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12:59 PM   [30 Sep 2012 | Sunday]


The Bible tells us that our faith will be tested and Peter describes this aspect of achieving salvation as a fiery trial. The word “fiery” tells us that it will be very painful and difficult. Anyone who has been burned badly describes the experience as the worst pain that they had ever felt and it takes a long time to recover from burns. Those individuals that are chosen to be tested can expect nothing less than extreme pain and a lengthy recovery, that is, if they pass the trial and not give in. As the testing is going on, you can bet that Satan will be right there trying to convince you just to give up because it is not worth all of the agony. But, overcoming that sort of satanic activity is also part of the testing.

Now, if we were to just read what Peter tells us, we would get the understanding of how serious this trial will be. But, the Old Testament speaks of the testing also, but there is more information given concerning the affects of such an experience. Daniel and his friends were thrown into the fiery furnace, but when they did not burn to death and came out of the furnace, the odor of fire was not even on their clothing. In Isaiah, he also speaks about certain experiences that we will have:

Isaiah 43:2 When thou passest though the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.”

It should be noted that we are not told “if” we walk through the fire but it is “when” we walk through the fire. This is not something that may happen, these are events that will happen. But, similar to Daniel, God will protect us from being physically hurt and there is no reason to believe that God will not protect us from the New Testament trial of our faith. So we can understand by combining the information that we get from both Old and New Testament that our trial, although it will be very difficult, we will not be hurt by it. Had we not read the Old Testament, we would never know this fact and perhaps even fear the test of our faith. Being tested is an indication that a person has been found worthy of this experience and should be looked upon as a great honor and not feared.

Unfortunately, only those that God knows have made an honest and sincere commitment will be tested, and only those individuals have a chance of passing through the gate. Many believe because their lives are so blessed that this is an indication that God has chosen them to receive these blessings, but if at some point your faith is not deeply tested, there is very little, if any, chance that the gate will be open to you. How and when, and how many times we will go through this process, only God knows. We can hope it is only once, but we do not know. But, we are also told that we will not be tempted greater than we can handle, and this statement should also give us some evidence of the grace and understanding of God.

Man is both physically and emotionally weak, although many believe otherwise. But, we will all see how strong we are when we begin our trial period. However, God is very much aware of our weaknesses and factors that into our trials. Also, we must never forget that Satan is very much aware of our weaknesses too and will use all of his methods to cause us to fail.  But by reading the Old Testament, we should feel a little more comfortable and this is only one reason why the Old Testament is essential reading and study to grasp the lessons of the New Testament !!!

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12:58 PM   [26 Sep 2012 | Wednesday]


The idea of spending eternity in heaven is so far beyond human understanding that it makes little sense to even think about it, but we do know that it is where we want to go after we die. And, according to what most people believe it is very easy to gain this gift. But, if we were to think about the magnitude of such a gift, it seems that just calling on the name of God cannot be sufficient to achieve eternal paradise. If it were true, then we must wonder why there is even a Bible. We call on Jesus, and we get a free ticket to heaven just seems a little too easy so let us examine exactly where we go wrong in our thinking.

When Jesus took our sins and suffered the penalty for those iniquities, that is exactly what He did. Although there is much more to His death, most people believe that the forgiveness of our sins is sufficient to pass through the gate into paradise. However, the forgiveness of our sins only means that we do not have to suffer the penalty for them, it does not mean that it also gives us a ticket to heaven. Many other events took place at the time of the death of Jesus, but many do not understand that these other events are what gives us our ticket to pass through the gate. The Bible tells us of all the other requirements for achieving paradise, although if we chose not to adhere to these elements, we still do not have to suffer for our sins, but we will not get into heaven.

