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12:58 PM   [29 May 2012 | Tuesday]


We have all seen television commercials for various products that tell us that if we lease or buy the product that there will be no interest charges for so many years. The problem is that although we do not pay the interest on the loan for those years, we still owe the interest and we will receive a bill for that interest after the period of  time expires… Many people are shocked when they receive that bill but it is only because they did not read the contract thoroughly. They felt that they were getting some sort of great deal and their emotions overcame their intelligence because nothing is for free in this world !!! They never read the contract…

But, the gift that God has given to us is free… Well, that is true, however we must read the agreement to find out how we obtain this free gift and the Bible is the contract that we make with God. In this agreement are all of the conditions of obtaining our free gift because there are conditions !!! There should be no argument that we must receive forgiveness in order to be redeemed. Jesus paid our penalty for our sins but there seems to be more to it than just accepting His actions on our behalf. If acceptance is all that is necessary, then it would be pretty easy to get into heaven, but He tells us that only a few will pass through the gate. The answer to everything is in the Bible, so that is where we go to discover the answers to all of our questions.

If we concentrate on just forgiveness, we will find one of the conditions of salvation. But, it is important to recognize that forgiveness is not just words but it is an action, and it must be sincere, God is not going to be fooled by mere words… It might be helpful to understand that the act of forgiveness is not the important part, although necessary, but it is our demonstration of faith in the promises of God that we are showing.

Matthew 6:14-15 “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:     But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

It is not difficult to see the problem here. We must forgive everyone that has hurt us in some way, regardless of how serious their trespass may be, in order to receive the requirement for our own salvation. This is not an easy thing to do, especially if we consider the worst possible situation of one of our loved ones being murdered by someone.  It is hard enough to forgive people that hurt or deceive us on small events, but if any of us are hurt in a major way, this becomes a different story. Our courts allow family statements to be given before a convicted criminal is sentenced, and we seldom if ever hear from these people that they forgive the convicted individual. What we hear is anger and a desire for revenge… But, the Bible tells us that we must forgive all people that trespass against us and this is where faith comes into play. We must have faith that God will deal with this person as He sees proper and trust in His judgment. We are not saying that the criminal should be forgiven by the State, the person broke the law and will receive punishment for his or her actions, but we must walk away from the situation having forgiven that person. We must learn to let go and let God do His work otherwise we will become overcome with hateful feelings and open the door for Satan to control our lives. Forgiveness is not forgetting, but we must walk away !!!

Since we used murder as our example, it opens up an interesting question and somewhat of a hypocritical situation for those States that allow capital punishment. These States consider murder and a few other crimes as being so heinous that the punishment is to murder the criminal. This may make sense to some, but we fail to see how killing the person who killed as not being the same crime, but committed by the State…

It is not easy to forgive but it is a necessary condition to receive forgiveness of our sins and without that forgiveness, we cannot pass through the gate. Many believe that salvation is automatic upon acceptance of Jesus taking upon Himself our punishment, but any reasonable person can understand that there is more to it than just that. The Bible gives us the conditions of salvation that require no actual physical activity from us. We ask God to make of us a new person, and we will find that the conditions are meant to cleanse our hearts from evil feelings and create a new and better person !!! God knows what He is doing and we must trust in His judgment as to what is in our best interests, so it is a pretty good idea to personally read His agreement with us so that we do not find the gate shut when we approach it !!!

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12:58 PM   [27 May 2012 | Sunday]


We are born, we live and then we die… The important part is the living and what we do while this is taking place. Death is the end of all things on earth for us, but if we are saved, we begin a new and wonderful life in the presence of Jesus for eternity. Those that have been left on earth become very saddened by the passing while, in fact, we should be joyful that our loved one has reached paradise. It is our selfish feelings of loss that cause our grief and sometimes even anger that God took our loved one away from us… People also die at very young ages and we wonder why God would do this horrible thing. The Bible gives us much information concerning this aspect of our existence, but few seem to remember that God has a plan for all of His children. In terms of a young person dying, it seems very sad but if we had read the Old Testament, which few Christians seem to do, we can find how this unfortunate event may have great meaning at some point. Also, in Isaiah 57:1, we find an explanation for at least some of these events:

 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and mericiful men are taken away, none of us considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.” 

