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Prefabricated steel structures can reduce energy consumption from the source

This multi-benefit industry may become a new industry to subvert the traditional architectural changes and lead the building materials industry to realize green changes.

At present, steel structures and fabricated buildings have once again become topics of concern to experts and representatives of the NPC and CPPCC.

People's Congress representatives said: Among the fabricated buildings, steel structure prefab buildings have the advantages of high seismic performance, high degree of industrial production, short construction period, energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient transportation, and fast construction speed. In particular, the ductility of steel structure buildings can attenuate seismic waves, materials can be 100% recycled, and it can truly be green and pollution-free.

Steel structures will be implemented in public buildings invested by the government, such as hospitals, schools and shantytowns.

In recent years, a series of policies to promote green energy conservation and fabricated steel structure buildings have been issued intensively by the state, which ushered in a spring of great development for fabricated steel structure buildings.

The reason why the development prospect of fabricated steel structure buildings is so promising is that steel structures can be built in factories and assembled on construction sites to realize "assembly" of buildings and avoid noise, dust and other pollution on construction sites. The use of qualified doors and windows with good water tightness, air tightness and thermal insulation can also reduce energy consumption from the source.

Choosing prefabricated steel structure housing is a very good choice. Environmental protection can save costs and safety knowledge can be assured. If you are interested in prefabricated steel buildings or want to see more examples of prefabricated buildings, you can click here:

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Low cost prefabricated houses are in line with sustainable development

This low cost prefab house is made of light steel structure and sandwich panels. The thermal insulation material of the sandwich plate can be polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool and glass fiber. As a standardized building product. The following are some of the main functions:

Dry installation-this means that cement and other liquid components are not used during construction and installation, thus allowing cleaner buildings and fewer process requirements.

There is no construction waste-this is mainly because most installations and buildings are completed by assembling components in a coordinated manner.

Use environmentally friendly materials. Materials suitable for low-cost prefabricated houses are usually environmentally friendly, so these houses are lighthouses of green technology and the future of houses.

Low cost recyclable materials. Rock wool board and sandwich board are completely recyclable, so they are the green parts of prefabricated components.

Flexible size, easy assembly and disassembly, elegant appearance, therefore, the work requires very little skilled labor or professional knowledge, making the house easy to install, low cost, safe and durable.

Suitable for temporary buildings such as dormitories, canteens, recreation rooms, laundry rooms, etc.

If you want to know more about prefabricated houses, or want to feel the real life cases of prefabricated houses more intuitively, you can click here: prefab housing prices.

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How much is the prefabricated house price?

Modular or prefab houses are currently the leading research topics in various architectural colleges. It is expected that they will greatly reduce the cost, and the residents will have their own houses, which will greatly benefit the poor all over the world. Development is also taking place significantly around the world.

Prefabricated houses used to be associated with ugly, stereotyped models that sacrificed style and individuality. Times are changing. Nowadays, prefabricated houses have a series of amazing customized choices, which are more likely to be associated with world-class modern design than mediocre big boxes.

But what is the approximate price of prefab housing prices?

As expected, the price depends on the type of design and the range of features installed. The cost of cutting-edge design far exceeds that of ordinary design, while high-end professional design is more expensive than standard design. Prefabricated house manufacturers have obviously created a high-end niche market for themselves and may be only a little cheaper than houses built directly on the basis of houses, rather than as much as imagined. Others try to limit the choice and design of luxury goods to increase their profits, while buyers' financial support decreases.

This single-storey 2-bedroom 2-bath prefabricated house starts at US$ 330,000. Its basic price is about 330 US dollars per square foot, close to the average range of contemporary prefabricated houses. The price drop depends on whether the company is only involved in the manufacturing phase or whether it also involves the delivery and/or construction phase.

It is difficult to really understand its cost because there are many additional costs, some of which are covered in the estimates of some companies and not indicated in the estimates of other companies. Including the cost of design, engineering, architecture and practical construction. None of these companies bear the cost of licensing, inspection or foundation.

If you want to know more about prefabricated houses, you can click here: low cost prefab houses.

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Make arrangements in the construction process to control costs

They are also steel structure warehouses. Some places are extremely expensive when they are being built, but others are relatively flat. There are many colors involved. How can we be cheaper in the process of construction? What are the specific methods?

If we can do a good job of understanding these aspects in advance, I believe it will be easier for the whole thing to follow.

1. The structure is more reasonable For the design of steel structure warehouse, we must make the structure more reasonable. If there are various problems in the whole structure and the design is not reasonable enough, the service life will be affected and limited. Therefore, when we do these work, we should first make the whole structure more reasonable. If there are problems in the settlement itself, it will certainly have an impact in the use process.

2. Select suitable materials Different materials, the specific situation will be very different, when we choose materials, we must have positive details and these aspects, among various materials, the more accurate our choice is, then the whole project construction can bring better results. Materials will affect the subsequent construction price, but if the materials we choose are more suitable, the whole cost can be controlled.

3. Make arrangements in the construction process Seriously do a good job in controlling the cost of steel structure warehouse, we need to be able to make correct arrangements in all aspects. The whole construction work would have involved a lot of situations, only when we can arrange the construction process more reasonably, avoid some deliberate delays, and make the specific construction cost more, which is also very unfavorable to us.

If you want to know more, you can click here:

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Where is the selling point of light steel villas?

Compared with traditional houses, light steel villa house has advantages in insulation, sound insulation, comfort, earthquake resistance, wind and snow resistance, insect proof, high quality, high efficiency, wide application range and diverse building shapes.

Light steel villas are truly affordable and have several advantages:

(1) Excellent seismic performance and high safety performance.

(2) beautiful and durable, durable

(3) Materials are environmentally friendly and materials can be recycled and reused.

(4) The construction speed is fast, and the average house of 200 square meters can be completed in about 40 days.

(5) Environmental protection of materials, no pollution in construction

PTH Light steel villa is a kind of modular house, consisting of cold form, thin-walled light steel keel system. It is a new type of energy conservation and environment protection house which is easy and convenient to install. Currently, PTH light steel villas Have been exported to more than 100 countries all over the world (such as Brazil, South Africa , Dubai, Japan etc.) It is widely used as living house, school, modular house, hotel etc.

For more information, please click here:

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