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12:58 PM   [18 Feb 2013 | Monday]


There are many people that have the mistaken notion that when they accept Jesus as their Saviour that they are given a free ticket into Heaven, and this is not exactly true. We know that we all sin constantly and that there is eventual punishment for these sins. The atoning death of Jesus was our vicarious punishment for our sins and we are free from further penalty when we die if we sincerely accept and have faith in His actions. If we do not accept Jesus with total and honest faith, then we must suffer whatever penalties are given to us upon our death… Many just say the words and then continue their lives as usual believing that they have a free pass into Disneyworld. The reality is that when we ask Jesus to come into our lives and to be our substitute for punishment that we now have a responsibility that few take completely serious. Remission for the penalties of our sins was not the only aspect that Jesus accomplished upon His death, there are other parts of the program and it is up to each of us to find out what and how to accomplish the necessary elements to gain access to Heaven. And the place where we find these instructions is from the Bible.

The Bible was given to us and the stories and doctrine must be studied in order to understand the way to approach the gate and hope that the door is opened to us. Reading the instruction manual is not something that we can have someone else do and then have them explain to us what we must do. We are expected to do this obligation ourselves in order to gain the understanding that we need. We must recognize that we are trying to establish a personal relationship with Jesus and we get to know Him by reading about His actions and principles. He already knows all about each one of us, so He does not need to study anything to find out what we are like…

The lack of understanding that the stories of the people in the Bible are meant to be an example for us is where the problem begins. Each story or event described in the Bible has a meaning, and often many meanings, from which we should learn the way to establish our relationship. We are shown what happens when the biblical characters did things in accordance with whatever Laws of God existed at that time, and we are shown what happens when they did not. These events are meant for us to learn what happens as we relate to the experience being described. But, if we do not read the stories, then we can never gain that knowledge and our relationship with Jesus diminishes. Unfortunately, most people read the Bible and just consider the stories and events just as they would when reading a novel. They do not grasp the concept that these are lessons for us and not just stories about other people.

It is absolutely essential that each person who comes to Jesus with a request for salvation read the Bible to gain the necessary knowledge to have that request answered. It is unreasonable thinking to believe that God will take anyone seriously if they do not even read the necessary instructions for salvation. People believe that if they lead a good life, according to their own notion of a good life, and go to services every weekend that it will be sufficient for them to gain entrance into Heaven. The truth is that person does not have to ever enter a church and will be admitted into Heaven if that person learns, by biblical study, the requirements for Christian behavior and sincerely attempts to adhere to this doctrine…If a person has faith in what is given as doctrine and is completely convinced of the rationality of Christian principles, then that person will do well. But, if a person never discovers in what they are supposed to have faith, it is foolish to think that God will look upon them with favor.

The excuse that the Bible is difficult to understand does not give us the freedom to eliminate this element towards salvation. If a person is deemed by God as being serious, then the Spirit will guide and assist that individual. And, there are many aids and other people that will help anyone to gain the understanding, but the actual study must be done by the individual. Church groups can be very helpful in assisting individuals to understand the lessons offered to us, But, we must be very cautious about from where the groups gain their knowledge. Today, most groups use an altered edition of the Bible and that can create a problem, but that does not mean that each of us cannot choose the correct edition from which we gain our understanding. Faith in what we learn is the evidence of our sincerity and proof of our study, but few ever get that far as much as they claim. If all individuals that claim to be good Christians had done the necessary requirement of reading the instruction manual, then we would not be looking at laws allowing abortion, the elimination of voluntary school prayer, acceptance of homosexuality and many other insults to Christian principles. Many people have fooled others into believing that they are good and honest Christian believers, but no one is ever going to fool God… Jesus tells us that without question that very few will pass through the gate…Believe Him !!!


