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12:20 PM   [26 Nov 2012 | Monday]


One day becomes pretty much like every other day, and often we are not even certain what day of the week that it is.  As the end of each month approaches, our anxiety level increases because the bills start coming in and we wonder if we can pay them all. We begin to become worried that anything out of the ordinary will place new stress on our already stressful lives… One of the kids needs braces on his or her teeth and you just cannot figure out how you will manage that. The car is beginning to break down and needs repairs more often, but a new car is just not possible especially with one of the kids going to college and the assistance did not come through. The government assistance to your elderly parents keeps getting less and they look to you for the help that they truly need, but there is no way that you can afford to help. You find it difficult to sleep and strange headaches are causing you concern, and this has been a good month !!!

There is no one that you can talk to about all these feelings and events because all of your friends are pretty much having the same problems, plus you do not want them to know how bad things are. There are days that you think that you are going to explode and you just cannot hold back the tears. And, when you look to the future and listen to the news, it is pretty certain things are going to get worse.

But, there is one thing that you have not thought about, and that is that all of these things were there yesterday and the day before that and the day before that, and yet, you are still here and somehow you managed to get through all those days. And, some way, you’ll get through today and tomorrow and the day after that too. But, everything is still coming at you and the stress is still there. You do not recognize the satanic influences that surround you and are keeping you from realizing that God is taking care of you. You do not remember that Jesus promised you that He will supply all of your needs and that you only need to be concerned, not worried, but just concerned about today.

Satan will keep you thinking about all of the things that could happen, but you forget that “could happen” does not mean “will happen”, and so you worry about stuff that will never enter you circumstances but this keeps your mind off of the promises that God has made to you.  God is not like people who tell you that they will help and then do nothing. God has given us His word that we will have everything that we need, but sometimes we get confused by what we need and what we want.  It is true that you do not have a new car or the savings account has dwindled to almost nothing and your sense of security is gone because of your lack of savings, but you are still here and nothing bad has happened.

The problem is that Satan has you thinking about earthly things and disastrous possibilities. You look at money as a sense of security, but the only security that you should consider is the love and honesty that God has for us. Do not let Satan get into your mind and introduce thoughts of personal doom, and remember that a thought is just that. It is not a guarantee of any event, but you do have a guarantee that you will be alright and it comes from God and it is pretty certain that you can rely on His word…

Satan is having a great time during these days when the world is turning upside down. Almost every nation is essentially bankrupt because of foolish and greedy management, and we wonder why God has allowed this to happen. The reality is that we will never know as long as we are alive, but we can be sure that there is a good reason. Trust in His judgment for us all but especially you and your loved ones and remember, you are still here and God will care for you so you need not worry !!!

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12:36 PM   [23 Nov 2012 | Friday]


The Bible was written for all people, not just for certain groups or individuals. Unfortunately, certain groups have taken verses out of context and established their beliefs and this is one of the reasons for the enormous number of denominations claiming to be Christian. An example of missing the point of a lesson can be seen by reading the comment given about our post concerning Christmas. A poor soul thought it was necessary to “correct” the fact that the post said that Thanksgiving is, in fact a religious holiday. This is an example of picking out a particular aspect of the verse and as a result missing the point of the lesson being given. If a little thought was given, this person would have recognized that Thanksgiving is only considered religious in this country and is not a universally accepted holiday such as Christmas or Easter. It is fairly certain that the Christians in England do not celebrate this holiday.

We must always consider the total aspects of any lesson being offered and not use a portion of the verse to validate your own personal beliefs. There are many events in the Bible that probably were not exactly as they were described, but that does not make the lesson any less important. Jesus was probably not crucified on a cross but died on a device that was in the shape of a “T”… This does not mean anything to the story, but there will be some that will claim that all of the crosses hanging on the walls of our churches are wrong. The Old Testament states that if a man has sexual activities with another man that both should be stoned.  There are many women that believe it is therefore alright with God if women engage in lesbian behavior. When we read the Bible, we should be thinking about the point that is being made not the individual events making up the lesson. Many very important and vital facets of doctrine are missed because people find what they believe to be an error within a verse. For the most part, this activity happens when people want to validate their own interpretations rather than adhering to biblical doctrine, and then we have just another denomination.

