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12:41 PM   [31 Dec 2012 | Monday]


Generally, as we begin a new year it is with a sense of anticipation and expectations of new opportunities, but not this year… The way circumstances are at this point in time, most people have a sense of anxiety and even fear of what the future will bring. Christians should not experience these feelings, but Christians are also human and cannot overcome the incredible problems that the world is facing. We probably would not be so pessimistic if we had a degree of confidence in our leadership, but the people that we have put into the position to help us out of these circumstances have actually caused them. One of the elements of our stress is because of the fact that there is nothing that we, as individuals, can do about our own personal situations. There are people in power whose actions will create additional problems for us, and this is very frustrating…

However, these are times when we should rely on our faith to reduce our feelings of strain and frustration. These are the times when we should look to the Bible and review the promises that God has given His people concerning their well being under any circumstances. God tells us to cast all of our cares upon Him, but many do not consider this as an option. These people are so involved with the problems that they face, that they do not think to do as God has told them to do. But, few of us really know how to talk to God. Many think that discussing their problems with God may sound like complaining. It is a difficult situation because we do not know what God is like and how He may react to our concerns. Unfortunately, our only experience that we have had is with our earthly father, and they did not know what to do either. But, we must remember that God is not like any person that we have ever known. God loves us unconditionally and without reservation and if we look to the Bible, we find that God gave us many promises that are meant to reduce our stress and feelings of anxiety…

 We have to face the reality of what is happening and forget our political persuasions because this is not going to fix anything. But, Christians have God to advise them with every decision and it is foolish not to take advantage of this great benefit. Even though the world is essentially in chaos, that does not mean that our own lives cannot remain calm and confident. But, getting to that point is not something that we can do by ourselves. God is the only way to find any feelings of peace in these times. If a person is feeling uncomfortable about current events, they should not watch the news on television, but they should read the Bible and see how often we are given evidence that the children of God will be protected from disaster.

We, as humans, do not have the ability to understand spiritual aspects and so we must have faith. But, as our experiences increase, so will our faith but we must try to overcome every sense of doubt that Satan will place in our way. Another obstacle that we must overcome is the amount of interpretations made to the Word of God and stay with the original version of the Bible. Today, the bibles are similar to the Constitution, no one pays attention to what the rules are, people just do whatever they feel like regardless of the principles given to us, which if these principles had been followed, we would not find ourselves in this position…

If a person enjoys feeling stress and a lack of confidence, then they should continue to do what they have been doing which is nothing. But, if a person wants to eliminate these feelings of stress, then they should go to the Bible and read about the promises that God has given to us that He will take care of our concerns, and then demonstrate our faith by getting out of the way and let God demonstrate His love for His people !!!

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12:25 PM   [29 Dec 2012 | Saturday]


The story of the ten lepers being cleansed by Jesus is a perfect example of the reality of life. The story tells us that ten lepers met Jesus and asked for mercy, which of course, Jesus gives them and then tells them to go the priests to show them that these men were clean. This was a necessary Jewish requirement for allowing these men back into society and as they were walking away, only one turned to Jesus and thanked Him and praised God, and this man was a Samaritan with which the Jews had no dealings… Jesus questions the event by asking where the others were and that they did not even thank Jesus for this miraculous gift, but tells the one man to go on his way because his faith had made him whole.

This seems to be standard operating practice for many of the gifts that we receive from God. This story tells us that these men, who represent all mankind, have been cleansed from their sins, the leprosy being the symbol of our sins, and they just walk away… The one individual who thanked Jesus was an outsider, but he was the only one that recognized the gift that he had received. Every day, we receive many gifts from God and we do not even recognize them much less give thanks for them. We live our lives with one thing in mind, ourselves and perhaps those around us, but everything we have has been given to us and most of us do not even say thank you. People believe that they earned the material objects that they have acquired, and never think about the fact that it was God that gave us the talents or intelligence with which we made the money to buy the things that we have. But, most important are the children and how we treat our children when they misuse or break a toy that was given to them. We punish them over something that is virtually worthless and tell them that those toys cost money and they should be more careful. We do not think about the incredible gift of having the child and thanking God for such a treasure, but we chastise the child when he or she acts like a child and breaks things. We should hold our children in our arms and love them with the same love that God gives to us…

If we considered the child and our love of this wonderful gift instead of the money it cost to buy the toy, our children would much better off and so would we. Our priorities are confused and we do not even see the gift just like the nine other lepers… If we showed our love by explaining to the child the dangers of being too rough with their toys, the child will learn both how to behave and feel the security of our love for them. The child needs to feel loved no matter what, but few ever get that feeling, like the one leper who thanked Jesus.

