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The price of a container house villa is related to many factors

 At present, there are many kinds of containers in the market, and the container house villa industry is more and more recognized by people. Today, PTH steel structure project is coming to talk about the market situation of container house villa.

The price of a container house villa is related to a variety of factors. The material it uses, the degree of interior decoration and the place where it is purchased and installed are all factors that affect the overall price. The material used determines the quality of the whole villa. The better the quality, the longer the service life.

The conventional construction of movable plank houses requires foundation construction, water and electricity connection, suspended ceiling, decoration, etc. The cost is still relatively high. Renting such houses saves the cost, can move in in a short time, can effectively solve the defect of high cost caused by the use of movable plank house materials on the construction site, and can return such houses after the construction is completed, which is very convenient.

There is also a kind of villa with full steel structure, which is mainly made of light steel joist, and the wall is made of thermal insulation materials. It is more warm in winter and cooler in summer. This kind of villa is a container house villa that is quite popular at present. It is very comfortable to live in, and its internal setting is also very reasonable. It can be decorated according to your own needs, and it is strong and durable.

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Can meet the requirements of super height and super span

 With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the application of movable houses has become more and more extensive, involving all aspects of people's food, clothing, housing and transportation, and has been fully integrated and become an integral part of people's production and life.

So, why do so many people choose to use mobile houses? Let's take a look at the advantages of movable houses.

Movable houses have high engineering degree, shortened construction period and greatly reduced cost: the standard of temporary construction application module is unified, realizing the industrial mass production of temporary construction, improving the pre-engineering of buildings, and making temporary construction components of different shapes, materials and manufacturing methods have certain universality. At the same time, the pre-engineering of temporary construction makes the material processing and installation integrated, greatly reducing the construction and installation cost. And speed up the construction speed, make the time limit for a project can be shortened by more than 60%, thus speeding up the construction unit's capital turnover speed, make the construction site can start earlier.

Can meet the requirements of super height and super span: light steel structure has uniform materials, high strength and high elastic modulus, the ratio of density to strength is much smaller than that of concrete and masonry, and light steel structure has small dead weight under the same stress condition, so that light steel movable houses with large span and high height can be made.

The integration of the design and function of the movable house makes the temporary construction more functional: in the temporary construction, light steel structure becomes an important factor in the image formation, and the shape, components and nodes of the structure lead to and restrict the image of the temporary construction to a great extent. Only when the design and function of architecture and structure are integrated can architecture be made more functional, so that all subsequent design steps can be carried out and temporary construction facilities integrating technology and art can be created.

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Light steel villas are suitable for earthquake-prone areas

light gauge steel structure, as a new type of fabricated house, is a new type of structure that is energy-saving, environment-friendly and safe. Under the state's policy of prohibiting the use of red bricks, light steel structure has also become a choice of housing form in rural areas. Moreover, the wall thickness of light steel structure houses is only half of that of traditional houses, and the occupancy rate is 10% more than that of traditional brick-concrete structure houses.

At the same time, it has the advantages of short construction period, high precision and light structure, and is only about one-fifth of brick and tile structure and about one-eighth of reinforced concrete structure, so the construction cost is not too high.

Moreover, the important thing is that in terms of seismic resistance, the traditional brick-concrete structure is "a big piece", so light steel villas are suitable for earthquake-prone areas, and due to their own characteristics of using steel materials, they will not corrode, mildew or moth-eaten, and the service life of buildings will be about 90 years or more.

The steel used in PTH light steel structure is very environment-friendly and is suitable for the national environmental protection policy. In addition, the construction process has less wet operation, less noise, less dust, less construction waste, less damage to the land during construction, and the steel can be 100% recycled, thus greatly reducing the generation of construction waste and truly realizing the concept of green living.

These are all traditional brick-concrete structures that cannot be done well. Therefore, light steel villas are more reliable in terms of practicality and safety, and will also be favored by the rural people.

Zhang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (ALSO KNOWN AS "PTH") Hasbee Dedicating Itself to One-Stop Solution of Low-Rise Fabricated Houses. For more product details, please contact us:

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