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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [30 Jun 2012 | Saturday]


The second chapter of the Book of Genesis begins by telling us that God rested on the seventh day from all the works that He had done. He was done with everything that was going to happen from that time until the end of this world. It was complete and, as usual, there is much more to understanding what this all means to us, but in this case, it is not too difficult. Simply, the books had all been written concerning every person and things that would ever exist on this earth… God had made all of the plans for mankind as a whole as well as individuals and knew then what was going to happen now because He had planned it.

We all think that we have control over our lives, although some have figured out that, in fact, we have no control over anything. God controls all things and occasionally and purely by coincidence, what we do and think that it was our idea coincides with the plan of God for each of us, we believe that we controlled it. Man has a huge ego and delights in the fact that he thinks that he knows what he is doing, and we can be almost certain that God just sits back and smiles at the arrogance of man.

The Bible gives us many stories and they are given to us for the purpose of attempting to show us the will of God for us. When man decides to go off in another direction, God allowed it in order to illustrate the results of such actions so that all future peoples could see and understand that the only way was the way of God. Jonah tried to escape God and we see what the result was. There are stories in which God allowed Satan to overwhelm the people, but again this was to illustrate certain lessons that God was giving us.

Unfortunately, man seems to always have a problem seeing what is right in front of him. Man uses the fact that God gave us free will and therefore allows us to do whatever we want. But, we must remember and have spoken about this before, that free will is not an action, it is merely a thought and maybe a thought with intent, but it is not an action… Anyone who thinks that he or she can fight against the will of God for each of us and win is just plain foolish. But, the point is we would be absolutely stupid to want to do anything that God had planned for us because who knows better what is best for us… We have spoken about contentment before and cannot think of any better way of achieving contentment than to trust God with our lives !!!

Certainly, unfortunate events happen in our lives and people get hurt and sometimes die, but if we look to the Bible, we shall always find the answer. In all of the stories and lessons given to us in the Bible, we see that events take place that later on end up with incredible and marvelous events. We can be fairly certain that God knows what He is doing and we must trust His decisions for our lives. We must never doubt ( Ah, there’s that “doubt” again ) that God does not love us and will always do the things for us that are in our best interests. Those who have understood that God controls all things and are in the process of giving up their lives to God are on the road to contentment. Life is not easy, but we can make it tougher by thinking that we know best; or we can make it easier by understanding that our book has already been written and there is no way of changing the story…

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12:52 PM   [28 Jun 2012 | Thursday]


When people are asked what they want in their lives, the usual response is that they would like to be happy. But, this is really a poor choice. Happiness is a transient feeling and something that makes us happy today, may very well make us angry tomorrow. We should be looking for joy if we want something like happiness because joy comes from our hearts and not our minds. However, both of these feelings are below what we really should be seeking and that is contentment !!! And, the key to finding contentment is when you begin to understand that having a new BMW automobile is absolutely no different from having a reliable ten years old Ford. Reality and knowing reality is the beginning of becoming content…

When Jesus was asked by the Roman soldier what he should do, Jesus answered and one of the things he told the soldier was to be content with his wages. The story of the workers in the field and how they were all paid the same amount regardless of how long they worked is about contentment. It is none of our business what anyone else is doing or receiving for the same task as we are performing. If you make an agreement that is satisfactory, then nothing else matters. It is when we begin to compare ourselves with others that we become unhappy. If we use the BMW as an example, the reality is that an automobile is a means of transporting us from one place to another and that is all that it does. However,  material things have become distorted into meaning things that are, in reality, unimportant. Status symbols are all around us and we are inundated with advertisements telling us that we are failures if we do not own this or that. It is very difficult not to be influenced by such trash but believing it makes us unhappy and dissatisfied with our lives. If we look at everything in our lives and bring them down to the most simple terms of their use, and purchased the least expensive of whatever that does the job, we get two things; the job gets done and we saved money that can be used to help others or reduce our own debts that will decrease the stress in our lives. It is a win, win situation, but few do it.

Wealth and the acquisition of wealth is merely a substitute for things that are missing in our lives, and one of things is contentment. Jesus tells the story of the man that had so much that he tore down his barns to build new and larger ones and then died the next day. Jesus also tells us that a rich man has little chance of getting into Heaven. We, like the rich man, spend our time searching ways to acquire wealth and power and neglect the importance of our souls and where those souls will spend eternity… There is nothing wrong with being rich, but disregarding God to get rich is where the error will bring us to destruction. It is interesting that the use of drugs is most prevalent with both rich as well as poor, and the reason is that both groups are unhappy…

If we believe in the promises that are given to us in the Bible, then we have no reason to ever worry or even be concerned about anything. We are told that we will be given all that we need and that everything that happens to us is in our best interests. Once we grasp these gifts and begin to truly believe them, then we are on the road to contentment. But few seem to trust in these words even though they are given to us by Jesus and spend their lives trying to “improve” their position. People do not seem to understand that the book on every life has already been written and no matter what we do, it is not going to stop or change what God has decided for us.