We ask God for His forgiveness and most just turn around and walk away without realizing the incredible gift this is. Maybe it is because we do not see anything happen at that moment, just like we do not see the many gifts that we are given each day. From the moment that we wake up in the morning, we are showered by gifts from God that we do not recognize. But, there was one leper that did see the gift and Jesus told him that it was his faith that made him whole… And, if we are not seeing or receiving the gifts from God, it is because our faith needs to be examined and strengthened because we would have nothing without God giving everything to us…

Faith and love are the two most powerful aspects of life and most of us fail in our opportunity to demonstrate these feelings, even to our children much less to God. We must never say that we hate anyone, although we do not have to like them because hate will eat away at us until we begin to turn sour. Love everyone because if you look hard enough, you can find something in every person that we can love. And, you never know how God works things out. The person that you hate just might be the individual who runs out into the street and grabs your child and takes them out of the way of an oncoming car… It was love and faith that cleansed the lepers, but only one recognized that fact. Maybe we should all give some thought to what we have been given and be the one to turn around and say thank you !!!

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12:57 PM   [26 Dec 2012 | Wednesday]


The number of misconceptions concerning Christian behavior is not surprising considering the number of various interpretations of original biblical doctrine. There are many notions about behavior that are difficult to understand from where they came, but the New Testament is quite specific as to how a Christian is expected to behave. We should never forget that all Jewish Laws and requirements were eliminated upon the death of Jesus and new rules for behavior were then given to us in the New Testament…

One of these misconceptions is the principle of tithing… Tithing is not a Christian requirement and there is no place in the New Testament that remotely tells us that it is. It is possible that this notion came from the events as described in Acts when the people sold their belongings and brought the money to Peter to be used for the benefit of all. But, these were voluntary acts made by those individuals and were not a requirement. In fact, Peter tells both Ananais and Sapphira that the money that they had received was their own to do whatever they wanted to do with it, but they had lied to God and that is why they were both instantly killed. We are also told that each member of the church will have a job to do and some will be given the task of voluntarily supporting the church financially, but it is not tithing. There are those however, that do not mind tithing to their church even if it is not a requirement because it makes them feel that they are being good Christians because they do nothing else that is a Christian requirement for behavior…

Any church that requires tithing has a problem. Either the pastor and leaders are weak in their faith and do not believe the promise that Jesus gave to us that we will have everything that we need, and this certainly would include caring for His church, or these individuals have been caught up in the trap of Satan were money becomes an issue. We find that in wealthy communities that the church building is unnecessarily elaborate and the pastor lives very well. God is not interested in the building, but he is interested in what goes on inside the building, and that would be proper understanding of His words…

The other misconception is that God has a plan for each of us. What that means is not known because the Bible tells us nothing about any plan that God has for us. God does know how our lives will move along and He may have use of an individual for some specific task, but we are not told that there is some specific plan for each one of us. Again, this notion may have come from when we are told that we are all expected to do our share for the benefit of all and that no task is less important than any other. Clearly however, there are certain people God has chosen to do specific jobs and their lives are arranged for them to do these tasks; for example, preachers, evangelists, pastor and teachers of the Word. We must also remember that first of all very few individuals will ever achieve adoption as a child of God. Clearly, we all will be given the opportunity, but few will advance from claiming Christianity to becoming a true believer and child of God.

Now, there are many that will disagree with this examination of these two misconceptions, but before they take such a stand, they should study the Bible to find out for themselves the truth. Asking their pastor who requires tithing in his church would not be a wise nor intelligent way of discovering the validity of this activity. The only way that anyone can discover the absolute truth is to get it from the proper Bible and not from one that has been altered to justify misconceptions. God has given every person the opportunity to reach paradise, but there is no back door. There is only one way and He tells us the requirements, but if we do not know them, it becomes fairly difficult to satisfy His conditions for adoption. Considering that all misconceptions keep us from the truth, we must include Satan as part of these unfortunate notions. God expects each of us to seek the truth individually and not just accept what others tell us and those who do are most likely the individuals that will spend eternity in paradise !!!


