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Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:15 PM   [31 Mar 2012 | Saturday]


The secret to a successful lie is that there is a certain amount of common knowledge truth within the lie. But, before we discuss this, let us understand that no one is going to pray for anything in which they do not believe… Alright, now let us connect these two aspects….

If anyone believes that this country, as well as the rest of the world, is going to survive the mess that we have created, then these people must also believe that the earth is flat. We are in deep trouble and the only thing that is going to straighten it out is Divine intervention, and that requires prayers to our Lord. But, if anyone does not think that we are in grave trouble, that person is either extremely wealthy or has not left their closet for a few years. The government tells us that everything is going to be just fine, but they have no plan to rescue us from this dilemma. Now, here is where the lie comes into play. We are being told that the cost of living is going down and so certain social benefits have been reduced such as “food stamps” and parts of Medicare, but that is only a few of the reductions. Medicare does not cover eye care, hearing care or dental care any longer. Apparently, the government thinks that older people cannot see or hear and cannot eat solid foods, so they do not need this coverage. The three most important medical problems for the elderly have been taken away and the Social Security cost of living increases were stopped for the last three years because the cost of living is going down !!!

Now, here is the certain element of truth that supports that lie. The government is basing the cost of living on the cost of housing, and that is all it is using because it is the only thing that, in fact, is going down.  For years, the cost of living was based upon a number of aspects that affect the general public, but not this administration… The lies and deception we have been given by this government is overwhelming and is only increasing our negative position without regard to the people. Now, if anyone does not believe that, then they will not pray for the ONLY thing that will correct our problems and that is help from God. We all must overcome our foolish and immature political thinking that the political parties are any different. People vote the party without considering the person and his or her personal views concerning our position.

So, how do we determine who our vote should go to and the answer is to forget about the party and look at the candidate and his or her religious persuasion. The reality is that no one can probably fix this mess, but we do not want to make it worse. What is necessary is to forget the political garbage and place our hope and prayers with God that He will cause our elected officials to begin to represent the people and not just themselves. All anyone needs to do is ask themselves if they are better off now than they were a few years ago, and then ask our Lord, in fervent prayer, to help us….

We must stop living in a state of denial and recognize the facts and they do not lie… It is IMPOSSIBLE, repeat, IMPOSSIBLE to fix the mess that we have allowed our political leaders to have ignorantly placed us in !!! GOD HELP US….

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12:55 PM   [30 Mar 2012 | Friday]


Well, we knew that Satan never gives up, but now we also know that he speaks in different languages…. Two pages are filled with nothing but junk with the exception of one post, perhaps two, but the rest are all nothing but space being used to move the good words off the first few pages. We have seen this before, it should not surprise us and now all of you that might have thought that we were being too pessimistic can see that Satan is hard at work again….

This is a Christian site, not Facebook or e-bay… The Administrators must limit posts to just one per day or else this will keep on happening. The members of this group must take a stand against this satanic activity and stop it. It is not going to end by itself. Just send a short note to the Administrator suggesting one blog per day and we will have won another fight against the constant attacks of Satan. If we do not take this stand, Satan will recognize it as a weakness and soon will be running this site. If you are a Christian, then act like one and resist him and he will flee !!!

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12:55 PM   [29 Mar 2012 | Thursday]


The event of World War II was possibly the beginning of the end for the United States. Although huge amounts of money were being made by all kinds of businesses that had anything to do with the war effort, no one considered the future ramifications of our actions. Everything was being done for the war effort and many new government agencies were formed to oversee these efforts. Companies that we would never expect to become part of the armament business became huge beneficiaries of the war. Singer Sewing Machine Company actually made 45 cal. pistols for the army. Business was at an all time high and people were making money… When the war was over, the returning soldiers started new businesses and homes were being built and sold as fast as they could be made. Appliances and furniture companies as well as all sorts of businesses were doing incredible amounts of sales and the people had jobs and were buying new cars, everything seemed perfect !!! People paid their taxes and money was pouring into government coffers like never before. New towns were building up and these towns needed governments and the benefits that these jobs offered made them very desirable.

