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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [30 Jul 2012 | Monday]


We can all agree that the Bible was written by God, although individuals who were inspired by God did the actual writing. After a few misguided attempts, a book was finally completed that was the first translation into English called the Authorized King James Version, and we can probably agree on that also. Since that time however, a number of “revised” translations were published for various reasons decided by man. In other words, certain men decided that what God wanted us to have in terms of lessons or doctrine was not appropriate any longer or many other reasons and so they assumed the place of God and wrote what they thought was best for mankind. A lot of these revisions were made when a new denomination was established, but they still claimed to be Christians because they believed in Christ.

 Now, as we read the original Bible, we find that there are two distinct parts; the Old Testament and the New Testament, and theoretically true believers use both parts of the Bible to establish the lessons and doctrine that God wanted us to have and use in order to achieve being adopted as one of His children and attain salvation. Although many true believers do not read the Old Testament, they are not able to grasp the deeper meanings of the lessons in the New Testament which is unfortunate because there is where we find the correct path for our lives. But, excusing that aspect, we go on and attempt to live by the rules as stated in the New Testament but without complete understanding…

Now, the others that are using a “revised” bible to grasp the lessons of God are at a slight disadvantage because they cannot be certain if it a lesson from God or an interpretation of man. Some of the alterations are completely outrageous but not to the person that believes that what they are being taught is from God. We have to assume that Satan was certainly involved with some of these interpretations, but the reader was probably brought up believing these alterations and thinks that the KJV is incorrect. And so, over the years, many men have taken the place and authority of God upon themselves and developed new denominations and bibles appropriate to their beliefs. Now, we are not suggesting that these are bad people, in fact, most are wonderful individuals who respect God and do the best they can but, sadly are misinformed.

The problem only exposes itself upon the death of these people when they are asked by God if they did the best that they could in following His instructions. We have no idea as to what He may ask but we can guess that the questions will probably concern the more important elements of His teachings, such as abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriages and other subjects of equal importance. He may even suggest that a woman’s right to choose was made when she chose to have sexual relations and then the rest was up to Him…But, one thing about which we can be certain is that God did not write the Bible just as a suggestion as to how we should write our own versions. It is not like His version was an approximation of His wishes and that it would be fine with Him if we did not agree with His ideas. God cannot be wrong by definition, therefore anything that is not in agreement with His words must be incorrect as a result. When we finally face Him, we can be relatively certain that he will not agree with the changes man has made and admit that He was incorrect or never thought of the particular way that man wanted things to be…

So, let us reduce this into terms with which we cannot disagree… God creates all things including man. He then spends thousands of years creating situations and circumstances by which man can learn and understand the wishes of God for His creations. He finds that man is not exactly grateful for all of this and becomes disobedient. God then takes upon Himself the punishment for the sins of man instead of allowing man to endure the loss of the incredible benefits God has given to man. God then has all of this information gathered together and reduced into a manual for His wishes for our behavior and it is called the Bible. And now, there can be no misunderstandings about what is expected of us by our Creator and, incidentally, our owner, since everything belongs to Him anyway !!!

So now, after God has done all of this for us, and much more also, and gives us a manual for our behavior based upon all of the experiences and events that He caused for our benefit, that He is going to accept any changes to His rules and regulations that man decides to make… It is not even remotely possible that God will accept the alterations that man has made to His wishes, He is God and we are not !!!

Matthew 7:21 “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

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12:59 PM   [28 Jul 2012 | Saturday]


If you were to ask almost anyone which way is better, God’s way or their own way, the answer would most likely be God’s way. It does not matter the situation or question, most people would agree that God knows the best way to handle every circumstance. It would be foolish to try any other way of solving a problem because God is always right just by definition. So, if this is true, why is it that we always try to do things our own way first ?

Most people would not agree that they use their own ideas first, but, in fact, that is exactly how we operate. It is only until we cannot find an answer or we make a mistake that we come back to God and ask for His advice. We see this many times in the Old Testament which teaches us the nature of man and the nature of man has never changed. Man is self centered, egotistical and stubborn and believes that he always knows what is best for him. Reality is an inconvenience that is often disregarded because it interferes with what man wants to do.