We should notice two things by this statement and they are that no one thinks about this and that it was done to protect the person from future harm.

So, let us go to the Old Testament and read the story of Ruth and this may give us some idea as to how the plans of God are far beyond our comprehension, but always these events happen for a very good reason. A woman named Naomi is married and has two sons who are also married. One of the sons is married to a woman named Ruth. In the course of events, all three husbands die and Naomi is left alone with no means of support, as are her daughters-in-law. She decides to return to her native country and tells the other woman to go back to their homes and find new husbands. However, Ruth swears to always stay with Naomi. And so she and Ruth return to the homeland of Naomi. Ruth begins to glean in the fields and it just so happens that she chooses the field of Boaz, a kinsman of her dead husband. Well, event after event takes place and it ends up that Ruth marries Boaz. All these events seem to be random to some extent, including Ruth having a child by her husband Boaz. At the end of the story, we begin to see and understand how the plan of God works when we read that Naomi takes the child and becomes nurse to her grandson:

 Ruth 4:17 “And the women her neighbors gave it a name, saying, There is a son born to Naomi; and they called his name Obed: he is the father of Jesse, the father of David.”

There were many, many events that took place that seemed to be random which began with the death of all three husbands and ended in the birth of David… If any one of these events had been different, the result would be different as well. A tragic event takes place but we are shown that it was all part of the plan of God to bring into this world the beginning of the greatest event mankind will ever experience !!! Certainly Naomi or Ruth had no idea as to the immense results of their unfortunate experiences, nor do we when things happen that are tragic or sad, but the reason may be for some wonderful event to take place years from now. As a child of God, He has a plan for you and we should never forget that fact, and part of that plan may require that a loved one suffer or even die. But, instead of being sad, which is understandable, we should rejoice for a couple of reasons; that person was chosen by God, Himself, to be a part of His plan, and if it requires death, then that person is in the presence of our lord, Jesus !!!

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12:58 PM   [24 May 2012 | Thursday]


There is absolutely no way to overestimate the power of Satan. Most people tend to think of this character as just a nuisance and not understand the immense influence that he has over our lives and all things that happen of earth. And, this is one of his greatest accomplishments and that is to make people think that he has little or no power, but they are sadly mistaken. Although this site, in the realm of all things, is fairly insignificant, Satan has attacked this site many times.  Apparently, this site is not so insignificant to Satan, nor is any other Christian activity. Satan hates God and will do anything to hurt the children of God. The more we know about any subject, the better our chances are of overcoming any attempt at satanic influences in our lives. The very frightening aspect of Satan is that he can transform himself into an angel of light, and that makes him extremely dangerous…

First, we must overcome dismissing Satan as an insignificant character and recognize how very powerful he actually is. The Bible gives us many examples of satanic activities and showed how Satan caused disaster for the chosen of God. We have spoken about Satan and his followers many times because it is essential that we recognize his effect on our lives. No matter what happens in this world, God is in control and He causes it to happen or He allows Satan to control it for reasons known only to God. So, if something that we believe is good happens to us or our loved ones, we naturally think it was from God. But, this is not always true. We must wait and see the outcome of the event before we can know for sure from whom it was given. Satan often gives good things to people, or at least, they appear to be good things, and then they turn out badly. The Bible tells us to test the Spirits for good reason, but too often our desires get in our way of caution…

If we use what has happened on this site as an example, we can get some idea of how Satan works. We have seen him load the pages with nonsense in order to move a good post off the first page. After this happened enough times, many began to understand that it was a satanic activity. Well, this type of thing goes on in our lives also. Satan will interfere with our quest for contentment, but once we recognize that it is Satan that is causing us our problems, we can then begin to fight him off. The more it happens, the sooner we recognize who is causing the problems and soon, we begin to realize it very quickly and fight him off.

