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Steel structure building is an economical prefab house

 Recently, more and more people have asked how to budget for steel structure warehouses? Let's take a simple single-story light steel structure warehouse as an example to analyze for you:

1. The span and height of the warehouse

A light steel structure warehouse with a span of 15 meters is a watershed. For a warehouse with a span of more than 15 meters, the cost per unit area will decrease as the span increases, but for those with a span less than 15 meters, the cost per unit area will decrease as the span decreases. Rise; height, the height of a standard steel structure warehouse is generally 6-8 meters, the increase in height will affect the safety of the structure, so the amount of steel used in the structure will increase, and ultimately affect the overall cost.

2. Material cost

The material of light steel structure warehouses is mainly steel, and its price is relatively stable. Due to the current domestic overcapacity, the price of steel has been lowered. The average price has remained at 3,300 yuan per ton, which is already quite cheap. Then calculate the steel consumption of the entire warehouse and multiply it.

3. Labor cost

The labor cost of light steel structure. Generally, the construction time of this simple single-story light steel structure warehouse is about 3 months, and the manpower needs 20 people. The corresponding cost can be calculated based on the average monthly expenditure of about 3,000 yuan per person.

4. Other

Including technical costs and engineering costs. The technical cost includes the preliminary design and drawing. Many manufacturers do not consider this step. However, the detailed design will reduce the waste in the later construction process and can be estimated at about 10,000 yuan.

The above is the basic composition of the cost of a light steel structure warehouse, the amount of steel used, materials, labor and others. As long as the cost of the steel structure warehouse is carefully calculated, it is relatively easy to calculate.

If you are interested, please choose us: economical prefab house.

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Technological innovation helps the construction industry to break through the waves

 From the dilemma of lack of funds and technology, to today's "national name card" and "the world's best", China's construction industry has continued to develop in innovation: BIM (Building Information Modeling), green construction, prefabricated buildings and other advanced applicable technologies have been vigorously developed Promotion, the industrialization, informatization, and green technology of engineering construction have significantly improved, and technological innovation is leading the Chinese construction industry into a new era. To

PTH container units are modular with the use of steel structural frame and thermal resistant material. This energy efficient product is commonly used in Construction camp site, Public building, Residential units and Special application areas.

PTH has upgraded the current version of container modules, all the components of the new version of container modules are made from standard and automatic production procedure.Installation procedure of the upgraded version containers are easy and reduces the on-site labor requirement.

If you are interested in modular house, please contact us:

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Prefabricated house design and construction

 Prefabricated houses have been developed in Europe, America and Japan for many years, and they have a huge market share. Prefabricated houses and modular houses not only fully meet the requirements of earthquake resistance, safety and durability of traditional buildings, but more importantly, they can save time, labor and money, and are free of sewage, noise and dust, and are green and low-carbon. , Energy saving and environmental protection requirements. Through the concept of "energy saving and environmental protection" throughout the design and construction of building systems, the demand for new products and new technologies is booming nationwide.

At present, competition in the domestic and foreign markets is becoming increasingly fierce, and some companies and units have increasingly high requirements on industrial technology and quality. For enterprises, they must constantly absorb new knowledge and production and sales concepts, and learn advanced technologies from developed countries. And management experience to adapt to the current development pattern.

Housing design and construction:

1. Classified by structure:

Flat roof color steel room, double slope color steel room, single slope bungalow, two-story color steel room, mobile hoisting room, cement slab activity room, combined hoisting room, container room, steel structure house, wooden house, tent, etc.;

2. Classification by use:

Villas, offices, factories, warehouses, garbage rooms, temporary houses, new thermal insulation sheds, antique buildings, sentry boxes, restaurants, mobile kiosks, substations, pet houses, tool rooms, mobile rooms, toilets, etc.; modular houses Module system such as bathroom module system, kitchen module, etc.;

3. Housing materials and accessories:

Color steel plate, thermal insulation board, color composite sandwich panel, new interior and exterior wall environmental protection decorative panel, light heat insulation sandwich panel, roof panel, new color steel sandwich panel, fire retardant decorative panel, section steel, angle iron, I-beam , Steel frame, hardware accessories, color steel tiles, cable electrical appliances and lighting, indoor ventilation equipment in combination rooms, energy-saving doors and windows, accessories, technology development and design.

PTH's container house is an energy conservation-saving and environmental-friendly modular house, composing of light steel frame and thermal insulation wall & roof system. The products are widely used for temporary residence, as well as public housing projects. The container house can withstand wind load 210km/h and the service life can be more than 10 years.

For details, please consult: container house manufacturers.

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It is a structure widely used in industrial plants

Light gauge steel structure is a new type of structure developed on the basis of ordinary steel structure, which includes all steel structures used under light roof.

Compared with ordinary steel structures, it has better economic indicators. The light gauge steel structure not only has light weight, saves the amount of steel used, and has a fast construction speed, but also has strong seismic resistance, and can improve the overall seismic performance of the entire house. It is a structure widely used in industrial plants at present.

The light gauge steel structure is composed of foundation beams, columns, purlins, floors and walls, and single-story light houses generally use portal steel frames.