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12:59 PM   [15 Feb 2013 | Friday]


Christianity is probably the only endeavor that ever existed that requires absolute adherence to certain requirements and total commitment to something that we can never achieve. And, we know that we can never attain to this persuasion but, we must continue working as hard as we can in spite of having that knowledge. Success is impossible, yet we must overlook this “minor” obstruction and fight on through all kinds of trials and tribulations… Anyone hearing these restrictions would consider anyone that decided to attempt this journey as being either just stupid or insane. And, the reward is something that no one has ever seen, in fact, we do not even know whether there is a reward. We only have a book that tells us certain things which we do not even know if they are true. But, we do know that if it is all true, the reward will be unbelievable and so we move forward with faith and trust as well as hope in order to gain the crown of victory…

There is a point here that many non believers do not consider. If a Christian remains faithful and pays attention to the requirements for victory, a few things will happen, the person will have a peaceful life with contentment and joy and be rewarded with eternal paradise. Even if there is no reward, the person has lost nothing but gained a good and fruitful life. The non believer gains nothing, and they take the chance of also losing paradise forever. But, there is a problem !!!

Over the years, man has become arrogant and decided that he could alter the requirements in order to make it easier for him. We see the results of this type of activity in the Old Testament and we should have learned from that experience, but apparently did not… We also did not notice something that is right in front of our eyes. The world is not a happy place and continues to decline as every day passes. What we have not noticed is that the further we get away from original biblical doctrine, the worse off that we become. God loves His creations and all of the rules for our behavior were meant to give us a life filled with joy, but as time went on, man decided that he knew better what was going to make him happy. The trouble is that man is not smart enough to know what is best for him and instead of trusting in God, man does his own thing and always gets into trouble. The world is far too complex for man to understand or comprehend, but God knew what He was doing when He established the rules…

It is interesting to see a greater outcry from people when others want to change the rules for some of our sporting events than the outcry when abortion became legal, or prayer was removed from schools. In Old Testament times, God would send prophets to warn the people, but they paid little or no attention to these men, and it is no different today. Our legislators that claim to be Christian should be continually introducing bills into Congress to reverse all of these atrocities to Christian principles, but they do not. These people should be voted out of office and we should vote into office those that will fight for those ideals in which we believe and were given to us by God. But first, we must examine our own personal views and the changes we have made to the rules of God because they are inconvenient for us or do not fit into our agenda…

God knows that we are working for something that we can never attain, but He will not judge us on whether we reached it or not. His judgment will be based on the intensity and honesty of our efforts, and no one is going to fool God. And, He is not going to base His judgment on how well we tried to keep to the rules that we made, but on His rules and how closely we followed His desires for us. The political party to which we belong and support will probably not affect His judgment also. It is no coincidence that the further we stray from Christian doctrine, the worse off we become.

Malachi 3:7 “Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from my ordinances, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts….”


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12:51 PM   [13 Feb 2013 | Wednesday]


The posting of  “ A LITTLE SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT” was in no way trying to form any conclusions concerning who was the leader of the Church, but to do exactly what the title suggests. Reading the Bible and accepting the first understanding that one may receive without giving greater thought to the statement or lesson limits the miraculous aspects of the document.  The levels of understanding for each lesson is endless and as we read over the same verse or chapter over and over again, more and more information will be  given to us for greater understanding.  We find as we read the Gospels that Jesus seldom answered questions asked of him directly, but offered statements which required thought and contemplation. Each person will receive from His statements what they need at that time, and may receive a slightly different understanding the next time they read the same verse or story depending upon their need at that time. The principle will always remain the same, but the nuances will adjust to suit the situation under which the person reading find themselves…

There are many very interesting statements made by Jesus which are difficult to completely understand. In Mark, Jesus offers the parable of the sower of the seed, and after speaking to the people, he explains the meaning to his twelve disciples:

Mark 4:11-12 “And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.”

It is difficult to understand why Jesus would not want all people to be converted and the answer is never discovered at this point. We must consider the possibility that satanic forces were at work in this situation, but we do not know.

