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7:54 AM   [18 Oct 2013 | Friday]

Playing/Tempting God

Of course I’m speaking of the liberal arm of the Church not yet totally corrupted. Not saying I have spent any time at being stunned at the gross performance of some people. We can be surprised at little these days just gathering general news. But just because there has always been a liberal Church for the world to both slander and befriend doesn’t mean we can compare shortages to accomplishments with confidence, but rather far more concern for them and forwarding that concern to those equipped to put themselves in positions of refuting discrepancies.

Since they do express a portion of our secular counterparts, from whatever direction of reporting, from whatever form of dialog that may entail in the popular form coming from Washington for instance, if you reject an issue they support, you are instantly singled out. Look at the accusations of racism today by lib-church goers. The further down the ladder of public awareness they become, the more credibility they want to apply.

Recently, a brother was labeled “racist” when he opposed the WH’s position on homosexuality. Such accusations appear to be self-righteousness against nature itself, supposing to be the ultimate standard-bearer of all spiritual limelight; knowing the intents of the heart of all peoples who disagree with their now convoluted ‘normalcy’ of rejecting the sacred volume (bible).

Accusation against nature because it is dispensed as a god like authority over the unseen spectrum of thoughts of the human heart, something that only the Spirit of God can make known to mortal man. Of course, why would the Spirit reveal something so special to someone so opposed to His will?

God bless!

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12:27 PM   [11 Oct 2013 | Friday]

False Shun, Quiet Withdrawal

I appreciate all sensitive handling of knowledge as it relates to what God is doing in the Church. What light is being cast continues to spell division I’m affraid. Don’t let it get to you if you are experiencing it. Who could resist that reputations are all too heavily committed to resistance themselves. Please remember this you who do when calling upon His love and mercy. I don’t classify it as being knocked around by temptation, but rather kicking your brother around by your inflated uniqueness.

Through temperance, patience and prayer, I wait for His power to turn the tide. You know what, it works!

For if nothing but the simple joy of salvation and life in the Spirit, traditional fellowship, (what ever that may consist of) the man who used to be wretched is now content and by His grace “sufficient”. But if some people’s highlighting the absence of His work is just fodder, and our intent of entrance all along for showing those who don’t have, and cannot find a reason to believe, then by all means. Just don’t damn the tampered report.

Keep in mind, unbelievers where also “astonished” in biblical times. I guess I fail to see wherever my occasionally accused misapplying of abundance to absence should get the blame from any of your sensitivity. For though related, abundance and absence just don’t run in tandem.

I’m going through this both in the digital corner and in life. By God we trust to present the truth in Christ in the convincing way.


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