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12:12 PM   [04 Jan 2019 | Friday]

The Efficient Operation Method for Rice Grader Equipment Application

Rice reprocessing requires the use of advanced Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) equipment, which is a must for many companies. However, in order to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, you also need to pay attention to the method during the use of the rice grader. Next, please take a look at this introduction.

The efficient operation of rice grader equipment applications is as follows:

The cleaning process of rice grader equipment is quite important, and the excellent cleaning process has a great impact on the equipment. A good cleaning process is very good for the performance improvement of the rice grader equipment. It is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning process of the equipment, which can improve the performance and processing quality of the rice grader equipment.

The sanitary requirements for the mechanical structure of the design and manufacturing process of rice grader equipment. It mainly includes structural materials such as product contact surface and the non-product contact surface, surface structure, cleanability, durability, and inspectability.

The rice grader equipment needs to be trained and professionally operated. The company should train professional operators, operate the equipment according to the correct method, and reduce equipment failure. This can effectively reduce the maintenance time of rice grader equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and effectively improve the economic benefits of equipment.

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12:32 PM   [03 Jan 2019 | Thursday]

How to Clean And Maintain Rice Grader Equipment?(二)

Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) equipment will cause different final life and performance due to different use and maintenance, so you need to clean the equipment as follows:

1. The internal materials that need to be cleaned up in the rice grader equipment are the residual materials of the feeding port, screen, rotor, discharge port, and other parts. Needless to say, the feed port and the discharge port are mounted on the rotor. The hammer is arranged according to a certain symmetry principle to ensure that the entire rotor maintains a balanced rotation. If any material remains or is stuck on the rotor. It will affect the normal rotation of the rotor; as the screen of the equipment on the equipment, it controls the speed and particle size of the discharge. If the screen is blocked by the material, it will affect the discharge speed, which will affect the production efficiency, especially the material. When the humidity is high, the mesh hole is more likely to be blocked and should be cleaned up in time.

2. If there is a fault in the operation of rice grader equipment, it should be stopped first. If the fault is checked and repaired, the fault cannot be solved by yourself.

3. Check and maintain the pressure gauge, thermometer, and other instruments to ensure safety and trouble-free. Do not use tools such as sharp or hard objects to beat the equipment during the inspection and maintenance of rice grader equipment.

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12:30 PM   [03 Jan 2019 | Thursday]

How to Clean And Maintain Rice Grader Equipment?(一)

When the Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) equipment is used for a long time, various clogging and shut down problems will occur. At this time, we need to carry out a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the rice grader equipment. How to operate specifically? Next, please come to learn the following articles together, I believe you will have new gains.

Rice grader equipment will cause different final life and performance due to different use and maintenance, so you need to clean the equipment as follows:

1. The residual oil used in rice grader equipment will cause rust and blockage of the machine, and it is not conducive to the health of the next processed product. The inside of the equipment needs to be cleaned after each processing of the oil.

2. When cleaning the rice grader equipment, choose the appropriate method, generally use water or the corresponding cleaning agent. The equipment should be regularly inspected for wearable parts. If it cannot be used normally, it should be replaced in time. If there is any problem with the line, it should be cleared.

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12:29 PM   [02 Jan 2019 | Wednesday]

Tips for Installing And Using Rice Destoner Equipment

Compared with the traditional process, the Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment adopts the new technology of first shelling and light grinding, so it can better solve the problem of hard shelling, easy crushing, and uneven grinding. The rice yield rate, the broken rice rate is reduced, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed. However, if you want to make better use of the value of rice destoner equipment, you need to master certain correct methods of operation. To this end, for you to organize some little knowledge about the use of the device, then let's learn together.

Precautions when using rice destoner equipment

1. From the impact of impurities on rice processing technology, the general offline clearly affects serious impurities. It is easy to damage large-scale rice destoner equipment or hard impurities that cause production accidents, as well as long-fiber impurities that easily block the machine and the slide.

2. The selected impurity removal equipment should be the most efficient equipment for removing these impurities, and it is better to have a plurality of impurity removal modes for one machine, and the utilization rate of the equipment is high.

3. From the point of view of the degree of harm of various impurities in rice to the human body, the foreign inorganic impurities are much more harmful than the impurities and organic impurities produced by rice itself. Therefore, in the process of removing impurities from rice destoner equipment, it is necessary to focus on removing these impurities.

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12:08 PM   [01 Jan 2019 | Tuesday]

Scientific Identification Method of Paddy Cleaner Equipment

The right choice is important to get the Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) equipment to work. Some companies are only looking at their external packaging when looking at their processing equipment, looking at the brand, price and after-sales service, but it is very important to see if the equipment itself is reliable, whether the paddy cleaner equipment can be durable for a long time, whether it can be Improve our work efficiency.

Scientific identification methods will always increase credibility. I believe that such identification methods will help many friends who are interested in rice processing to purchase your satisfactory paddy cleaner equipment. The paddy cleaner equipment is to ensure the working efficiency of the paddy cleaner equipment when the machine is qualified, and whether the rice yield is high.

All we need are high-performance paddy cleaner equipment. When we choose the paddy cleaner equipment, we must consider all aspects of the factors to take into account possible situations. There is also the need to use multiple indicators for evaluation when milling standard meters. Each indicator must have a range in which errors can occur.

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