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12:59 PM   [29 Jan 2013 | Tuesday]


The Gospel according to John was the last of the four for a good reason, as is everything done for good reason in the Bible. But, we see in John that Jesus speaks to His disciples and gives a much greater statement concerning those who will achieve acceptance into Heaven. We all think, but hope is a much better description of our feelings, that we are going to be one of the chosen. But, as we see, very few will be chosen, so the reality is that most of us will not pass through the gates of New Jerusalem. There are many statements at the end of John made by Jesus that gives us the his position on this subject and we must understand that Jesus means what He says and pay attention to the requirements that He has given us in order to be with Him forever. There are many such verses but in particular let us examine:

John 14:23-24 “…If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.”

Now, this statement could not be more clear and understandable. Those that love Jesus will keep His words and He and the Father will live with that person forever. As we read the words of Jesus, we should notice one extremely important aspect. Every one of the actions that Jesus tells us to do is meant to and will bring us a much more abundant and stress free life on earth. His love for us is demonstrated by the things that He tells us to do because He knows that it is not easy to get through this life. And yet, few pay much attention and keep His words or at least try to…

John 15:11 “These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.”

Everything that Jesus teaches us is meant to make our lives as easy as is possible and not a single one of them is difficult to do, yet we do not pay attention. Telling us not to worry does not seem like a punishment, but a loving promise that would increase our contentment profoundly. But, keeping these saying requires something called faith and although many speak of this word, that is all it is to them is a word.

We hear all of the time about faith and that it is the only way to please God and Jesus validates this fact in His statements, yet few pay attention to the ways in which Jesus tells us to demonstrate that faith.  If we examine just a few of the things that Jesus tells us to do and not to do, and relate those actions within our own lives, it will be obvious to each of us the intensity of our faith. Jesus tells us not to worry about anything. Need we say more ??? Our lives are filled with worries and concerns for all sorts of things that increase the stress level of our lives and worrying has never changed anything except give us discomfort. He tells us not to worry about what we wear, but go to the malls and they are filled with people looking for the newest trends in fashion, and most of those people claim to be Christian… Not one of the statements about how we should conduct our lives made by Jesus is the slightest bit difficult and if we paid attention to Him, the results would be incredible, and yet we do not listen but, we expect to get to Heaven…

Jesus also speaks about the end and warns His disciples about the coming of the end and the events leading up to that time. He tells us that the satanic activities will be so compelling that even the very elect will have difficulty resisting the convincing ways of Satan. The love that Jesus shows for us by giving us this information is without measure, and yet, we pay little attention… So, those who pontificate about faith and the importance of it should first look into the mirror and examine their own words in relation to those words given to us by Jesus before they speak again about faith !!!


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12:59 PM   [27 Jan 2013 | Sunday]


Reading the Bible, as does all things that we do, requires a certain amount of reasonable thought and contemplation. This aspect seems to be a lost art in recent years, but as we see in the Bible that Jesus spoke to the people in parables which required reasonable thought in order to understand the real meaning or lesson. He later explained to His disciples what the true meaning was in the parable for their benefit, as well as ours today. But, even then, a certain amount of thought had to be given to His explanation because His words always had deeper meanings than the obvious. The levels of His teachings are endless and we should consider each story over and over again so that we can reach down and get the benefit of the deeper meanings.

There are certain beliefs that if given reasonable thought could be seen as improbable and suspect. As an example, many believe that the Shroud of Turin actually is the burial cloth of Jesus. The claim is that His body outline was miraculously transferred to this cloth. But, if we consider how people were wrapped for burial in those days, it seems improbable that this is the outline of Jesus, or anyone for that matter. The method used was to place a cloth on the ground and lay the body, face up, onto it, and then wrap the top and bottom over the body and then bring the sides over the top. And so since we have no reason to believe that this was done in another way, then we would be seeing the backside of the body transferred unto the cloth… The crucifixion of Peter could not have been upside down as many believe because the process of death would not work if the body was inverted. The body had to be standing so that the legs would eventually give away and the person would suffocate as his lungs were crushed… These are just two examples of reasonable thought in order to get to the truth of any matter with which we must concern ourselves.