We all need to sit back and consider what we are doing with our lives and see that most likely it will not bring us contentment… Paul instructed Timothy and us all as he wrote:

1 Timthy 6:6-7 “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.”

As we see, godliness is the prime factor in this statement and is essential to find what we all should be seeking and that is contentment. The thing is that achieving contentment is the easiest thing in the world to do, and that is just trust in God !!!

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2:44 AM   [28 Jun 2012 | Thursday]


It's a little surprising how few ridiculous posts were placed on the site this time... maybe Satan is getting the idea that we don't want him here !!! But, as usual, he is trying again to slowly bring foolishness to the site in order to confuse the true principles that we wish to share. But, the fact that he did not completely load the page may be telling us that he is just testing the water to see if we will continue to resist him. Well, the answer to that is up to all of us to not be influenced by the so called deals that his workers are posting and Satan will see that we are unified in our actions to keep him away from our site.

Once again we must not view his posts and he will stop them again and the good people can post their good words... But, he will be back and never forget that this battle will never end. But, we seem to be getting better at it and that's a very good thing...

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12:55 PM   [26 Jun 2012 | Tuesday]


The Bible tells us that God created the Earth and everything in it, but there are some “claiming” Christians that believe in the theory of evolution. Man, for some reason, has this notion that the Earth was the first planet that was created by God, but we have absolutely no idea as to how many other systems were in existence at the time or anything else about all of the other celestial objects in the universe, nor does it matter. Earth is a new planet, that we do know, but we do not know how God created it. He could have taken bits and pieces of objects floating around in space and put them together and formed Earth, and this may explain the existence of strange objects found on Earth. Or He could have included these things that appear to be extremely old just to test our faith in His word. We do not know, but it has no bearing on our lives anyway, so if He says that he created it in a few days, we have no reason to doubt His words… Ah, doubt, now where have we heard about doubt before ??? It is just important to recognize that how the Earth was formed has absolutely no impact on our lives.

But, let us examine this theory of evolution and consider the validity of this idea.  At sometime or other, everyone forms opinions and by the mere fact that they have an opinion, they believe that they are correct. Now, people have a tendency to think that highly educated people are smart, but the reality is that education and intelligence have little to do with each other. But, when an educated person forms an opinion, people have a tendency to believe them because they do not know anything about the subject and think that the educated person does. Highly educated people generally have a large ego,( about the size of Texas in some cases), and when they come up with an idea, they study the possibility and only pay attention to aspects that tend to prove their idea and disregard anything that disproves it, like common sense for example.

Nothing can be greater than itself… If you put a bunch of things together, it can only be as great as the greatest part, and nothing is greater than man. So, you can never get man by putting anything together because man supersedes all things. But, what if we take a frog and it gets hit by lightening, do we get a squirrel ? No, we get a dead frog !!! There is no combination of things or events that when placed together will produce anything greater than the greatest part… Man is a creation of God because there is no other way of making man !!!  It is interesting that man has created absolutely nothing on our own, only God has that ability.

Yet, even in the life time of man, we have changed from time to time which some call evolution. Years ago, man was smaller and weaker and so on, and these educated people claim this to be evolution because now we are larger and stronger, but this is not evolution but rather it is nutrition and medicine. Also, we have a tendency to want to place things into categories. And so we establish certain aspects of things and if an organism or plant fits into the aspects of a category, they are called whatever the category is named. Monkeys and man have many similarities and so they are considered to be the same. But if evolution is the basis of our existence, why do we still have monkeys ? A Kiwi is a bird without wings and an Ostrich and Penguins are birds that cannot fly, but they are still considered birds even though they cannot do the most important aspect of birds because some educated person claimed that there were enough similarities to be classified as such. Apparently common sense is not a requirement to the classification of all living things on the Earth.

