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Common Matching of Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet

When installing the Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet(KOKOELECTRIC) single-hole basin faucet, a special angle valve must be selected, and the angle valve must be fixed with the hot and cold water pipes that discharge water from the wall.

1. Installation tools shall be prepared in advance to install the water dispenser tap & faucet. Before installing the water dispenser, check whether the maintenance parts are complete. Common fittings for water dispenser tap & faucet include hoses, rubber gaskets, showers, decorative caps, etc.

2. Clean the water dispenser tap & faucet before installation, then flush the water after installation, clean the silt impurities in the water pipe, remove the impurities in the installation hole, and check that the fittings in the packaging box are not mixed with impurities to avoid blocking or wearing the ceramic valve core.

3. When that left hot wat and the right cold water are connected, remember that the left is hot water and the right is cold water, and the two pipes are 100mm-200mm apart. After the water inlet joint is fixed, remove the water dispenser tap & faucet, and install the faucet after the wall plasterer is finished, so as to prevent the coating on the faucet surface from being worn and scratched.

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Water Purifier Spare Parts Are A Good Choice Compared with Drinking Fountains

Compared with drinking fountains, Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) are a good choice. Pure physical filtration method can effectively remove bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, scale, volatile substances, rust, sediment and other pollutants in the water, greatly improving the safety of drinking water, and is an ideal drinking water solution for families. However, due to insufficient understanding of water purifier spare parts, many families have many problems in choosing water purifier spare parts.

First of all, I am not sure what kind of water purifier is suitable for my home. At present, there are various kinds of publicity on the types of water purifiers in the market. More and more exaggerators call a spade a spade and say that their products have the effects of medical care and beauty treatment, which is becoming more and more magical. However, most consumers are still in a daze and do not know what kind of water purifier to choose. Secondly, I don't know what kind of water purifier is qualified. Every family said that their products are big brands and have certifications, but consumers don't know what the truth is. Finally, there is the choice of the filter element of the water purifier and the issue of after-sales service of the merchants. In order to improve their selling points, some merchants extend the service life of the filter element at will and even publicize that their filter element will be replaced permanently and out of order. Is this really the case?

In fact, when choosing water purifier spare parts, consumers should first understand the water quality problems in their own homes. When choosing water purifiers, consumers should make choices according to the regional water quality conditions of the cities where they are located. For example, the water quality conditions in the north and the south are very different, the calcium and magnesium ions in tap water in the north are too high, and scale is a worry for people in the north. In some areas, the concentration effect of factories is strong and the problem of sewage discharge is serious. Solving the problem of water pollution is the most worrying problem for households in these areas. Consumers should first combine their own water quality and actual demand for water when purchasing a water purifier.

Secondly, in brand selection, large brands often bring more quality assurance to consumers. In particular, there is currently no national standard for water purifiers, and all kinds of water purifier related products are implemented according to enterprise standards. Faced with this chaotic situation in the water purification market, experts from the Consumer Association suggested that the advantages and disadvantages of the water purifier are related to the safety of drinking water for family members. In fact, when purchasing clean water, one must choose a brand with quality assurance and a product with real qualification certification.

Finally, in terms of filter element replacement and after-sales service, experts suggest that the filter element needs to be replaced. General merchants will give a time when the filter element is recommended to be replaced and the specific filter element life span. Consumers also need to judge from their own water quality and household water consumption.

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Using Tap Filter & Shower Filter Is The Best Choice to Solve Water Pollution

Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC) are needed by more and more consumers. With the rapid development of the economy, people's requirements for quality of life are gradually improving and their attention to health is gradually increasing.

The study of tap filter & shower filter by the International Health Organization shows that installing tap filter & shower filter at the end of urban water supply network, i.e. household water supply terminal, is the most effective way to enjoy healthy water. This fundamentally solves the problem of secondary pollution of water pipes, and through the advanced treatment of terminals, it is the process of urban water treatment. The tap filter & shower filter are supplemented and perfected, thus greatly improving the quality of the whole tap water, not only meeting the needs of household drinking water, but also meeting the needs of household food, bathing, washing, and other aspects.

From an engineering point of view, whether it is cost, construction difficulty, management and maintenance, use cost, the health index and safety level, the use of household terminal tap filter & shower filter is the best choice to solve water pollution. Even in developed western countries that can directly drink tap water, 70% of households have installed household terminal tap filter & shower filter to avoid secondary pollution of the distribution network. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of quality of life will also be improved. As the first element of human existence, water must be faced at any time.

Tap filter & shower filter are more and more popular in the market due to their high flow rate, high precision, corrosion resistance, high-pressure resistance, and low cost.

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Water Dispenser With Filtration Have Very Different Functions

Water Dispenser With Filtration(KOKOELECTRIC), also known as energy-saving drinking fountains, are called energy-saving drinking fountains with traditional energy-saving drinking fountains, but their functions are quite different. Of course, customers' attention to water dispenser with filtration can still ensure the health and safety of drinking water, so how to choose and buy high-quality water dispenser with filtration?

1. The water dispenser with filtration adopts polyurethane heat preservation technology and heat energy conversion technology. The heat exchanger has two tubes. When boiled water and direct drinking water flow into the heat exchanger, the direct drinking water directly absorbs the heat energy released by the boiled water and rapidly heats up. The boiled water is cooled down to warm boiled water. Drinking warm boiled water saves 86% of energy compared with the traditional water boiler.

2. Ruggedness and durability: The water dispenser with filtration is molded by stainless steel sheet metal, which is sturdy and durable, and is not easy to rust and deforms.

3. The hot bladder of the water dispenser with filtration has a large size and a small size. The larger the hot bladder, the more water it can store, and the larger the water yield, the more people can use it.

4. How the taste of the outlet water quality of the water dispenser with filtration is closely related to the water purification system equipped with the water dispenser with filtration. To reach the national standard of direct drinking water outlet water quality, RO reverse osmosis pure water machine five-stage filtration is built-in, which can filter out impurities, residual chlorine, heavy metals, silt, etc. in the water. The filtered water quality tastes sweet.

5. Open the door panel of the water dispenser with filtration to see if the pipeline of the energy-saving water dispenser is complicated. The simple pipeline of the water dispenser with filtration is convenient for post-sale maintenance.

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