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Container modularization is different from traditional construction methods

 The emergence of containers is not only of great significance to the logistics industry, making transportation gradually standardized, but also has outstanding contributions to energy, electricity, communications, experimental research, plant cultivation and other industries. With the development of science and technology and network, containers have gradually entered our vision, but do you really know about containers and what else we don't know about them?

Container is a container with certain strength and rigidity. According to different types of goods transported, containers are divided into different specifications. In order to meet the special requirements of the environment during the transportation of goods, containers are generally equipped with container air conditioning. Moreover, the container has the advantages of high strength, strong durability, portability, low cost and the like, and the use of the container as a material is far superior to any other exhibition hall modified by any other material.

In the logistics industry, unloading and loading for many times not only wastes time and manpower, but also has low efficiency. Containers can enable various modes of transportation to connect and operate and realize multiple intermodal transportation, which undoubtedly can reduce costs and improve efficiency. For the electric power industry, the electric power transportation equipment is generally outdoors, and the characteristics of rainproof and lightning protection of containers have great advantages.

The current container modularization is different from the traditional construction method and is replaced by factory-level customization. It has the advantages of low operation cost, on-demand expansion, etc.

For more information, please contact us: expandable container house.

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Are light steel villas reliable?

 Light gauge steel structure villa is reliable. The main load-bearing framework and main wall system are mainly made of building main materials for movable plank houses, H-shaped steel and colored steel sandwich plates.

The tile surface is made of colored glaze tiles, the outer wall can be nested with plates made of different materials, and the inner wall can be nested with the inner deck as required to make the inner wall feel the same as that of ordinary houses. This has resulted in the appearance of villas and small foreign houses.

The construction technology of low-rise residential building with light steel structure evolved from the North American style wood structure construction technology. After more than one hundred years of development, a mature construction system with excellent physical properties, flexible space and shape, easy construction and various forms has been formed.

In North America, which is reputed to have the best living environment in the world, more than 95% of low-rise civil buildings, including residential buildings, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, etc., are constructed with wood structure or light steel structure. North American timber structure and light steel structure have absolute advantages in the entire construction market.

Compared with traditional brick and concrete buildings, it has the following properties:

1. Thermal insulation

2. Sound insulation

3. Comfort

4. Durability

5. Earthquake Resistance

6. Anti-wind and snow

For more information, please clcik here:prefab villa.

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Daily maintenance of steel structure warehouse

 Today I will talk about the daily maintenance of the steel structure warehouses.

1. After our steel structure warehouse is installed, for the owner, it is not allowed to change its structure without permission, not to remove any bolts and other components, and it is not allowed to increase or decrease the partition wall. If you need to change any parts, you must consult with the manufacturer. Next, it is up to the manufacturer to determine whether it can be changed. The steel structure must be maintained once with paint after being used for about 3 years, so as to give the building aesthetics and safety. The steel structure warehouse is connected with steel structure parts, so the electrical equipment, such as wires and the like, should be isolated by using wire grooves and pipes to avoid electric shock accidents.

2. The steel structure warehouse must be regularly cleaned and maintained. Under normal circumstances, inspection and maintenance are required once a year. When cleaning the outer wall of the steel structure warehouse, it is necessary to pay attention not to have any messy phenomena. Do not use steel balls, scrubbing brushes and other abrasive cleaning products. When using clean water, they should be washed from top to bottom. Branches, leaves and similar objects on the steel structure warehouse should be removed in time to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the backlog. If the metal plate surface of the steel structure warehouse is damaged, it should be repaired in time to prevent the sun and rain from corroding the metal plate surface. If necessary, all high-elasticity nano-materials are used to protect the metal roof panel, and play an effective role in heat insulation and waterproofing, saving energy in indoor air conditioning.

The maintenance and maintenance of the steel structure warehouse have a great relationship with the service life of the steel structure, so the industry mainly pays enough attention to it. If you encounter any problems during maintenance and maintenance, you should contact a professional steel structure manufacturer for help.

PTH has over 20 years of experience in this industry, and can provide full services to customers’ requirements covering design, manufacturing, logistic, installation, and after sales service.

With the fast growing of manufacturing industry, large steel structure is very much in demand. The unique advantages are high strength, capable of large span, environmental, seismic resistance etc. Its common applications are factory, warehouses, public buildings and other special application.