Having God as our advisor in all matters is perhaps one of the greatest benefits and least used by His children. He is never wrong, He is always looking out for our best interests and we are guaranteed of a correct result. But, for reasons unknown, man has continually attempted to solve its’ problems using only the information that they process which is not enough with which to make the correct decision. What we lack is knowing the future and that lack of information usually is the reason that our decisions are wrong. But, man has great difficulty admitting that an error was made and continues on the wrong road until disaster is finally reached. All we need do is look at how we have messed up this world as it now exists. The world is essentially financially bankrupt and our moral integrity hardly exists. We are driven by greed and the quest of power at the cost of the common man.

The Old Testament gives many stories of when man made decisions without the benefit of seeking the advice of God and disaster always followed. These stories were given to us for our benefit to show us that because we do not know everything that we cannot make an accurate decision. This applies not only to entire nations but to all individuals as well. And, there will be some that will say that they cannot agree with this theory because they read the bible and try to do all that it tells them, but we can almost guarantee that these people are using an altered bible. God has said in Malachi 3:7 “Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinance, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts. But, ye said, Wherein shall we return?”  Well, a good place to return would be to use the Bible that He gave to us and not some altered translation filled with self serving agendas.

We must face the reality that our world, as we have allowed it because of our own egotistical stupidity, is in chaos. Nations as well as individuals cannot spend more money than they have and expect to survive for very long. We cannot disregard the regulations for our behavior as God has given us and expect that He will help us out of this mess. We cannot expect that He will do anything for us unless we ask Him, but that seems to be the last thing that is done. We may do it as individuals, but as nations, they are happy allowing their corrupted leaders to make all the decisions. Christians have tremendous power because of our direct link with God. But, if we do not choose to unite and return to Him as a single Church, we will not get anything done to correct any problems…

So, if you were to ask almost anyone which way is better and the person tells you that the way of God is best, then ask that person ( and you might want to ask yourself also ) why do you always try it your way first. And, with very few exceptions, we all attempt to solve our own problems until we realize that we need the advice of God. Try going to Him first, you may be surprised how much easier your life will begin to be !!!


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12:59 PM   [26 Jul 2012 | Thursday]


A miracle is defined as an event that defies any known scientific explanation and is then attributed to supernatural causes. Many events in our lives seem to be miraculous and perhaps some of them are, but do not be confused by an event that occurs that is answered prayer and not really a miracle.  Many times we ask God for certain things to happen in our lives or even the lives of others and then forget that we had asked for it. Then as time passes, people then think that God did not respond to their supplication, but we must remember that delay is not denial. It is not unusual for quite a long time to pass before God answers our prayers, but when it is finally answered, we have forgotten our request and consider it a miracle… True miracles happen all of the time and it seems that most of the time that it is something that has protected one of the children of God. The plan that God has for His children is going to happen and nothing is going to get into the way of that plan, and so, sometimes a miracle must occur in order for that plan to continue.

Medical miracles appear to happen quite often and, in fact, they do. But, sometimes accidents or illnesses happen where there appears to be no hope of recovery and then, all of a sudden, the person is cured or healed. Again, this just might be a prayer being answered, but it really does not matter, especially to the individual and his or her loved ones.  An argument can certainly be made that just having a prayer answered is a miracle and sometimes it is difficult to explain some answered prayers considering for what was asked…

The Bible is filled with stories of miracles, but these events happened to show the power of God. In these cases, God did something that would have been impossible without His intercession, but usually the event was immediate. The parting of the Red Sea, the walls of Jericho falling down, Jesus raising people from the dead and the many immediate healings of people vexed with illnesses are all miracles, but as we can see, they were all immediate events. There are literally hundreds of various events that the Bible tells us in the stories, but they were all immediate and demonstrated the power of God.

There is no question that miracles still occur and they still demonstrate the power of God. But, a potato chip shaped like a cross probably is not one of them, however, miracles happen all of the time and we do not even know it. If a person walks out onto a street and just gets missed being hit by a car but does not even know it; that would be a miracle that God performed to protect one of His. And, in some cases, God spent quite a lot of time protecting certain individuals from being killed many times considering the way that person lived his or her life… In modern times, known “miracles” seem to be owned by only one denomination and there really is not any proof that these events took place. But, miracles actually do happen every day to the children of God as He protects them from danger. When a person gets seriously hurt and a loved one asks God not to let them die and the person does not die, it is not a miracle as such because someone asked God in a prayer for His intercession…

Miracles happen all of the time, but most of the time, we do not even realize it. God does not need to demonstrate His power any longer, but He does protect those that are His. Never underestimate the power of prayer, or the love God has for His children and how far He will go to protect them from danger. Perhaps the greatest miracle that we can identify is the fact that God listens to us and answers our prayers in spite of how disobedient that we all are to His wishes for the way we should behave !!!

