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12:36 PM   [29 Nov 2018 | Thursday]

How to Detect Paddy Cleaner Equipment

1. The normal boot test Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) machine:

After the engine is running normally, the test runs from 1st to 2nd, and 3rd and then reversed. Check the steering mechanism and turn to the left and right respectively. Processing equipment brakes, interlocking mechanism, clutch is sensitive and reliable, clutch separation is thorough, feel the shift is light, the instrument is running normally, if there is any abnormality, stop running the processing equipment and eliminate the fault immediately. The time for trial rotation is generally mastered: reverse gear 10 minutes, 3 gear 20 minutes, 1 gear 30 minutes, 2 gear 30 minutes.

2. Test paddy cleaner equipment engine:

During the commissioning process, pay attention to the temperature gauge of the oil pressure gauge and the oil, and whether the water temperature gauge is stable within the specified range. Listen carefully to the sound of the engine when the processing equipment is running, and observe whether there is abnormal noise. If there is abnormal sound, stop it in time and troubleshoot it.

3. Remember to check the condition of each component after one round of trial paddy cleaner equipment:

Check for loose fasteners, bushings, bearings with signs of heat, belts and chains that are loose and worn, heat out the engine oil sump, gearbox, lubricant in the reduction gear and hydraulic tank Hydraulic oil and thoroughly clean the filter at each part.

4. Check the paddy cleaner equipment separation, cutting, threshing, unloading and other working institutions commissioning:

The sequence of operations in sequence should be small throttle, medium throttle, large throttle, first partial, and then fully carried out. Paddy cleaner equipment manufacturers said that they should pay more attention to whether the operation of each part is normal, whether there is noise, whether the hydraulic components and monitoring instruments are moving freely, stable and reliable. Once the problem is found, stop the test immediately and continue testing.

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12:17 PM   [29 Nov 2018 | Thursday]

The Principle of Grinding of The Rice Whitener

The Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) machine is affected by the gravity of the particle fluid itself during the milling process. The particle fluid density on the cross section of the drum white chamber is not uniform, the fluid density in the lower part of the white chamber is large, and the upper half is small. Therefore, the white pressure of the lower part of the white room is high, and it is easy to produce broken rice. In the upper half of the white room, the particle density is due to the particle density. Under the action of the high-speed rotating drum, the rapid collision between the rice and the white chamber components is easy to produce the fallen rice, especially the rice and rice, and the machined rice is almost completely peeled off.

The self-weight of the rice fluid in the white chamber accelerates the speed of the rice through the white chamber. The rice grains pass through the White House for a short period of time, and the rice grains are slightly milled, and it is necessary to grind the high-quality rice. In the multi-channel whitening process, the number of shearing and bending of rice embryos increases, and the retention of embryos is extremely unfavorable. In horizontal and vertical rice machines, the roller white pressure adjustment is mainly controlled by the weight pressure gate. Since the weight of the weight is discontinuous, it is difficult to achieve precise and continuous adjustment of the rolling and white pressure adjustment.

1. Check the smart kitchen germ mechanical parts before using the rice whitener. Open the top of the funnel on the machine and pour it into the top of the hopper. (Note: If the funnel cover is not covered by the microswitch, the machine will not start if it is turned off.)

2. The work of the machine began to press the power button to turn on the power (and then press the power button to turn off), to confirm the power of the machine rolling valley after booting. (Note: If you open the hopper lid in the rolling valley, the machine will start to stop working, then the hopper top cover should be modified, and then resume normal operation according to the start button machine).

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12:05 PM   [28 Nov 2018 | Wednesday]

No Smooth Rice Destoner Equipment Installed

Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment must be placed on a flat surface before it can be used, because it can avoid the intense vibration when the equipment is working, thus reducing the failure rate of the processing equipment. However, if there is no smooth installation, what are the adverse effects?

1. If the inclination of the installation ground is relatively high, then the material of the rice destoner equipment is very prone to the phenomenon of deviation, which affects the processing.

2. If the rice destoner equipment is used on uneven ground, the vibration frequency of the equipment will be greatly increased, which will make the rice destoner equipment more prone to failure.

3, the flat ground is also more conducive to the movement of rice destoner equipment, so it will be more convenient in the future use.

The company reserves the secondary and senior management, production and technical professionals to supply high-quality products and excellent service based on the scientific management and latest technology. It sticks to the tenet of “quality foremost, faith as essential”to insistently respond customers with high-quality products and perfect after service.The sales networks of the company are covered all over China as well as South American, South East Asia, Africa etc.The company cordially welcomes all of you to visit us for the win-win future.