God created all things and He created them the way that they are and always will be and He is not required to tell us why or how He did it. We either accept His word or we do not, there is no middle ground where we can say that we believe certain things but choose science as the answer to others. We know that many things are placed in the Bible to test our faith, and the interesting part is that most of these tests do not matter or have any impact on our lives. Over the years, there have been many theories concerning almost everything and after we discover new information, these old theories go out the window. These highly educated people have developed hundreds of new medicines and procedures that after a period of time, we discovered that they actually hurt us more than helping us. It is also interesting that no matter where we go on the face of the Earth, we find sea shells. One may think that the Earth may have  been covered by water at some point, but there does not appear to be any scientific explanation for this…For those unfortunate people that believe the scientists instead of the words of God, you had better reconsider your thinking while you still have the chance. None of these theories have any impact on our lives on Earth, but they certainly will have a great impact on what happens upon our death…

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12:58 PM   [24 Jun 2012 | Sunday]


It has been a few weeks now since this site has been attacked by Satan, but do not ever think that he will not be back and probably very soon… However, since some of the members have stood up against him, we have enjoyed the results of our efforts. The site is now open to good people posting good information without fear of being pushed onto the second or third page by the idiotic and continuous posts of the workers of Satan.

But, do not think that this is over because it will happen again and again and we will have to resist his efforts again and again. The good part of this is that we have used one of the flaws in Satan against him and that is his incredible ego. We have seen his methods and we have learned to resist them and this gives us an advantage not only on this site but in our struggles with him in our lives. Many have underestimated the persistence of Satan but, now through his efforts on this site, they see how he works and can use this information to increase the possibility of contentment in their lives. And, this is a good thing !!!

But, be warned and be prepared because he will be back and it may come in a different manner because we have learned how to resist the method he employed before. Never underestimate how cleaver and subtle that Satan can be because he will never accept defeat and decide not to try again. And, he will win the first battle until we discover his new method and only then can we begin to resist him once again. But, until that time, let us enjoy the freedom that we have earned and continue to post good and sincere information for the edification of all !!!

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12:57 PM   [23 Jun 2012 | Saturday]


Most people believe that accepting Jesus as their Savior automatically places their names in the Book of Life, however as we read through the New Testament we find that this may not be an accurate notion. Acceptance of Jesus is certainly the most important element of salvation, but it is only the beginning of our process of having our name placed in the Book of Life. Throughout the teachings and lessons of Jesus, we see the various stages that are necessary to indicate the sincerity of the person as He describes in the Sower of the Seeds… If just calling on Jesus was all that was needed, then everything in the Bible would be without purpose. We are constantly told of the various tests and elements of achieving final salvation, but it all begins with a sincere request to God and that sincerity then begins to be tested. When we are accepted is not known, but the work never ends until we finally die. It is possible that the only exception to having to go through the process is when a person is in a condition of immediate death; for example on the battle field or automobile accident, etc., but even then the request must be sincere and not just an act of desperation. The statement of the last shall be first and the first shall be last makes perfect sense when viewed under these circumstances.

As we study the New Testament, it becomes very clear that there are many aspects of salvation that are necessary to have our names listed in the Book of Life. Jesus speaks of a little leaven eventually spreads throughout the entire lump, and the mustard seed grows into a monumental tree but none  of this is immediate, it all takes time and the proper care. Peter speaks about the fiery testing and indicates that it shall happen and not that it may happen. We must always remember that Jesus has told us that many will seek to enter in but very few will pass through the gate. And the few that will pass through the gate are those that have continually followed the instructions for the process of ultimate salvation.

Calling on the  name of Jesus is certainly the beginning of our walk, but many call out in an emergency and when the problem has passed, so is their commitment. The problem is that many, if not most, do not understand that Christianity is just not a way of thinking, but it must become a way of life. And, a life in which nothing else comes before their commitment to their request to God to save them from spiritual death…

It is interesting to understand that no one is capable of fulfilling the requirements for salvation. But, everyone is capable of trying to follow the instructions given to us from within the Bible, and some will try harder than others, but Jesus knows who is His. If calling on the name of Jesus was all that is necessary to get our names placed in the Book of Life, then why is there going to be a Day of Judgment ? We will all be given the chance to present our case to God as to how and what we did to show the sincerity of our request and then the Book of Life will be opened to see if our name is there…

Certainly, we will all slip and fall during our walk, but it is just a matter of getting up and continuing the walk. But, it is important that we learn why we tripped and we can reduce the number of times we fall by reading the Bible looking for the warnings that have been given to us. Also, we must never underestimate the power of Satan who will always be putting stumbling blocks in the path. But, the Bible gives us the answers to all of these questions and the person who studies the most will probably fall the least… And, never forget, the hand of Jesus is always there to help us up when, not if, but when, we fall

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12:43 PM   [20 Jun 2012 | Wednesday]


Clearly, no one intentionally wants Satan in their lives, especially Christians. Usually, when we accept Jesus and ask His assistance in making us a new person, we rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus and feel cleansed in a way… None of us want Satan to influence our lives because we understand how detrimental he is to us and we strive to be good examples of Christian living. However, although all of this is true, not a single one of us has ever completely closed the door and locked it against Satan.