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12:59 PM   [24 Jul 2012 | Tuesday]


As we read through many of the legitimate posts on this site, as well as other sites similar to this, we notice a few characteristics that seem to always be there.  The first thing we notice is that generally the same people write most of the posts, with the occasional member speaking about a particular subject that is important to them. But, for the most part, it is usually the same people posting.  The other aspect that we notice is that very few people comment about the posts, which is difficult to understand especially if the post is somewhat controversial. If someone has an issue with a particular statement, then they should voice their opinion and perhaps even correct an error made by the author. We must always keep in mind that the Bible is the only source of accurate and truthful information, and should be the only place from which we obtain our knowledge about God and His will for us, as well as all other aspects of mankind.

We also notice that there are many statements made that have no biblical validity, but are stories and mythology that people believe to be true. For example, we know virtually nothing about Jesus from the time that He was about twelve years old until He was thirty years old. However, this does not stop people from writing stories concerning that part of the life of Jesus. Satan is another example of stories written about him although we have absolutely no knowledge about him other than what we are given in the Bible, and the Bible does not tell us why he was dismissed from the presence of God. The Bible tells us that he was, but it does not tell us why… Again, this seems to make no difference to people considering how much writing there is about Satan that has no validity. There is a huge amount of writings about all sorts of spiritual things and events that have no accurate background for such information, but reading these fables can lead to misunderstandings concerning biblical doctrine and can be very detrimental to the uninformed reader. We must be very careful from where we get our information considering that our everlasting life depends upon it…

We also notice the attitudes of many of the authors that submit their thoughts on these sites, and can place them into different categories. There are some that just want to see their names on the internet and have little to say, and there are those that have a sincere interest in trying to be helpful to others in their understanding of biblical doctrine. In between these two categories is a whole bunch of different characters, some of which can be very dangerous because they write in a very convincing manner about things that they know little. We also notice the “holier than thou” group as well as the  “chosen ones”… These people should probably examine their feelings of humility before they begin their writing. As far as the “chosen ones” are concerned, they should be reminded that if you are a child of God, then they should recognize that all of His children are “chosen” to do some particular task and no one is more important than the other. The person that cleans the church building is just as important as the Pastor in the eyes of God. Paul speaks of these people and warns them not to get puffed up with the little knowledge that they may have. And, in many cases, the knowledge is not even validated by anything other than mythology.

Satan is very much aware of the weaknesses of us all and will use that information to get us to help him influence others that may be ignorant of the truth into believing things that confusing or misleading to the uniformed.

Unfortunately, Christians have a reputation for being arrogant and thinking that they are always right. Although they may be right in their choice of belief, it is also unfortunate that many Christians know very little about that choice. The people that post information should try to share their knowledge and experiences in order to help others understand the complexities of being a Christian and not “show off” how much they think that they know which is often very little… A lack of humility is not the way to get others to listen to your message. Satan is just waiting to jump on the arrogance that is sometimes demonstrated and destroy any good that a person could have done. We must always remember that Satan is always there looking for ways to destroy good works. Each of us should examine our own attitudes and humble ourselves in the eyes of God and the world !!!

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12:59 PM   [23 Jul 2012 | Monday]


On the first page of today’s posts are four blogs concerning clothing…. That is four areas that could have been used to post good words from good people. As long as we continue to allow this sort of garbage on this site, it will continue, it is just that simple. This is a waiting game that Satan always plays to see who will give in first, and so far, he has won. This is a Christian site dedicated to Christian ideals and not e-bay. Apparently there are few that take this activity as being serious or even satanic, but you are sadly mistaken…

Until enough people understand just how serious that this problem is, nothing is going to happen except that it will get to be a larger problem. Allowing Satan any space on this site lowers the validity of the site which is exactly what he wants to happen…

It was commented that allowing one post per person per day is “overkill” but is not that exactly what we want to do but kill off satanic attacks and influence ??? We must appeal to the administrators to end these attacks in some way or we will be overrun by these types of posts. We have all seen it, and it is difficult to understand why more people do not see it as a problem that must be addressed. The thought that this is not important is just another way that Satan has influenced the feelings of those that do not think it to be a problem. If you are one of those that see this as just being a nuisance, then you are being influenced by Satan. Even if it does not matter to you, consider those that have their words moved off the first page and gets lost and act like a Christian on their behalf, but do something because Satan is winning and our job is to resist him !!!