As we get into the Epistles where the principles and regulations for Christian behavior are established, we find that very little is offered by Peter, although what he offers is of great importance. Paul is really the author of much of the doctrine under which we should attempt to live. However, Jesus is the focal point of our attempts to live a Christian life. Many claim discipleship to Jesus but it is with their mouths only. Jesus was very active in His support of certain principles and demonstrated that intensity with His actions which is something that we do not find very often today… It is easy to claim to be a Christian and it is easy to claim to be a disciple of Jesus, but our actions; or lack of actions; tells a different story. Jesus was our teacher and example of how we should live. The things that He tells us to do are meant for our best interests, but few follow His advice to achieve a better Christian life… A disciple of Jesus tries to emulate our Teacher, however no one will ever achieve that accomplishment, but the measure of success is the intent to which we try.

The leader of the Church is really not the important aspect, but giving thought to all that the Bible gives to us, especially the example of Jesus and following that example is for what we should strive. Many find a particular story or lesson that appeals to them and base their total belief on this one statement. But, it we read on, we find other descriptions of the same event that gives us further information that may alter the meaning and offer more understanding. People consider themselves disciples of Jesus, but pay little attention to his directions for our behavior, and we may want to give a little more thought to that fact… Christianity and discipleship are not just claims that we easily make, but they are a way of life that we demonstrate by our actions and thoughts !!!

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12:24 PM   [13 Feb 2013 | Wednesday]


It is commonly believed that Peter was the first leader of the Church, but there is some interesting information that creates curiosity about the statements that Jesus makes concerning this fact. We know that Jesus is the cornerstone of the Church, of that fact, there is no question. But, as we go over the statements concerning Peter as being the leader, we must recognize that there was no Church at that time, except for the Jewish believers… But, no formal Church had begun and later on, we find that Paul takes over the leadership of the Gentile Church as it was being established and Peter keeps charge of the Jewish congregation. This happened as described in Acts when Paul and Peter discuss their positions that they have assumed. But, let us go back to when Jesus speaks about Peter and the rock on which His Church will be built.

Jesus is speaking to His disciples and asks them who they think that He is and Peter says that He is the Son of God. As part of the response to this, Jesus tells His disciples:

Matthew 16:18 “And I say also say unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

We understand that the name “Peter” translates as rock, but the cornerstone is also a rock as well. Jesus never actually makes the statement that it was Peter about whom He was speaking.  The possibility exists that Jesus was talking about Himself when we consider what took place in Acts when Paul takes over as the leader of the Gentile Church. However, Jesus does give Peter certain authority in order to establish the principles of the Church that has yet to develop. We must remember that Paul had not yet entered the scene at this point.

Matthew 16:19 “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

There are some individuals that think that all believers have this power and some actually try to exercise this authority, but for some reason, it never seems to work out. Clearly, this power was given to establish the various Christian policies as the Church developed… But, it is important to remember that no actual Church existed at this time, with the exception of the disciples and a few followers. Jesus does tell us of the future Church in John as He explains a parable to His disciples.

John 10:16 “ And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.”

When Jesus appears to a few of His disciples after His resurrection, He tells Peter to “Feed my lambs”, but we must recognize that the sheep about which Jesus was speaking were the Jewish believers… It is only later on when the Church spread throughout the entire region that we see that Paul actually takes on the position of leadership.

Considering the number of different denominations that exist today, each of which have their own leaders, it seems almost insulting to Jesus as we recall His words; “and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” We have reached the point of ridiculous as to the changes that have taken place from the original intent and principles of the Christian beliefs and we must never forget how it all began. The fact that so many people believe that they can alter the words of God for their own convenience and still think that this will be acceptable to Him is unbelievable, yet true… The answer to every question is very simple: One Bible, One Church and One God !!!

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12:51 PM   [10 Feb 2013 | Sunday]


There are still lessons and statements given in the Bible to which we have not received the total understanding. As the appropriate time comes, God reveals additional information that had not been completely explained until He gives us the revelation. Now, there will be those that will disagree with this statement, but those people disagree with almost everything so their opinion is insignificant. But, an example of this new understanding is Heaven and Hell. For many years, it was believed that there were only those two places to which we would spend eternity after we die. However, not that long ago, certain enlightened individuals began to see that there are other places where we may spend eternity and this information is still not absolutely clear as yet…

But, the one thing to which we should all agree is that the words of Jesus carry more impact than everyone else from within the Bible. As He speaks in the Gospels, He essentially remarks on all aspects of life in some way. When he chides with the Jewish leaders about their actions, many think that His words were meant for those people. But, this is only partially true because He is speaking to us as well. At one time, as He was speaking to the Pharisees, He remarks about changing the words of God because of convenience:

Mark 7:9 “And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandments of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.”