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12:16 PM   [27 Nov 2018 | Tuesday]

Rice Destoner Equipment Is Not Installed Smoothly

When using Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment for operation, the equipment often has intense vibration, which brings a lot of trouble to the processing of rice. In fact, a large part of the reason for the intense vibration of rice destoner equipment is because everyone When the equipment is installed, it is not installed in place, because the rice destoner equipment needs to be installed on a stable ground, otherwise it will be harmful.

At the same time, rice destoner equipment should be sorted and restored in time during the grain processing of the industry to ensure the smooth progress of the next test. Regarding the management of rice destoner equipment, it should adhere to clean and boring, classified storage. Generally, the rice destoner equipment should be prevented from heating directly. If it is necessary to heat, the asbestos net should be used to slowly and evenly heat to prevent damage to the appliance, and an explosion will occur.

To master the power usage of rice destoner equipment, a workshop should be subdivided into several workshop departments or sub-processes as accurately as possible. The power required by these sub-processes can be accurately determined by an integer power measurement method. Power measurement is also a cooperative method of indicating production operations when energy consumption is high. Therefore, in the production of rice destoner equipment, it is necessary to strictly implement equipment maintenance and repair plans, reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.

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12:57 PM   [25 Nov 2018 | Sunday]

The Relevant Industry Application of Paddy Husker

Operation requirements of the Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) machine: Check whether the two rubber rollers are aligned before starting, the error is not more than 1mm, check the elastic of the V-belt, adjust the weight of the pressure, check whether the gear box is reliable, and whether the speed difference of the rubber roller meets the requirements.

Paddy husker machine driving sequence: open air net - discharge - pressure, the opposite is the shutdown.

The specific parameters are as follows: Shelling rate 78% - 88%

Note: After driving, first idling, check whether the machine is stable, no noise; check the rate of shelling, the content of the underarms, the shell content of the rough mixture and the grain content in the shell. Shifts once every 8 hours of production. Shift gears according to the gearbox shift table. Refuel in the gearbox.

Rice husking in the paddy husker machine is an indispensable part of rice quality testing and rice processing. At this stage, the most commonly used is the small paddy husker machine. In the rice factory production, the enterprise uses a small paddy husker machine. Not only can we understand the processing technology of rice in time, but also can guide the production of rice plants and significantly improve the economic benefits of rice plants. The small-sized paddy husker machine is a rice husking product which can completely separate the chaff at one time, has low noise, small volume, beautiful appearance, small floor space and high shelling rate. It can be used in a short time using a small paddy husker machine. It realizes the separation of chaff and is a rice quality testing instrument widely used in quality inspection institutions, grain enterprises, agriculture, food processing and scientific research institutions at all levels.

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12:46 PM   [22 Nov 2018 | Thursday]

Paddy Separator to Create A New Generation of Processing Equipment

Since the arrival of the new era, you will find that separation technology is constantly improving, and it plays a very good role in the process of grain processing. Therefore, regarding the successful development of the Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG), the grain processing requirements brought by the market will still be higher and higher, and the role of the grain separation process will be more prominent in the process of separation. More stand out.

At present, there are many manufacturers of grain rough separators in China. When each brand competes in the market, its advantages will still be different. Only after a comprehensive comparison can you determine the advantages of its separation. From a design point of view, it is still known that the characteristics of each other are diversified, which can be popular in the domestic food processing field. In comparison, it can be determined which separation equipment is more advanced and first-class. The status and advantages in the market are still trustworthy.

Of course, combined with the structural design and performance advantages of the paddy separator, the effect brought by the rice processing process is still very good, and there will be a significant improvement in its technical level, which is obtained by the customer. Recognized and trusted, it seems that the advantages of its separation equipment will be more and more, and the sales advantages and features in the market will be improved.

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12:15 PM   [21 Nov 2018 | Wednesday]

Paddy Husker Is Gradually Recognized By The Public

The operation method is to pay attention to before starting the Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) machine. Always check whether there are loose parts in each part of the machine. Check whether the gap between each part meets the requirements. Try to prevent unnecessary damage. Check the switch. After waiting for the machine to run for 4 minutes, if there is no problem, you can use it directly. At the beginning, you should slowly process it. While paying attention to the changes of the paddy husker machine, you can correct the problem in time, for the problematic part make adjustments.

The price of the rice mill complete sets of equipment is also unattainable from the initial. This price trend reflects the trend of universalization, popularization, popularization, and practicality of paddy husker machines. The rice milling machine completes the miniaturization of a set of radical mechanical equipment for processing rice, which is convenient for household use. It is a complete set of light and small paddy husker machine equipment, from traditional large-scale industrial rice grinding equipment and rice milling machine complete equipment. Technology, operation, convenience and other aspects have breakthrough technological innovations, so that household paddy husker machine has gradually become recognized by the public, into the new household equipment of thousands of households.