The Bible is universal and personal interpretation is not going to be acceptable to God. The lessons and doctrine were given to us to find our way to becoming a child of God and being rewarded with eternal life with Him. All souls will exist forever, but where those souls will spend eternity is up to the individual and how they view the Bible. If they look at it as just a possible method of salvation and adoption and accept convenient alterations made by man, they are going to be in for a big surprise upon their death. But, those who use the Bible as the only means of attaining entrance into the Kingdom, have a very good chance of attaining that miraculous gift.

The Bible does require thought from the individual and if a particular verse or statement is confusing, God will provide the help to give that person the proper understanding. But, He also knows who is sincere and who is just hoping by just reading the Bible without considering all the aspects of the lessons and doctrine given to us… The example of suggesting that Thanksgiving is a religious holiday is an indication of lack of thought and making quick determinations, but missing the point !!!

And, never forget or underestimate the attempts of Satan to persuade you that you are right in doubting biblical verses because there appears to be inconsistencies, but read on and you will find that it all comes together at some point into a universally acceptable lesson or doctrine…

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12:29 PM   [23 Nov 2012 | Friday]


Although Thanksgiving Day is not a religious holiday, it is the beginning of the holiday season, the largest and most important of the days being Christmas. Well, that used to be true, but because of various groups, Christmas is no longer the reason for this season. In recent years, slowly, the important reason for the holiday season has changed. Laws have been passed that now make it illegal to include the word “Christmas” and be replaced by the word “Holiday”. The interesting part of all of this is that while the Christian holiday has essentially been eliminated, many other religious observations have been allowed. We now have Latino and African holidays that are celebrated and none of the Jewish holidays were affected, but somehow Christmas has become illegal…

The Christian community is one of the largest groups in this country, and the outcries and rebellions against Christmas being removed did not happen… It is absolutely astonishing that this could happen especially in a country based upon Christian principles. But the Christian community is made up of individuals, and so each one of us must share the responsibility for this to have occurred. Clearly, God must be very proud of His people when they did nothing to prevent the celebration of the birth of our Saviour from being changed into a season of materialism and greed.

It is also interesting to recognize that at a time when people should feel happiness and joy that it is the most depressing time of the year for three quarters of society. The suicide rate climbs exponentially during this season and there is more violence than any other time during the year. This is a strange series of events at a time that should create peaceful feelings between mankind. But, let us go back to the very beginning and examine what happened in order to gain a hint concerning the nature of man. Mary and Joseph return to Bethlehem to register in the census, and Mary is obviously about to give birth. Bethlehem was not a small town but they could not find an Inn that would consider her condition and make any sort of accommodations for her. We can be certain however that if the couple had enough money, they would have had no problem finding a place to stay. It was about money then, and it is about money now…

Our children are growing up not knowing or understanding the importance of Christmas. To them, it is all about the gifts that they will receive and to the adults is about the aggravation of shopping for these gifts. Each of us should take the time to spend with our children and explain to them the events that took place over two thousand years ago and the consequences as a result of that single event. And when we take the time to tell them about the birth of Jesus, we should be certain that we are accurate. Three wise men did not visit the birth site; in fact, we do not even know how many wise men did visit Jesus a few years later. All we know is that three gifts were given to the family, and many people believe that this is how the idea of giving gifts began. But, since these men were not even at the birth, this notion is incorrect…

We should explain to our children the importance of the greatest event that has ever happened and why Christmas is not about the gifts that they get, but about the goodwill that we should be demonstrating to all others… And, then we should try to explain to them why we allowed Christmas to be reduced to just a day off from work and giving, mostly useless, gifts to each other. Maybe, we can instill in our children the courage to stand up and fight against the forces of evil that has caused this incredible diminishment of the great Christian event that ever took place, and then try to explain to them why we did not take a stand against those who removed the importance of Christmas !!!

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12:34 PM   [17 Nov 2012 | Saturday]


There is a particular victory that Satan has enjoyed for a very long time, and even with his immense ego, he cannot reveal the extent or content of this success. We know that his greatest triumph is to make certain people believe that he has little influence and others believe that he does not even exist. But, we have seen his actions on this site and have been able to resist him almost every time and be victorious over him. And, resisting is very easy, but it must happen as we have witnessed. Allowing Satan to get a toe hold into our thinking that it is insignificant can only lead to disaster. Satan must be dealt with immediately regardless of how much he attempts to influence your thinking that it does not matter…

We have been trying for a long time to warn every one of the tremendous power of Satan and some of his methods of attack. Some people agree and find new understanding and new strength in dealing with satanic activities. Others do not agree with our assessment and unfortunately these are the individuals that have become influenced and as a result do not get the proper understanding that will lead them to entrance into where we all want to spend eternity. But, we will continue to warn people of every attack that we recognize regardless of their persuasion concerning Satan.