Washington was happy because they could balance the budget, that is, as long as the money owed to us from our war allies was factored into the equation and assuming these debts would be paid. All of the agencies that were developed to support the war were not shut down but absorbed into larger agencies and government began to grow even though much of it was not necessary anymore. As new people were elected into office, and since money was not a factor, their staffs became larger and larger along with their salaries and benefits. As Korea and the Cold War increased, the Washington insiders were giving government contracts to their war buddies at inflated costs. It was estimated that during the late 60s that over one third of the working people were employed by the government in some way, either Federal, State or local agencies, and today that percentage is even higher. And, all of these jobs came with tremendous benefits in terms of pensions and salaries. Money to pay for all of this was not a problem because most everyone was working and taxes were pouring in, but if a Town needed more money, they would just raise the Real Estate Tax or find other taxes that the people had to pay.

All of a sudden, we found ourselves paying more and more taxes for things that had no benefit for the people. The government got so wound up in these spending sprees that money was being handed out for almost any reason. Someone wanted to study the mating habits of the red ant and so they went Washington and got the money. The trouble is that all of these ridiculous “studies” are still being funded today. There are millions, if not billions of dollars spent each year on nonsensical studies and agencies that produce absolutely nothing, and we are paying for them…Of course, the government was not the only culprit here. People just did not care as long as their life style kept increasing. And, how was that done but by credit cards… The average American owed more on their credit cards than money or assets they had in order to pay off the balances. We were acting just like the government, but the difference is that the government thinks that they never have to pay back the money it spends.

Then, came the biggest and perhaps the strangest idea of all… We decided to send men to the moon !!! And so, NASA was established and this country spent countless billions of dollars and finally put people on the moon. After achieving that useless feat, we decided to build a space station, another useless adventure, but we did it. Now, that is all over, but we are still paying the agency with all the people that work there and who knows what they are doing except putting in their time to get their full pension. We have continually spent more money then we have, but no one seems to think about eliminating the thousands of government jobs or endowments that have no use. When and individual acts in the very same way that our government spends money, that person is arrested and sometimes goes to jail.

Is this going to end ??? The answer is simple, NO… When the government forgets what it is supposed to be doing and concentrates its’ efforts on accumulating money and power for the individual and getting re elected, we are lost. It was not that long ago when the people in power spoke in terms of billions of dollars and, it would frighten the average person. Now, we are spending trillions of dollars that we do not have and hope that some miracle is going to happen before it all collapses around us. This is not only happening in this country, but throughout the world, all nations are experiencing the same thing. So, there is no place to go for help. And, the Church is going through similar circumstances. The Catholic denomination seems to be imploding; a fundamental group cannot get started because no one wants to hear the truth, but the “designer” groups seem to be doing fine:

2 Timothy4:3”For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teacher, having itching ears:”

The price of gasoline is four dollars a gallon with no reason given for the increases, and no one is doing anything about it … Oh, this is an election year, that explains it !!!

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12:19 PM   [23 Mar 2012 | Friday]


As we rapidly approach our national elections, it is essentially that the Church respects the limits of the separation of Church and State. The Church benefits greatly because of this separation and we should honor that agreement with sincerity. Therefore, Pastors should never speak about political candidates or issues whether at the pulpit or to the members individually. A Pastor can certainly have his opinion concerning political issues, but he must keep them to himself. A Pastor has tremendous powers of influence and should not use that ability in order to support or dismiss a candidate for any office. We have all seen how certain radical thinking “Pastors” have made political statements on television in support of various candidates, and they usually look like fools. Separation of Church and State is a Christian principle and must be demonstrated by the shepherd of the flock…

How we select a candidate for which we shall vote is purely a personal decision. Do not be fooled by what political party the candidate claims because, in reality, it makes no difference. What these people say and promise during the campaigning has nothing to do with what they do after they get elected. They all claim Christianity so that makes no difference to us or them since none of them are interested in biblical doctrine. They will say and claim anything at any time, and will adjust their statements in accordance with their audience. Unfortunately, this country, and the rest of the world, has lost sight of the purpose for political representation. After a person gets elected, they vote any way they need in order to increase their power and get reelected. The desires of the people that they represent means absolutely nothing to them as we have seen so often when the people are overwhelming against a particular Bill, but it gets passed anyway.