Faith is the greatest part of the salvation process. Whether Old Testament or New Testament, we are given stories and the key element in every one of the stories and lessons is faith. We are told many times that our faith will be tested and these tests will determine the extent of our faith and the truth of our commitment. But, many claim that they have unlimited faith and yet they worry about all sorts of insignificant things after Jesus tells not to worry about anything. A true believer with unlimited faith would be the most content person that ever lived, but those who achieve that degree of faith are not very many. Although few, if any of us, will ever reach unlimited faith, the process is to keep trying to increase our faith and make it stronger by reading the stories and paying attention to the lessons given to us for that purpose.

However, we have a few things working against our efforts to strengthen our faith, and, of course, one of them is Satan. Although there is little that we can do to prevent satanic influence, there are things that we can and should do. The easiest thing is just to give the problem to God and ask Him to take care of this problem but, as we have discussed before, often times we embrace Satan so that we can do something that we want to do that is out of alignment with biblical doctrine. But even though Satan is our biggest interference to increasing our faith, we do not do much to help ourselves by choosing a bible that suits our desires rather than getting our information from the mouth of God.

When we are living, all we know is what we know and we live for the pleasures of this world at this time. We really should be storing our treasures in heaven because we are going to be dead for a lot longer than we are going to be alive, but since we cannot comprehend what awaits us after our death, it seems like the logical thing to do. The Bible tells us though that this is an error in our judgment. Everything we need to know to get our ticket to pass through the gate is given to us in the Bible. Jesus has done for us an act that is difficult to grasp the magnitude of the importance to us, but it is only the beginning of the process. The rest is up to us and that is the way it should be since we are the beneficiaries of our attempts to live according to biblical principles. We will never succeed at perfection, but God knows who is trying and who is not !!!

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12:57 PM   [22 Sep 2012 | Saturday]


Certainly, all of us have thought about heaven and what it is going to be like. We all have notions concerning this place about which we really know very little and there is not much information given to us in the Bible about it, but we all want to go there when we die. But, the reason that we know so little is because the human mind is not capable of understanding the place called heaven. Paradise to us is a sandy beach with perfect weather and having the ability to do whatever we want whenever we want, but in reality, that is just a vacation from our jobs here on earth. We would very quickly tire of doing this as we can see from the extremely wealthy people that live on earth now and prior to now. After awhile, they become bored with their lives and seek new and exciting adventures, usually involving extremely immoral acts of depravity.

But, heaven will not be like anything that we can imagine. The information that we get about this place is given mostly in Revelation which is very difficult to read, much less to understand even for those who have studied for many years. We are told of the size of New Jerusalem and how it is constructed from incredible jewels and gold, but it hardly seems likely that this is actually what will be used for construction materials, but the description may just be metaphoric, but we do not know… There are some pseudo intellectuals that think that they understand what we are told in Revelation and know exactly what to expect, but they are just fooling themselves and increasing their egos, so any information that we get from these people should be ignored.

However, there is a place in the Bible from where we can get information about heaven that is a bit easier to get a glimpse at this place called heaven. It is in the Old Testament. But, Christians are told that it is not necessary to study the Old Testament, and yet it is filled with information that gives us a slightly better view of heaven. The Book of Daniel, as well as other books of the Old Testament, gives us great descriptions of the end times and also of the place where we all want to spend eternity. There is another interesting part of Daniel that has a direct relationship to New Testament teachings with which many have trouble understanding and accepting.

Daniel 12:10 “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

As we examine this statement, we notice a few things that are exactly like New Testament doctrine. It tells us that many shall be purified, cleansed and then tried. The New Testament validates this statement but it is important to remember the Jesus tells us that few will pass through the gate. It is the trial of our faith through testing that will determine who these few will be. We have spoken before of the fiery testing described by Peter and so now we know that it is an essential part of where we end up for eternity. Calling ourselves a Christian does not guarantee salvation and calling on Jesus to change our lives may make us cleansed, but the trial of those commitments that we have made will determine if we pass through the gate. Every person that claims Christianity will be tested and it is not going to be a pleasant or a short experience, and unfortunately, few will endure the testing and achieve that for which we all hope to gain. Some will not even be tested because God already knows that their commitment was an empty gesture, but those that are tested should always keep in mind the results of holding on as hard as it may be, and it will be hard, because after we are tried, we become a child of God !!!