We must face the reality that since there are so many versions of the Bible that not all of them can be correct. We must remember that all altered bibles were changed from the original Authorized KJV, and any change to this is exactly about what Jesus was explaining to the Jews…

In Luke, Jesus is speaking about passing through the gate and explains that many will not make it:

Luke 13:24 “Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and not be able.”

Jesus supports this further in John as He speaks again to the Pharisees:

John 10:1 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.”

Jesus further explains that these people will be discovered and expelled. But now, we must examine an extremely important statement that has underlying meanings which should be considered very carefully.

John 5:24 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed  from death unto life.”

There are two aspects of this statement that must be understood to grasp the proper meaning. Hearing the words of Jesus is not just reading what He said, but it means that we must live by those words. His words mean exactly that, His words are not suggestions and are certainly not the interpretation that others have made to His words. And, His words give us certain rules and requirements that we must strive to uphold concerning our behavior in our lives. And if we do this, we will not be condemned to eternal punishment, however it does not say that we will pass through the gate…And, this brings us back to the lack of total understanding of where we may spend eternity, even if we do not pass through the gate. It would be nice to think that all we need to do is say a few words and we will go to Heaven, but it just is not that easy. We can see by the words of Jesus that there is much more to gaining admission to New Jerusalem than claiming Christianity. If our commitment is genuine, the Spirit will lead us through the understanding that is necessary to pass through the gate… We should not grasp one passage that appeals to us and base our total beliefs on what we think it means. The Bible is one Book with many parts, and all those parts must be assembled in order to reach success !!!

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12:36 PM   [08 Feb 2013 | Friday]


The number of people that continue to believe that Satan has little or no power over we humans is hard to understand. We have been attempting to demonstrate the various methods that Satan employs to create all sorts of difficulties by using this site as an example, and yet there are still those that refuse to accept the obvious. A few months ago, there was a comment concerning a post about Satan which claimed that the name ‘Satan” is not even used in the Old Testament, as if that meant anything, but the truth is that it is used twenty or more times. This alone should indicate the influential powers of Satan, however we do not know from which altered bible this person was reading. But, whether he is called Beelzebub or whatever name he uses, he is still Satan and that example should be another good indication of one of the methods he uses to gain the advantage for which he hopes.

We must remember that Satan was an Archangel with tremendous powers and when he was expelled from Heaven, all of his followers went with him. And, where were they sent, but to Earth… He and his fellow demons are still here attempting to disgrace God in spite of the fact that it would be impossible, but that does not stop them. They do this by influencing events and people to be disobedient to God, which is described in the first chapter of Genesis. This influencing of humans was the first description of any human event, which should be an indication of the importance of the experience. Yet, there are still many people that dismiss this as just being an interesting story without recognizing the significance and lesson it gives to us.

Satan is our enemy and like any intelligent opposition, he gathers information that can be used against his opponents. The trouble is that most people are not even aware of this enemy and so they are not prepared for his assaults. He has a file on each one of us and knows our strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly he knows the depth of our commitment to God. He has managed to alter the Bible, destroy churches and influence Christians to accept abortion, homosexuality and many other aspects that are completely out of alignment with the wishes of God.

When Paul speaks about fighting the battle, it is not against anything or anyone but against Satan…

1 Timothy 6:12 “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life,…”

2 Timothy 4:7  “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:”

Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities,….”