There are many and various notions as to how a person achieves salvation, but we know that there is only one way and that is through faith in Jesus and His atoning death for our sins. It is true that His death paid the price for our sins, but it does not get us into Heaven, but it does begin the process. If all it takes is to believe that His death is sufficient for salvation, then the rest of the New Testament has no purpose. If we give reasonable thought to the rest of the lessons and doctrine in the New Testament, we see that a process is given and principles are explained that we must attempt to follow in order to be adopted as a child of God. The just shall live by faith means exactly that. We are expected to follow the example of Jesus and have absolute faith in His directions for our behavior. We demonstrate that faith and the degree of that faith by our actions.

Many claiming Christians believe that faith is merely believing in Jesus and the actions that He did on our behalf. Unfortunately, that notion reduces faith to just a word, but faith is demonstrated by our actions and not those of Jesus…

James 2:18 “Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.”

Many think of “works” as going out and winning souls, and that is part of it, but not everyone is an Evangelist. “Works” is living within the principles and rules for behavior given to us by Jesus and from within the Epistles. Faith is placing your trust in God and giving your life to Him and trusting, without doubt, that all things will be done in your best interests. Many claim to do exactly that, but as we examine their actions, they disappoint the principles and doctrine of a Christian. It is interesting to note that giving our lives over to a Being that no one has ever even seen is against all aspects of reasonable thought, but doing that very thing is called faith. And we cannot please God without faith !!!

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12:46 PM   [26 Jan 2013 | Saturday]


Perhaps, some of the members did not notice, but this site has been under attack once again by Satan. Fortunately, the administrtor has responded to these intrusions when told of them and we owe him our gatitiude for his swift actions... Satan, through his workers, has been page loading once again with nonsense in order to move good words off the first page. This is not something with which we are not familiar, and it will continue and we must continue to fight off these attempts to disrupt the site...

What is not acceptable is the fact that the posts were placed on the site and received a few hits and those people did nothing to resist Satan. In fact, by reading the garbage, they encouraged Satan to continue his attacks because he knows that there are those that are weak or unaware on this site. Whenever we see page loading, it is obvious from where it comes and the very first person that notices this activity should stand up and do their job as a soldier of God and report the action.

The administrator is well aware of the detrimental aspect of these attacks and does his part in resisting Satan by removing them from thhe site. But, it is up to the members to make him aware of the attack, and for the most part, there are few that do what they should do... There is nothing to fear by resisting Satan, but by doing nothing, you open yourself and other members to more serious attacks...

So, do what you are supposed to do and stand up as a Christian and resist Satan and he will flee !!!

We offer our gratitude to the administrator for his swift reaction to these attacks !!!

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12:59 PM   [24 Jan 2013 | Thursday]


The Christian dilemma is that we are fighting battles on two different fronts at the same time. One is a carnal fight and the other is spiritual, but both emanate from the same enemy, Satan. We are capable of winning both fights, but there are a few obstacles with which we must deal, and one of them is ourselves… If we examine our position and admit to ourselves the reality of certain aspects of our contests, we have a much better chance at victory. The problem arises when we go into denial about our own desires and lack of aggression towards our enemy, and that is when we become frustrated and lose many of the benefits that God has offered to us.

If we address the spiritual battle first, we find that it is best left up to a Higher power than attempting to wage this battle ourselves and that we should become soldiers within the army. We are not spiritual in nature, but Paul discusses this fight in Ephesians when he tells us of the intensity of the constant warfare.

Ephesians 6:12-13 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.                                                                                                                         Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

Paul is speaking of serious warfare in this statement, and yet there are those that still believe that Satan has no power. It is true that Satan has already lost the war, but that does not stop him from constantly fighting against the people of God. If anyone thinks that Satan is going to surrender because he has already lost, they are in for a big surprise. Satan does not care about the final outcome, he only cares about destroying all that is good and influencing the people of God to do evil, and he is very successful at these attempts. However, this battle is purely spiritual in nature and we are not yet spiritual and do not have the capabilities to wage it. We can only protect ourselves and make Satan work harder if we resist him…

The other battle front is that which is within ourselves, and in this fight we can do much to achieve victory. But, we must want to win against Satan and that is not always the way we feel. There are many times that we embrace Satan in order for us to fulfill a personal desire that we know is wrong.  There will be many sanctimonious individuals that will deny this to be true, but the reality is that it is, in fact, true. The denial of this activity is only going to cause a person more harm and make the job of Satan much easier. It is better to admit to this aspect of human nature and work on it with the help of God, than to continually sin and excuse ourselves.

