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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [30 Aug 2012 | Thursday]


One of the major talking points of a woman seeking to become a Senator from Massachusetts is that her fear is that her opponent, the incumbent, is against the decision of Roe vs Wade made twenty years ago. This law concerns the rights of women to have an abortion. Her concerns are that women have spent years to advance their cause and now they run the risk of losing these victories. It is true that women have spent time and effort to gain their rights to which they are entitled, but abortion is not one of them. If Roe vs Wade is, in fact, reversed, it would not be a reduction in the rights of women, but merely correcting a mistake that was made when the Supreme Court upheld the case…

We must constantly be aware that there are always consequences to our actions and we must accept those consequences even if we did not think that they may happen. The major difference between humans and the other animals is that humans have the ability to reason by thinking before they act. In the case of a woman getting pregnant after having sexual relations is one of those consequences. Her rights were to decide whether to have intercourse, but it is the decision of God as to whether she becomes pregnant or not. Just because she does not want to have a baby is no reason to commit the murder of that child. Both partners share the responsibility is this case and with the number of people that are seeking babies to adopt, abortion should never be allowed. The man should be held accountable, financially, until that child is born and adopted. They both should accept the consequences of their decision.

We have become an interesting civilization in which we do not deal with causes of problems but with results. And without eliminating the cause of any issue, it will continue, or we make a law that makes the issue legal and then it no longer is a problem. This type of idiotic thinking permeates our society that wants immediate gratification but does not want to accept the consequences if they are inconvenient. In most States, it is illegal to gamble, unless of course, the government is running the gambling operation. Every State has some sort of lottery and they promote these events taking advantage of the weaknesses within humans. We are now finding that more and more States are allowing Casinos because it produces revenue for the State. It also produces crime, prostitution, abuse of drugs and many poor people that cost the State more than what the Casino produces in revenues to the State. But, they have not figured that out yet…

As we allow more and more laws to be changed from the original doctrine of the Constitution, not to mention the Bible, it removes the necessity of people thinking about consequences of their actions because those consequences are removed by new laws allowing behavior which acts upon the weakness in man. And as we do this, we find that we do not have to consider anything, just do it and that reduces us to become closer to the other animals on the earth. The increase in violent crime around the world is staggering because we use no basis for our decisions other than our own desires.

As Christians, we have the Bible to help us when we need to make a decision and we have the Spirit to guide us, and yet, if anyone were to ask the people in the Casinos what their religious persuasion is, the answer would most likely be Christian. The Bible was written as a guide for our behavior and God will help anyone who comes to Him with sincerity and needs His assistance. But, it is pretty certain that if you ask him for a winning hand in a poker game that He will not give it to you !!!

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12:58 PM   [29 Aug 2012 | Wednesday]


Now, let us see what we know… We know that the last nine or ten of my posts suddenly disappeared from this site and the administrators have not as yet explained how or why this happened. We also know that those particular discussions concerned Satan and his methods of attack and influence. We also know that in those posts were various ways of identifying satanic activity and the methods that he employs to cause us discomfort or disobedience to the wishes of God and methods that we can use to overcome these attacks…

Also, there were warning in these posts tell the readers that Satan never gives up and since we have fought off his previous attempts to disrupt this site that we can probably expect a major effort on his part because he does not like to lose… It is extremely interesting that all of this information is now gone from the site as well as my archives as if they never existed, and they were all information concerning protecting ourselves from Satan !!!

Since the administrators have not as yet notified me concerning this incident, we cannot know why this happened. If fact, it is possible that the administrators removed them for some reason, but what they do not seem to understand is that whatever the reason may have been, it was influenced by Satan…  Even if it was a glitch in the system, considering the content, it seems obvious that this was done by Satan to prevent any information that could be useful in resisting him.

 But, in fact, once again, his ego got the better of him and he did us a favor. We now know how powerful and persistent that he is and this gives us further information about his methods. These posts were good information and now they are gone and this tells us that whenever something good is removed from us, Satan has had something, if not everything to do with it.

If the administrators had a problem with these posts, and I am sure that this is not the case, but assuming they were intentionally removed, then they, as we all should understand, that a good Christian would have come to the author first and discussed the matter before making any rash action such as removing posts from the site. All of these posts were read many times and those people received the information that was intended, so no real harm was done. In fact, we can use this incident to show the power of Satan and the influence that he can use to persuade almost anybody to do almost anything. This is a good opportunity to learn from this experience and those that had doubt about satanic activity and power may now see more clearly the immense power of Satan and why we should always be aware of his presence !!!

