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The future is sure - Daniel 7

Have you participated in studies of the symbolism and meaning of the book of Revelation? If so, these verses will seem quite familiar since they basically parallel specific events prophesied by John on the isle of Patmos. We will see how the explicit imagery revealed by God to Daniel (555 B.C.) and to John so many years later (95 A.D.)[i] are so similar that there is no explanation other than revelation from an almighty God. No, these two guys did not sit down together to work on a homework assignment so they could get it right. These books were written more than six hundred years apart even though they both contain prophesies that we are anxiously anticipating in the coming days. read entire study
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A sure escape route - 2Peter

Have you ever wondered what qualities should be present in a life committed to God? This lesson will list some of those which you can strive to incorporate and grow in your life. You can't sit down with a check beside of each item and declare "I have completed the list so I have made it now." These are qualities that have no end until physical death or a decision to end the commitment. Although the list presented here does not encompass all of the aspects, it certainly provides guidance in the proper direction. read entire study
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A Changed Life - 1Peter

The lessons of this quarter have progressed from prophesy of the end times through the servanthood of Jesus while here on earth and into the hope that we, as Christians, are guaranteed by his death and resurrection. In this lesson we see more contrasting of those who have chosen to reject Christ for a life of lasciviousness, revellings, and idolatries versus those who have accepted Christ as savior and live a life of "fervent charity." read entire study
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Hope Motivates Holy Living - 2Peter

In these verses we start with the scoffers who are "walking after their own lusts." After this we go back to the period of the great flood that destroyed the earth. What an awesome display of God's power and control. Following that event we zoom back to the future as we see that our time frame does not match God's. We think of life in increments of less than a century while God sees the many centuries since he created the earth as a mere blink of an eye. Would this view of time put us in the same class as the scoffers who say that God's kingdom is not coming in the future because it has not come in the last 2,000 years? Not at all. Giving yourself over to God's will and living life as if the rapture will be tomorrow is the only sensible approach. Read entire study
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US Government spying scandal: Do you feel safer than a decade ago?

In the wake of the current US spy scandal and the possible participation of other countries do Americans and citizens of other nationalities feel safer now than prior to the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on targets in the United States? We know that high tech software allows spying on, or data mining of, various types of personal and supposedly private information. Your phone calls can be listened to, your internet browsing and searches can be viewed, even your emails can be monitored. Read More ...
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