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12:42 PM   [20 Dec 2012 | Thursday]


All things evil, all things that are tragic, all sin and all illness are a direct result of the influence of Satan. We know this because the Bible tells us that when Satan is finally removed from our presence, all of these events will stop. There will be no more sickness or sadness and no more tears shed in sorrow. The Bible often tells us of the influence of Satan in various events and in others, it is obvious. The first human experience is Satan influencing man to be disobedient to God and it is still that way today. Man was given dominion over the earth after it was created by God, but Satan immediately began to control the actions of man and this is still the way it is today also…

We are also told that God knows all things, which means good as well as evil. The Bible gives us examples of times when God allowed Satan to influence man to the detriment of man in order to give us a lesson, and so we must accept the fact that God allows evil but for reasons known only to Himself if an obvious lesson is not shown. However, we must have faith that whatever God allows is always in the best interests of His children even if we do not understand or see the outcome of His actions. David had an illegitimate son with Bathsheba and the son eventually died, but then David had another son, Solomon. The story of Ruth in which all three husbands died seemed to be a tragic event. But, generations later, one of the descendants of Ruth was David. So, we see that many events take place that the final outcome is years away and we never see it, but we must keep our faith and believe the promise that all things are for our best interests. This does not eliminate the immediate sadness that an unfortunate event causes us after such events, but it gives us understanding that there is a reason…

There are those who believe that God does not allow tragic events, but that man was the author of these evil occurrences. Man may have pulled the trigger, so to speak, but clearly Satan was influencing the people who commit outrageous crimes. Certainly, God could have prevented any and all evil events, so we have to assume that He had a reason to allow it to happen. If we say that God could not have prevented any of the tragic events that happen, then we are essentially saying that He does not or cannot control the actions of Satan… We know that all things are under the control and knowledge of God, even the actions of Satan, therefore there must be a good reason for these events to take place, as difficult as that may be to believe…

As difficult as it may be at the time of a tragedy in our lives, we must trust and most especially act in faith that God is doing what is right for us as His children. Instead of asking why this happened, we should look at what is it that we are missing in this lesson. God loves man as He has shown us in so many ways and it is impossible for Him to do anything that will intentionally hurt us without a reason that is greater than the event. Satan is the enemy and we should look towards him when misfortune strikes us. And, we must remember that in all of the stories in the Bible that when a righteous person experienced a tragic event in their lives that God rewarded that person or people at some point. Tragedy brings sadness but it is also an opportunity to bring us understanding that will be of great help to us as we journey through this life. When a person is found worthy of being adopted as a child of God, that person now will be given a purpose by God, but we do not know what it is. Sometimes that purpose can be painful in all ways for that individual, but it is not up to us to decide whether we want to do what God has planned for us. We must have faith that it the best use of what God has given to us and do the best that we can to do what He has given us to do. The conclusion to everything that happens in our lives, whether joyful or painful, is to have and demonstrate our faith in His judgment for our lives !!!

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12:18 PM   [16 Dec 2012 | Sunday]


The incredible event that occurred today in Connecticut in which so many young children were brutally murdered is difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend. And, this event is only one of many similar incidences that seem to be happening more frequently than ever before. People are being randomly killed or injured in shopping malls and school and other places where many people assemble… Asking the question as to why God allows these events to take place is a dead end road, in fact, that question should never come up within a true Christian. At these times, we must consider that whatever God allowed to take place, regardless of how heinous it may appear, that it is always in the best interests of those involved. Although this can be a major test in our trust and acceptance of those decisions of God, but it is at these times that we must fight off our human weaknesses and place our trust in what He has allowed…

If we go to the Bible, we find many examples of extremely tragic events that took place and that God allowed, but we should also notice that at some point, the reason becomes clear, and the event was necessary for whatever reason God was trying to demonstrate His lesson. We should also notice that the people that were innocently involved in these tragedies were always rewarded for what had happened to them. We cannot judge what God is doing, but accept His will regardless of how little understanding we can comprehend from events such as these. There is a verse in the Old Testament that may give us a hint of why these events take place:

Isaiah 57:1 “The righteous perishith, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.”

