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5:18 AM   [23 Oct 2014 | Thursday]

Overcoming the Theological Bomb

 If you’re like me, you take particular delight in getting to know a man of God, or of the clergy. One who is quite suited for the task of inter-city services or not, or have a current and ongoing ministry or not is irrelevant, they all commonly exhibit the passion within their preparedness, and is a joy to see.

One afternoon back there in about 1985, I was sitting on the front porch having one of those leisurely chats, and was not the first. This day was different. This day the man of God was going to introduce me to an uncomfortable awareness. In discussing issues, conditions and related considerations, we began to bounce scripture off each other till I heard those words, , “No-no, you’ve got to get into the ancient Greek!”

Well, I said, is the common bible student’s study a diluted form?

With a controlled smile he replied, “Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, , , no!”

This was many years ago, and my preacher friend passed away a few months ago. The thing I have picked up since then is this. While I could have followed other friends to area courses in classical Greek, I ask myself why, , Only to be confronted with counters from other theologians?

How nice it would be to pool somehow the knowledge and create one more Biblopedia, one for a once and for all church understanding. Something I have learned to do on my own.

God bless.

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5:05 AM   [11 Oct 2014 | Saturday]

Stardom Hazards Winners and Losers

 What folly it is once we moviegoers realize it is all ours to enjoy (or try to scrape together what’s left of our investment). For after really admiring the entertaining talents of actors-actresses in a good movie, we just learn that in private, their lives are marred by some bent that far exceeds probable means, usually steeped in the radical-side of politics.

It is like a second mini feature to replay for us time and again reminding us that prestige is just as vulnerable to the failings of mankind as it is for the less fortunate. It could be that they don’t underestimate the amount of damage they inflict on their own following of fans. Quite possibly, the very thing they are hoping such a sacrifice might propel the cause they are committed to.

But then what happens to that movie we own or rent once upon viewing the details, we learn what that person is now engaged in? Does it not remain even a little bothersome that the ability we knew God gave them they used upon a trusting public to use that wealth in somewhat a reasonable manner?

Here to stay type stardom is whisked away from them. We took them into our homes to show our young and old, and didn’t blink once that they just might be involved in some destructive behavior. Anyone remotely familiar with celeb-profiles knows what I am discussing here such as the promotion of the occult and terrorism.

What they fail to retain many times is instead of an attitude of thankfulness for that trust – they wish to now use notoriety in persuading issues. How many actors, actresses are prepared to deliver the credential of expertise upon that same fan-base they purport to possess?

Stardom hazards within secular entertainment is what I am referring to here. For since it is futile to mention Christian entertainment individuals that have removed themselves by virtue of their involvement in certain inconsistent ethics, unrepentant, and mere assoc. by word “Christian” only, relieves themselves of any Christian task, thereby connection to the body of Christ.

God bless the brothers and sisters who bring the light of the cross of Christ to a dying world in any way God wants them to.

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