If you have any need, please contact us: steel structure building.

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The container hospital showed its unique charm for the new crown virus

 Under the epidemic situation, a large amount of materials are urgently needed, and the container hospital has become the first building, so why not use a expandable container house as the only designated room for fighting viruses and treating pneumonia patients instead of building concrete houses? Let's list them in detail below.

1. Insulation, windproof, shockproof, moistureproof, waterproof, anti-leakage, environmental protection, safety, fast and convenient movement, personalized matching.

2. The interior is completely renovated, with external power supply, built-in air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, ready to use.

3. Long service life, can be used for more than 10 years

4. Quick assembly —— Can be completed quickly, start business immediately, and cost recovery quickly.

5. Good drainage system-structural drainage

The container activity room is made of steel plate, sandwich panel, bolts, aluminum fittings, concrete, wood, ceramic tile, glass, paint and other materials. The integrated activity room is refined through standard technological processes. After the box body is completed, it is first sprayed with a layer Anti-rust paint, and then spray to clean room.

The interior is decorated with sandwich panels, glass, wooden boards, and floor tiles. The effect is more impressive, neat and beautiful. In the production process, all the necessary facilities for life are reserved. It is especially suitable for factories, enterprises, large construction sites, road projects, etc. As an office.

If you also need such a convenient and practical container house, PTH container house manufacturer is a good choice.

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Analysis on Characteristics of Container Buildings

 Container building, as a relatively new building system, is still relatively rare in China, but it is highly sought after by new designers abroad and has gradually become a fashion. PTH will talk about some interesting container buildings.

Characteristics of Container Buildings:

1. Advantages

The container itself has very high strength, carrying capacity is even higher than that of ordinary buildings, and it also has anti-corrosion and certain fire prevention capabilities.

The construction cost is lower than that of traditional buildings, and can be reused without generating too much construction waste.

Since the size of the containers themselves is fixed, each container can be used as a separate building or a unit module of a building, thus simplifying the construction process and being easy to assemble and disassemble.

2. Shortcomings

Because containers are mostly made of steel, they are prone to corrosion and have poor thermal insulation performance. Therefore, additional thermal insulation measures should be taken, such as thermal insulation cotton, rock wool board, silicate board and other thermal insulation measures, and anti-rust paint should be applied to prevent corrosion of the container body.

Case Study of Container Building Interior Design:

1.12 Containers Become Industrial Classical Buildings

Through the glass curtain wall and steel structure, 12 containers are covered inside, the interior uses double straight stairs, and the interior guest restaurant is in a large shared space.

On the first floor, there are living rooms with fireplaces, open kitchens, etc.

The fireplace in the bedroom on the second floor is on the same axis as the living room on the first floor, and the outside is full of lush green.

2. Container Room with Curtains

Through the stacking of several container buildings, a restaurant that can be opened is vacant in the middle of the house, and the selected eaves are surrounded by curtains to form a terrace.

Mutual Collection Believes in Innovation to Change Life: Green and Environmentally Friendly Container Buildings Take Containers as Basic Modules and Adopt Manufacturing Mode.

Contact us to learn more: container house manufacturers.

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Integrated Housing Harmonious Integration into Nature

 Every time I pass by some large-scale construction sites, what I see is a dusty, grey piece. Trees and flowers within the scope are transplanted or directly removed. This is undoubtedly unfair and harmful to nature. The main reason is the structural nature of traditional buildings, which are often integrated and absolutely have no habitat for large-scale trees.

Let me show you the following photo, which was taken on a grassland in Africa, where due to insufficient rainfall, sparse trees and not lush trees, a residential room needs to be built.

If traditional large-area brick-concrete buildings are adopted, these already rare trees will suffer and will be uprooted and relocated. After many discussions and suggestions, the government decided to adopt expandable container house.

As each box house can serve the residents independently, the box houses can be distributed among trees independently. In fact, this is mutually beneficial to nature. Trees can also reduce strong winds for the house, shade the sun, and maintain geological stability, thus contributing to the stability of the foundation of the box house. The whole residential area is shaded by trees, flowers and plants, birds and flowers, and how harmonious it is with nature. This is also a major advantage of integrated housing.

If you also need such temporary accommodation, you can click here: economical prefab house.

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