Paul is speaking about satanic attempts to reduce his faith and be disobedient to God. But, Satan will use his powers of influence to make our lives so uncomfortable that his hope is that we will begin to wonder and doubt about Divine intervention on our behalf. People ask many questions as to why God would allow this event or that tragedy and this can easily advance to doubt…

The awareness of satanic activities that each of us has depends on the knowledge that we have acquired about him by reading and understanding the Bible. When Paul speaks about a fight, we should ask ourselves about whom is he addressing…Some people believe that Satan was beaten at the cross and has lost the war, and this is true and so he is insignificant. The trouble is that Satan does not care that he has lost the war; he will continue to fight until the very end and attempt to make our lives uncomfortable and be disobedient to God. If this is not a fact, then the stories about satanic activities in the Epistles must be false and we know that is not the case.

This is not being paranoid about Satan, it is being aware and understanding concerning his constant interference with our lives. We cannot fight something or someone that we do not believe exists and this makes Satan very happy and his objective much easier. Using information to increase our contentment and joy in life is called wisdom, but someone who dismisses information is called a fool. Satan is our enemy and he and his followers are everywhere doing whatever they can to influence us to be disobedient to God. We have seen him attempt to disrupt this site, in fact, at least one of the members is a follower of Satan and perhaps more…  Where there are people, there are satanic aspects, even within our churches, schools and other institutions where there are people, he is there and tempting those others to do wrong… So, now we know the truth about Satan and if a person disregards this information, then they are foolish and can only blame themselves if their lives are not content !!!


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12:56 PM   [06 Feb 2013 | Wednesday]


You come home from work and next to the door is a small table, and each night you look at it to see how much mail is there. It’s not the junk advertising pamphlets that you look for, but the envelopes are the things that worry you. Some of them are marked “PAST DUE” on the outside, but today there are only a few compared to other days… You can hear your wife yelling at the kids from the kitchen as you hear her say; “wait ‘til your father gets home”. You have a mild impulse to go back outside and get into the car and drive off, but you decide not to because you don’t have enough gas and not enough money to go have a few drinks and still put gas in the tank. In other words, you are having a pretty normal day… You have dinner and after the kids go to bed, your wife begins to tell you that your youngest boy needs to have braces on his teeth and your daughter is starting to look at colleges because she graduates high school next year. Your mind starts to wander back to going to have a few drinks, but you decide to go to bed after watching the news on television…The reporter talks about a mass shooting in a mall somewhere, a stepfather killing his wife and stepson, a fire that wiped out a low income housing complex and it’s going to rain for the next few days and your job is outside. You go to bed and wonder why you bother because all you’re going to do is count the spots on the ceiling once more !!!

The next day is pretty much the same as every day, and while you’re having lunch with your other wet workers, one of them talks about the government lowering a lot of the benefits for the elderly on top of the removal of dental work, hearing and eye care that has already been taken out of Medicare, and you think of your mother who lives on Social Security and will now need your help just to get through…

On Sunday, you go to services, even though you really don’t want to, but you do it for the kids, and the Pastor talks about tithing and that some of the congregation are behind and you think he’s looking just at you. His message is about the new roof for the building and installing air conditioning in his quarters, and you remember that the bill for your heating oil is past due and worry that they may not make another delivery… And, now you’ve begun a new week !!!

Perhaps each one of us can relate to this scenario in part or totally, and women have it even worse because their job doesn’t stop at the end of the work day… So, we ask ourselves how we got into this position, but never consider the obvious answer and that is it was our own fault.  We’re upside down with our mortgage and overloaded with credit card bills because we wanted to believe what the financial institutions were telling us, and it was a lie… Our ego got in the way and we believed that just because we didn’t have the resources at the time of our borrowing, we believed that as time went on that we would increase our income and everything would work out… But, now we’re counting spots on the ceiling, but the financial institutions suffered little or not at all because they had friends in government and we do not !!!

But, all of a sudden we become devout Christians and go to God and ask for His help. We think that since He promised us always to be there for us that magically, all of our troubles will be solved… We forgot about the fact that He already had helped us by giving us instructions for living our lives in a way that would prevent us from getting into this mess, but God is not vindictive and after shaking His head for awhile at our folly, He will help us. The problem for us is that His help is probably not going to be in a way that we will like. We are going to have to do our part and that doesn’t sit well with many that think that they shouldn’t have to do anything except ask Him for His help… It doesn’t seem fair that we will have to humble ourselves and throw away our credit cards, sell our new car and buy an old used one, return anything that the stores will take back, and stop trying to look as if we can handle this problem ourselves.