Paul speaks to this in Romans and explains the constant battle between our will and our actions. We must recognize that free will is not a license to do whatever we want. Will is not an action as many people think, but will is the thought or desire that we consider in our minds. It is not, however, the action, but every action is preceded by a thought… And, this is where our battle within ourselves begins. Because we are human, our actions are always a result of prior thoughts, and this is where we can decide to continue on that thought or reject it because the resulting action is evil, yet we do it anyway. Satan has influenced us beyond the point that our spirit loses the battle to Satan.

Acceptance is the first step towards fighting off satanic attacks. We must acknowledge to ourselves that we really do want to do various things that we know are wrong instead of going into denial about our reasons. However, this is not an easy thing to do because there are so many aspects working against us. The various versions of the Bible with the different interpretations are clearly an impediment to our understanding much of what is right and wrong. When churches allow and condone activities that are so far out of alignment with true biblical doctrine and principles, it becomes very confusing but makes Satan very happy. Activities that were considered extremely immoral only a few years ago, are now considered normal behavior. We are essentially morally bankrupt and this influences our entire lives. Satan has done a wonderful job destroying the moral fiber of most humans, but that does not mean that anyone of us need to be that way. The answer as to how to fight off satanic attacks is called self control and integrity… Try it sometime and you may find that you are getting help that was not with you before and His name is Jesus !!!


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12:28 PM   [22 Jan 2013 | Tuesday]


We constantly hear or read about faith and that by faith we shall achieve great and wonderful things, and then those very individual move on living their lives outside of faith… The reason is simple, and it because most of us do not understand exactly what faith really is. Faith is believing in something to which there is no reasonable explanation for an event or action. Faith is also understanding that events that do have an explanation did not happen as a matter of coincidence, but were influenced by Divine intervention. Having great faith is not an easy accomplishment because of all the various stumbling blocks placed in front of us as we try to live by faith. Developing our faith is also a process that requires much time and experience, and it is not something that we just acquire without working on increasing that which we call faith.

Our faith will constantly be tested and we also have our old friend, Satan, working to reduce the intensity of our faith. When we consider that all of our sins were dismissed because of the death of Jesus, it is really very difficult to accept this considering that we did nothing to be worthy of this great gift. We see that even Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus until he saw the actual wounds inflicted upon Jesus and only then did he accept Jesus as Divine. But this acceptance was not done in faith because it was necessary for him to actually see the evidence. Faith would have been to believe not having seen the evidence.

We all say and perhaps actually believe that we have faith, but our actions tell a very different story. Jesus tells us many things that we should do in order to make our lives more comfortable, and yet, we do not do those things… He tells us not to worry about anything, but our lives are filled with concerns and worries about the future. This is not faith and the result is that our lives are filled with stress and pain, and it is all unnecessary because God does not lie. But, we excuse ourselves by convincing ourselves that we must solve the immediate problem and prepare for our future. These thoughts are satanic influences being put into our minds in order to prevent us from living in faith and believing the promises given to us by Jesus.

We pray and ask God to take care of our problems and when they are not eliminated from our lives immediately, we begin to doubt. We do not consider the fact that many of the things for which we ask are not in our best interests, or they are merely desires that we hope to be fulfilled, but when these prayers are not answered, again we begin to doubt, and doubt is exactly what Satan wants us to do.  However, more often than not, our prayers are answered but we do not recognize this because it was not us that prayed to God but the Spirit within us that interceded in our behalf…