We must be aware of the fact that this country is in serious trouble, perhaps irreparable, but it was not the people that got us here. It was the ridiculous decisions of the politicians that have been going on for some time. It has taken many stupid actions of government and the affiliation to a particular political party of these people is meaningless.

As we decide for whom we should vote, unfortunately, we cannot choose on the basis of the religious beliefs of the candidate since none of them are the slightest bit in alignment with Christian principles. It has reached the point that we select our candidate by who disobeys the Christian principles the least !!! God never comes first with these people, their own agenda is their god..

Now if your group supports or condones anti Christian aspects such as pro choice or homosexuality, it doesn’t matter what you or your Pastor does since you are not going anywhere in the end anyway !!!

Make up your own mind based on Christian principles, and ask the Lord for guidance.

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12:39 PM   [20 Mar 2012 | Tuesday]


One of the most amazing and successful satanic deceptions is that he has convinced many people that he is not as powerful as he really is and the cause of most, if not all, of the evil in the world. The Bible gives us much information concerning Satan, but he has influenced most people to look elsewhere for the cause of their problems. We have mentioned that if a person wants to find out the reason for much of their troubles to just look into the mirror, and this is very true. But, almost always, the reason that we did whatever we did that got us into trouble was because of satanic influences. It is not just random that the very first human experience of man was Satan influencing Eve and causing enough doubt to persuade her to disobey God. If we think about that for a moment it becomes clear that if God chose satanic influence to be the very first thing that he tells people about in the Bible, it must be extremely important…

It is difficult to determine how many angels followed Satan when he was cast out of heaven and put onto the earth, but we can be sure it was many. It is commonly believed that the number was one third of all of the angels, but there is no definitive statement to that number. It is possible that a third was the understanding as we read in Revelation 12:4 “And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth:…” In Revelation 12:9, we are given additional information; “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” So we see here that it is verified that he was put on earth and that he deceives the entire world.

There are many stories concerning the reason why Satan and his followers were expelled from heaven, but the Bible does not tell us, so we do not know. All of the stories are merely conjecture, but in reality, it does not matter. And, as we think about why God chose to have Satan causing the problems that he does to His creations, we can only wonder because there is no reason given. But, if we think about it, without Satan in the world, there would be little reason to have a heaven… Satan causes all that is wrong with man and the earth because when Satan is removed, everything that is bad is removed with him; Revelation 21:4 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying. Neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” So, when Satan is finally defeated, all evil goes with him !!!

Many people, in fact, most people do not comprehend the extent to which Satan will go to influence us to be disobedient to God. Humans are really not what Satan is concerned with, we are just collateral damage as he continues to demonstrate his hatred of God. As a child of God, we are in greater jeopardy of satanic attacks and must not be fooled into thinking that God will protect us from this. God tells us how to fight off Satan in many ways and many times, but we must do the work. If a person believes that he or she is safe from Satan, that person is sadly mistaken. If Satan could cause doubt in Peter when he was standing on the water right next to Jesus, he can do whatever he wants with us. God does, in fact, protect His children with the Spirit in us, but we still must do the work of resisting the attack….