The Bible gave us every instruction for living a reasonable life, but we disregarded those suggestions when they became inconvenient. It tells us to not owe anything to anyone which means that if you don’t have the money, then don’t buy it. We can take a mortgage in order to buy a home, but only one that we can afford at that time without believing that the future will be different and then we will be able to handle the payment… God will keep His promise, of that you can be sure, but it is going to be done His way and you had better accept that fact… And, learn from this experience because you should have gone to God before you made your decisions and you wouldn’t be in this mess now.

And, by the way, find another church because tithing is not a Christian requirement !!! 

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12:20 PM   [05 Feb 2013 | Tuesday]


A person can claim to be a brain surgeon, but the claim does not make it true. A person can claim to be a Christian, but again, claiming it does not make it true also. When we come to God and ask Him to make us a new person, at that moment, those are merely words coming out of our mouths. We then must do the necessary work to prove the sincerity of those words, and the Bible is where we find out how to demonstrate the validity of our request… Many people believe that just by accepting the atoning death of Jesus is a ticket to Heaven, but again, that is not true. It is true that His taking on the punishment for our sins means that we do not have to suffer for our iniquities, but it is not going to get us through the gate.

If we were to ask ourselves why the Bible was written, most people would stubble for an answer. But, if we consider that there is much more that we must do in order to enter New Jerusalem, we get the answer and it is that the Bible is our instruction manual. Passing through the gate and having our sins forgiven are two separate events and we must understand what will get us both of these gifts. Forgiveness of our sins happens when we truly believe that the actions of Jesus does eliminate our punishment, but the key word here is “truly” and this takes a certain amount of faith considering the incredible degree to which we sin. It almost seems impossible that it is true, but we cannot comprehend the love God has for us which is His reason for doing this for us…

Now, passing through the gate is another story and requires that we become adopted by God as one of His children and not just one of His creations. This is a little more difficult because it requires work on our part, and that seems to a bother for some people even considering the incredible position in which it places us. But, becoming a child of God requires reading and doing what we are told to do from within the Bible, or our instruction manual. It is very simple though, it just means that we do what we say that we want and give our lives into the hands of our Lord…

This seems simple enough; all we have to do is pay attention to all of the requirements and rules that the Bible gives to us and live within those parameters. And the requirements are not difficult, yet there has never been a person who has accomplished this, with the exception of Jesus. It is difficult to understand why people cannot adhere to these simple conditions, but no one ever has. But, again because of the love of God, we are judged by the intensity of our efforts to adhere to the rules because God understands our human weaknesses and the satanic influence that surround us constantly. And, you cannot fool God with an empty gesture; He always knows the truth of our efforts…

Many individuals believe that they actually have given their lives over to the care of Jesus, but pay little attention to what Jesus has told us to do. In fact, there are many that do not even know what it is that Jesus wants us to do. But, if we examine the requirements given to us, we would find that they are all in our best interests and would make our lives much more simple and content. The Old Testament Laws were given to protect the people and advance their lives, and the New Testament requirements do exactly the same thing. Telling us not to worry does not seem to be something that is meant to cause us stress, but we must have trust and great faith in order to accept the reality that Jesus will take care of us… The world is filled with evil and people do evil things and this is not going to change, but that does not mean that we, as individuals cannot change. It is not easy to have faith because of so many aspects of life that seem to create situations that cause us stress, not to mention the constant satanic attacks that we experience without even knowing it. But as our faith is tested, and if we make an honest attempt to overcome all of the distractions, we will find that our faith becomes stronger.

So, we have a choice to make; we can work as hard as we can to accomplish something that we can never achieve but be rewarded with eternal paradise; or we can do little or nothing now and find ourselves in great suffering for eternity... The choice is up to each of us to make, but we must remember that our actions will be judged by the intensity of our commitment and not by just saying a few words that sound sincere. God is not fooled by anything or anyone because He is not like humans, He is God !!!