Trust is an essential element of true faith, but it takes many experiences that are favorable for us to overcome the lack of trust that we have developed over years of being abused by others for their benefit. Believing that God exists takes faith, believing that the atoning death of Jesus removes the punishment for our sins takes faith, but these are just words that we speak. Demonstrating that faith by how we live our lives is the evidence of the depth of that faith. Saying that we have faith but paying no attention to the statements concerning faith made by Jesus, does not validate our faith but indicates a lack of it. Jesus does not lie and if we pay attention to His advice as to how to behave is the indication of faith and also make our lives stress free and content. And, as the Bible tells us; “the just shall live by faith”, and live in this case means salvation…

It is not easy to give over our useless attempts to control our lives, but you will not be disappointed if you do give your life to Jesus and then get out of the way. But, you must do your part and read what those promises given to us are. If there is something that is not discussed in the Bible, which is highly unlikely, then pray to God for His assistance and then wait for your answer, but we must remember that delay is not denial. The answer will come when it is in your best interest and believing that is called having faith !!!

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12:55 PM   [20 Jan 2013 | Sunday]


There are many people that have not grasped the concept of satanic influences within our lives, much less the fact that he can influence humans. So, let us go back to the very beginning and examine the development of man and see where it leads… God created all things, and there can be no argument about that. And, when He created man, He did so in His own image. Now we must understand that image is not personality, so man must have been left up to himself to advance his own personality. God also gave man dominion over the earth, but for man, earth was the Garden of Paradise…

Now, we must remember that Satan was already on the earth and immediately influences man, or in this case Eve, to be disobedient to the will of God. This is the very beginning of man learning evil. When God comes to Adam and Eve and asks the question concerning eating the fruit, Eve says that she was beguiled by the serpent, apparently in an attempt to excuse her action. Adam tells God that it was the woman that persuaded him in his attempt to eliminate responsibility from himself. But, God is not fooled and expels mankind from Paradise. Man could have acknowledged his responsibility and error to God, but chose to excuse his disobedience, but we must recognize that Satan was there influencing man throughout this entire event. Satan is always there and even in the New Testament, Jesus tells us that after a man hears the word of God, Satan comes immediately to corrupt the lesson. Satan is always with us and using the weaknesses within man to influence him to do evil…

So, the question arises as to who created evil. Well, if God created all things, then He must have been the author and perhaps He was. However, many things can exist without ever being used, but man chose to do evil. Evil is necessary in order to determine what is good, but it does not mean that it must be used for anything except that purpose. But, Satan began his campaign with mankind and was so successful that at one point, God decided to try again. And so He floods the earth killing off all evil, but as soon as the new world begins, so does evil, because Satan still exists… God loves man so much that He gives man a second chance, but Satan has little difficulty in influencing man once again. Now, although God gave man dominion over the earth and Satan easily influences man, the reality is that Satan runs the world…

Certainly man does many good and wonderful things, but every man has his price and under the right circumstances, everyone will do evil. In fact, we have gotten so used to doing many evil actions that we do not consider them as being evil anymore. But, God loves His people and so He gives them another chance in the form of Jesus, and what does man do but to kill Him… But, Jesus is so strong that He establishes confidence in enough people to create a new Church called Christian, being the followers of the teachings of Jesus. Now, as the Church increases in size and strength, man sees an opportunity and begins to change the doctrine of the Church for his own benefit and now we have hundreds of various denominations that claim to be Christian. And if we examine and research these changes to the original lessons given to us, we will find Satan at the root…

Now, this whole thing looks pretty dim and many will say it is nothing but gloom and doom. Well, all anyone needs to do is look around the world and see the condition in which we have placed ourselves. The world is bankrupted both financially but more importantly morally. Our leaders are liars and thieves who have little or no interest in who they represent. Our children are sexually active at younger and younger ages, but that is not a problem because we allow murder under the name of abortion. Our churches allow and even condone homosexuality and we could go on, but there are many that will dismiss this warning as being paranoid. But, for the enlightened individuals that can understand the position in which we find ourselves, we still have Jesus… Nothing can take Him away from us if we are aware of satanic powers and nothing can take away the love God has for us. But, we must do our part and that is to study the doctrine given to us by God in the Bible and strive to live by those principles. And, although we may fail many times, if we get up and continue down the path that God has shown us, we will find Paradise at the end of the road !!!