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12:41 PM   [19 Sep 2012 | Wednesday]


Those people that are familiar with my writing may have noticed that I very seldom, if ever, speak about myself. But, a friend of mine wanted to know about vows to God recently, and I shared a story that had happened to me when I made a vow to God a long time ago. You may find it interesting !!!

When I first began to preach, I was also a builder of expensive custom homes, but my personal financial position was somewhat lacking and it made me feel uncomfortable. Years earlier, I was a bridge builder and very wealthy, but something less than a Christian. As my physical condition started to deteriorate, I could not continue to keep that business going and spent all of my money trying, but without success and went bankrupt. But, I was making a little money building houses, but could never get ahead so I sat down with God one night and explained my situation to Him. I had borrowed a thousand dollars from a friend and had paid back a hundred dollars but stopped paying because I could not afford to any longer, leaving a balance of nine hundred dollars. Incidentally, this person was Jewish and I was a Christian preacher and it did not show integrity on my part by not paying this person back. Well, I spoke to God and came to an agreement that after I saved a certain amount of money in order to make me feel a little secure that the next amount of money that I received, I would pay the nine hundred dollars to my Jewish friend…

The way my little business ran was that I would get a check from the owner each week for the work that we did, and then go cash the check and pay all the help in cash. The work continued to come in and slowly I reached the amount of money in savings to which God and I agreed. The next week, I got the check and cashed it and paid all the help and was left with thirty eight hundred dollars for myself. I went home and put the cash on my bureau and went into the living room to take a nap. There were three stacks wrapped with a thousand dollars each and eight hundred dollars loose on top. When I lay down to rest, I began to think that I would buy myself a few things that I wanted and pay the nine hundred dollars the following week. I napped for an hour or so and got up and went into my bedroom and noticed that most of the money was gone. There was just one stack that was wrapped with a thousand dollars, but when I counted out the money, it was not a thousand dollars but nine hundred…

I immediately got into my car and drove to my friends’ home and gave her the nine hundred dollars… I have no idea where the rest of the money went but it was gone. So, I had made a vow to God and when He completed His part, I did not honor my part but it was clear what I had to do when there was only nine hundred dollars on the bureau !!!

I felt very ashamed of myself for what I was going to do, but God made certain that I was going to honor our agreement. I did feel a little better though because I did finally honor my vow regardless of how it happened. This is a true story and that was twenty five years ago and I have made only two more vows to God since then, and kept them both without hesitation. I learned very quickly that it is better not to make a vow unless you intend to keep it. And never promise to do something in return from God that you cannot possibly do, but if you do make a vow, what you give in return better be something equal in importance as the favor you ask of God and not some simple, easy task. It should require some sort of sacrifice on your part…

Oh, incidentally, we finished the project we were working on when this event happened two weeks later, and the owner gave me a five thousand dollar bonus for doing such a good job !!!

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12:56 PM   [16 Sep 2012 | Sunday]


The Bible is without a doubt the most important and miraculous document ever written, that is, depending upon which Bible you are using. But, let us assume that we are reading the Authorized KJV, and this is from where we begin our study of biblical doctrine. It is the only book ever written that contains everything that we need to know about every aspect of life, and most importantly, how to achieve salvation… Unfortunately, we as humans do not have the capability to understand the magnitude of the importance of this document, but we can grasp the concept of the value of the contents if we study consciously to learn some of what is being offered to us. But, let us examine what the word “study” means. It indicates intense investigation of whatever we are studying in order to learn what is being taught. Sitting in a comfortable chair in a quiet room reading the Bible is not study, but many people feel that it makes them feel better and this is how they read this book. Of course, they would feel better whatever they were reading because they have placed themselves into a position of relaxation where the cares of the world are forgotten for the time that they are reading…