Now, the extremely important victory that Satan must keep secret is that he has convinced millions of individuals that they are just fine with God and will spend eternity in Heaven. And, he has been doing this for a very long time… In our discussions concerning entrance into paradise, we have explained that merely saying a few words and claiming Christianity is not going to get us into paradise for eternity. We do understand that accepting Jesus as our Savior will keep us out of eternal punishment, but it does not give us a pass into New Jerusalem. Jesus tells us of this fact Himself and explained that very few will pass through the gate. The New Testament would have no meaning if all we needed was to claim Christianity. We are also told by Jesus that gaining eternal paradise is like the leaven in the barrel and that gaining entrance as an adopted child of God is a process. The rest of the New Testament gives us the requirements that must be followed in order to get our ticket. But, Satan has convinced countless millions that there is no reason to go any further than just claiming Christianity and asking God to make us a new person. Unfortunately, Satan has influenced most people that doing only that is sufficient to get us our ticket through the gate.  These people just go along with the rest of their lives believing that they are fine and will spend eternity sitting next to the pool drinking Gin and Tonic.

True believers know that adoption into the family of God is a lifelong endeavor, but Satan has convinced most others that it happens immediately upon claiming rebirth. The New Testament is our instruction manual to achieving and obtaining our way through the gates of New Jerusalem and there should be not disagreement with that fact, but many poor souls everywhere will argue this point. Satan has done his job and, as usual, has done it very well…

We have been given very little knowledge of what happens to us after we leave this world. We know that there is Heaven and hell and perhaps a few places in between. But we do know and there can be no argument about the words of Jesus when He tells us that very few will pass through the gate. Satan would have us believe that everyone is going to pass through and has convinced most that this is true, but he is a liar. Each of us should consider our own beliefs about this subject and see where and what we believe. If you think by saying a few words is sufficient, then you have been attacked by Satan and he has scored another victory, and he will continue to convince you that you are just fine !!!

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12:36 PM   [16 Nov 2012 | Friday]


The election for our government leaders is over and whatever the outcome does not matter anymore.  The candidates speeches full of distortions of the truth and attempts to diminish the integrity of their opponent does not matter anymore. The billions of dollars spent on the campaign does not matter anymore. The incredibly disgusting way in which this campaign was run does not matter anymore. The fact that we, as a nation, have lost the respect of most of the rest of the world does not matter anymore. Your vote for the candidate of your choice does not matter anymore. The fact that abortion was a major part of the platforms of the candidates does not matter anymore. And, after all of this happened, almost nothing has changed with the exception of a few seat in the Congress that does not matter…

This election has done more to harm this country than any other single vent in the history of this nation with the exception of the Civil War. It did not matter for whom a person voted, that really was insignificant, but how these candidates behaved was beyond comprehension considering the office for which they were running. And, it was noted very clearly by the rest of the world and the outcome was of great disappointment to them. Our actions influence the rest of the world and considering the circumstances in the world, we are about to witness disaster if certain changes are not made immediately. Already events are taking place since the end of the election that may have grave consequences. Israel has essentially gone to war and people are demonstrating everywhere because they were waiting to see if a change in this country would bring new hope. One of our close allies remarked in their newspaper:

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to the depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

We do not know what would have been said had Mr. Romney been elected, but this statement is how we are viewed in the world now, and it is not good…

We are in for a very long four years where most of us will suffer more than we have for the last four years. It is a lucky few that can say that they are better off now than they were just a few years ago. And, it is only going to get worse. At this point, politics must go out the window and genuine concern for our future must be our major concern. We have made our choice and it does not matter anymore. But it seems that the Christian community failed in its’ responsibility to use Christian doctrine for the basis for their decision. It does not matter anymore who was elected, but there is something that we can do whether we agree with whom was elected or not. We must pray to God that He give this man the wisdom to lead this country with integrity and with the common man in mind, and that is going to take a lot of praying. We must forget our political persuasion and consider the reality of the situation. It did not matter who was elected because this country, as well as the rest of the world, is in serious trouble. We got ourselves into it, but it is too late for us to get ourselves out of it. The only option that we have is Divine intervention and we must pray very seriously for God to save us from this mess we have allowed ourselves to get into because of stupid political thinking. We must trust in God that the reason for our dilemma is for our best interests, but we must come to Him and ask with all sincerity for His help because without, it does not matter anymore !!!