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12:54 PM   [19 Jan 2013 | Saturday]


The greatest obstacle for anyone attempting to become an adopted child of God is their lack of knowledge. Many believe that just by calling on God and saying a few words will get them into paradise forever. Others believe that by leading a good life that this is sufficient to earn a place in Heaven. And still others think by claiming to be Christian is all that they need to do. And none of these actions will get them anywhere except great disappointment at the time of their death…

Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

People believe many things without any basis for these beliefs. As far as leading a good life, besides being impossible, we get no credit for what we are supposed to do anyway. When Jesus atoned for our sins, He also did many other things at the same time. He redeemed us from the Old Testament method of achieving salvation, as well as allowing us to go directly to our Father without a middleman. But He did not guarantee salvation although He did give us the opportunity to achieve it under the New Testament rules and requirements. The Old Testament Laws were impossible to keep, however the New Testament requirements are possible to live in such a way that we can achieve salvation. No one will ever keep all of the rules, but our commitment to try our very best is what will be examined at the time of the Last Judgment…

Proverbs 11:9 “ An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.”

If we break this statement down and relate it to those who have altered the Bible, we can understand how by reading these bibles, can and will give us the incorrect information, but the intelligent person will gather their knowledge only from the true Bible. And as we read through the Bible, we find that Satan is involved with almost all aspects of life and this knowledge is given to us from within the Bible. Those who dismiss Satan and his powers are exactly the type of people for which Satan is looking…

It is really very simple, but people have a tendency to make adoption as a child of God much more complicated than it is. When Jesus is speaking to us, He really is representing the Father and He even tells us that, so we should consider these words as those from our Father. Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow, but we worry. In fact, Jesus tells us many ways of increasing the contentment in our lives, but we do very few, if any, of these rules for eliminating stress from our lives. Our Father is looking at this and perhaps thinking that these people will not listen to me and are not worthy of adoption. We all recognize that we cannot help but to sin, and we have been forgiven our sins. But, the degree of our commitment to the importance that we place on the rules given to us may very well determine our outcome…

So, from where do we get this necessary knowledge, and, of course, it is from the Bible. But we must be careful from which Bible because the altered versions that have satanic finger prints all over them are the ones that Satan wants us to read. There is no question that an altered version is easier to read, but it will not give us the necessary information and knowledge to become a child of God. These are not His words nor are they His rules and requirements, but they are from man… All we need to do is look at what happened when the Jewish people began adding Laws to the ones given by God. The lack of knowledge is killing His people, which means they were not saved. The simplicity of salvation is just to gain the necessary knowledge from reading the Bible and to honestly attempt to adhere to the regulations that are given to us. And, you cannot fool God with empty gestures, He is very intelligent !!!

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12:58 PM   [16 Jan 2013 | Wednesday]


The New Testament begins with the four Gospels all of which describe the very same thing. It is interesting to note that there are slight variations concerning the same story in each of the four books, and there are those people that think of this as being inconsistent and suspect. It is curious why four different books were used to describe the same thing, but when we understand that we are merely viewing the circumstances from different points of view, the reason becomes obvious. Not all people are the same and view what they see and think are in different ways. If a person were to ask ten people for their opinion on any subject, you would most likely get back ten different opinions. The Bible gives us these different points of view for various reasons, but the slight variances will allow all people to receive the information that was intended. An example of this aspect is the Gospel of Luke. This man never knew Jesus but he was a physician and his point of view deals with the healing activities of Jesus more than the other Gospels. John was perhaps the closest to Jesus and he shows the Divine nature of Jesus as he was loved very much by Jesus and gave him the responsibility of caring for the mother of Jesus upon His death. The remaining two Gospels show us other views and when we put them all together, we receive a total view of Jesus as well as the conditions and requirements for Christian behavior…

We must remember that variations are not differences, but just another way of looking at any circumstance. There are a few activities of Jesus of great importance that are only described in one of the Gospels and so we must read all four and put them together in order to grasp the entire picture. Again, we must also stress the point of the importance of the Old Testament and how Jesus used the Old Testament stories to illustrate His point. If a person is not familiar with the Old Testament, then that lesson is lost to them.