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12:58 PM   [26 Aug 2012 | Sunday]


Anyone who has read my postings will probably notice that my emphasis is on Satan and his attempts to attack and influence the lives of the children of God. Recently, I have made an intentional effort to bring attention to the methods of Satan and how to resist his attacks. Also, I have made a sincere attempt at explaining the requirements for salvation and how Satan will interfere with the process and influence people to travel down the wrong road and not realize it until it becomes too late.

I have also tried to make the members of this site aware of the attacks that Satan makes upon the site and how he interferes with good people and their thoughts and writings, and have attempted to move people to resist Satan. And, as we know, certain people have taken on that task and we have overcome Satan on many occasions with great satisfaction.

Tonight however, I opened the site and noticed that my last nine or ten posts have been removed from the site and I have no idea as to why this would happen except for the fact that recently I have increased my efforts to inform people about Satan and his methods. Knowledge is power and the more we know about our enemy, the easier it becomes to overthrow him, but those posts are now gone from the site. Not only have they been removed from the site, they have also been removed from my archives…

If anyone knows why this has happened or has some issue with these posts, I would be very interested in discovering the reason. The obvious explanation is that satanic activity is taking place once again and if this is not just a problem with the site that can be corrected, then we know that Satan has decided to take a major stand against being discovered…

Satan is our enemy and will do anything to prevent being beaten in a fight and we have managed to hurt his ego which is his downfall as I have explained in one of the missing posts. I have asked the administrators for an explanation and it will be interesting to discover who is running this site. If anyone knows anything, I would appreciate an explanation !!!

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12:50 PM   [13 Aug 2012 | Monday]


It is with great satisfaction that the people of this site have once again resisted the attempts of Satan to interfere with our site, and once again we have been victorious !!!

The reason that it is so important to keep these posts off the site is because it uses spaces that would otherwise be used by good people writing good things and moving good posts off of the first page where they get the highest number of people reading and perhaps being helped by them. It is not a random paranoid activity that we keep reminding people to stand up and fight, it is because we all need to be reminded sometimes as to what God expects of us. We are all soldiers of God in the battle against good and evil, and when we act like Christians, the results are miraculous !!!

It does not matter who or how this victory was achieved, those who fought know who you are and so does God, but the important thing is that it happened. As long as we remain vigilant and do not hesitate to fight when it becomes necessary, this site will remain clean of satanic garbage and we can all feel proud to be a member. It is a wonderful thing to see people getting together and doing the will of God and see the results of those actions and they are victory and satisfaction !!!

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12:38 PM   [13 Aug 2012 | Monday]


We have been fortunate not to have been bothered too much by satanic attacks on the site for awhile, but we can see that he is not going to EVER give up... We have resisted him in the past and we must continue now. We are told in the Bible that if we resist him that he will flee, and he did but only until he felt that we are being weakened by his constant actions hoping that we will give in to him and let it go on. It is up to each one of us to decide if we want this site to remain a Christian site or one that is being influenced bt Satan.

Report this new activity to the administrators and voice your opinions as true Christians by standing up for Christian ideals and principles and have these ridiculous posts removed or moved to a different location. A good suggestion for another place would be the garbage can !!! Once again, this is not e-bay or any other advertising site unless we are advertising Christian princples...

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12:01 PM   [12 Aug 2012 | Sunday]


All things in life are governed by some sort of rules or regulations. Some of these rules are specific and are written down and are called laws, while others are unwritten and are open to interpretation. We see how these rules apply as we watch the Olympics in London and how strictly the athletes are expected to adhere to the rules because breaking them would mean elimination from the games. But, we also find that if someone is not watching, many people break the rules for every day life situations. Even in our courts where people take oaths asking God to be our witness that we will tell the truth, that people lie very often…

All of these regulations were originally developed in order to keep some sort of unity and integrity to the event for which they were made. It does not matter if we are speaking about recreational activities or life situations, there are rules for all of this, but people try to find ways around these regulations so that they have an advantage or it makes it easier for them. The Bible gives us many examples of this, especially in the Old Testament in which the nature of man is discovered. As we move into New Testament times, certain regulations were eliminated but we were required to live under what we can call The Moral Code of Ethics. We all know the difference between right and wrong in normal situations, but because these principles are not written, man interprets them as it suits his agenda. Unfortunately, our court system is governed by people and people have predetermined feeling and are biased and these elements sometimes interferes with a fair judgment. But, this is the way in which we have allowed our civilization to evolve and it is not going to change. Different people believe different things and that creates conflicts in understanding and behavior.