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12:59 PM   [21 Jul 2012 | Saturday]


The Bible is the only reliable place to go where everyone can find the truth about any subject… But, it all depends on one thing and that is which Bible that you choose to use. The number of bibles that exist today is staggering, but we have already discussed this issue and have explained that the only inspired translation is the Authorized KJV. Any other translation does not give us the miraculous aspects of the KJV and so we cannot rely on the information given. Now, having established this fact, let us go to the Bible and see what we sometimes forget and these are the promises given to us by God. Although there are many promises, let us examine just one and see what we can understand and learn from this one promise.

1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

This certainly is an all encompassing promise that tells us that we need not worry about anything, but just give to Him all of our concerns. But, first we must discover to whom Peter is speaking. Peter tells us in the beginning of his message to whom these words apply.

1 Peter 1:2 “Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father,….”

So we see here that Peter is giving this information to the “elect” which is a description not used too often which indicates the importance of these select individuals chosen by God and probably guaranteed entrance into Heaven. Peter is telling these individuals that they should give all of their concerns to God and not worry about anything, and then he goes on and tells them why…

1 Peter 5:8-9 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.”

There is quite a lot of information given to us in these few short verses, which is not unusual with all the verses in the Bible, but exactly what it means we can discover by contemplation and reasonable conclusions.  First, we find out that his audience is a select group of individuals and this promise applies to them. But, since we do not know if we are one of the elect, we should assume that we are for our own sakes just in case that we are.

So, God tells His elect not to concern themselves with anything and that certainly would make life pretty nice, but there may also be a condition to this promise even to the elect. In the next few verses, Paul tells us of the devil and how he will devour us if given the chance. He then tells us to resist him and that just might be an important condition to this promise of a care free life. We all have a part to play in all things given to us by God, but unfortunately, we seem to fail in most of these aspects which are generally extremely simple and easy.

We have been speaking about resisting Satan in many posts and yet few, if any, actually see the attack and do nothing about it. Dismissing these attacks may be the easiest thing to do but by doing so, we may also be dismissing a requirement for a trouble free life. As we study the promises of God, we will always find that there is something that we must do in order to obtain the promise. We see this also when Jesus would perform a miracle and cure the ailments of the people that came to Him for help. There was always something that the person had to do to complete the process. The blind man had to go wash his eyes, and for the most part, the task was as simple as that. Resisting Satan is a never ending task and many benefits offered to us depend on our constant vigilance and resistance to satanic attacks. It does not matter how small or seemingly insignificant satanic attacks may seem to be, they will all lead to the same thing in the end and that is disaster. As a Christian, we all have a responsibility to resist Satan every time he attempts to influence us and by not doing so, we could very easily be missing out on a much easier life !!!



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12:59 PM   [19 Jul 2012 | Thursday]


The second most influential individual that ever existed is Satan… There seems to be some sort of strange curiosity about this character among certain groups and individuals that is difficult to understand. The amount of people that go to movies that involve Satan and his attacks against mankind is overwhelming. It may be that the forces of good always prevail in these movies and that makes these people that go see them feel better, but the real world is not a movie and good generally does not prevail… Satan is responsible for all evil that has ever happened to mankind. He is so subtle and persuasive that many people do not give him the importance of his existence and that is exactly what he wants people to believe. We have seen him attack this site by loading the page with nonsense, and it would not be a surprise to see him load the page with what may appear to be good posts in order to accomplish his mission, and no one would know it was satanic, yet he completes his task and moves good posts from good people off the first page. He is that subtle !!!

We cannot overly emphasize the importance of God choosing man losing to Satan as the first story concerning mankind in the Bible. The Bible is filled with stories and events in which Satan has taken part and we see the results are always disastrous. We are being given these lessons in order to make us see and understand the power of Satan and yet, many think of him as an insignificant irritation. We are not capable of understanding his powers but, we can say that he has affected the lives of every person that ever lived, with one exception, Jesus. However, if we look at what Jesus had to do to deal with Satan, we can say that even Jesus was affected by Satan.