Real Bible study is to read each story concentrating on many various aspects; who is speaking, who is listening, what are they speaking about, where are they, what is the lesson that we are being taught and many other parts of the process of studying are necessary to grasp what is being said or done to give us information. We must always remember that these words are from God and that will give us some indication of their importance…

Many people complain that the KJV is very difficult to read because it is written in Old English, but that is an important part of the studying process. We must pause our reading and look up what certain words or phrases mean and then go back and put them into context and find the true lesson that is being offered. This is important because many times, we just begin to read and our mind wanders because we are not in a state of concentration. The Bible is not a novel designed to entertain our minds, but it is a document in which is found the understanding of every human aspect and how we should handle every situation that we encounter in life…

It is essential to read the Old Testament in order to understand much of the New Testament lessons. Certainly, much of the Old Testament prophesy directly relates to New Testament stories, but there are some that only relate to Old Testament times and are less, but not, important for us to study, however they do show the foreknowledge of God and His ability to know all things. Also, the Old Testament gives us the wisdom given to Solomon, and Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are filled with incredible understanding of the nature of man, and we see these human attributes developing in the people of the New Testament…

Studying the Bible is clearly the most important event in the life of every person, or least to those who want to reach paradise. There is no other way of finding the path except through the lessons and doctrine of the words of God. Owning a Bible and using it as coffee table decoration is not going to get anyone home to God. Reading it as if it is a novel and a means of relaxation will help reduce the stress of life but will not get the person home either. The person who understands that it is the only place where we can find the requirements for salvation will find that the lessons have many and deeper meanings each time we read them. It is a never ending exercise for the true believer and the rewards both here on Earth and later in Heaven cannot be described !!!


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12:53 PM   [12 Sep 2012 | Wednesday]


Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of God in order to protect ourselves in our battles with Satan, but Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek and do nothing when we are attacked. It seems that there may be a contradiction here, but with proper understanding, the lesson will become obvious and without conflicting with each statement.

As with all study of the Bible, we should ask certain questions when faced with a lesson being given, and one of those questions is to whom is the speaker talking. In this case, the speakers are talking to all people because the lesson is universal and not meant for any particular group or individual. When Jesus is talking to the people, he is talking about when we are faced with a human experience of being attacked in some way. If a Christian is struck or hurt in some way, we do not retaliate but stand our ground, but do not strike back. In fact, as we discover later, Paul tells us that Christians should not even take any legal action against a brother, but take the issue to the Church and let the leaders judge the circumstances. And, as we can see, these aspects are all human experiences between humans. This is not to say that Satan has not involved himself in the action, but the participants are humans and we are told not to fight back…

When Peter tells us to put on the armor of God in preparation for battle, it is with supernatural beings and not humans. We are told that we are soldiers of God and should fight as hard as we can to be victorious over Satan and his followers. However, many people are not willing to get involved with any sort of conflict and this lack of actions is against biblical teachings. We can use the example of the attacks on this site to demonstrate the various reactions that individuals take.  Most do nothing… And then there are a few that will do whatever it takes to stop the attack and God knows who they are. There are also those that fear that if they do anything against satanic attacks that Satan will retaliate against them personally, but this is not going to happen. Satan can do nothing without permission from God and God will always protect those that are His…

So, we see that there is no conflict between what Jesus tells us when we are supposed to turn the other cheek, and when Paul, as well as Jesus, tells us to fight with all of our might against satanic activity of every kind. Unfortunately, quite a number of people have these actions backwards. They do nothing when faced with a battle with Satan, but get into physical altercations with other people over the smallest thing that upsets them…

There is no conflict with the statements in the Bible because each statement addresses entirely different circumstances. However, we now know the difference and cannot use a lack of understanding to do nothing as an excuse when Satan attacks. We must keep in mind that God knows what is going on and know who is His and will reward His children when they do the proper Christian thing and put on the armor and fight, because in reality, we are fighting for all believers, especially our children that do not or cannot understand yet the effect that Satan has on our lives !!!


