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Smart city is a brand-new city form

At present, the construction of smart cities in our country has entered a new stage, and cities with more efficient, sensitive and sustainable development are emerging.

With the proposal of smart city, the construction industry is also experiencing earth-shaking changes at present, and prefabricated buildings have emerged with the development of society. Prefabricated buildings meet the requirements of smart city construction both in terms of technology use and future development, which is the embodiment of smart city construction in the construction industry.

The implementation of prefabricated buildings has become an important strategy for the construction of smart cities. What is the current development status of the prefabricated building industry? How do you view the position of fabricated buildings in the construction of smart cities?

Since 2015, various policies have been intensively introduced to promote the development of prefabricated buildings in our country. At present, there are 30 demonstration cities and 195 bases in the country. In 2018, the newly-built prefabricated building area nationwide reached 290 million square meters, an increase of 81% over 2017.

While Guangdong Province has established Shenzhen as a national and provincial assembly building demonstration city, including 15 national assembly building industrial bases, 44 provincial assembly building industrial bases and 17 provincial assembly building demonstration projects. Last year, Guangdong Province built 18.38 million square meters of newly-built prefabricated buildings, up about 58% from the same period last year. In recent years, a total of more than 32 million square meters of newly-built prefabricated buildings have been built.

I think smart city is a brand-new city form, which has the characteristics of thorough perception, ubiquitous interconnection, efficient coordination, precise control, innovative application, harmonious development, etc. Fabricated buildings meet the requirements of smart city construction both in terms of technology use and future development, and are also the embodiment of smart city construction in the construction industry.

If you want to know more about China prefabricated homes, you can click here:

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Strive to Expand the Market Share of Steel Structure Residential Buildings

In recent years, some parts of our country have begun to introduce steel structure residential buildings in Europe and the United States. We are only responsible for foundation and assembly, but we do not have a good grasp of key structural technologies. Although most areas have developed the application of steel structure residential buildings for villa projects, low-rise projects and multi-storey projects, they are all in the research and pilot stages.

In order to promote housing industrialization, develop steel structure housing and expand the market share of steel structure housing, the process of housing industrialization will be accelerated, which is of great significance to the development of China's construction, metallurgy and related industries.

PTH Light steel villa is a kind of modular house, consisting of cold form, thin-walled light steel keel system. It is a new type of energy conservation and environment protection house which is easy and convenient to install. Currently, PTH light steel villas have been exported to more than 100 countries all over the world (such as Brazil, South Africa , Dubai, Japan etc.) It is widely used as living house, school, modular house, hotel etc.

Advantages of PTH Light Steel Villa House:

1. Light weight and high strength. The weight of a house built with steel structure is about 1/2 of that of a reinforced concrete house. It can meet the needs of large rooms in residential buildings. The usable area is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete residential buildings, and the foundation cost is very low due to self-weight.

2. Safety and reliability, good anti-seismic and anti-wind performance and good structural performance.

3. The steel structure components are manufactured in the factory with guaranteed quality, reducing the workload on site, shortening the construction period and meeting the industrialization requirements.

4. The steel structure factory is reliable in manufacturing quality, accurate in size, convenient to install and easy to cooperate with relevant parts.

5, steel can be recycled, less pollution to the environment during construction and dismantling, and more energy-saving and environment-friendly than masonry and concrete.

6. There is no wet operation on site and no pollution problems such as dust will be generated. 7. The cross section of structural members is small, and the wall is very thin, so the usable area is relatively large.

If you want to know more relevant information, you can click here:

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PTH has several patents on inventions

Zhejiang Putian Comprehensive Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as "PTH") has been committed to a one-stop solution for low-rise prefabricated houses. Services range from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales services.

PTH is a national high-tech enterprise. Its success is attributed to its continuous attention to new products and technological innovation. Since its establishment, it has established an R&D and design center and now has more than 100 R&D design and technical engineers.

PTH has developed the Double-C products independently, has a number of invention patents.PTH has introduced a fully automatic CNC production line for processing and production, which reducing the complicated processing procedures to compensate for the complex processing of the steel structure and the needs for paint treatment on the surface.

1. Double C products adopt Q345 high-strength structural steel, cold-bended forming, high-galvanizing layer anti-corrosion treatment, all profiles are 275g/m2 hot-dip galvanized, with high corrosion resistance, no special maintenance treatment is required for 30 years.

2. The component parts are standardized ,which improving the the production efficiency and shortens the delivery period greatly.

3. The installation is simple and convenient. The column, beam, the purlin and other secondary components adopt the standardized connection node design, which improves the installation efficiency greatly.

4. Double C structure is safe and stable , and high strength. It can be checked by SAP2000 structure calculation to meet different needs.

5. Double C can be combined with different structures, such as combined with ultra-light steel wall, which is beautiful and can be applied to different fields.

If you want to know more, you can click here: steel structure warehouses.

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PTH's Expandable container house meets ISO9001 standard

1. Design of Advanced Industries PTH General Engineering Design Team has recently independently developed a new expandable container houses. The container has the characteristics of strong interaction of components, fast assembly of single unit box and firm combination of multiple unit boxes.

2. Broad application sites This new type of container, featuring fashion, elegance and simplicity, is very suitable for temporary movable houses in medium and long-term projects due to its convenient assembly. As temporary office space, resting place, dining room, entrance guard box, clinic, fire fighting room, etc.

3. Adapt to the needs of customers at home and abroad Considering the rigid requirements of foreign customers and the space utilization of containers, the size of the foreign version is smaller than that of the domestic version.

Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. is a famous China expandable container houses Manufacturers and Container Offices wholesalers, our expandable container houses and container offices are in line with ISO9001 standard and have passed the certifications like CE, CNAS, BV and etc.The corporation has set up affiliated office in Canada ,and has exported its products to over 100 countries and regions.

For more information, please contact us:

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PTH container room is an energy-saving and environment-friendly modular room

When we talk about expandable container houses, the first thing that comes to our mind may be the containers used for transportation, giving the impression that the containers look heavy and easy to rust, because the joints of container houses usually cannot exert their waterproof ability in long wet rainy days.

The reconstructed container house is a solution to the problems of water resistance and rust prevention. The key is the mortise and tenon mechanism used in the assembly process. With this joint structure, 98% of water can be prevented from leaking into the joint.

In addition, the bolt looks firm and firm, but few people know the harm of its application and damage the paint. The higher the frequency of bolt replacement, the greater the damage to paint, thus accelerating rust. Therefore, after we try to repair the joint by repainting, the damage caused by bolts will appear. On the contrary, the reconstructed container house can prevent these hazards.

PTH container house is an energy-saving and environment-friendly modular house, which consists of light steel frame and insulation wall roof system. This product is widely used in temporary housing and public housing projects. The container house can withstand wind load of 210 km/h and its service life can reach more than 10 years.

If you want to know more about containers or appreciate some real cases of PTH, you can click here:

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