We have written about Satan many times before, but as the world becomes increasingly evil, it is more important that the children of God become the candle on the hill. If we demonstrate that evil can be stopped, our world may reverse the direction in which it is going. But, it is very difficult to show the world how good people should behave in alignment with biblical doctrine when many evil aspects are condoned and even incorporated into certain “claiming Christian” denominations. Satan is doing his job extremely well and we should learn from his efforts and use his methods to fight and resist him. But, it we just sit there thinking how terrible it is that bad things happen to good people without understanding why that thing happened, nothing is going to change. Satan can be beaten and we know that because we have beaten him here on this site. Satan attacks this site continuously and most people do not even see it. It takes one of us to bring it to the attention of the rest and then we fight and win. We have won the little battles here and we can win them within our own lives, but, unfortunately, too many times we want Satan in our lives for a little while because we want to do something that we now is wrong and disobedient. Well, because of this human aspect, none of us slam the door completely shut on Satan and he continues to influence us to be disobedient. So, if we were to judge humanities’ efforts in fighting Satan, we could sum it up in one word: LOUSY !!!

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12:53 PM   [18 Mar 2012 | Sunday]


Even though Jesus tells us many times that we need not worry about anything, we still spend a lot of our time doing exactly the opposite and worry !!! We go to bed and our concerns spin around in our minds over and over again and we think about the same things hoping to find some answers, but they never seem to come. It is strange that we are always thinking about the very same aspects of our concerns, but we never have enough information to solve the problems. We only know what we know and we do not know what we do not know, and what we do not know is what we need to know in order to solve the problem. Houston, we have a problem !!!

We have not listened to our Lord, but after a time, we finally approach Him and ask for His help hoping to wake up in the morning and find that all of our problems are solved. Unfortunately, this does not happen, but we are on the right road by going to our Lord, and that is a good start. God is clearly willing to help us but, He is also very concerned that we understand why we got into these problems so that they do not happen again. And, the easiest way of finding out the reason is to look into the mirror. For the most part, we create our own problems and they generally are about money… We have over used our credit cards or we bought things that we did not need but just wanted to have and so on. And, of course, there are many things that are out of our control such as someone we love is sick or we lost our job and many things, but they all cause worry. Now, we have not paid attention to Jesus, but we come to Him and ask His help.  Well, there are things that we can do to at least show that we are trying, before we go to Him.

We can make two lists. One list will contain all of our concerns for which there is nothing that we ourselves can do. We cannot heal a friend and things like that… The other list is our own problems that can be fixed and we put the problems in order of the easiest ones to fix on top, and going down until we reach the hardest one to fix. Now, when we pray, we ask the Lord to help those that we love and then ask Him to help us with the first item on the list… Forget the others, just concentrate on that first and easiest problem. As that one gets straightened out, the next problem gets to move up to the easiest one to fix, and we deal with only that problem with the assistance of Jesus, because we cannot do it ourselves…In this way, we are always just dealing with easiest problem. If a new problem enters our lives, we place it on the list at the appropriate number depending on the difficulty of repair !!!

We must always remember though that God wants to help us because He told that to us, and many times before the problem gets fixed, we must admit and recognize the reason for the issue. He could straighten out all of our concerns in a millisecond, but He wants us to stop doing the things that cause us to worry, mostly our own stupidity or greed !!! God is not about to become our own little wizard and problem solver, but He is our teacher and if we had listened to Him in the beginning, then it would not be necessary for us to learn this lesson again… Or, more often than not, learn it for the first time because we obviously did not hear Him when He told us not to worry.  He will give us all that we need, but not all that we want !!! We get anywhere one step at a time, so try solving problems one step at a time. It may be slow, but it gets us there. Worrying never once solved a problem !!! They only legitimate worry that anyone may have is whether they are a true child of God and not just another one of creations. God hears His children, but everyone else is just talking to the wind !!!


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12:20 PM   [16 Mar 2012 | Friday]


There are many things that affect our lives some of which we are not even aware. One of these aspects starts immediately after we are born, we begin to fill our beings with the experiences and feelings that we have until at some point later on, our beings become filled and we cannot absorb anymore… We can look at this as a glass that is completely filled with water including that little bit over the top called surface tension. No more water can get into the glass without some of it spilling out, but it remains full all of the time. So, we are like that glass, completely filled and nothing else can get in without something spilling out to make room.