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12:30 PM   [14 Nov 2012 | Wednesday]


Sometimes when we take a long trip, we cannot make the distance all at once and often we get tired and stop for a time. We may even stay where we have stopped and spend a little time there if it is a place that we enjoy, but that does not get us to where we want to go. And, there are even times when we decide that the trip is too long and return back to where we started. So, we see here that our options are always the same in almost everything that we do; we can move forward, we can stand still or we can go backwards. This is also true in our journey towards Christian adoption and the process of becoming a child of God.

There is an interesting story in the Acts of the Apostles when Peter is arrested and put in jail, chained between two soldiers. Peter was sleeping and an angel came and “…and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands.” Now, this does not seem to be anything but God releasing Peter from jail, but there is much more to this part of the event. If we place ourselves in the position of Peter and consider our journey through life, we may find similarities to this event. We become converted and begin our walk, and often times we begin this walk running because of our excitement. But, after a while we settle down to a walk, and the walk becomes slower as time passes. We are tired and it is not unusual for some to stop and “rest” for a while. And then, there are those that return to a more comfortable place back somewhere in the past…

The journey we take as a Christian is usually very long and sometimes extremely difficult. It is very tempting to just “rest” for a time before we continue, and we must remember that we are not alone. We must always be aware of the fact that Satan will be right there with us attempting to persuade us that it is fine to “rest” for a while. But, stopping will never get us to where we want to go and we must continue regardless of how tired that we may have become. Now, returning to the story of Peter, it always seemed odd that the angel “smote Peter on the side. Essentially the angel kicked Peter to wake him up which is not a gentle act. Although it does not explain the little bit of violence used by the angel, the fact that Peter was sleeping and not praying may have angered the angel a bit. Peter had accepted his position and decided to “rest” a bit instead of constant praying for relief. But, God had a plan for Peter and did not care if he was sleeping; God released him from the chains of satanic persuasion and got him going again.

The journey that we accept when we become a Christian is long and hard. In fact, the journey never ends when we are on this earth and so it is easy to slow down some times and be persuaded to take a short rest. The problem is that the short rest often times becomes a long vacation and we also may need to be kicked in the ass to get us going again in the right direction. We must always be looking forward and walking in that direction. Those that start their journey running, we often find them becoming tired very quickly and sometimes they return back to where they started because it was easier and more comfortable. These people will never get to where we would all like to be…

Satan needs us to stop in order to put his chains on us, so believing that taking a short “rest” is not dangerous can be very detrimental to us. If the journey is long and we get tired because of the number of hills that we must climb, just ask Jesus for a little help and He will carry you on His back along with so many other people that have become tired. And, He will do this because He knows that under no circumstances do we want to stop and “rest” but we want to keep on moving in the right direction !!!


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12:32 PM   [11 Nov 2012 | Sunday]


Praying, or more accurately, speaking to God or Jesus would seem to be an easy thing to do, but in reality, it is very difficult. We all have notions of how we should pray, and there is no right or wrong way, but for some reason our prayers take on a sense of praise rather than communication. The prayers that we repeat in Sunday services are really not prayers, but are praise that sound like prayer. But, real prayer is speaking directly to God or Jesus just as you would to a friend that we trust. First, we should prepare ourselves by doing what Jesus has told us to do, and that is to get into a private place, without distraction. We should be on our knees, although this is not a requirement, it shows subjection and honor. People complain that this is painful for them, but it was probably fairly painful for Jesus as He was being beaten, whipped and nailed to the cross. It is the least that we can do to offer our demonstration of the importance of who we are engaging, and for the reasons that we come to Him.

When we speak with God, we do not need to use flowery words full of praise and admiration, He has people to do that. God is our father and wants us to treat Him as such and come to Him with our problems and concerns. This seems like it should be easy, but there are many and various ideas about prayer that make it more difficult than it ought to be. Some believe that we should never pray for ourselves, but only pray for others. Of course, this is a noble gesture, but everyone is capable of praying for themselves… Although we should always include our loved ones in asking for His blessings, but our own prayers are between He and ourselves.