At the same time, the separation of rice and rice is carried out, and the paddy husker machine complete equipment can be processed into rice in one time. Prevent mixing together. The water content of the processed rice is relatively large. Such processing will directly affect the quality of the rice produced, and the use efficiency of the memory machine will be different from the tone in other applications.

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12:33 PM   [20 Nov 2018 | Tuesday]

Rice Whitener Machine Needs to Meet The Conditions

The power selection of the Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) must meet two conditions, one is power and the other is speed. The power is mainly selected according to the calibration power of the rice whitener. The power is generally 1.2 to 2.3 times the power of the rice whitener machine. Choosing a suitable pulley makes the rice whitener machine have the correct speed. The installation method of the rice whitener can be determined as needed. For machines that do not need to be moved, it is best to install them on a concrete base. The basic size is determined by the power of the rice whitener. The base of the high-power rice whitener can be larger in size. If the rice whitener needs frequent movement, the rice whitener and the power machine can be mounted on the same movable base. The gap should not be less than the transverse diameter of the rice. Otherwise, the rice is easily broken and the gap should not be larger than the longitudinal diameter of the rice. Otherwise, the grain will become rough. Therefore, the gap between the rice knives should be chosen between the vertical and horizontal diameters of the rice. Practice has shown that the gap between the rice knives should have a small angle, ie slightly closer to the end of the exit knives, so that the rice will be tighter.

During the milling process, the density of the granules in the cross section of the white chamber is not uniform, the density of the granules in the lower part of the white chamber is large, and the density in the upper part is small. Therefore, the rice in the lower portion of the drum white chamber is subjected to a large white pressure and is liable to be generated. In the upper half of the white room, due to the small particle density, the gap between the rice and the WH collides with the increase of the gap of the rice. The ITE room is easy to produce rice, especially small rice, and almost all rice processed by rice is peeled off. The particles flow in the direction of the reverse gravity of the grinding and whitening chamber. Under the action of the conveyor, the weight of the grain, the whole abrasive grain is filled with particles, the friction between the particles is enhanced, and the collision of the particles with the grinding wheel and the mechanical parts is relatively weak, which is beneficial to maintain the embryo. The direction of gravity is the same, the grain rolling is larger than the overturning, and the bending and shearing forces are small.

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12:01 PM   [20 Nov 2018 | Tuesday]

What Kind of The Rice Destoner Machine Is Relatively Good

When we choose the Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG), we all hope to find a better one, but in the face of different products, if we don’t know what is better at all, sometimes we can’t make judgments and there is no way to make better. The choices, these will have an impact on us, and now come to explain with you, what kind of equipment is relatively better?

The really better rice destoner is more stable in the process of use. In the process of using the device, the stone removal effect will be very stable, and during the work, no additional adjustments are needed. Such a device can give us a better effect throughout the use. So many people are willing to apply, this aspect is understandable.

Not only that, but the better rice destoner can separate different grains during the whole process. In the whole process of our use, we can really have a better effect, and the space occupied when using it is relatively small, the design of the device is more compact, and relatively better function can be achieved. Really understand these actual situations, and then better use them, which will have greater protection for everyone. Learn to choose better equipment and reduce problems when you use it.

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12:10 PM   [18 Nov 2018 | Sunday]

What Are The Characteristics of The Rice Huller

In the separation process in the Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) section, the separated rice husks need to be collected, which is also one of the main processes of the rice mill. It not only requires the collection of all rice husks for storage, transportation, and comprehensive utilization, but also allows the discharged air to reach the specified dust concentration to avoid polluting the atmosphere and affecting environmental sanitation. Rice husk collection can be carried out by two methods: centrifugal sedimentation and gravity sedimentation. Centrifugal sedimentation is to let the airflow with rice husk enter the centrifugal separator, and the rice husk is settled by the action of centrifugal force.

This method of sedimentation has a good effect, the equipment has a small footprint, and the collected rice husks are easy to organize. However, due to the large resistance of the separation device, it consumes more power. In addition, since the rice husk is rough, the centrifugal separator needs to be made of glass. Gravity sedimentation is the use of a settling chamber to allow the rice hull to settle by its own gravity when the airflow suddenly decelerates. This method of collecting rice husk consumes less power, but has a large area and a poor effect, which is easy to cause dust to rise and affect environmental sanitation.

In addition to the above procedures, in order to ensure stable flow and safe production during production, a net rough warehouse is required at the end of the rice huller to temporarily store a certain amount of brown rice.

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