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Flat-pack containers house is environmentally friendly

 PTH is a professional prefab flat-pack containers house manufacturers, and is also an expert in housing solutions. His works are both at home and abroad.

Today PTH will tell you about flat-pack containers house:

1.The packing box room has no impact on the environment

In the rapid development of modern society, more and more environmental protection is advocated. Packaging boxes have long been aware of environmental protection before they are manufactured. We adopt the mode of "factory prefabrication+on-site installation". The production enterprises generally pass the environmental assessment. The framework is baking varnish. Unlike other manufacturers, they cannot find a few workers to weld and spray paint. In addition, no construction waste is generated during the installation of the packing box house. After the demolition of the project, no construction waste will be left behind and the resident environment will not be damaged.

2.Convenient transportation and installation

The packing box materials are mostly based on the structural system of steel structure frame and light wallboard. Flat packing can easily reach the transportation standard, thus realizing 8-box combined transportation, saving transportation cost and labor cost. At the same time, if you want to transfer positions, it can be easily disassembled and assembled, with stable and firm structure, high turnover rate and service life of more than 15 years.

Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. has a perfect system and advanced equipment, fully serves the team, gives you a better product, and looks forward to cooperating with you.

For details, please consult:

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Gradually established its status as a branch of conventional architecture

 Container house have been known by more and more people. Today, let's briefly talk about some opinions about them. If you are interested, you can leave a message below for discussion.

1. Emerging architectural forms:

Container building has become popular in the world due to its advantages over traditional buildings, gradually establishing its status as a branch of conventional buildings. Container construction has won recognition and praise from books, exhibitions and practitioners. There are also related programs and offline activities.

2. Container for Conceptual Design:

Containers are not only used for architects to express the concept design of design concepts or simple temporary buildings, but also a comprehensive building with office and apartment functions formed by the combination of multiple containers is gradually put into use.

The combination of containers and other materials, such as concrete, glass, wood, steel and so on, forms a mixed structure, adds interest to the building and promotes its integration with the surrounding environment.

3. Future availability:

The future development potential of containers is endless. Owners can customize container accessories and apply them to rapid expansion, which will gradually become a reality.

PTH is a professional container construction manufacturer. Please contact us for more information: container house manufacturers.

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Is steel warehouse really cost-effective?

 Recently, more and more people have come to inquire about how to budget the cost of steel structure warehouses. PTH will now teach you a detailed analysis: the prices of light steel structure warehouses vary greatly due to different materials and quotation methods adopted by different manufacturers. As a result, there is a lot of water in many cost budgets, and even many professionals are difficult to calculate the actual cost of light steel structure warehouses, which requires accountants to pay attention to the detailed calculation when communicating with manufacturers to avoid major losses.

Let's take a simple single-story light steel warehouse as an example to analyze for you:

1. span and height of warehouse

The light steel structure warehouse with a span of 15 meters is a watershed. The cost per unit area will decrease with the increase of the span, but the cost per unit area will increase with the decrease of the span if the span is less than 15 meters.

The height of the standard steel structure warehouse is generally 6 -8 meters. The increase in height will affect the safety of the structure, so the steel consumption of the structure will increase accordingly and eventually affect the overall cost.

2. Material cost

The material of light steel structure warehouse is mainly steel, and its price is relatively stable. Due to the current overcapacity in China, the price of steel has been lowered, and the average price is kept at 3,300 yuan per ton, which is already quite cheap. Then calculate the steel consumption of the whole warehouse and multiply it.

3. Labor costs

The labor cost of light steel structure is generally about 3 months for this simple single-story light steel structure warehouse. The labor cost needs 20 people. The corresponding cost can be calculated according to the average cost of 3000 yuan per person per month.

4. Other

Including technical costs and engineering costs. The technical cost includes the preliminary design and drawing, which many manufacturers do not consider, but the detailed design will reduce the waste in the later construction process, which can be estimated at about 10,000 yuan.

PTH is a professional steel structure warehouse manufacturer and supplier. If you want to know more about product consultation, please contact us: steel structure building.

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