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A Good High-quality Water Purifier Depends on The Quality of The Water Filter Cartridges

It is not easy to buy a good high-quality water purifier. Especially for consumers who are unfamiliar with the knowledge of water purifiers, it is easy to be fooled by the guides when buying. Want to buy a good high-quality water purifier, just look at the Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC) is good. Some manufacturers' water purifier water filter cartridges are exposed without being disassembled. If it is not exposed, then the seller must open the inside to show it when you buy it.

First, the quality of the water filter cartridges must pass

The water filter cartridges belongs to the core component of the water purifier and is equivalent to the human heart. Therefore, the importance of the water purifier is self-evident. High quality water filter cartridges replacement cycles are typically much longer than low quality products. In recent years, the high profit of household water purifiers has attracted many manufacturers to put into production, which has caused the quality of household water purifiers to be uneven from one side.

Some manufacturers use more energy for the concept of hype when producing and selling water purifiers, but the actual purification effect is very limited. In addition, some manufacturers use relatively low-cost materials in order to reduce the production cost of the water purifier main unit and the water filter cartridges. Therefore, the water purification quality cannot be guaranteed, and the service life of such a water filter cartridges is much shorter. And it is more likely to be secondary pollution, which is more dangerous for people to drink.

Second, the water filter cartridges must be replaced regularly

Some households think that once they have installed a household water purifier, they will forget to clean or replace the water filter cartridges of the household water purifier in time. The water purification expert reminds that the household water purifier must be replaced in time.

1. Water filter cartridges replacement time varies with water consumption

Because the water quality in the area is different, the water purifier manufacturer cannot give accurate data and the date of cleaning or replacement of the water filter cartridges. In fact, when to clean or replace the water filter cartridges, it is not directly related to the date of use, when to change the water. The filter cartridges is completely dependent on the empirical value of the total water purification and the amount of water produced.

2. The water filter cartridges discoloration water volume becomes smaller to pay attention to

There are 765 kinds of organic matter in tap water, of which more than 20 are confirmed as carcinogens, 18 are cancer-promoting substances, and 24 are suspicious carcinogens. Most waterworks can only remove suspended solids and kill bacteria in the water, but can't do anything about chemical pollutants, ultrafine particles and heavy metal pollution. Therefore, the household water purifier is a machine for purifying water, and the water filter cartridges uses a section. The adsorption force will decrease after the time, so it must be replaced regularly.

General water purifier manufacturers will recommend a few months to replace, but the specific depends on the local water quality, the water quality is particularly poor, the water consumption is large, the pores of the water filter cartridges are easily blocked, the water output will gradually become smaller, water filtration The tube will also change color quickly due to the dirty water. At this time, it has to be changed early; while the water quality is slightly better and the household water consumption is relatively small, and the problem of late replacement is not large. Specifically, it is necessary to consult the after-sales service personnel of the water purifier manufacturer.

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How to Choose A Water Dispenser With Filtration

The Water Dispenser With Filtration(KOKOELECTRIC), also known as energy-saving water dispenser, is also called energy-saving water dispenser with the traditional energy-saving water dispenser, but the function is really different. Of course, the customer's attention to the water dispenser with filtration can still be guaranteed. Drinking water is healthy and safe, so how do you choose a quality water dispenser with filtration?

1. The water dispenser with filtration adopts polyurethane insulation technology and thermal energy conversion technology. The heat exchanger has two tubes. When the boiling water and the filtered water flow into the heat exchanger, the heat directly released by the water directly absorbs the boiling water, and the water is cooled. Cooling becomes warm water, and drinking warm water is 86% more energy efficient than traditional water heaters.

2. Rugged and durable: The water dispenser with filter is molded in stainless steel sheet metal, which is durable and resistant to rust.

3. The hot water tank with water dispenser with filtration is big and small, the hotter the bladder is, the more water that can be stored, the larger the water output, the more people can use it.

4. The effluent quality of the water dispenser with filtration should meet the national drinking water effluent standard. It is necessary to build a five-stage filtration of RO reverse osmosis pure water machine to filter out impurities, residual chlorine, heavy metals, sediment, etc. in the water. The taste is sweet.

5. Open the door panel of the water dispenser to see if the pipeline of the energy-saving water dispenser is complicated, and the water dispenser with filtration with simple pipeline is convenient for after-sales maintenance.

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How to Deal with Minor Faults of Water Filter Spare Parts By Yourself

Water filters are no longer unfamiliar to many people, and many households have used water filters as a direct source of drinking water. However, the internal structure is not very familiar to consumers. What should I do if there is a problem with the Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC)? In fact, for the general problem, consumers can solve it themselves.