There is one set of rules however, that is universal and is not open to interpretation and it is written down so there can be no misunderstanding and it is called the Bible. However, true to the nature of man, man thinks that he can alter these rules in order to suit his agenda and has done so countless times. It is not as if these principles are random or arbitrary, they are strict and perfect because they came from God. How people can think that they can change the words of God and that their actions can be based upon the altered rules and expect God to accept this, is beyond comprehension. When we finally face God to give account of our actions, we can be fairly certain that He is not going to ask which version of His Bible did we use for our basis. He made the requirements to achieve salvation and they are specific and they are not difficult, and it would be pretty surprising if He accepted anything else as the road to travel to get through the gate.

The number of different versions that are merely interpretation of the original words of God is overwhelming. We are not going to discuss which Bible is the correct one, this has been done many times before and people just seem to want to stay with their own version for any number of reasons knowing that the result of this actions will keep them out of New Jerusalem. Perhaps they just do not believe that any infraction of the rules of God is sufficient to keep them out, but they would be wrong… God was not making suggestions when the Bible was assembled, He expects us to attempt to live under the principles that He set forth. All anyone needs to do is to ask themselves if they truly believe that all the hundreds of various denominations are teaching the exact doctrine of God and are alright in His eyes. If it did not matter to God what and how we behaved as His children, then there would be no reason to have written the Bible. The objective is to claim the gold medal because it is the only one available, but any infraction of the rules will cause elimination from further participation. We must all consider the consequences of not returning to the original version and principles that God has given us. Thinking or fearing that it would be a mistake to return to the words of God is only satanic attempts to influence people to do  things that will cause them to lose… do not be one of them !!!

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12:59 PM   [10 Aug 2012 | Friday]


The Bible tells us to give honor and respect to both our religious as well as our political leaders. This is perhaps the most difficult rule to accomplish considering the current circumstances in the world. The priorities of all of our leaders seemed to have gone astray somewhere along the way, but this is not our business if we believe that God is in control of everything and so we must do our best to accept what appears to be the ignorance and arrogance of our leaders. We are entitled to our opinions concerning the activities of our leaders and we can voice those opinions if we truly believe that our motives are honorable. It is just difficult to understand most of the reasons for the decisions of these people in view of the situations that exist all over the world. People are suffering and dying because of malnutrition and illnesses, and this country feels that it was more important to spend 2.6 billion dollars sending some instrument to the planet Mars to discover if water ever existed on that planet. And, this was only one trip to that planet, we have sent more than twelve other expeditions to Mars at incredible cost and most of the vehicles missed the planet…Trying to understand how these experiments is going to do anything to assist the needy people of the world is beyond comprehension, but we must always trust that God knows best for us all.

At various times throughout history, nations would get themselves in trouble and during biblical times, God allowed this to happen in order to give to us a lesson as to why it happened. These lessons were given to us so that as time went on that the same mistakes would not be made, but man always thinks that he knows best, in his own mind, and nations continued to get into trouble and eventually implode. Now however, it is not just a nation but it is the entire world community that is in trouble. We know that God is always in control so we can only assume that He is trying to teach us a lesson once again, but we really do not know. The situation does have biblical overtones though, so it may very well be possible that we are being given a lesson again… But, this is about our political leaders and as we elect those that are far out of alignment with biblical doctrine, we can only expect to get what we are getting.

In terms of our religious leaders, we must ask ourselves where were they when certain events took place that are directly opposed to biblical doctrine. We may as well forget the past issues where they should have organized and prevented certain events from taking place, such as abortion and same sex marriage, because these things will probably not change unless we elect people that can and will change them… But, we are now faced with a new satanic activity where our religious leaders should unite and use the power that they would possess in order to stop this incredible increase in gambling casinos being built in many states. We all know what comes along with these activities and none of it is good.  We are not judging our religious leaders with these statements but attempting to get them to understand that part of their job is to protect their flocks. Again, we may be having a lesson given to us, not only to the leaders but also to the members of the church to stand up and ask what the leader intends to do about preventing such satanic activities…

Christians are supposed to be the light of the world, but so far, most of us do not have enough light to find our way home even during the daytime. Preventing satanic activities within the city or town, or even the country in which you live is not against the separation of church and State, but it is the protection of people from Satan and his activities. If we use the introduction of gambling casinos as an example, all of the church leaders from the various groups in a place where a casino is planned should unite and go to the government officials and tell them that it is not going to happen in that town, they may be surprised at the power that they have to stop satanic activities of all kinds. Also, when we all have to stand in front of God and give an account of ourselves, at least we might have one good thing to tell Him... But, as Christians, we should demonstrate our beliefs and commitment against all satanic activities and truly become a bright and shining light so that many more can find their way !!!