Now, in that glass is all of our experiences, feelings and whatever else we have put into our lives. Some of these things are good, but some are bad as well. When we decide to add to the glass, certain things must spill out to make room… For example, we want to take up the sport of golf and so we buy equipment, take lessons and go play golf. We have added something new to our lives but we had to spill other things out to do this. We had to spill out financial resources and time and continue to do so as long as we continue to play golf. There are other things that we do but do not give any thought to the event. It is like impulse buying and we throw it into the glass and things spill out. The problem is that both good things as well as bad things spill out randomly and once they are gone, they are gone. The bad things are alright to give up, but the good things are sometimes very important… Things take our time and that is one of the largest things that must spill out in order to take on a new experience. There is only so much time and we have filled it with things, so we have to give up some of those things to do our new adventure. Unfortunately, we generally give up time that we could have been doing something more important like spending that time with our children or other productive things. Sooner or later, we find ourselves giving up time with our Lord by spending less time in Bible study or even not going to services. Even if we still hang on to the services, we give up certain voluntary activities at church in order to make the time for our new thing.

This goes on continually without us even realizing that it is happening, but it is just the way it is… However, there is something that we can do about it !!! We can examine our lives and try to discover the bad things in the glass and take them out. When we do this, we make room for other good things without spilling things out arbitrarily. Before we throw anything into the glass, we should think about what are we willing to give up and what are the results of giving it up, and make the decision as to whether it is worth it. But, we are human and know pretty much nothing and certainly know nothing about the future and how it will alter our lives. What seems like a good idea today may very well be a disaster tomorrow because of changing events in the future…

But, and this is a big “but”, we are children of God and He knows everything, past, present and especially future, and if we ask, He will guide us, through the Spirit, as to what we should do. He becomes especially important in helping us determine the bad things in the glass because we have a tendency to live in denial about things we want to keep. He is not hindered by emotion and carries no baggage. He will tell us and He will help us clean out the glass of bad things. But, the glass will never be completely clean because there will always be a few bad things that we want to keep in spite of the fact that they are bad, we are human !!! This does not excuse our disobedience but it explains it. Thankfully, God understands and forgives us, but we still lose that space in the glass for good things, but again, we are just humans. So, before we make any decision, the place to go is to God and ask for His advise and help and, He will always give it and it will always be correct in every way for us !!!

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12:09 PM   [15 Mar 2012 | Thursday]


There are many people that believe that one should never pray for things for themselves. They also believe that we should always pray for other people and that is fine, but those other people can pray for themselves… Certainly our prayers should contain our concerns for others, but when we come to God, it becomes a one on One situation, and we should speak about all of our own concerns and issues.

When we go to services and repeat the prepared “prayers”, this is more a sense of praise  than it is praying. But true praying is talking to God directly, just He and you, and in a very quiet place and remember to pray within our minds and not openly speaking  the words. The reason for this is that when we talk with God, we reveal our concerns and weaknesses, and Satan is there listening and will use that information against us. Satan cannot read our minds, but God can. Of course, there are some times when we want Satan to hear us, and at those times, speak openly !!!

But, what is a prayer and how do we do it ? A prayer is nothing more than a conversation with God about things that are our concerns or desires, and there is nothing that you cannot discuss with God. He knows it all anyway !!! So, if He knows it, then why pray ? We pray because we are showing our recognition of His power and demonstrating our respect and subjection to Him…In addition to that, we also should recognize that any information that we get from Him, or any material object that we get or do not get, is always right. God is never wrong !!!