1. The water filter can be used normally, but the amount of water is getting smaller and smaller.

In this case, the consumer must first observe whether there is a change in the water pressure at home. If the water pressure at home is small, it can be solved by adding a booster pump. If there is no change in water pressure, you can observe whether the tap water quality of the water is getting worse. Take the cup of water and let it stand for half an hour. If the water quality is worse, increase the pre-filter to give the tap water a coarse filter. If the water is no problem, the consumer can consider replacing the water filter element. It should be that the PP cotton filter element and the activated carbon filter element are blocked for more than time, and the filter element can be replaced.

2. The water filter can be used normally, but the water coming out is turbid.

In this case, the consumer first observes whether the incoming tap water is worse or worse. If it is a lot worse, please increase the pre-filter system. If not, it is the ultrafiltration water filter that can check if the ultrafiltration membrane is broken. If it is broken, please replace it. You can also check if the seal of the ultrafiltration membrane is intact or not. If you have these conditions, please reinstall it or replace it.

3. The water coming out has an odor

Consumers still check the influent water first, is there a sudden heavy taste situation, if not, then please check the filter cartridge usage time is timed out, please replace the activated carbon filter or increase the frequency of flushing.

Of course, in order to protect their own safety, it is still necessary to buy a water filter produced by a regular water filter manufacturer.

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Pay Attention to The Routine Maintenance of The Water Filter Spare Parts

With the emphasis on water pollution hazards, environmental awareness has also generally increased, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of domestic water, and water filters have become popular. Many people use high-quality drinking water. A household water filter was used to purify the water. However, due to the limitations of professional knowledge, many consumers know how to use clean water, but do not understand the daily maintenance work of household Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC).

First, avoid the sun. General household appliances should avoid direct sunlight. The water filter is no exception as a member of home appliances. Because the sun will breed blue algae, the water filter should be properly protected and must be placed in the sun. Not in place.

Second, isolate the high temperature. If you lean against the gas stove and other appliances, long-term barbecue will affect the service life of the internal plastic parts, so you should avoid placing it with such furniture and away from heat.

Third, the replacement of the filter element. Each product has its own lifespan. When the water filter is used for a period of time, it is necessary to pay attention to the timely replacement of the filter element. After the filter life is exhausted, the normal purification of the water filter cannot be maintained.

Fourth, the water filter is properly washed. The water filter should be cleaned frequently. Find a clean large basin, place the household water filter in the basin, wash every part of it with water. After cleaning, press the original water filter. It can be installed.

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Water Filters Manufacturer Have Ten Reasons to Use Water Filters

1. Water pollution, unqualified discharge of industrial water has intensified pollution of water, and domestic pollution has led to a decline in water quality. According to statistics from the national environmental department, 82% of China's rivers are polluted to varying degrees, and it is not suitable for the seven major river systems in China. More than half of the rivers that make drinking water sources, 78% of the rivers in urban waters are not suitable for drinking water sources, and about 50% of the city's groundwater is polluted; the water contains a variety of substances harmful to the human body.

2. The quality of life has improved, and the standard of drinking water for residents has also increased accordingly. The water in the water filter is safe and healthy, and the taste is good.

3. The harmful effects of toxic and harmful substances in water (such as heavy metals, impurities and bacteria, radioactive substances and fluorescent substances) have a great impact on the skin quality of adolescents and women.

4. PH should be neutral or weakly alkaline water is good for the body, and the general tap water cannot meet this requirement. The drinking water should be colorless, odorless, odorless, and free of visible deposits. Disgusting substances such as aquatic life, but now tap water has not met the requirements after a long-lasting pipeline.

5. The secondary pollution of the tap water pipe network. After the tap water is delivered from the factory, it needs to go through long pipelines, water towers, water tanks, and other facilities. There are many pollutants in contact, and there are serious pollution hazards such as rust and scaling. , corrosion, etc.

6. Most of the high-rise water tanks and water towers have no special care for a long time, and they are not cleaned in time. There are more and more deposits in the water tank, and even moss grows; the sealing conditions are poor, breeding bacteria, viruses, etc., and even rotten animals The body is seriously polluted by the quality of tap water.

7. If you want to drink healthy water, you should not remove all the substances in the water, and keep the proper amount of minerals necessary for the human body.

8. In today's increasingly serious water pollution, household water filters must promote a high-quality healthy drinking water life to the public; low-carbon, economic, economic, and healthy is a necessary condition for drinking water today.

9. In terms of the water quality characteristics of various regions in China, the organic matter pollution along with the Yangtze River and densely populated areas are serious, and there are bacterial pollution problems in small water supply enterprises and groundwater use areas in towns and villages across the country.

10. Water Filters Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC) look at today's forms. Water pollution is rampant all over the world, and freshwater resources are increasingly scarce. When low-carbon and environmental protection have become the focus of attention of people all over the world, the water filter has been in the country for more than ten years. Environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more understood and accepted by people.

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