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12:59 PM   [06 Aug 2012 | Monday]


God creates Earth and in one area He places a garden called Eden which is essentially paradise. He places man in the garden and gives him everything that man needs and asks only one thing from man which is not to do just a single restriction, which, of course, man immediately does and gets put out of this incredible place. However, the rest of the Earth is not too bad with all that man needs in terms of resources and beauty as well, but because of his original disobedience, man must work in order to live… But, God has provided for man all the elements that are necessary to live a pretty good life. But, as usual, man messes things up, so God destroys everything and begins again…And, true to form, man begins to mess things up once again.

Now, we can acknowledge that man had help in messing up because of satanic influences, but it is still man that deserves the responsibility for what is happening. Finally, God selects a group of people and chooses to give them the rules and regulations for proper human behavior and how to keep the resources that He gave to man to use and enjoy. But, once again, man begins to try and find loop holes in the rules of God and since they cannot find any because God is perfect, they begin to make their own rules and include them along with the ones given by God apparently thinking this will give them validity.

We know that Satan is involved with helping man mess things up, but God is aware of this fact and so He explains to man how to avoid these satanic influences. He gives man every type of experience and shows them what happens when man pays attention to God and what happens when man does not… But, for some unknown reason, man seems to want to think that he knows better than God and chooses the ways of Satan and continues to mess things up. After all the lessons and experiences that God gives to man, He reduces them into a manual for living called the Bible. So now, man has no excuse that he did not know because all of the principles and ideals are contained in the manual !!!

Now, man has the Bible and is aware of all the requirements to keep the Earth is good shape and use the resources provided for us, and also how to prevent Satan from influencing us to do wrong and mess up once again. So, what does man do but his usual exercise and try to find ways around these rules and when he cannot, he adds his own and disregards those that were given to us by God…

In the beginning, Earth was a beautiful place filled with beauty and ample resources for man to use and live. But now, because of the disobedience and arrogance of man, the Earth has become a junk yard filled with garbage and pollution. Man himself has also become corrupted and filled with greed and sadness without integrity. We live in a world of hatred where money and power have become our gods. And, it is only going to get worse because we keep doing the same thing over and over again. The Bible gives us the rules and regulations for proper balance in our lives as well as the world community, but we keep moving further and further away from these principles and as we do, things get more messed up. Activities which were once thought of as being wrong slowly became tolerated and then accepted and finally condoned by people as well as our religious leaders and those that should be showing us our errors.

Saving the world probably is not possible, but saving ones’ own sense of dignity and integrity can only happen if we return to those ideals given to us from within the Bible. God cannot be wrong just by definition and so His ways will always be better than anyone or anything else. The Bible contains the words of God but man has corrupted those words to suit his selfish desires with the different interpretations of the Bible. The world as well as the human race is a mess, on that we can all agree. This happened as a result to straying from biblical ideals and will continue until the end. But, each of us can return to the proper rules for behavior by following the instructions given to us by God. And if we do this, that is if we return to God, He tells us that He will return to us, and that would be a very good thing !!!

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12:59 PM   [04 Aug 2012 | Saturday]


The Bible has endless layers of understanding which, unfortunately, very few people reach passed the obvious lesson. The greater meanings come only through constant study and reasonable thought concerning everything that is being offered to us. Although gaining the obvious meaning is a good thing, with a little more concentration, a new world of understanding begins to open up to the reader.  The Bible was also written with aids that help us to grasp the meaning, for example, the numbers three and seven are indications of the same thing, which is completion, but there is a reason that two numbers are used to show this aspect. Man understands three better than seven because our lives are based upon the number three. We will notice that sometimes the number three is used to denote completion and other times the number seven is used. The reason is simple once we know it, and that information gives us the ability to see aspects that may have been confusing up to that point. The number three denotes completion when the Bible speaks of carnal things since man is carnal, but it uses the number seven when it speaks of spiritual things. If a reader goes to Revelation, the reader will notice the intense use of the number seven because Revelation is almost totally spiritual in nature. God created all things in seven days and that is the beginning of the separation between the two numbers meaning the same thing… The Old Testament with all of the visions of the prophets will also show the use of seven, but in normal conversation, three is used again. Just think about how many things were done in three in the New Testament and the reader will be able to distinguish more easily carnal from spiritual…

