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Prayer of Confession - Daniel 9 Scripture Study

Sin. There is no need to ask if, but when. None of us can deny participating in the act of sin. No, Daniel was not sinless and neither was Paul. Even the priests in the Old Testament were cleansed from their sins before being able to offer sacrifices for the sins of others. In these personas you have some of the most committed and upright people from the old and new testaments and, as Paul plainly stated in Romans 3:23, "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." In these verses, Daniel prays for forgiveness of his sins and the sins of others Read the rest of the study
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A Curious Dream - Daniel 8 Scripture Study

Do you remember from previous scriptures that Daniel had interpreted dreams? So why couldn't Daniel interpret his own dream? Look closely at Daniel 2:27-28 and he, himself, will explain this to you. Daniel says that "there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets " God did not reveal the secret of Daniel's dream directly to him; instead the end-of-time prophecy given in the dream is revealed through the angel Gabriel in today's scripture. The scripture for this lesson covers the explanation from Gabriel to Daniel. Read the entire study
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Hope for Power - Acts 2

We closed out last week with the promise of the Holy Spirit coming. This week the Comforter "sat upon each of them." In addition to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the lives of each of the apostles, you will see even more reminders that God can do all things, even though they may seem impossible. How many languages do you speak? How easy was it for you to learn one or more additional languages beyond your native tongue? Each person present heard the message in his own tongue. Impossible? Not with God. Read the rest of the study
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Hope for Resurrection - IThess

These lessons are working together to tell us a story. We have seen Jesus' teachings and prediction of his own death and resurrection. We have seen the day of Pentecost and the imparting of the Holy Spirit to the apostles, just as Jesus had told them would happen. Now we see Paul's teaching of the end days, of which Daniel prophesied, which will result in all of God's flock being resurrected. Just as we saw in Daniel, Paul points out that nobody knows the day or the hour that this will happen - we should live every day as if it will be our last. Read the rest of the study
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A Mystery Guest - Luke 24

Have you ever studied or worked on something for hours or even days and then whatever about it that could not be understood is suddenly clear? That would be an "aha" moment - the moment when you discover the answer to a truly puzzling problem. Cleopas and the other traveler in our scripture today had such a moment. After worrying for three days about recent events and discussing these worries and events with Jesus himself their eyes were opened. A phrase recently used in a sermon to illustrate the true meaning of awe and wonder was "surprise!!" (with hands upraised) This fits quite well as a description of what they felt when Jesus broke bread to share with them and revealed his true identity to them. Read the rest of the study
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From Fear to Faith: Luke 24

Can you recall certain periods or events during your lifetime where you can say that the spirit of God was definitely with you? It could be during a sermon at church, a truly trying event in your life, or maybe when you have witnessed the miracle of birth. We have all had times that we can look back on and know for certain that God's presence was there. At this point in scripture the apostles had trouble believing that Jesus was real. Although they had trouble believing initially, the eleven apostles present saw proof of his genuineness. They still may not have fully known or believed at this time but they were later able to look back at this event and believe the promises given. read the rest of the study
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A Clean Slate: 1Peter

The title of this lesson brings to mind the use of an etch-a-sketch. Do you recall something that you may have believed to be a wonderful work of art being completely and easily wiped away? That is what Jesus does for us when we repent and accept him as savior - wipe away the sin from our hearts. Jesus gave many parables to illustrate the process of wiping away sin and beginning life anew. Those that involve healing of the blind, cleansing of leprosy, and even raising the dead come to mind. The most prominent, though, is the command that a cleansed heart should be filled with God's presence so that the demons cannot come back to reclaim an empty soul (Matthew 12:43-45). read the rest of the study
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The Lord's Supper: Luke 22

Servanthood. This is the focus of today's scripture and should also be the focus of those reading it. We see here and in other places that the servant will be first in God's kingdom while those who consider themselves great will be last. Think about it. This is God's son. There wasn't then, and has not been since, anyone more deserving of being treated as a king. John the baptist said that he was not fit to unlace Jesus' sandals, yet he was blessed with the opportunity to baptize him. read the rest of the study
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