We should also recognize that the Bible is the only truly honest book ever written. There is no agenda for this Book except the love God has for His creations. All of us carry a certain amount of emotional baggage and this shows up in everything that we do. Authors write books and their emotional baggage influences their writings whether they want to accept that fact or not. God has no baggage except having to deal with the incredible weaknesses of man, however by definition, this does not interfere with His love for us. Unfortunately, most of us are influenced by our baggage and some have a tendency to cling to certain statements or verses that validate their feelings, but overlook other views on the subject and miss the greater lesson. We must strive to overcome this activity and a good way is to ask God for His help…

One of the things that some of us must look at within ourselves is our judgment of other people. If we use this site as an example, we find all kinds of different postings concerning many subjects. It is surprising how few comments are given on many good posts, but occasionally people do comment and for the most part, the comments are complimentary, however some are critical… Jesus tells us: Matthew 7:1-2 “Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” He then goes on to tell us that we cannot remove a speck from another persons’ eye if you have a log in our own eye.  There are many posts that are so outrageously out of alignment with biblical principles that it is almost impossible not to comment on what is so obviously wrong. But, posts with incorrect information is normal because we are all human, but we are also, theoretically, Christians and should never judge anything about our brothers and sisters in the Lord. If a person feels compelled to do something about a post that they feel is incorrect, then they should pray for that person who made the post that God will put them on the right road… And we must never forget that your opinion on the post could be wrong as well…

All sorts of people, including Satan, post blogs on this site and other sites similar to this one. There are good posts and there are ones that are not so good, we are humans, but first we are Christians and a complimentary comment may mean very much for those who have tried to be helpful to their brothers and sisters in the Lord !!!


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12:22 PM   [13 Jan 2013 | Sunday]


The Bible is the most miraculous, in fact, it is the only miraculous book ever given to man. Every word was selected with great purpose and assembled in such a way as to give us the benefit of the love God has for us. For those who choose to read an altered addition, it is unfortunate that they will never receive the great lessons that are described within this Book. However, the Bible is actually two books, the Old and the New Testaments, but for Christians, both parts are equally essential in receiving the purpose for this great gift from God. People read the Bible for many reasons, but few seem to realize that the Bible was written for each of us individually. This is part of the miraculous aspects of this Book because a particular story or lesson will mean something for one person, but have a slightly different meaning for another person depending on what each individual needed at that time. The same person can read exactly the same story later on and find that the meaning is a bit different than the first time that they read it because their need has changed and the Bible will give that person the necessary information as they need it…

Many people have difficulty reading and understanding the Bible because they have not grasped the concept of why the Book was given to us. It is even more difficult to understand the lessons of the New Testament if a person has not read the Old Testament. The Old Testament gives us understanding of the nature of man and what the various results can be to the different actions of man. If we look at the stories of the Old Testament, we see how man succeeded when he followed the instructions of God and how he failed when he did not. It is the same today and the Old Testament spends much time on the nature of man as he lives on the earth. And if we consider and relate to the individuals in the stories, we have the answer as to how we should act in order to be successful in every situation that we face. We are also given the incredible wisdom of Solomon that gives us the answer to questions that we face every day. Also, we are told what the future holds in store for us as well as the prophecy of the coming of Christ. In many ways, the Old Testament offers us more information than the New Testament about daily life and how to behave as we walk the face of the earth !!!

The New Testament begins with the announcement and the birth of Jesus. The Gospels tell us of the political situation that existed at the time into which Jesus was about to enter. The wealthy and political characters are shown to be much as they still are today. Although these people attempted to make it appear that the common man was of concern to them, in fact, more wealth and power were their objective. The common man grew tired of this and hoped to be redeemed from these activities. As Jesus begins His teachings, it is about the common man and how to respond to being denied certain rights but speaks about a more important life and that is life after death. However, most people did not see or understand the differences, they were just interested in today. Most people today view the lessons in a similar way by picking and choosing certain verses that make them feel better about today…