Most people ask for forgiveness for their sins as part of their praying, and this is where the problem begins. The reality of the matter is that when we tell God that we are sorry for our sins, we are actually committing a sin because saying that we are sorry is a lie. No one causes us to sin, although it is impossible not to sin, there are certain activities, especially those of the flesh, that we look forward to experiencing. God is not impressed when we tell Him that we are sorry when, in fact we are searching out ways to satisfy our carnal desires, God is interested in honesty not content… He already knows about everything that we do and feel and we are not going to fool Him with empty gestures of remorse. It is better to speak to Him about those aspects of our feelings than to tell Him that we are sorry when we really are not.

There is another aspect of the experience of speaking with God, and that is Satan. He is always there listening to what we are discussing and gathering information with which he can use to influence us to be disobedient. We do not need to speak out loud when we pray, in fact, it is better to do it in our minds because Satan cannot read our minds. Satan can, however, introduce thoughts into our minds and often does to cause us to sin… God already knows about our activities but the purpose of speaking to Him about our sins is to make us more aware of the amount and various activities that we are prone to do that are sins. And then, there are those that do not worry about sins because we have been forgiven all of our sins by the actions on our behalf by Jesus. It is true that our sins are forgiven, but they are not forgotten. We must all give account of everyone of our actions during that time called the Day of Judgment…

Sinning is human, but that does not mean that it cannot be controlled. Honesty when we pray is an indication that we trust in the grace of God and His understanding. Many of us have difficulty with total honesty for a few reasons; one is that we do not even know the truth anyway or live in denial; and another reason is our earthly fathers. If we told our earthly fathers the activities that we have done, we would probably be grounded for life. But, God is not like that. God will never punish us because we act as humans, and even though we may not really be sorry for some of our sins, He understands and will find a way in which to help us overcome these weaknesses and make us a new person. Be truthful and do not hold anything back and He will guide us to a new way that will always be in our best interests !!!

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12:41 PM   [07 Nov 2012 | Wednesday]


Sometimes the size of the fonts are too small to be read easily... All one needs to do in order to increase the size of the print in a post that has small fonts is to hold down the CTRL button on the keyboard and scroll the wheel of the mouse... The print will get larger or smaller depending on which way you scrool, it's that easy !!!

Hope it makes it easier to read for those that have troubles reading small print...

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12:37 PM   [07 Nov 2012 | Wednesday]


Reading the Old Testament is vital in order to grasp the meanings of many of the lessons given to us by Jesus. But, it is also where we learn about the nature of man and how God treats man in various situations. The accounts of Old Testament events were given to us so that we may better understand how God will react towards our similar actions which certainly is very helpful knowledge, but only if we have read about it all. Probably every human experience is discussed in some way and the reactions that we may take are described and how God will react to our decisions is offered for our edification. God has not changed his expectations from His creations, although many believe that the New Testament altered the way in which God treats man. Certainly we have been offered an opportunity for the forgiveness of our sins and the rituals of the Old Testament people, but God still expects us to behave in a certain way and that has never changed. On the Day of Judgment, we will all be examined in the same way regardless of whether we were Old or New Testament people.

The very beginning of the Bible describes how man chose to be disobedient to God and how easy it was for Satan to persuade man to be disobedient. This has not changed and although, as we read the various stories and see the different ways in which man decided, it is obvious that Satan was influencing man or, at least, trying. The unfortunate part of it is that Satan was very successful then as he is today. Satan is not mentioned as much in the Old Testament as he is in the New, but it is obvious that he was involved in all events of those times.

The other aspect of the Old Testament that is much more prevalent than it is in the New is the enormous amount of wisdom and information given to us that should be very useful to us in our daily activities. When Solomon became king, God asked him what he wished from God and Solomon asked for wisdom to better guide the people of God. So, God gave Solomon more wisdom as well as wealth, more than any man has ever or will have. At the end of his life, Solomon wrote Proverbs and Ecclesiastes which offers us the wisdom that Solomon had acquired during his life. The two books are amazing examples of knowledge and wisdom and they also give us insight into the way by which God expects us to attempt to live. Those two books alone are worth the exercise of reading the Old Testament.