If we look at just one statement of Jesus, we will see that His words were usually filled with deeper meanings. In John 10:10 Jesus tells us “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”. In this one sentence is a huge amount of information that may not be obvious if read without contemplation. First Jesus is telling us that He has come to give eternal life, but he uses the word “ might” which tells us that although He has the ability to give eternal life, it is not guaranteed. The second aspect of this statement is that He tells us twice about giving life and the second time He uses the word “abundantly”.  Heaven is perfect and so it cannot be more abundant, therefore He is telling us that not only can He give us eternal life but that He can enhance our lives on earth as well. Another interesting aspect about Jesus is that He seldom actually gave anything to anyone. Also, He seldom answered questions that were asked of Him. When asked a question, He would usually respond with a statement that caused the person asking to examine certain aspects that give a lesson rather than an answer. As far as giving things to others, His work was spiritual and His life was an example for us to follow…

The Bible is a miraculous book that has obvious meanings that give us the path to contentment and hopefully eternal life in the presence of Jesus. But, it is also filled with other and deeper meanings and lessons that require concentrated study by the reader.  Many people think that just believing in Jesus guarantees a ticket through the gate, but we see that this is not accurate. In all of the lessons and deeds that Jesus gave or did, there was always a condition for accomplishment of the action. He tells us that few will pass through the gate and a few does not mean everyone. This is a warning that He gives to us, but for some reason, many do not understand that the condition is a necessary element to receiving anything from God. Every word in the Bible has a meaning that everyone can understand, but the totally committed person will examine each of these words and begin to find the deeper meanings that will lead them to a life more abundant here on earth, and maybe an eternal life in heaven in the presence of Jesus !!!  


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1:01 AM   [03 Aug 2012 | Friday]


Man has always had a problem assuming the responsibility for his actions. In fact, man has always had a problem admitting that he ever makes an error in judgment or action.  The first human event recorded in the Bible is man being disobedient to God, and the reaction to being questioned by God is that the man says that the woman made him do it and the woman says the she was beguiled by Satan.  So, we immediately see that the nature of man is to excuse himself from responsibility; unless, of course, the event turned out well and then man is right there taking credit. The stories are endless concerning how man responds to various outcomes of different events, but very seldom does man accept the fact that he made a mistake. There is always some good reason that it was not his fault…

During the time of Jesus, we begin to see man using more and more deceit to avoid responsibility. We begin to understand political responsibility and how the political leaders would deceive the government by describing events that did not happen exactly the way they did occur in order to gain favor with the leaders in Rome. The Roman leader in Jerusalem sends a letter when they take Paul to his superior telling him that he saved Paul from the crowds, which, of course, he did not.  This is just an example of how people distort the truth for various reasons, mostly to increase their own importance, but never to assume the responsibility for any bad event.

As time passes, this type of reaction, or lack of reaction, begins to become an accepted way of life. It finally reaches a point that no matter how wrong something may be, if people want to do it, and no one stops them, it eventually ceases to be considered wrong. The Jews did it with the Laws of God and Christians do it with the regulations given to us for our behavior. Integrity is not something that we strive for any longer, in fact, it is a hindrance to our selfish and immoral desires. If people are doing things that are illegal and the government cannot or does not want to deal with it, they pass a law making it legal and therefore eliminating the problem. The welfare of the people is of no interest but getting rid of the issue is the motivating factor.

Our leaders that we have elected to represent our interests are not the slightest bit interested in our wishes and create laws without thought to the affect it has upon the people that elected them. We are lied to about almost every subject and the information that we get, if any, is distorted to make it appear to be good. All of this type of behavior is continually increasing until we have finally reached a point from which we cannot find a way out.

We are Christians and we are supposed to walk to a different drummer, but unfortunately, very few do. Not only are we Christian but we are also human and subject to all of the weaknesses that people have and those weaknesses overpower our ability to do good. But, if we were to look at ourselves as Christians first and humans second, we may find that our principles and behavior begins to change and we would find our lives changing also. We can stop doing wrong things if we consider to whom we are responsible and by whom we will be judged.  Jesus tells us to store our processions in heaven and not on earth because we are only here for the blink of an eye, but where we go upon our death is forever and that seems to be a long time… We can change the world but that must begin with each of us changing ourselves to come into alignment with Christian principles. As more and more people do this, sooner or later, the majority of people on the planet will have discovered integrity once again and the world will change. But, even if it does not happen in our lifetime, we will become better individuals and more acceptable to God !!!

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