We have little power over Satan as individuals, but there is one that when Satan hears His name, Satan and his followers tremble, and that is our lord, Jesus… We can rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus and he will flee, but he will not go very far away at first. He will come back as often as he needs to in order to see how committed we are to rebuking him. Unfortunately, we cannot pick and choose when we do not want Satan around because many times we want a little satanic activity in our lives, and that makes it very hard for him to take us too seriously. However, this is the nature of man and we are who we are…

The more we rebuke Satan, the more we find that we become ashamed at those times that we do not mind that he is around. But, we must begin and the first step is to acknowledge his power and influence. The next step is to ask God for guidance and the strength to fight off our own evil desires and that takes commitment. Next, we ask God for the wisdom to know and recognize when Satan is attacking us. And finally, we rebuke him in the name of Jesus… You will find and interesting transformation taking place within your lives if you do these things. You will find that you begin to feel better about yourself, you begin to see that there will be fewer problems in your life and you will see a sense on contentment beginning to develop in your life… It is a no lose situation for anyone that does these few things and it is certainly worth the effort !!!

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12:46 PM   [20 May 2012 | Sunday]


Recently, this site was once again attacked by the workers of Satan. This is nothing new to us, we have all seen it before. But, this time, something new happened and that was that enough people stood up and fought this attack and we won. To those who voiced their opinions to the Administrator: well done !!! And, to the Administrator: thank you for doing the proper thing… But, more importantly we saw the attack and joined together and beat Satan which should be very satisfying to those that took a stand. We also learned a few things from this experience and that is that joining together in a unified group can cause much to happen because there is little strength in one finger, but a fist can be very strong.

So now, let us learn more about our enemy because the more that we know, the better our chances are of resisting him and as the Bible tells us, resist the devil and he will flee… So, who is this character that causes all of the problems of this world ? There is many stories about Satan but very little is actually known about him. We know that he is an angel and so are his followers. There is a possible misconception about him that he was an Archangel that wanted more power in Heaven, but there is no mention of this aspect within the Bible. Jesus tells us the He, Jesus, saw him, Satan, fall to the earth with his followers. The word fall, like almost every word in the Bible, does not just indicate the actual act of falling but the deeper meaning is that he fell from grace to a lower place and that was Earth.

His importance is revealed when he becomes involved in the very first human event when he creates doubt in the mind of Eve. And, from that point on, he has been involved with every act of disobedience towards God even to this day. We also know that he interacts with God from time to time. We see this in Job when he speaks with God when God asks him what he has been doing and he tells God that he has just been hanging around Earth, which also tells us that he has access to God. In the case of Job, God uses Satan to create a situation for God so that God can show us all a great lesson.

The question arises as to why God would create such a character, but only He knows that answer. We do know that there cannot be light if there is no darkness and that there can be no good if there is no bad, so perhaps he is a necessary element for humans to decide which they want more and that choice is supplied by Satan.

So, how does this affect us and how do we deal with it all ? First of all, Satan is our enemy even though he will come to us such as through a friend as we see in Job. Satan hates God and will do anything to upset Him, unfortunately, we are collateral damage. His most used method is creating doubt. The Bible tells us that he is a liar and the father of it and he will lie about everything in order to create doubt and confusion. He also uses people that are not necessarily his followers to cause us problems, but these people are not even aware that they are been used; again, Job. We have all had a problem with which we could use some help. So, Satan will send us one of our good friends who will give us or tell us exactly the wrong and worse thing in their effort to help us but all it does is make us angry and sometimes destroy great friendships. If we recognize the satanic methods, we will then realize that our friend is still our friend but was being used by Satan without their knowledge.

Sometimes we are doing something that can be very dangerous but is fine as long as we pay attention to what we are doing. But, along comes Satan and puts thoughts into our minds that distract us and we get hurt. All of this is being done to create doubt in our minds about why did not God protect us… As we look at many terrible things that happen in this world to us as individuals, we can often trace back the cause to something in which Satan influenced us to do that ultimately ended in tragedy. Drunk driving, drugs, jealousy, illicit sexual encounters and many other activities have caused many tremendous pain and suffering, and all because of satanic activities at some point.