Satan hates God and he hates all things that God has done including creating man. There is nothing that Satan can do to God, but he certainly can and does influence and affect the lives of the creations of God, and it is all negative. Satan was used by God during biblical times in order to show us the power of evil and how to defeat it when we become aware that we are being influenced. Why He still allows Satan to interfere with our lives only He knows, and you can ask God that question if you ever get to meet Him…

The methods of influence used by Satan are endless and continuous. He is not as much interested in non believers because these people already belong to him. But, believers are constantly being attacked by Satan and most of the time, we are not even aware of it. Paul tries to explain the magnitude of this problem when he tells us in Ephesians 6:12-13

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Now, this description does not sound like a walk in the park, Paul is talking about warfare and goes on to describe how to protect ourselves from that attacks of Satan. And, do not think that this is not a war greater than anything we have ever experienced because Satan has tools that we cannot even imagine…

We are very much concerned that people do not take the immense power of Satan too seriously, especially the younger individuals that do not have enough experience to recognize an attack.  In fact, older people seldom recognize an attack, and are influenced by Satan to do things that they know are wrong. We must remember that we can never undo anything that we have done, but if we consider the possibility of satanic activity in our lives, we can begin to do something about it.  If you have been given the Spirit, you will be nudged onto the right path. If you do not get the message from within, then you can always go to God and ask for the wisdom to deal with the situation and He promises to give it. As hard as it may be to believe, Satan is probably involved with every aspect of every life and event. As we study the Bible, we will see more and more methods that are used by Satan and at some point, we will be able to recognize the attack before it is too late, that is why these lessons were given to us.  Learning about life and all that is in it, which includes Satan, is what the Bible gives to us. It might be a good idea to read it !!!


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12:27 PM   [19 Jul 2012 | Thursday]


When are you good people going to finally understand what is going on here ??? Out of the last 17 blogs, 9 were about selling junk, and you still seem to think that this is just some sort of irritating event. Please, we appeal to your good sense to see that this is another satanic attack on this site and it will continue until we stop it... One blog for each person on any day is not overkill, but if it is, then that would be a good thing to kill off satanic interference. Please stand up and fight against these attacks and resist Satan by asking the administrators to correct this problem !!!

Some of you have done your job and it goes away, but we have warned you and are warning you again that it will not stop until we fight and resist Satan as a good Christian should do. We cannot keep dismissing these attacks and think they will go away. We are being tested both by God and by Satan, and so far, Satan has won... Stand up and resist him by having the administrators do something that will stop them... It's a never ending battle but if we don't fight it, this site will become history. And, if you don't think that could happen, you don't know Satan. So, act like a Christian and fight Satan at every opportunity or stop "claiming" to be one !!!

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12:59 PM   [17 Jul 2012 | Tuesday]


Most every person believes that we are all the children of God, especially those who have never read the Bible, but this is a wrong understanding. We are, however, His creations but the Bible tells us who is His children in one of the most famous and quoted verses in the New Testament and that is John 3:16...

“For God so loved the world,  that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

This verse tells us many things but the important aspect is that Jesus was the “ONLY” son of God. But, before we continue, let us address any notion that this statement does not indicate that women are not included in this assertion because it does not mention daughters… Jesus was and is the only legitimate child of God. Any argument against this statement is without validity because the Bible cannot be incorrect. We can however, be adopted by God and a few of us will be and that gives to those few all of the benefits of being a legitimate child of God.

The second part of this statement tells us that if we believe in Him, we shall have everlasting life. This does not mean that if we simply believe that He existed, then that is sufficient to achieve salvation. If that were true, the Bible would end at that point. Believing on Him means that we study and read the lessons and doctrine that He gives to us and show our belief by living in accordance with His words. And, it also means that we live in alignment with the instructions given to us from within the words of the epistles or other statements made by those to whom Jesus gave that authority in what is referred to as the Great Commission. We see that many times people would ask Jesus how to achieve everlasting life and He would give them a list of things that they must do. And, we also see that in most cases that the people were unwilling to accept those conditions and walked away.

