being used for a period of time, and the radian of the spherical surface of the nozzle is too small, resulting in riveting of the gate material here. It is difficult to machine the taper hole of the sprue bushing. Standard parts should be selected as far as possible. If self-machining is required, self-discipline or purchasing a special reamer should also be adopted. Taper holes shall be ground to Ra above Ra0.4. In addition, it is necessary to set the gate pulling rod or gate ejection organization.

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Crate Mould to Avoid Hot Tank Farm

For Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), engineers pay more attention to the design of crates molds in order to obtain crate mould in a sufficient cooling system. This will allow the box mold to avoid zone hot pots and achieve uniform cooling for rapid cycle molding. In addition, we offer a good slat ventilation solution design for the crate handling area and the crates strength points.

Through the processing of crates, the Chinese team values ??the size control of the crates, so that each part is in good working condition. It keeps the mold within the tolerances of the tool and does not cause any scratches. With these, we keep our crates molds faster than our competitors. In addition, we are confident to run our crate mould and mass production simulation process, confirm the cycle time and then ship it to you.

Taizhou Huangyan Rongwei Plastic Mould Co., located in Huangyan, which is the mould town in China. Our company has more than 20 years of professional experience in mould field. We have the most advanced equipment for mould manufacturing as well as the most qualified trained employees. We have made full use of high techniques as CAD/CAM/ CAE for a long time and summarized a set of specific experience. Our mould is mainly exported to the countries in Europe, Mid-East, Africa and so on.

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