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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:44 PM   [31 Oct 2012 | Wednesday]


When God created man, He gave us a mind, and that makes us different from all other animals that ever walked on the earth. He also expected us to use that mind to reason out things that arise in our lives, and that is called thinking… As we experience more events, we gather information that we can use in our reasoning in order to solve problems or questions. In the old days, people increased their ability to think through experiences, but today, we have schools. But, we have a problem and that is that most schools have forgotten the reason that they exist. Unfortunately, teachers think that the subject about which they instruct us is important. And, it is important, but only because it gives us information and that is part of the real importance of education, which is to learn how to think and reason. The largest problem that we have today is the computer. We need not know much about anything because all we have to do is look it up on the computer and we have the answer. We do not need to use our ability to think or reason, but this is unfortunate and also another subject. The purpose of this part of this discussion is to determine, by using our ability to reason, certain aspects of the Bible and which is the correct one to use in our studies of the words of God.

We all recognize that there are many versions of the Bible and most, if not all, have been altered in some way. Reasonable thinking tells us that if all the various revisions are made from the Authorized KJV that the KJV is the original and true words of God… It is the first valid translation into English which also verifies the authenticity of this version as being, in fact, the true words of God. The importance of using the correct Bible is essential to grasp the understanding of why we have a Bible in the first place, as well as instructions to achieve adoption as a child of God.

The Bible is the most importance document ever given to man because it is the words of God and His instruction manual for us to become one of His adopted children and spend eternity in His presence. Again, reasonable thinking should tell us that merely saying a few words is not sufficient evidence of our commitment to God and believing that it is good enough is unreasonable. The Christian Bible is made up of two parts, the Old and the New Testaments, and there is a reason for that. First of all, the Old Testament gives us a tremendous amount of information concerning the nature of man, the power of Satan, the manner in which God interacts with man and the wisdom gathered from years of various experiences. It is also a necessary element in order to understand the lessons given to us in the New Testament when we are given Old Testament events to explain a lesson or doctrine. It is essential that the Old Testament be a major part of our Bible study !!!

Now, as we begin to read the New Testament, let us use our ability to reason and discover what we are receiving. Most people believe that by asking Jesus to save us that we will be saved and go to Heaven when we die. But, although it is true that Jesus gives us salvation, we must consider from what we are being saved. Salvation means that we are saved from something but not given anything. So, we are saved from punishment from our sins, but this does not include entrance into Heaven. Jesus also redeemed us from Old Testament requirements for getting into Heaven, but that does not mean that new requirements did not take their place. Reasonable thinking should tell us that considering the enormous gift of paradise, it is not obtained by just saying a few words. After the Gospels, we are given the new requirements to achieve adoption as children of God and we are expected to show our sincerity by the amount of effort and faith in attempting to adhere to these new obligations for adoption. As we go through that school, we will be tested constantly just the way it is in earthly schools in order to find out what we have learned. Reasonable thinking also tells us that when Jesus tells us the few will enter the Kingdom, that He really meant it because it is impossible for Him to lie.

The Bible gives us the only way to achieve adoption and should be read with that fact in mind. There is no other way, although there are many that think that there are other ways, but reasonable thinking tells us that they have to be wrong. God gave us the Bible and His purpose for that was that we should use it as the instruction manual for how to get to spend eternity in paradise. If that is not the reason, then there would be no necessity of having a Bible at all, we would only have to say a few words and we would get into Heaven… Does that sound reasonable to you ???

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12:57 PM   [28 Oct 2012 | Sunday]


There is a type of event that is common to man, and the reason that we all have this experience is also common among man. We go along from day to day doing our usual routine and things start to look pretty well for us. Our anxiety level is down, our bills are up to date, we feel well and slowly we begin to think that the world is not such a bad place in which to live… As these things begin to happen, something else starts within us of which we are not aware. We do not realize it because our friend Satan is behind the scenes influencing us to make it happen. The thing that occur is that as we become less stressed, we also find ourselves spending a little less time with God because we are enjoying ourselves. Our prayers become less intense and shorter in length because we really do not have much to discuss with Him. We can all say that this is not true, but man is man and this is his nature…

Then, one day, a little event happens that is pretty much insignificant but it is a small irritation to us. At first, we think little about it, but then another event happens that is a little bit irritating also. This goes on for a time until we find ourselves overwhelmed with events that are irritating and bothersome to us. And, we begin not to feel so good about life. At the highest point, we are so overwhelmed with little irritations that we become totally unhappy and very stressed because we do not know what is going on and why our lives have changed so much. We do not know what to do. For the most part the events are out of our control, but something that should be easy for us to handle, becomes a major problem to us. It is one thing after another after another and it seems like it will never stop. Now, these things are not large problems by themselves, it is just that there are so many at the same time and they look like it is not going to end.  We become overwhelmed and angry with almost everything and the frustration builds until we think we cannot stand it any longer. