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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [09 Jun 2013 | Sunday]


People that claim Christianity as their chosen persuasion are faced with many impediments which with non believer need not deal. First, and most powerful of these problems is Satan and his successful attempts to influence all Christians into believing all sorts of incredible ideas that are totally against Christian doctrine. The problem with this and the success of Satan is that he has convinced many people that this is not true. Satan is involved in the lives of every, and repeat, every Christian far more than we realize. He is our greatest enemy and the most subtle and intelligent individual on earth with abilities that most people cannot even imagine. Believing that he has little or no affect on our lives is a grave mistake and a great success to the abilities of Satan to make us do and believe whatever he wants. The only chance we have to overcome these attacks is to believe the immense power that Satan has and accept that fact before we will ask for intercession against this enemy…

The second impediment to a fruitful Christian life is other Christians and their belief that they are blessed with some sort of special spiritual gift of understanding. These “enlightened” individuals spout all sorts of incorrect interpretations of biblical doctrine and tend to confuse the weaker believers, and they are actually unwitting helpers of Satan. This fact they will never accept and therefore never correct their errors. If these people are so “enlightened”, which is incredible act of self pride, than they would be familiar with the warnings of Paul, who tells us not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought. Humility does not seem to be a part of the inventory of these people, but it certainly is a great part of demonstrating true belief in the teachings of Jesus. And, it also shows the power of Satan to convince people that Satan is without power, which makes him very happy…

Finally, we ourselves create certain roadblocks to proper understanding of true Christian beliefs. Many “claiming” Christians read different bibles saying that they are merely looking for different points of view when, in fact, they are doing this until they find one that satisfies the interpretation for which they are looking. Their claim that it gives them other points of view is ridiculous as well as confusing especially when we are already given four different Gospels concerning the same circumstances, however from entirely different points of view. The Bible was not written as a list of suggestions from which we may pick and choose those with which we agree and disregard the rest. The Bible is absolute and there is no option for interpretation for convenience. The Bible gives us information for Christian behavior, and we will all be judged on the basis of how intently we attempted to adhere to these rules.

This site has recently been attacked by Satan without the knowledge of the members. At first, he would do obvious things like page loading, which we overcame. We were then warned that he was preparing a major attack, and he succeeded because few people believed or disregarded the warning. His method was simple, and that was to turn members against members until no useful information was being posted. Christian doctrine tells us that we never openly criticize a brother or sister, but that became the way on the site. If we disagree with another, a private note may be in order, but never do we publically attack the honest attempts of others to offer useful information just because Satan has caused us to become biblically incorrect in our actions…

Christianity is very simple, but not very easy. The rules for admission into New Jerusalem are given to us and are not subject to interpretation. Our behavior in public demonstrates our commitment to these requirements and although we will never totally succeed in attaining to perfection, the intensity of our attempts to keep the rules will overshadow all of our words about how sincere we are to the Words of God. And, as we try harder to overcome the satanic influences that permeate our lives, we will find that our earthly journey will become easier with greater contentment and joy. Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow, if you believe Him, you will find your life becoming more peaceful. If you do not, then stop complaining about how hard your life is just because you did not trust in our Lord !!!

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