We cannot take just the lessons that we like and apply them to a belief that by doing those things that we will be saved. And, we have never seen anything in the Bible that allows people to alter a single word or requirement that Jesus and His appointed representatives have given to us, yet for centuries that is exactly what has happened and, in fact, is still happening. How any reasonably intelligent person could possibly think that using a simplified method of becoming a child of God designed by men could probably be acceptable to God is beyond comprehension. But, people continue to disregard the words of God and use a so called bible that has been altered by man for their convenience and still believe that salvation and adoption into the family of God is going to happen to them.

Jesus is continually warning us that very few will pass through the gate, but for some reason most people think that everyone is included in that few. Becoming an adopted child of God is not very difficult but it is not as simple as most people want to believe.  John 3:16 tells us many things, it tells us that God loves us to the point that He will take upon Himself the punishment for our continuous sinning and give to us everlasting peace in paradise, and all we have to do is just one thing. It really is amazing how often God has offered mankind great gifts as long as they do just one thing, and in every case, man fails to be obedient to the single requirement to obtain the gift. It started with Adam and Eve and the one thing was not to eat the fruit of just one tree in paradise, and it ends with just believe in Jesus and listen to His requirements to becoming one of the few… It just seems impossible to think that people believe that they are going to get through the gate because they have followed the instructions made by man and dismissed the requirements given by God… It just is not going to work, but it will make Satan very happy… There is only one way to pass through the gate and it is His way and only His way. At what point during the process of becoming adopted by God as one of His children does our name enter The Book of Life, we do not know. But, we do know that it is not going to happen using any process other than His !!!


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12:59 PM   [15 Jul 2012 | Sunday]


We clearly recognize that many people on this site think that we are a little paranoid about satanic activities, and these are usually younger individuals who have not seen the detrimental effects that Satan can bring into their lives. God is offering us a lesson by this experience and many do not see it. It may seem to be an insignificant event when the workers of Satan place posts one right after another until the page is filled, but that is just the beginning. Satan is always attempting to get into anything that is considered to be Christian in nature because of his hatred of God. The people that post these ridiculous statements may not even be aware that they are doing the work for Satan, but common sense will tell anyone that selling sneakers and knock off watches and such does not belong on a site devoted to Christian principles…

The methods of Satan are endless, but his objective is to get people away from their devotion to our Lord. Allowing or thinking that anything that he does is insignificant is a grave error. If, for example, we pay no attention to his continual interference with this site, sooner or later, the site becomes less religious and eventually it will collapse. This is exactly how Satan works within our lives also. He influences us to do things that seem insignificant, although we know that they are wrong, until he moves in with more important aspects of his influence but we are so used to dismissing him and his attacks, we do not see the problem.

We all think that we a smart enough to recognize a satanic attack and that also is a grave mistake. Our arrogance is what he relies on in order to get us to do what he wants and that is for us to be disobedient to the wishes of God. Let us take an example of his methods and see if we can relate to it… If we normally pray on our knees before we go to bed; and we should show our reverence by being on our knees; and then one night, we realize that we forgot to say our prayers and are already in bed, Satan will try to convince us that it is perfectly alright to pray while in bed until we eventually end up not praying at all !!!

Almost all people do not see satanic attacks when they first begin. His methods are so subtle that they are almost impossible to identify, but at some point, it becomes obvious that we are doing something that we then recognize as being detrimental to our lives.  We need not fear Satan, but we should respect his intelligence because it is far greater than ours. The reason that we finally see the satanic activity is because the Spirit, in many and varied ways, makes us aware of it. A friend may come to you and ask you what you are doing and do you not see that it is wrong, or there are many other ways of being made aware of being influenced by Satan. The good news is that our Lord is always looking out for our best interests and will protect us, but we must want to stop being influenced because often Satan has us doing things that we enjoy in spite of that fact that they are detrimental to us.

Being constantly aware and looking out for attacks in not being paranoid, it is being aware of how persistent Satan is in our lives. First, we must understand and believe all that we have said is true and accurate. Then, we must want to change the fact that we have, without our knowledge, succumb to a satanic attack. But, this takes many experiences before we begin to see and understand how much Satan can hurt our lives. Only then can we see these attacks more quickly and do something to stop it. But, never think that he will not return and try again. This site and how he controls certain posts by loading the page to get a particularly important message off the first page is a perfect example of how he works. It is not insignificant and needs to be dealt with on this site and in our lives… This is a lesson and we should see it that way and pay attention !!!

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