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People's demands for houses are also changing

With the improvement of modern people's living standards, our requirements for housing are also undergoing essential changes. In addition to people's pursuit of a shelter from the wind and rain, it has gradually evolved into the pursuit of the quality of the home and the pursuit of improving the lifestyle.

In the pursuit of a longer service life, the requirement for residential comfort is increased. From traditional brick-concrete houses to concrete houses and then to green and environmentally friendly light steel houses, people have added a concept of ecological environment protection to the comfort level of houses.

Putian light steel house is a young and vital steel structure system, which is widely used in temporary offices and dormitories on construction sites. Housing for large-scale field exploration and field operation such as transportation, water conservancy, oil and natural gas; Temporary housing for city offices, civil resettlement, exhibitions, etc.; Leisure villas and vacation houses in tourist areas; Buildings for earthquake relief and military fields.

PTH light steel villa equipment is an international top-class automatic production line, combining Frame CAD software and Heyes roll forming technology, with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.

Light steel joist uses G550 high-strength steel as raw material and AZ150 as anticorrosion treatment. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good anticorrosion, and its service life can reach 50 years.

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Characteristics of Prefabricated Residential Buildings

China prefabricated homes is a popular name for assembled house. Its full name is prefabricated house. It is a house built by industrialized production. It is a house built by prefabricating some or all components of the house in a factory, then transporting them to the construction site, and assembling the components through reliable connection.

1. According to the calculation of production that has not been scaled up at present, the progress of prefabricated homes is about 30% faster than that of traditional construction methods.

2. The safety of China prefabricated homes is absolutely no problem, because prefabricated stairs, exterior walls and the like need to be lapped with reinforced concrete when transported to the construction site, and are not simply connected. Steel bars run through each floor, and the structure of the house is very strong.

3. Compared with traditional residential buildings, prefabricated buildings have higher component precision, can maximally improve common quality defects such as wall cracking and leakage, and improve the overall safety level, fire resistance and durability of residential buildings. It adopts light partition wall system, and the owner can change the decoration according to needs.

4. During the use of the house, prefabricated houses are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. For example, the new thermal insulation layer has better thermal insulation effect. If household metering is implemented, the room temperature of prefabricated houses will be higher if the heating is at the same temperature. Householders can consider lowering the heating temperature to save heating costs and reduce energy use at the same time.

5. Prefabricated houses are of great benefit to energy conservation and environmental protection. Through factory production and on-site assembly construction, construction waste and construction sewage can be greatly reduced, construction noise can be reduced, emission of harmful gases and dust can be reduced, and on-site construction and management personnel can be reduced. Generally, it can save 20% of materials and about 60% of water.

6. The housing industrialization of prefabricated buildings is not only beneficial to the capital circulation of development enterprises, but also can improve the speed of housing listing, so it can greatly reduce the current situation of insufficient market supply and adjust the supply relationship. After large-scale promotion, the construction cost can be reduced, and it will also play a role in suppressing house prices.

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Building materials are selected FSC certified

I wonder if you have ever heard of prefabricated homes. Today, i'd like to introduce a low cost prefab houses project.

The low-cost prefabricated residential project, with a cost of about 32,000 euros, was designed by abaton, a Madrid construction firm. This mobile residential building is suitable for two people and convenient for transportation. It can be built almost anywhere.

The project covers an area of 27 square meters (9 meters x 3 meters) and has complete indoor functions, including living room/kitchen, spacious bathroom and double bedroom. The building materials are made up of selected FSC certified Spanish fir, local wood and grey cement boards. The well-ventilated exterior wall has a 12cm thick thermal insulation layer, and the solid wood frame creates a large area of windows to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

The building assembly time is about one day, and the production cycle is 4-6 weeks.

After a brief introduction, do you have any thoughts on low cost prefab house? If you are interested, you can click here to learn more:

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The construction period of light steel houses is very short

Today, let's talk about why PTH light steel houses are so popular.

First of all, the main structure of the light steel house is a steel structure with strong materials. PTH design ensures the rationality of the house. Secondly, light steel buildings have excellent earthquake resistance, with the earthquake resistance reaching Grade 9. PTH designs earthquake-proof frames.

Furthermore, the construction period of light steel houses is very short, which can be completed in 1-2 months with little environmental pollution. PTH light steel houses have excellent waterproof and thermal insulation performance. In Qingdao, where moisture is abnormal, waterproof and moisture-proof are especially important, and the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer are even more popular.

Of course, we can't forget that in the process of construction, light steel houses are undoubtedly very simple compared with traditional construction methods. Not only are specialized design companies engaged in design, but also the number of construction personnel is not very large, thus resulting in a reduction in the production cost of light steel houses.

During the construction process of light steel houses, the construction cost has a great relationship. We know that light steel houses are made of light materials, which are very suitable for many places in the mountains or in the plains. As modern materials are very reasonable in the design of steel bars, the potential quality of light steel houses is very solid.

In addition to the quality and price of light steel houses, there is no doubt that light steel houses have great advantages, and in appearance, there is no doubt that light steel houses can be designed by themselves, so they can be more diversified in overall appearance and color, so buildings are not only residential, but also an art, which can be fully reflected here.

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To have a greater price advantage

Fierce market competition, rising labor costs and processing skills ... all these have become obstacles for many steel structure enterprises. After all, how should steel structure enterprises make a good living?

Regarding the processing of main components, the entry threshold is relatively high. General steel structure processing enterprises can not intervene as simply as that. Under such fierce market competition, let's think about how to make a breakthrough.

1. Has a greater price advantage

Price is an important factor for customers to consider when selecting processing plants. Many factories have great advantages in terms of acquisition form, factory rent and labor cost, and then appear in products. However, the rising cost of factory rent and labor force still depends on the adjustment of the enterprise itself.

2. has strong processing advantages

When the processing capacity of other steel structure enterprises cannot satisfy the engineering demand, the price of this kind of processing plant only needs to be not too high, and the quality can meet the basic requirements, so far-fetched can also get a livelihood. However, judging from the current market situation, there are not many such demands.

3. It has larger regional advantages

Because of the reason of logistics, the scale of this occupation is not large. In a certain area, if you only need to operate, you can make a living only if the price is not too high and the quality is not too poor.

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