As we read about the Hebrew people and their trials and tribulations, we begin to see that their walk through their history is really a story about the walk that we all take to get through our lives. We see the various situations of their journey and what the results were for obedience as well as disobedience to the rules of God. We begin to see that our lives parallel the lives of the Hebrew nation in many ways, and we can use that information to see the dangers of this life and eliminate many of our own problems. Many of the stories, if not all, are given to us to help us in our journey. The story of Job is not about patience as many believe, but about persistence of faith and how it wanders and is influenced in many ways. It also shows how friends can often times cause us harm without intending to because they are not familiar with the wishes of God for our behavior. And, it also tells us of the rewards of holding on to our faith even during the worst times. We are also shown the pitfalls of government corruption and how the connection between government and the people began to separate until there was no connection at all, and it is still that way today…

The stories in the Prophets prepare us for Christ and show how the people wandered away from the rules of God until Jesus came and unified the religious beliefs back to where God wanted them to be. But, true to his nature, man began to corrupt the rules for his own convenience and here we are today. There is very little difference between the lessons of both Books, but without knowing the stories of the Old Testament, many of the lessons of the New Testament cannot be understood properly. Many think that the Old Testament should be read once and then concentrate on the study of the New. The Bible is both Old and New Testament and if the Old was not important, it would not be part of our Bible !!!


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12:17 PM   [04 Nov 2012 | Sunday]


We are in the midst of a world that is in serious trouble in many ways. And, we have to recognize that it did not get this way by itself, but has happened as a result of extremely bad government decisions for a very long time. The problem is that the government does not suffer from the errors it makes, but the common citizen bares the results of poor management. However, there is one being that is very happy about these circumstances and that would be Satan. People everywhere are experiencing various issues that are affecting their lives in a negative way and have little or no control over how to correct problems with which that they did nothing to cause. It is very frustrating and when people become angry or worried, Satan is always going to be there attempting to make people believe that they are justified with their frustrations…

However, the Bible tells us that we should not worry, but we are human and it is very difficult not to be concerned with what is going on. And, it becomes even more difficult when Satan is influencing us to be disobedient to what we are told by Jesus about worry. In a recent post, we mentioned that even Peter became concerned and began to sink into the water when he was standing next to Jesus on the water. There was a comment made that explained that the reason that Peter began to sink was because he took his eyes off Jesus. That is very true, but who was there influencing Peter, but Satan…

There are only three things that can happen in the future that will affect our position; things will get better, things will get worse or things will remain the same. Considering the plans that have been made by our present government, it is fairly certain that only one of those things will occur and that is that things are going to get worse, but for a true believer, that does not matter. One can make a good argument that what is happening now is a test of the degree of faith that each of us has. If a person that claims Christianity truly believes and has absolute faith in the words of Jesus, then that person has absolutely no reason to be concerned about anything. Those people can use their time helping others increase their faith and by doing so, ease the stress of family and friends. It is even possible that the wheat is being separated from the chaff, but even that does not matter. This is probably unlikely, but possible because Jesus tells us that we should always be ready…

Do not underestimate the power of persuasion of Satan but resist his attempts to take our eyes and ears off Jesus and become concerned. Worry never changed anything except to cause us to unwittingly become disobedient to the wishes of God. We must remember that God is in control of all things and what is happening in the world has a reason. And that reason may very well be to discover who has faith and who just claims faith. Even if that is not the reason, it does not matter because it will still demonstrate the degree of faith that we all have. We have been told that we will always have everything that we need, but we must also remember that what we need is not our decision. God decides what we need, while we decide what we want, and the two are often times very far apart. But, who will you trust, your own notions of needs, or those of God as to our needs ?

There is one thing for certain and that is that there is nothing for certain… God knows those that are His and if you are one of His, then there is nothing about which you need to be concerned. As circumstances become worse, we must work against Satan to increase the determination of our trust and faith, but that will be very difficult. His attacks and attempts to influence us are going to become more intense as time goes on. But as long as we are aware of these facts, it will be easier for us to resist him and remain calm. Remember what happened when the people came to Samuel and asked to have a king, and God said that since the people decided to reject Him that He would give them a king. That was the beginning of politics and as things have evolved, there is absolutely no connection between politicians and the common man. Our hope is with Jesus and His promises to us and we do not need to feel that we are being manipulated and used by Him. The eyes and heart of God is always on His children and we will never be disappointed !!!

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