The good news is that when Satan is removed from the Earth, all pain and suffering goes away with him. Therefore, the only conclusion that can be made is, yes, Satan is the cause of all that is wrong with this world. But, until that time comes, we must always be aware of his attempts to hurt us as children of God and resist him as often as we are attacked. And, always remember that it was not that idiot that cut us off on the road or the friend that made us angry that is our enemy, but Satan and his followers that prowl the Earth looking to create doubt and problems for us all…

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12:59 PM   [19 May 2012 | Saturday]


It is certainly interesting that immediately after addressing satanic actions on this site and the failure to resist temptation that blogs are posted selling shoes once again…. Either this person is not aware of the fact that this is a Christian site where people speak about Christian behavior and activities, or he or she is just being influenced by Satan to post such nonsense. It does manage to move more important postings off the first page, which seems to be the objective, but it should also demonstrate that Satan is not going to give up…

The Bible tells us that if we resist him that he will flee… perhaps we must do more to resist him, however that experiment concerning the “Swingers” club certainly indicated that Satan is not without friends here !!!

We have been warning about these types of activity for some time now, but we must go further in our efforts to keep this site free from attack. Do not respond to these posting and perhaps they will stop, at least for a time. Satan never gives up !!!

And, to the “person” who is posting these blogs, we can only suggest that you go to Amazon or other sites such as that, unless of course one of two things are happening, or maybe both. You are an worker for Satan or you are just plain stupid !!!

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12:52 PM   [17 May 2012 | Thursday]


The blog that was posted concerning the most viewed blog on this site, “What Is Actually A Swingers Club”, was essentially a challenge to people to see if they were able to resist Satan. What has occurred so far is almost not to be understood or explained. We certainly expected that the number of views would increase by a small amount, but we never expected to discover what actually happened…. More people viewed the Swingers Club blog than viewed the post concerning all of this !!!

At last count, 30 people had viewed the blog concerning the most viewed post, yet the views of the Swingers blog increased by 46 views. One can only guess as to how this happened but, it demonstrates exactly what the purpose of the warning was, and that is that Satan is far more influential than perhaps most people think. For those poor souls that read the blog and increased the number of hits, we can only feel sorry at how little respect you have shown towards the wishes of our Lord and you are all losers to Satan. The exercise was extremely easy and simple to resist Satan, but you failed miserably !!!

We know how strong Satan is and if this demonstration revealed to some exactly the immense powers of persuasion that he has and it causes some to more aware of his activities, then we have succeeded to some extent. We must always be aware of two things as we pass through this life, the goodness and grace of our Lord, and the immense power of Satan. Yes, we are human and prone to sin, but when presented with a simple challenge to knowingly resist Satan and fail is a sorrowful thing…

Resist Satan and he will flee from you is what the Bible tells us, that is, unless you want Satan as a friend. And, it seems there are at least a few that feel that way and we can only pray for them to stand up and try to be a Christian.

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12:21 PM   [17 May 2012 | Thursday]


We know for a fact that God does not want a single word of His Bible to be altered, removed or added. We know this because He tells us of the consequences of such an act in the last few paragraphs of the last book of the Bible. We also know that great importance is placed upon the last words spoken or written because they are the first words that we remember and so only the most important aspects of any discussion are reserved for the ending. This gives us some idea of how important it was to Him that His wishes be honored… Yet, hundreds of revisions have been written altering the words of the Bible in spite of the incredible results of such actions. It would be difficult to believe that God would be pleased by these alterations and would not accept them as being authentic representations of His words.

Now, since the Authorized KJV was the first translation into English, all of these other revised editions are altered from that original Bible. We acknowledge the fact that there were two other attempts made to translate into English the scriptures, but neither of those attempts were successful and so we must assume that the KJV is the inspired version and only true representation of the words of God. Further, if we examine many of the changes that were made to the original translation, we can see that they were done for obvious reasons at the time in order to satisfy certain conveniences of the people making the changes.