As we speak to God, it is not necessary to use flowery words and phrases that we would never say to anyone else, He has heard it all before, we should talk with Him just as we talk to our best friend, because He is our best friend. If you are angry with God for whatever reason, that is fine. Let Him know of your feelings but never forget to whom you are speaking. We will never win that argument though. The problem is that we are always wrong if we have these feelings, but we are human after all. And, as we become more comfortable talking with God, we begin to notice different things about our conversations. We begin to see our human side and how we try to manipulate and fool God just as we do with people. Or we may begin to see other sides of ourselves that we did not know we are like this way or that way… After we realize that we cannot fool God or manipulate Him, things begin to change in our relationship with Him and with all others, and it is always for the better…

If we are true Christians, God will always hear our prayers to Him. And, He will always answer our prayers. We may not like the answer, but remember it is always correct for us. Praying for others is a noble gesture and we should always be concerned for our brothers and sisters, but praying is speaking with God about our issues and asking for His help because we are not capable of solving almost any of our problems by ourselves…. As a child of God, we know that our prayers will be answered, but we do not know when that answer will come. Delay is not denial but it will come when He decides that it is best for us whether the answer be yes or no.  God loves His children and will give them all that they need, but He is not our own personal wizard. If you expect to get the correct numbers for the lottery, that probably will not happen. So, as we talk with God, speak to him with truth and sincerity and do not try to impress Him with eloquent rhetoric, He knows who you

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12:45 PM   [14 Mar 2012 | Wednesday]


There have been many books written about the life and times of Jesus. We know quite a lot about the times because both the Romans and Jews were very accurate in their record keeping, but we know virtually nothing about Jesus. This fact did not seem to bother some of the authors of these books, they made enormous assumptions and included them into their stories. This is why we should never use any of this information in our Bible studies. These books are entertaining and even informative, but not at all accurate when it comes to the life of Jesus. It is fine to read these books as recreational reading, but never use the information as an adjunct to your Bible study.

There are also many painting and statues of various biblical characters painted or carved by artists that never even knew what these people looked like. If we were to think about what Moses may have looked like, we would probably envision Charlton Heston, but Moses probably did not look like that. But we have these images because of movies and paintings, and they play a part in our concentration as we read the Bible. Let us take for an example daVincis’ “Last Supper”. This painting was, in fact, a study in perspective according to the notes of daVinci, but most people view it as an accurate example of the actual event. People did not eat in the way they are painted, all facing in one direction, they would lay on cushions and ate from a low table, perhaps even a round one in order to face one another. The Bible tells us that God did not want any depictions of any kind for fear that at some point, people would begin to worship the statue or image, and He was right !!!

The Bible went through all sorts of configurations until it was finally completed. It is generally accepted that the King James Version is the inspired translation although there were a few other attempts made to translate it prior to the KJV. The Roman church was extremely powerful in those days and would not allow any translations from the Latin bible that they had produced. That book gave incredible powers to the papacy, but at one point, the church split and there were two Popes, one in Rome and the other in Avignon. In 1384, John Wycliffe attempted to translate the book but it was more political then religious and was never accepted as legitimate. In 1536, William Tyndale translated the book but used most of Martin Luthers’ German translation of the New Testament, which also was pretty political. Finally, King James I, commissioned a committee of about 50 scholars to form six different groups and use the original documents to produce a single book. This they did from 1607 until it was completed in 1611, and they agreed on the Authorized King James Version of the Bible… They did this without agenda or political motivation and we know that it was inspired because of the miraculous aspects of this Bible…

No other Bible has the ability to speak to the reader as does the KJV. The Roman church immediately denounced the book because it removed all powers from the papacy and gave it to God where it belongs !!! If we consider the results of having the Roman church accept this Bible, there would be no Pope, no Vatican, no Vatican State, no Cardinals or priests, no rituals and ceremonies and especially no huge financial interests… There would just be Christians…

So, as we read through the books written about Jesus and His life and time, recognize that very little was known about Jesus as He was growing up and do not let it interfere with your Bible study. Everyone has an opinion and there are books called Commentaries that try to explain each chapter and verse as you read the Bible. If you were to take ten different Commentaries, you would get ten different opinions concerning much of the difficult doctrine to understand. However, if you use the KJV, that understanding will come to you at the point at which you need it. And this happens through the totally undeserved grace of God !!!


