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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:55 PM   [01 Apr 2013 | Monday]


What we are witnessing here is a demonstration of satanic advances against any activity that reveals Satan and his methods of influence. Recently, my posts have been openly attacked by individuals that should know the proper Christian method of disagreement with a brother or sister in the Lord. However, these individuals have disregarded biblical teaching concerning this aspect of Christian behavior and have become unwitting helpers of Satan. We do not blame nor have ill feeling for these individuals because they are not aware of what they are doing that is out of alignment with Christian teachings. We are all subject to being used by Satan if it suits his purpose and no one is exempt from this, but it is a good lesson for all of us to see another method with which Satan uses to accomplish his mission…

Unfortunately though, the method is successful and lessons are dismissed that could be of assistance in understanding how to resist Satan and learn more about his methods. A negative comment diminishes the post to many and this is exactly for what Satan is trying to accomplish. The fact that this is against biblical doctrine also diminishes the respect given to the individual that makes such judgments in public about others and so it becomes a no win situation for all involved except for Satan.

We are grateful to the many individuals who have taken the time to write to us and thank us for some of the statements that we have posted in the past, but whether or not we can continue to post on this site is unknown considering the satanic attacks made against them. They become of little use if the attacks continue and will only allow Satan to increase his influence on this site as well as the individuals that he is using to accomplish his wishes…

However, we have faith that the Lord will indicate the proper path for all to take that have been caught in this dilemma and we will just have to wait for Him to decide the best way to handle these circumstances !!!

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12:40 PM   [01 Apr 2013 | Monday]


The measure of the intelligence of man is not based upon what man knows, but on the realization of how much man does not know. But, man continually speaks of things about which he has no knowledge, apparently believing because he has an opinion concerning any subject; therefore that opinion is correct… The nature of man is human and has never experienced being a spirit, yet he speaks about spiritual aspects as if he knows anything about this condition. Man also has a soul which is spiritual, but until a person understands the meaning of that aspect of his being, the primary interest is upon the carnal. Although man can understand the concept of the spiritual world because the Bible gives us certain information concerning this world, it is impossible for man to speak from personal experience. Any discussions concerning the spiritual world only demonstrate the arrogance and ignorance of man, but as we have learned from the Bible, this is also the nature of man and is not surprising…

The Bible offers us a certain amount of insight into the spiritual world in order to prepare us for that condition upon our death. God chose certain individuals and spoke with them directly giving them all of the information that we have concerning the spiritual world, but this is not all of the information that there is. As we read through the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, we find that most of the information given to us is knowledge of how to get through this life and reach the spiritual world and exist forever in paradise. Rules and regulations were given by God that must be followed in order for us to reach that for which we hope. And, since we have never seen God, and in fact, even know that He exists, this must all be done with great faith… The belief that God does exist is not difficult because we have all seen enough evidence to eliminate any doubt about this, and His rules for our behavior are not severe, yet man seems to have difficulty adhering to them. In reality, man has done nothing to deserve the incredible gift offered to us by God if we follow His rules, and in fact, all of the difficult parts, He has taken on Himself…

Endless discussions concerning a subject about which we know very little, if anything, does nothing to increase our understanding of biblical doctrine. We must first get through this life and the Bible gives us all of the information that we need in order to have a reasonably content life on earth; that is, if we follow the rules. Statements made by the “enlightened” only tend to cause confusion and this makes Satan extremely happy. Certainly, there are those that have been given a gift of understanding, but that gift should be used to assist others to the path of the strait gate and not to criticize or judge others. These fortunate few should also be an example to others, but unfortunately, that example is often times detrimental because of their belief that they are “enlightened” when, in fact, they are not.

Ultimately, we will all live in the world of spirits, but before we reach that point, we must get through our lives on earth. God has given us the correct path to reach Him, but Satan will always be attempting to move us off course. The Bible is our instruction manual for achieving both aspects of our lives and there is where we should seek the information that we need. But, we must get through this life first… The rules for that part of our existence are not difficult and if we follow them, without alteration for convenience, we will find ourselves in the presence of God when we leave this world !!!

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