So, the unfortunate part for those who use altered Bibles is that they do not get the proper lessons and doctrine as God had intended. It is clear that Satan was very influential concerning these changes, but that is always true when it creates confusion concerning the wishes of God. Unfortunately, Satan may have been very successful but we do not know whether those that use an altered Bible are in jeopardy. We will find that out on the Day of Judgment…

We also know that God has sent His prophets to warn the people of many things. In most cases, the people did not listen to the prophet and as we read the Bible, we see the results of the disregard of these warnings. Now, we are not claiming prophecy, but we are claiming the use of logically consideration and rational thought to the words of God. Whether He will accept those that use an altered Bible, we do not know. But, it certainly is a risk that need not be taken because the results could be devastating… We know what will happen to those who made the changes, but we can only wonder how He will deal with those who accept the changes. There is one God and He gave us His words; it just seems unlikely that He will be pleased by the disobedience to those words. It also does not seem likely that God intended to have His Church splintered into so many different denominations.

We each have a decision to make and that decision should be based upon a clear possibility, and that is that God will not accept anything except His words. On the Day of Judgment, we cannot say that we did not know because we have been warned many times concerning altered Bibles.

There are also other important benefits to all people using the original translation other than receiving the great lessons and the never ending levels of understanding, it would be called UNIFICATION !!! And, in addition to this incredibly powerful aspect of Christian life, we would accomplish something that mankind has had great difficulty with and that is obedience and honor to God and His wishes for us all….


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12:20 PM   [17 May 2012 | Thursday]


If anyone thinks that we over emphasize the influential powers of Satan, all they need to do is click on the tab on the blog page marked “most viewed” !!!  The most viewed post on this site is “What Is Actually A Swingers Club” with 8,750 hits. The next closest number of views was about half that amount. Now, if this does not tell us that something is very wrong, then we may as well give up any attempts to fight Satan whenever he attacks this site.

We have seen this before with the page filling of nonsense and we will see it again and again. But, it also should tell us something about the people that opened that post. We are all human and have weaknesses and Satan will use everything he can to cause us to get our minds away from Christian thought… As we review the latest postings, we are again seeing advertising for sneakers and other nonsense and we know that these are posted to get our minds off God. This is a religious site, if you want to go shopping, go onto Amazon !!!

It will be interesting to see if the number of hits increases after this blog is posted or whether we can all resist the temptation placed in front of us. Clearly, a huge percentage of members have already read this blog and it was a shock to see how many did. So, click on the tab to verify what has been said in this post about the number of hits and then see if you can resist Satan and not add to that number. It would be amazing if the number does not increase, and if you, the reader of this post, are one that increases that number, perhaps you may want to think about how persuasive Satan really is !!!

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12:50 PM   [15 May 2012 | Tuesday]


A person dies and usually there are friends and relatives that speak about the deceased as being a good person, always helping others, contributing to charity and always speaking well of others and therefore is entitled to eternal rest in heaven. First of all, when a person dies, they are entitled to nothing, but by saying they deserve to go to heaven because the person was such a wonderful individual places the reason for getting into heaven on his or her works… Works do not get us to heaven, faith and the grace of God is the only thing that opens that door.

Unfortunately, many people believe that if they lead a good life that they are automatically going to heaven, but this is not even close to being true.  Nearly everybody believes that all of their dead family and friends are in heaven and will be there to greet us when we die. Again, this is not true… It is very difficult to admit that almost all of the people that die, most especially our family members, will never enter into New Jerusalem. We have heard people describe others that have died as being a saint while they were alive, and perhaps those people were wonderful caring people. But, if they did not accept the fact that through faith in the atoning death of Jesus as being the only way to reach heaven, those wonderful people are not in heaven and will never get there. We must remember that being a good person gets us no points because we are only doing what are supposed to be doing anyway.