But, Jesus also gives us many promises that if we were to recognize as being part of Christian behavior would eliminate much of the stress and discontent we see today. He also gives us examples of how people are; for example the story of the man waiting for the water in the pool to stir so that he could get in a be cured. That man was there for years, and no one helped him before someone else stepped in first. Also, the very people that praised Him as he entered Jerusalem, the next day, they called out to have Him crucified…

 The epistles give us all the information that we need as the Apostles and others developed the Church. We are given the rules and requirements for salvation, as well as Christian behavior. We also see, as in the Old Testament, the results of disobedience. They validate that the only way to paradise is through Jesus, and warn us of satanic activities that are meant for us to be disobedient, such as altering the words of the Bible to suit certain interests… As we read these stories, we should reflect upon the content and recognize the similarities of people of today as well as ourselves and we would find that the result of certain actions that took place then is exactly what is happening today. These stories explain to us why certain results occurred in various circumstances then and they are the same today.

Reading the original version of the Bible requires that the reader is totally committed to discovering the truth. Concentration and a great deal of thought are necessary to see the lessons that are actually right in front of us, but it takes time to learn to get out of the body and into the Spirit and then the understanding is obvious. You cannot get to Heaven by reading the Bible, but it will show us the only way. And then, the revelation comes that the people in the Bible are actually each one of us !!!


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We are all vexed with various problems throughout our entire adult lives. The reality is that for the most part, we help in creating these problems because we do not follow the instructions given to us in the Bible for a life of contentment. We should never forget that the Bible was written for us and gives us the way to salvation as well as contentment in this life. However, regardless of the difficulties we face, if we look close enough, we will find that Satan has involved himself in some way. So, if Satan is at the root of our inconveniences, it is just a simple matter of getting rid of Satan… Oh really !!!

The truth of the matter is that we are not honest with ourselves with regard to Satan. First of all, let us understand that Satan spends little time with non believers because these people are already doing what he wants from them. But, for true believers, it is a never ending battle of which we are mostly unaware because he is so good at what he does. His objective is to keep our minds off of Jesus, and so he creates little problems for us that keep our minds occupied with how to resolve these hindrances. We have discussed the various methods of satanic influence before and the Bible gives us many more examples of satanic methods, but one must read the Bible to discover these ways by which he interferes with our lives.

Most people believe that all we need to do is resist Satan and he will flee, and that is true because the Bible tells us that fact. Others believe that we are protected by God and do not need to be concerned, and that is partially true. God does protect those that are His but when confronted with satanic activities, He expects that we do those things that He has told us to do in the Bible. Unfortunately, if a person has not read the Bible, then they do not know what to do… But, in life, no one has ever been able to overcome satanic influences with the exception of Jesus, so we cannot expect to be able to do it by ourselves. We can reduce the amount of influence that Satan has on us by keeping our minds on Jesus instead of the minor problems with which we allow our minds to be filled. God has promised us that He will give us all that we need, so just believe Him. It really is that simple !!!

But, now let us examine our own personal honesty about resisting Satan. And, the fact is that we do not resist him that often because we want to do things that we know are wrong. Now, many will deny that they do this, but that would just be another sin called lying. We ask God for His help but sometimes do not receive it because God is waiting for us to tell Him the truth. It is far better to admit to a sinful desire then to deny it because no one is going to fool God. We must trust in the love God has for us and the understanding that He has for our weaknesses, and is far more receptive to complete honesty than He is to denial… We must also keep in mind that Satan is telling us just exactly the opposite of what we just discussed, and will attempt, and usually succeed, in convincing us that we are telling the truth but God is not listening…

We all sin, and the enormous amount of sins that we commit is actually beyond our comprehension. Just driving over the speed limit on a highway is a sin against the wishes of God because He has told us to keep all the laws of man as well as His requirements and rules for behavior.

The beginning of advancing our resistance against Satan begins with telling ourselves the truth. And the truth is that we do not always want Satan out of our lives, and then bring that information to God. It is not like this is going to be a big surprise to God, but it is the first step towards having God listening more intently to our concerns and problems. Then, we must place our trust in the promises that God has given us, but we will not know what these promises are unless we read about them from within the Bible. And then consider that when you are doing something that you know is wrong that God is standing right there with you watching the whole thing !!!

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