We may want to think of ourselves as good people and have found the correct path for our lives, but, unfortunately, we are human… And, as humans, we are constantly sinning and many times with the help of Satan. No one will want to believe that they sometimes want Satan in their lives, but the truth is that we all do. If anyone does not believe that they have allowed Satan into their lives from time to time, they are kidding themselves and living in denial !!! We all, at some point, often, many times, want to do things that we know are wrong but, we do them anyway. We think that we can control ourselves but, we do things that we know are wrong which means that we have allowed Satan to influence us and we have not rebuked the satanic manipulation of our desires. Of course, this is not a good thing but, it is a human thing but that does not excuse it, it just explains it…

It is also clear that no one really wants to be like this, however there is not much we can do about it because we are human. But, that does not mean that we cannot try to improve ourselves by resisting satanic attempts to influence us by doing a few simple things. First, and this is not easy for many people who believe that they are “righteous”, is to accept the fact that we really do want Satan in our lives for the occasional and intentional sin. Then, we must remember that we are being influenced by Satan before we commit whatever act we want to do. It is easy to realize that Satan tempted us and we succumbed after the event, but by then it is too late… We must never excuse ourselves and put it off as just being a human thing. And, finally, we should ask God to help us in all of this because it is impossible for us to do it ourselves.

It is helpful to realize that the desires that we have that are sins have been placed in our minds by Satan in the first place. No one just goes out and says “I guess I’ll just go sin”, so we must recognize the beginning of all of this is satanic persuasion. He will place all sorts of sinful thoughts into our minds and then sees which ones appeal to us and then moves in on those desires. An example of this is when anyone clicks on a post on this site which looks like some sort of deal. Our curiosity is driven by greed and once the mouse click is made, Satan has accomplished his mission and now has control.

We will never stop sinning, but we can reduce the amount and intensity of our sins by doing one thing and that is to think about what we are about to do before we do it… Satan will do his best to prevent anything from stopping him from influencing our lives and we must believe this otherwise he will continue to control many of our actions, which by the way, are never in our best interests. We cannot drive Satan away, especially if we really do not want to, but we can ask Jesus to rebuke Satan, and He will… But, be assured that Satan will be back just as soon as he feels us weakening and putting sinful desires into our minds once again. The fight is never over, but the Bible does tells that if we resist Satan, he will flee from us !!! And, when we sin, it is very easy to excuse ourselves saying that we were under satanic influence and forgive ourselves. Forgiveness is not something that we have the authority to do, that is up to God. Never excuse any sin for any reason even though we have been already forgiven all of our sins through Jesus. God hates sin and although He may forgive us, every sin that we commit is borne by Jesus and is painful to God… Think about that and remember that it is we that sinned regardless of what caused it, and it was intentional because we could always have asked God to rebuke our enemy…

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12:59 PM   [18 Jun 2012 | Monday]


We have all seen these postings concerning selling sneakers or cut rate clothing or cheap car loans, etc, but we also know from where they come. This site is not dedicated to selling anything except Christian beliefs and doctrine, so why anyone would post such blogs is obvious. In spite of knowing that they are satanic in nature and are meant to get our thinking off of God, people still cannot resist reading them. We know that Satan is very good at what he does, but it seems that he knows how weak some of the members of this site really are and so he continues to attack us. The only time that it stops, and only for a short period of time, is because we resist him. But, he knows that there are enough people that do not resist him and so he comes back again and again. We have had victories over these attacks on some occasions, but Satan knows that there will always be an audience for his garbage because he knows that some members are too greedy to resist what appears to be getting some sort of deal !!!

It was amazing that immediately after we won another victory over a satanic attack that he came back with another posting and it was viewed well over a hundred times. This seems almost impossible to comprehend but it shows just how good Satan is as well as how weak some of the members are, and Satan knows this. We are all human and subject to human weaknesses, but this was ridiculous… People do not post advertisements for handbags and shoes on Christian sites unless they know that they have an audience for these posts. And, to think that these posts are legitimate may be a little naïve in thinking. We must ask ourselves why these posts are placed on this site and then we might see the real reason. But, greed and the possibility of getting something for nothing is overwhelming to the people who read these blogs.