What we saying here is not a matter of opinion. It is true because the Bible tells us that it is true !!! When Jesus tells us that the road is wide and the gate is narrow and few will pass through, and so we know that few will enter New Jerusalem. The Bible gives us the instructions of how we should attempt to behave and it also tells us how not to behave. But, to think that behaving in the prescribed manner alone will get us there is a mistake. We must first place our lives into the outstretched hands of God and turn over our lives completely and sincerely to Him and then attempt to live a proper life as a Christian.

The problem arises when we have so many different interpretations of the wishes of God with all the different denominations and Bibles that most souls are not on the correct path towards the gate. Unification is essential in helping others pass through that narrow gate. But unfortunately, unification probably will never happen, and so we appeal to those who belong to groups that when a group accepts some nonbiblical activity and a little voice says to them that something is not right here… Those fortunate few are being given the opportunity to examine the position of their group to see it is in complete alignment with biblical doctrine. And, if it is not, and most are not, to find others that adhere only to the wishes and teachings of God and then they will be on the right path.

It is difficult not to think that almost everyone has not questioned some of the decisions that their church leaders have made in relation to true doctrine, and that should be a warning sign that something is not right. Most just let it go and the result of that is not pleasant when they die. The true believers may not totally understand the Scriptures, but they never wonder if it is wrong. That little voice does not enter their minds because there is no need, these individuals are already on the right path.

We are not suggesting that those unfortunate souls that are not chosen to be included in the very few that pass through the gate are going to go to hell for eternity, but they will not be spending it in New Jerusalem in the presence of Jesus. There has always been a lot of controversy concerning heaven and hell, and the truth is that we really do not know certain aspects of where and what happens to those that have not become children of God. But, we do know that few will pass through the gate because we are told that by Jesus, Himself. The good news is that as long as we are alive, we always have the opportunity to exam our beliefs and see if they align with the Words of God and make the proper adjustments if they do not. So, if you have ever heard that little voice, pay attention and act upon it because it just may get you through the gate…

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12:39 PM   [13 May 2012 | Sunday]


We are all going to stand in front of God and be judged according to what we have done with our lives while we were on the earth… It seems fairly unlikely that God will ask us what method we used to achieve salvation since He gave us the rules by which He expected us to adhere.  It is not that there are any gray areas where we can install our own notions of what is acceptable or not, yet that is exactly what we do when we alter any single word of the Bible.

It also seems unlikely that God will be pleased that we have assumed His role as the rule maker and disregarded His principles and substituted our own. Yet, that is exactly what we do when we alter any single word of the Bible.

Also, there should be some interesting answers to questions that He may ask when He wants to know what we, as an individual, did to prevent the words from being changed. God may also question us as to what we were thinking when we allowed such things as abortion, homosexuality, same gender marriages and many other incredible activities that are so far out of alignment with biblical doctrine that they are beyond ridiculous. Not only are they ridiculous but they are an insult to Him and what He expected of us considering what He has given us. He may also ask what happened to aspects of life such as integrity, nobility, honesty, morality, compassion and disciple… We can be certain that some of the answers could almost be considered comical if they were not so essential to Christian living.

God recognizes that we are sinners and He has made exceptions for that, but to willingly disregard principles like abortion are probably beyond the amazing grace of even God. We believe that He forgives all sins, but can we really expect Him to be so generous as to accept the fact that we did nothing to prevent others from the heinous activities that we now call normal. He may ask if we even wrote a simple letter to our government leaders expressing our feelings concerning such things and that would at least indicate some Christian action. But, to do nothing and worse yet, to vote yes on these questions probably is not going to please God…

God will not be mocked and that is exactly what we are doing constantly by allowing and sometimes condoning actions that are against biblical doctrine and principles. We are essentially saying, yes, we know what You want, but what we want is more important !!!

So, as we stand there and consider what we could have done and did not do as Christians, or perhaps more accurately, “claiming” Christians and the gate does not open for us and we hear “ NEXT “, do not be surprised…

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