But, there is another possibility that we must consider. Obviously Satan is at the heart of all of these events that are so tragic, and as we get closer to the end, he knows that his time is short. The Bible tells us that his activities will increase greatly as the end draws near. We are not suggesting that the sky is falling, but perhaps we are being given a warning… There are two very distinct events that are taking place at this time which must be examined as to why God may be warning us. First, our theoretically Christian church is so splintered and out of alignment with true doctrine that it has little or no power with God. Individuals that refuse to adhere to the corrupted churches and continue to trust in only the true word of God have more influence with Him than the millions of claiming Christians that use an altered bible as their guide. Satan is extremely happy with these people and has been very successful in influencing them to be, essentially, disobedient…

And, the other reason for a warning is to look at how the world has been taken over by people that have no interest other than increasing their own power and wealth. The Bible tells us that Israel will be surrounded by enemies that wish to destroy the Jewish State. Israel has possibly never been in harms way more than it is today. For years, this nation of ours was blessed because we supported Israel, but now our leaders have essentially turned our backs against them, and when that began, we began to see more violent events taking place in this country like never before…

The tragic events of today have a purpose and we must trust in the decisions that God made to allow this and many other tragedies to occur. And, we must remember that these poor souls will be rewarded for their participation in these events. We are human and we think and act as humans and cannot be but saddened by what has happened. But, we are Christians first and we must place our trust in God and believe that what has happened has a good purpose even if we do not know what it is. Our prayers should go out to the survivors of these incredible events and ask God to ease their burden of sorrow that few of us will ever experience !!!

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12:56 PM   [13 Dec 2012 | Thursday]


The Bible is without any argument the most important document ever given to man. It is the most purchased book ever written, but unfortunately, one of the least read books ever purchased… Almost every household has a copy of the Bible, but few actually read it, and, when the people that do read it, most of these people fail to gain the incredible amount of information available both for everyday living as well as the path to salvation. Every human experience is described in some way, and how to handle these situations are given showing both the proper way, as well as the ways that will not work out. We are shown all of the dead end roads that we may take, but yet, few pay much attention to this helpful information and travel down a dead end path. The Bible is the instruction manual for life on earth and finding the path to life in paradise.

There are many ways in which a person can read the Bible, but few recognize the endless levels of understanding and information and miss out it the miraculous qualities of the Book. Christians especially miss out in a great deal of information because they do not include the Old Testament in their reading. Surprisingly, even most Jews only use the first five books of the Old Testament in their studies and deny themselves the incredible lessons given in the remaining books of the Old Testament. The Christian Bible includes both Old and New Testaments and there is a reason for that. God did not just decide randomly to include both Books as the Bible, He wrote both books for our edification and benefit and we are missing out in much of these gifts by not including the Old Testament in our studies.

But, let us examine the word “study” and consider how each of us fulfills our individual outlook concerning Bible reading or study. Most people merely read the Bible just as they read a novel. There is no question that much of the New Testament is extremely interesting, but it is so much more than that. A person can read the same Book a hundred times and continue to gain more and more knowledge each time that they read it. Studying the Bible means that the person should examine every word and situation with great care in order to understand the lesson being given. But, underneath the obvious meaning is further information that continues in never ending levels of truth. The Old Testament illustrates to us the nature of man, and that nature that has not changed to this day. It shows man as disobedient to God and easily influenced by Satan, which has not changed since man was created. The New Testament gives us the lessons offered by Jesus and opens the doors to Heaven for the very few that follow His requirements for adoption as a child of God.

We see in the Old Testament that the people soon became tired with the requirements that God had given them for salvation and began to change these rules to suit their own ideas. The New Testament also gives us requirements, but we see that man has changed these rules just as the Old Testament people had done. Man has not changed and the requirements given by God have not changed also. If an individual were to study intensely the lessons of the New Testament, they would find the deeper understanding of these lessons and see the path to salvation much more clearly, as well as grasping greater understanding of man.

The Bible is the only source of correct information concerning life and salvation. It is unfortunate that very few will ever spend their time searching for the deeper meanings of every story and lesson, but the Bible tells us that very few will ever reach paradise. But, the greatest gift that a person gains by Bible study is finding peace and contentment while we travel this very rough road called life. In whatever the problem, in whatever the situation we may find ourselves, the answer and proper solution can be found in the Bible !!!