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12:33 PM   [04 Feb 2013 | Monday]


What we are witnessing here is a demonstration of a pure satanic attack on a Christian group and we should learn from this experience. We have warned all that Satan was most likely preparing for a major strike since we managed to rebuke his earlier efforts and it seems that the battle has begun in earnest. This attack will only end when we understand that it really is an invasion from Satan and go to our Lord and ask that He intervene in our behalf. We do not have the ability to fight this battle because we are carnal and the war is spiritual, however we can ask our Lord to fight this disruption and we will do our jobs as His soldiers by prayer and Christian behavior towards each other.

This violence is not between individuals but between the people of God and Satan. Apparently Satan found an unwitting vessel through which he is mounting his offensive which was a necessary element to begin his assault. If we do nothing, then we can expect that this site will be disrupted as well as corrupted in the very near future…

This activity must stop but only by the strength of our resolve and reliance on our Lord, but we must first recognize that we really are at war !!!

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12:59 PM   [03 Feb 2013 | Sunday]


A few months ago, this site was being attacked by Satan quite often by the use of page loading. We all can remember coming onto the site and seeing posts, one right after another until the page was filled and moved good words off the first page.  After being warned that this was a satanic attack, the administrator removed these posts, only to have it happen again and again. We would warn the readers not to validate these blogs by reading them and after a few times, the administrator removed them… Now, when that satanic method did not work, Satan began to test the waters by placing just a few posts one right after another, but the administrator immediately removed them once he had been notified and we should be grateful to him for reacting to these threats. But, we also warned that Satan does not give up and because we have not been hindered by him for some time only means that he was preparing a much more subtle way of making his advances onto the site in order to corrupt it…

Well, it seems that Satan has attacked the site and it was right in front of our eyes, but so subtle that we did not see it until now…His method is to attack those that rebuke him individually rather than coming at the entire site. This is not an unusual tactic in warfare, but we became complacent and did not notice. He is attacking the sources of the counterattacks in two ways. But before we continue, we must try to learn from this satanic method and relate them into our own lives. Satan is influencing, unwittingly, a few good people to attack the words of other good people by criticizing certain posts. Now, we know that it can be nothing but satanic because a Christian would not purposely and publically judge another Christian. If someone has issue with another, than that person would send a private note to that person with whom they had an issue and handle it in a Christian way. If we try to relate this to our own lives, we would most likely find that there is just one person who is influencing others about something that we do or say that causes us hurt and aggravation. Now, if we trace back to the source of this aggravation, we will find the one person that has been influenced by Satan without them knowing that it is even happening…

Satan is our enemy and we should never forget the lengths to which he will go to discourage a Christian. Once we understand that fact, we will find that we are able to forgive those that have hurt us, and our lives become less stressful. Christian have no enemies amongst other Christians even if we do not always agree with each other, we are still brothers and sisters in the Lord. But, Satan can influence almost anyone, with the exception of Jesus, to do almost anything that is out of alignment with Christian principles, and unfortunately, is very successful… But now we know and this is further information by which we can stand up and fight him…

Recently, this author, and most likely others, has been receiving notes criticizing certain aspects of method or content of a post. It was difficult to understand because the note was generally not about anything in particular and sometimes just plain nonsense. But when Satan did not get the response for which he hoped, the notes became more insulting and extremely arrogant, but again, the response was not as expected. But now, Satan has taken his attack public and is using people to comment in very negative ways. Some may remember a post speaking to this very aspect in which was explained that if a Christian could not say something good about another Christian, then they should say nothing at all. But, Satan is more aggressive and influential than some want to believe and these are the individuals that are more open to persuasion. Do not be one of them because you do not see how serious the influence of Satan can be on your lives. Pay attention to Jesus when He tells us not to worry and go to him and claim that promise and He will take care of whatever is interfering with contentment in your life. Jesus was the only person that ever lived or will ever live that has the ability to overcome Satan. He will always be there to handle the problems that we are not capable of doing ourselves and remember that He told us that He came to give us life more abundantly. Put your trust in Him and use the information given to us about satanic attacks and you will not be disappointed, and this is called faith !!!

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