In theory, we are Christians and the Bible talks about fighting the battles that Satan presents to us. Well, this is part of that battle, as insignificant as it may seem. But, if Satan can win these small battles, then it makes it easier for him to win a more significant fight later on. These little fights are just to soften us up for the real thing, and if we allow him to win the little ones, he will probably have little problem winning the larger ones that will affect each one of us in a detrimental way. This is a war and we should never forget that fact. Satan used methods that put him at an advantage, but we can stop that by resisting his attempts to influence us in these small ways. So, regardless of how tempting the post may sound, we should never open it even out of curiosity because this is exactly what he wants. If a person cannot control themselves on something as simple as this, that person should  get on their knees and pray for help because you are owned by Satan….

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12:58 PM   [17 Jun 2012 | Sunday]


Man is not capable of understanding the spirit world but we can grasp the concept and learn  what they do from the Bible. Our notions about spirits come from the imagination of artists and movies, but in reality, we do not know much about them except that they exist and are used by both God and Satan for whatever purpose is decided to give to them. Our soul is a spirit and only after we leave this earth will we able to see and understand spirits.

We have all seen many postings in which the author speaks about being in the Spirit or, “ the Spirit spoke to me” and there is no reason not to accept this possibility. However, there is much written in the Bible, the only reliable source for such information, concerning spirits and what they do and this is where we should go to gather our knowledge because there is another spirit that exists also that can be very detrimental to our lives. Angels are spirits and Paul tells us in Hebrews that they are ministering spirits sent to help us. Paul also tells us in Hebrews that we should be not forgetful to entertain strangers because some of those strangers may very well be angels in human form. It is important to note that Paul tells us to entertain which tells us that this will continue to happen in the future as well as at that time. So, we know that angels are still here today, both good and bad, doing what they are told to do.

The Old Testament tells us of many times that spirits came to earth in human form for particular reasons, for example when they came to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and many other times that God sent them to do some task. In the New Testament, we see spirits in human form at the tomb of Jesus and also when Peter was in jail, a spirit released his bonds. There are many times that God uses spirits to do certain tasks, but these spirits are different than the Holy Spirit which is the third part of God.

When Jesus speaks to His apostles during the Last Supper, He tells them that He will send them a Spirit of truth that will teach them all things and give them understanding in order to go out and begin His Church. We can only assume that this was the Holy Spirit but He was talking to His apostles not to the entire world. Jesus later speaks about His chosen believers and that they will be baptized with the Holy Ghost but what and how the Spirit speaks to the elect of God is not quite clear. We do not know if He speaks directly to these chosen few or works in other ways to assist the individual. The time immediately following the death of Jesus was entirely different from now because there was no Bible from which to learn about activities that would eventually create the Bible. It was important that the Holy Spirit interact with these men directly so that the wishes of God were fulfilled. However, now we have the Bible from which we can learn and how the Spirit works within us may very well be different.

The reason that there is importance to this understanding is because of Satan. Satan is also a spirit and we know that he speaks to those people which he wants to influence. He spoke directly to Eve and influenced her to disobey God and the world changed forever as a result. Paul tells us a very frightening fact about Satan that should concern all of us and that is in 2 Corinthians when he tells us that Satan can transform himself into an angel of light… In Ephesians, Paul speaks about the spirit that influences the children of disobedience, and so we see that it can be difficult sometimes to know exactly which kind of spirit is involving himself in our lives.  Paul again addresses this issue when in 1 John, he explains that we should always test the spirits whether they be of God or Satan.  This is very subtle also, as Satan is usually subtle, because Satan is a liar and it is very difficult to distinguish the devious methods that he employs to fool us into believing the wrong aspects of biblical doctrine. We do know that he speaks directly to his victims, that is a fact. But, we are not certain of the Holy Spirit speaking directly to us as individuals or uses other methods to get His point to us.

We are not living in Old or New Testament times and things were done differently during those times in order to establish the Church and doctrine, better known as the Bible. We are not suggesting that people have not spoken to spirits, but we have been warned many times about evil spirits and we need to be extremely careful when spirits become apparent to us. The Holy Spirit is gentle and loving and nudges us into the right direction. However, Satan may be more aggressive and try to convince us in a much more outward way as well as being very subtle also. We cannot comprehend the spirit world, at least, not yet and so we must rely on the knowledge and information that we receive from the Bible !!! Many people have been fooled and hurt because they wanted so much to speak to a lost loved one that Satan has used that opportunity to interfere with that person to their eventual hurt and suffering. If we are careful and understand why we were given this information in order to protect us, then we will not be a victim of Satan…

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12:59 PM   [15 Jun 2012 | Friday]


The Administrator may want to check the latest trick of Satan by posting his blog dated 2018... This means it will be on the top of the list for the next six years !!! We do have to admit that He is good at what he does and we have already said that it is not going to stop, but we can resist it and he will go away for awhile... Please contract the administrator and inform him of this new trick...

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