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12:40 PM   [09 Dec 2012 | Sunday]


Sin is essentially anything that we do that is against the wishes of God. Sin is also placing anything in our thoughts or actions before God for any purpose, and there is no good purpose regardless of how anyone wants to view it. So, we sin and it is impossible for humans not to sin, but it is possible for humans to make conscious decisions and sometimes those decisions are sins, but we do it anyway… The amount of sinning that we do every day is enormous and most of the time, we are not even aware of the fact that we are sinning. We have become so used to doing certain things in our lives that we do not consider it as sin. After all, everyone is doing the same thing and therefore we dismiss it as just being normal life activities and behavior. Then, there are those sins that we know are against the wishes of God but, we do those things also and somehow are able to dismiss the fact that it was intentional sin…

As we prepare to go to bed at night, we kneel down and ask God to forgive our sins. And there are those that do not even bother doing that because they consider the atoning death of Jesus was sufficient for forgiveness, so why should they bother asking forgiveness for things that have already been forgiven. But, presumably, most people, at least have the decency to acknowledge their sins and ask forgiveness. And, for the most part, the asking for forgiveness is a load of crap because most of us are not even sorry for those sins. The least that we should do is to tell God that we are sorry for offending Him, but few think about Him and His feelings, we just want to feel better about ourselves and having sinned all day long. Now, this is where the denial part comes into play and it is when people tell themselves that they do not do that. But, we should all think about this before we make a statement that we do not do that type of thing, because if you do, we have just sinned by telling a lie…

Thankfully, God is very understanding and realizes the weakness of man as well as the power of Satan to influence man. But, God also gave us the ability to think, however, it seems that ability is seldom used, however, we do have the power to make decisions. And often times, those decisions cause sins. We must remember that there is no action that is not preceded by thought, and there is where we can stop our sinning. God is more interested in us coming to Him and being honest, but it is very difficult to go to God and tell Him that we were not sorry for our sins, in fact, we enjoyed them. But, if we did become trusting enough in the grace of God, that is exactly what we should do and that is to be honest.

The influence of Satan to help us to sin is incomprehensible, but we should never use that fact as an excuse for our sins. If we were totally honest with ourselves as well as with God, we would admit that there are many sins that we just plain enjoy. It is these sins about which we should spend time with God discussing and asking for His assistance for us to control those desires. We can be certain that God would be more impressed with that honesty, then not bringing the subject up at all. God may even offer us other activities that we find more enjoyable, but are not against His wishes. Preventing ourselves from intentional sin begins when the thought enters our minds. Now, who put that thought there does not matter. It is at this point that we should come to God and ask Him to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Clearly, no one wants to hurt God by being disobedient, but our choices are limited to doing what we want or being disobedient. God knows that it is impossible for man to stop his sinning, but He also knows that man has the ability to try and stop. It is far better to come to Him and be honest no matter how embarrassing and shameful it may make us feel and ask for His help than it is to disregard those types of sin and not include them in our discussions with Him. You may find that God will not make us feel terrible about the things that we have done but, He will help us stop those things that will ultimately hurt us, and show us ways to enjoy ourselves even more in other ways !!!

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12:57 PM   [04 Dec 2012 | Tuesday]


In case no one noticed, we have not had any great attacks from Satan against this site for quite some time. This may sound like a good thing and, in a way it is but do not be fooled. Satan will never give up and it would not be surprising if he mounted a major attack at any time. We must constantly be aware of his attempts to infiltrate this site and do not ever think that because we have not seen him for a while that he has given up. One of his methods is to do exactly what is happening now, whether it be on this site or in our lives and that is to get people to establish a false sense of contentment. Once a person feels that Satan has left them alone for a while, they begin to reduce their vigilance and that is for what he is hoping.

It may surprise some people to know that Satan is, in fact, still on the site in the form of a member or maybe a few members. His workers are everywhere just waiting for an opportunity to attempt to influence others to the will of Satan. It may be done openly as we have witnessed here when he loads the pages, or it may be done with very subtle posts which place thoughts into the minds of the readers. The posts may seem to be insignificant, but there is an underlying meaning that is almost impossible to discern. This not only happens on the site, but in our daily lives as well.

An example of one of his methods is to cause an event to happen in your life that creates discomfort, and it is usually emotional discomfort. Perhaps a friend says or does something that bothers us and hurts our feelings. We then spend endless amounts of time trying to figure out the reason or reasons why this person did this to us. This is a dead end road and we can consider every possibility but will never know the reason and so it is useless to even try. But, it does accomplish one thing and that is to get your mind off of God, and that is the objective for which Satan is hoping. In a sense, our thoughts could be considered as worrying and we know what Jesus has told us about that. The easiest way of handling a situation such as this is to just give it to Jesus and ask Him to correct the problem. It is amazing to experience the event that it actually happens too… Not only have we done the proper thing by giving our concerns to God as He has told us to do, but we have also saved a friendship. And, we have beaten the attempts of Satan to upset us !!!