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There was never a time since God created man when man did not know that there was such a Being as God. After creating Adam and Eve, God reveals Himself to these two humans and all of the rest of the people of the world from that time until today are descendants of Adam and Eve. However, as people populated the earth, they began to worship objects and all sorts of things as gods and the world, for the most part, became pagan !!! There are few exceptions that we know about when God revealed Himself to humans, such as Noah… Finally, God chooses the Israelites to become the people to whom He will not only reveal himself, but give them instructions to achieve everlasting life… So, now we have one group that knows that there is a Divine Being and all others are pagans.

As the time goes on and the Israelites begin to corrupt their beliefs, God establishes a new covenant and we are blessed with Jesus and the New Testament made between God and the people of the earth. Most remain pagan, but some begin to follow the example of Jesus and they come to be known as Christians… The principles and doctrine of the Christians are assembled into a book that we call the Bible and true Christians use this book for instruction in belief and behavior…

Then, one day the Roman Emperor, Constantine, decides that he wants to adopt Christianity as the religion of the empire, and so he does. But, since he considered Christianity as a wing of Jewish beliefs and customs, he adopted those rituals into the religious activities of the church. Along with this, since the Romans had been pagans for centuries, many of the pagan rituals were included also… Many of these rituals were against the teachings of true Christianity, but that did not matter to Constantine and the church was adopted as the only acceptable form of religion at that time. This church soon developed into a very powerful institution and became the Roman Church with the headquarters in the center of Rome. Later on, the area became a State by itself and was extremely powerful with their own army that eventually almost controlled the known world…

As the church became more powerful and corrupted, a priest named Martin Luther confronted the church authorities and protested against many of the church policies. He, of course, is expelled from the church and others follow him and become known as Protestants. After that, others began to adopt certain policies that are not in alignment with true Christian doctrine and other denominations begin to develop…

Then, we have an English King that does not like that the Pope will not let him get divorced, so the King forms his own church, the Anglicans, that allow the King to do what he wants. Sooner or later, the people get pretty fed up with this confusion and decide to move to the New World, America, to gain religious freedom. Although this is somewhat true since most of the original settlers were criminals and outlaws attempting to get away from the English law, but it is true that many were interested in religious freedom. What that means is not that they wanted to return to the original Christian policies and doctrine, they just did not want to follow the religion of the country that they left. The first churches in this country were generally Episcopal, but other churches were formed as well. As we move along, we find people meeting with Jesus in Mexico and Jesus reveals the true story and we begin another “church” and so on and so forth !!!

A true Christian is one who has total belief in the words given us within the Bible. The Bible has no menu and we cannot pick and choose what we like and what we do not like. A true Christian accepts what God has given us regardless of any doubts, and doubts are an important part of being a true believer. Faith is continuing in spite of the doubts and God loves people that demonstrate faith. One cannot claim to be a true Christian and say that they believe in the Bible however they believe in evolution rather than creation. A true Christian fights off these doubts and remains faithful to the words and doctrine given to us without convenient alterations… A person believes or a person does not, it is black or it is white, there is no gray area.

Man has altered the words of God so many times that we have literally hundreds of various denominations all of which claim Christianity. We do not know if God will still accept those who are not entirely true believing Christians, but we will find out when we reach the gate that is so very narrow. And, at that point, it is too late. So, can a person claim Christianity even though he or she disregards certain doctrine ???  Christianity is not just believing in Jesus, but it is a way of life and a total commitment to the Christian ideals; all of them, not just the convenient ones. But, the answer will only come when that person ends their earthly life and begins their spiritual life… The question is where will you spend eternity. TRUE CHRISTIANS ARE NOT PROTESTANTS, THEY ARE TRUE CHRISTIANS !!!


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