The form and characteristics of the steel frame:

1. The use of light roof not only reduces the beam-column section size, but also reduces the foundation accordingly.

2. A large double-slope roof can be made into a ridge in a multi-span building, which creates conditions for long slope drainage. Setting the middle column can reduce the span of the beam, thereby reducing the cost. The middle column is made of steel tube and is hinged up and down swinging column, which takes up little space.

3. The lateral rigidity of the steel frame is guaranteed by purlins, eliminating longitudinal rigid members and reducing the flange width.

4. The steel frame can adopt variable cross-section, the cross-section is proportional to the bending moment; when changing the cross-section, the height and thickness of the web and the width of the flange can be changed according to the needs, so as to make the best use of the material.

5. The webs of the steel frame can be designed according to the effective width, that is, to allow part of the webs to be unstable, and the post-buckling strength can be used.

6. The vertical load is usually the designed control load, but when the wind load is large or the house is high, the role of the wind load should not be ignored. In the light steel roof portal steel frame, the earthquake action generally does not control.

7. The support can be made lighter. Connect it to the web directly or with a horizontal joint plate, and a round steel bar with tension can be used.

8. All structural components can be manufactured in the factory, with a high degree of industrialization. The component units can be divided according to the transportation conditions, and the units are connected with bolts on site, which is convenient and fast to install, and the amount of civil construction is small.

If you are interested, please contact us: steel structure warehouses.

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The container hotel is also fully equipped

 For us Chinese, Malaysia is not a strange country. Although it is very exotic, the Chinese signboards everywhere and the common Guangzhou dialect can make Cantonese speaking Cantonese have the illusion of sightseeing in a certain city in the province. But Malaysia has a unique seaside resort that can live in a container house, did you know? This is a container hotel featuring exquisite beach resorts. Yes, the theme shared today is the container hotel.

Langkawi Ocean Residence Hotel is one of the most attractive container hotel buildings around. Provide guests with sustainable but very luxurious accommodation options. The container room is one of the characteristic suites of the hotel, which is almost entirely composed of containers. The design of the metal roof is excellent, showing us the harmonious integration of the countryside and the refined elements.

The container hotel rooms are painted maroon, reminiscent of the rusty retro look, and the long sea navigation and the strange port. The container hotel is composed of 18 industrial freight containers, cleverly assembled into an avant-garde building, and maintained with original metal plates. Outside tables and chairs ensure that residents can enjoy vast sea views at the hotel.

Just enter a suite in the container hotel. The red curtains and cushions in the room match the appearance of the container house. The upholstered bed brings more comfort to this charming living space. In addition, you will find a dining area next to the kitchen and living room.

A container hotel suitable for vacation can be like this. As long as ideas are added, simple but inflexible containers can be excellent. How to make cheap things look more elegant and more comfortable to use is the goal that container house manufacturers have been pursuing.

Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as "PTH") has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after -sales service etc.

Click here to learn more: container camp.

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Why did everyone make such a choice?

 Light steel structure houses are becoming more and more famous in China, so as a light steel villa manufacturer, how much do you usually quote? Today, I will take you to analyze and analyze the pros and cons of the light steel structure house and the traditional structure, for the reference of the partners who are preparing to build the house.

The first thing to understand is what kind of structure is a light steel structure house or a light steel villa.

Light steel structure houses, the main material used is light steel keel. According to relevant information, it is known that light steel keel is a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet through cold rolling technology to increase its accuracy, thinness and firmness can be further s material. Coupled with thermal insulation, sound insulation, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion and other functions of external wall panels, internal wall panels, partition wall panel insulation blocks, to form a complete building.

So what are the advantages of light steel structure houses? Why do you say that light steel houses will gradually replace traditional brick and concrete buildings?

In Europe and the United States, and in earthquake-prone Japan, more light-weight steel houses can be seen. They already have a more mature light-steel house building system and material standards. In China, light steel housing has also become an emerging industry due to national regulations and market fluctuations, which cannot be ignored. Let us analyze and compare the light steel house and brick-concrete structure through the following aspects.

Price comparison: The brick-concrete structure group prevailed in the late 19th century. It was widely used in the construction industry at that time due to its low cost and easy access to materials. In the contemporary 21st century, the brick-concrete structure is controlled by gujia for sand, soil, etc. As well as market conditions, prices are rising. Take Jiangsu and Zhejiang as an example. The construction of a two-storey villa with an area of ​​100 square meters in the countryside, plus normal decoration, the total price has reached 400,000 to 500,000. The light steel villa has a medium cost of 1300 to 1900 per square meter, so as long as it is more than 200,000 and 300,000, you can get a villa with decoration, which is already very cheap.

Performance comparison: On the brick-concrete structure, the thicker and denser the material, the better the sound insulation and thermal insulation performance, but in the light steel structure house, although the keel is thin, the performance is actually very excellent, and there will be many new types during the construction process Lightweight heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture resistance and other materials are added. Some heat insulation materials can achieve the heat insulation effect of 170 cm thick bricks as long as 5 cm thick. Therefore, the performance of the light steel villa is better than the traditional brick and concrete.

Whether it is the construction of new rural areas or the development of tourist attractions, the use of light steel structure houses is a good choice. For more information, please click here: economical prefab house.

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