The members of this site are theoretically Christian in their belief. Satan hates any individual or group that is Christian and will concentrate his efforts to disrupt every activity that is Christian. Because we have recognized his attempts to upset the site by loading the pages and have resisted that method, he is at this very moment thinking of other ways in which he can cause us problems. Most people feel pretty satisfied that he has not bothered us recently, but there are those that know that this is a sign that we are going to get hit with a major attack at some point, probably sooner rather than later. We are actually at a weak point right now because we are in the middle of the holiday season and our minds are filled with other things. This makes it a dangerous time for us because our vigilance is at a low point, and Satan will wait until we least expect it before he starts his attack…

This is not a matter of if he attempts his attack, it is a matter of when he will begin. It is most important now to be ready by realizing that Satan is not going to let this go because he thinks that he cannot win, because he believes that he can always win, so we must be ready to resist him immediately. Do not be fooled because there has not been much satanic activity on the site, at least not that we can recognize. He is here and he is preparing and we must do the same. And, this also applies to our individual lives as well !!!

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12:55 PM   [04 Dec 2012 | Tuesday]


One of the most quoted verses from the Bible is John 3:16 but, we will include verse 3:17 in this examination of the two statements. They really should be thought of as one promise that complement each other rather than two separate verses.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:17 “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”

Obviously, these are incredibly strong statements and it is easy to understand why 3:16 is so widely admired and quoted. However, we must remember that every word written in the Bible was chosen by God for understanding of His intent. Each word was used not randomly but for good reason. So, if we look more closely at these statements, we find that they are not guarantees of salvation but an explanation to everyone for the opportunity of everlasting life.

First, we discover that Jesus is the only true Son of God and that all we can hope for is to become adopted by God as His sons, but we have discussed this aspect before. But, adoption gives us the same benefits as a legitimate offspring and so it is of no consequence. It does, however, validate the fact that we are not all children of God, merely His creations.

The next sentence is interesting because according to all biblical doctrine, none of us will ever perish but have everlasting life. The question is where we will spend eternity but, the meaning here is clearly meant to indicate salvation and paradise. The condition however, is that we believe in him, and that means a lot more than just believing that He existed. It means that we believe that He was the son of God, and that everything that He tells us we should believe and try to live as He explains which is an indication of that belief and trust His actions and lessons that are given to us in order to achieve the result for which we hope. Believing is one thing but, faith in the lessons and requirement for our behavior is the indicator of the commitment to that belief. We can believe anything that we want, but acting in faith to that belief is the proof of our belief…

We should notice the choice of the word “should” in the sentence …should not perish… and understand that should does not mean will not perish. One can argue all day long about this aspect but, there is no getting around the fact that “should” is not the same as “will”. Truly God is offering us the most incredible gift that ever was or will be, but it does not come by saying a few words or a simple belief. We must prove ourselves worthy of obtaining this gift through faith and commitment to the lessons and actions of Jesus as the examples of believing in Him and attempting to behave as He shows us with His life. If all it takes is belief that He existed, then there is no reason to go any further with the description of His actions and life on earth, "through him" means exactly that. We must learn through His lessons and actions the correct path to take...

Further evidence of the proper understanding of these statement comes in 3:17 when God tells us that He sent His son that the world “might” be saved. Again we see that this is not a guarantee but an offer with a condition. The condition is what we discover in 3:16 and then God tells that there is no reason that we should fail as long as we believe in His Son as we should.  We can have the same argument about the word “might” but, “might” does not mean “will” no matter how one looks at it…

God has offered to us a gift that is beyond our comprehension and He tells us of this offer in these two verses. But we should never forget that every word has meaning and we should not misunderstand the meaning of any single word in order to gain the correct intent of every statement made in the Bible. The Bible is perfect but, we are not. We have a tendency to view things in a way that make things easier for us to accomplish, so we must read every word and use the proper meaning for every word because if we do not, we are merely interpreting the words of God and not getting the understanding that will lead us through that gate that very few will pass through !!!


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