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12:59 PM   [10 Sep 2012 | Monday]


OK, we managed to get the last satanic junk removed, but he is not going to give up... So now we must do it again and notify the administrator of this continuing garbage as a good Christian will do because it is our responsibility. If enough people tell the administrator, then it will stop for a time, but do not wait for the other person to do it. Each one of us should send a note that we do not want this to continue and to find a way to stop it...

We have suggested that there be one post per person per day, but that does not seem to appeal to anyone even though it would guarantee that this junk stops. If anyone has a better solution, then suggest it..

But, get up and fight the never ending battle because Satan wants to wear us down and we cannot allow that to happen !!! That would just be the beginning...

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12:31 PM   [10 Sep 2012 | Monday]


It seems virtually impossible that Satan could have posted over four complete pages of junk blogs on this site and no one stopped him !!! It was not until certain members or member notified the administrators of this attack and finally got it stopped and the garbage removed. It cannot be expressed enough that Satan will not stop attempting to disturb anything or anyone that places God above all else. The earlier attacks were posting junk one right after another until some important and informative posts were moved off the first page. But this last attack was absolutely incredible because of the number of blogs posted one right after another until the good posts from good people were moved four or five pages back. And, no one said or did anything until it was brought to the attention of the members and the administrators !!!

How is it possible that no one did anything for so long giving Satan total control of the site when we all have seen this method of interference from him before ??? We warned this site that because we had beaten him away before that at some point that he would make an all out effort to disturb the site and when he did, no one did anything for quite awhile… And, stopping Satan is not a difficult thing to do with this type of attack. All one person has to do is notify the administrators and it is stopped, is that so difficult to do that it took days to finally do it ???

This site belongs to the members and it is the responsibility of every member to protect the site from evil of any kind. Waiting for someone else to do it only indicates the weakness of commitment to be a true soldier of God. This major attack was not a random occurrence but was another test from God to see who is His and who is not committed and it is not a good thing to be seen by God as weak in your commitment…

A few weeks ago, mysteriously, nine or ten posts concerning satanic activities and methods disappeared from this site. The administrators have no idea as to how this happened and as yet have been unable to locate them. They were filled with information concerning the methods that Satan employs and how to resist him, and now they are gone and no one knows how it happened… If this does not give you an indication of the power of Satan, then Satan has had a tremendous victory putting those who do not understand his power into deep denial…

These attacks are never going to end, again, they are never going to end. His method is to wear people out fighting him, and then he comes in and takes over. If you think that these attacks are insignificant, then Satan has won again by convincing you that it does not matter… Well, it does matter and it matters very much because if he can win the small battles, he then goes on and finds it easy to win the important ones, and you will suffer as a result. It is your choice, fight and win, or sit back and find things starting to go wrong in your life !!!

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12:59 PM   [08 Sep 2012 | Saturday]


The fact that Satan has attacked this site once again is certainly no surprise, but the fact that no one has stopped him is of much concern... We have warned all of you that Satan would probably make an all out attack because we have resisted him before and succeeded and now we are faced with eight or nine pages of garbage !!!

If this is the way Christians are supposed to resist Satan, then no one has understood what the Bible has told us to do and we should all feel shame for allowing this to continue...

Stand up and fight this attack and continue to fight because right now, Satan is in control of this site...

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12:59 PM   [07 Sep 2012 | Friday]


Well, we knew that Satan would be back because he never gives up, but we will never give up fighting him off... So, let us do our Christian responsibility and resist him once again and have the administrators fight along with us and correct this new attempt to corrupt the site... At least we do not have to look at shoes and knock off watches, but these blogs are just ridiculous. We all know that Satan will keep trying to break us down, but that is not going to happen !!!

We must stand up once again and resist him and have this junk removed from the site. Notify the administrators once again, and do not be concerned about how often we need to do this because we are the people of God and our job is to recognize anf fight against the attacks of Satan...

Plus, it feels good to beat him !!!

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