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Who Gives Kudos:




I question what this world wants me

To hold in high regard,

And I question the validity of

What it sees as stars;

And I question fables I’ve been fed

In over half the books I’ve read,

I question what the teacher said

About who and what we are.


And I question if America

Will ever find her way,

If she even knows that she is lost

Or how far she has strayed;

And I question if she will return

And rebuild bridges she has burned,

Embrace the love that she has spurned,

The One she has betrayed.


Yes I question if this nation puts

Its trust in God above;

If its motives, words or actions

Find their roots in Holy Love;

And I question if its leaders,

Its writers or its readers

Could be classified as kneelers

When discussion time has come.


Why I question even I, myself;

Can I do what is best?

And I question my ability  

To forgive and forget;

Yes I question my fidelity  

To He who holds my destiny,

My then, my now, eternity;

The One who paid my debt.


And I question why’s and where’s and what’s

I question cants and cans;

And I question everything I see,

Or think I understand;

And I question anyone who says

That they can show me evidence

That life is good and it makes sense

Without the nail-scarred hands,


Of the only One that I don’t question

And I never will; He’s the

Source of my redemption, Son of God,

            The One we killed.  I will

            Question not His story, I will

            Question not His glory, nor the

            Love that He has for me, or

            His act upon the hill of Calvary.








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Pocket Testament League


            On the morning of December 5th, 1858, Charles H. Spurgeon delivered what may have been one of the finest evangelistic sermons ever written. He based his text on but five simple words found in the Book of Luke, “Compel them to come in.” As I read the words of this sermon and play them in the theater of my mind, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the sheer passion woven into his words. I feel as if the poor man would drop dead behind the pulpit if he could not convince at least one; if only one person to give their heart to Jesus Christ. It is this passion that is desperately needed if we are to ever reach a dying world for the sake of our Savior Jesus Christ, and I am happy to report that I have found this passion in the vision and the evangelism efforts of The Pocket Testament League.
            In 1893, a young woman by the name of Helen Cadbury, daughter of the president of Cadbury Chocolates, became so fervent in her desire to share her faith with others that she decided to do something about it. She organized a faithful group of young girls that felt the same way as she and they began to sew pockets onto their dresses in order to carry with them small New Testaments that Helens father provided for them. They promised one another that they would read their Bibles daily, pray and share their faith with others at every opportunity. This brave group of young women called themselves “The Pocket Testament League” and, 119 years later, their vision and spirit live on in today’s PTL.
            Over the years the PTL has become a multi-dimensional ministry that reaches world-wide and their members are responsible for the distribution of more than 110 million copies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 110 million! Membership is free and they also offer a broad variety of evangelism tools for you to use as you set out to share your faith in Jesus Christ with others the way that Helen Cadbury did so many years ago. You can also find free daily devotionals on their website that I am sure you will find encouraging and inspirational and I suggest you take a tour of their “Virtual Museum” so that you can see the fantastic history of the PTL over the years and this may help you to appreciate and understand what they are striving to do today.
            In order for any evangelism effort to succeed, it must possess two qualities: passion, as I said earlier, and love. The PTL has both and I am sure you will agree with me when you visit them on the web and see the many, many ways you can become involved. I compel you to check out the PTL and catch the passion that lives there.
For more, just open these doors:

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