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Blog, my online journal

A blog, or more specifically my blog, is going to be my online journal. I know I can make a diary entry and it will be private, but I enjoy dialogue. I hope to find others who share my faith on this site, with this blog, and can open insights into living a Christian life. What it truly means to live as one who loves Christ. Today, just now doing the dishes, I had an epiphany. What lead up to my revelation? Well, my friend is going through a hard time in a relationship, my aunt is very sick and could pass any minute without our prayer to hold her up, my realization that I need to lean on God for some speed bumps in my life. Some other things that coalesced with these issues into my wondrous discovery. Knowing that putting other people's problems, issues and concerns ahead of mine in prayer and thought lightens the issues in my life; I don't worry about them or my problems just don't seem as large as they would seem to me if I was dwelling on them. Another thing is how we are to be as little children and trusting on God to supply all our needs. How we are not to become anxious about money, food, clothing; things that concern people who don't know God in their lives. I was thinking on all these things when I realized that if I were truly spending my time thanking God for supplying everything for me so that I don't have to spend my time wondering how I am going to pay the rent this month...or put gas in my car....or where I am going to go to school...I could spend my free thought time praying for my friend and her relationship...sick children. What would it be like to live my life constantly in prayer for others? What would it be like to have a speed bump come up and not even notice it because I am so busy living in the arms of my Savior praying for those in my life, and those I don't know, that I don't have time to notice I bounced over it? Trying to live this way for 30-days is a bit much. I think I will try it tomorrow though...of course I am going to start praying harder for my beloved aunt tonight, but I will also be praying for the strength to begin my life's long journey of putting others ahead of my speed bumps. What if every Christian did this? Well, LORD, it will start here with me right now, preparing for my journey tomorrow! Give me strength and courage LORD!
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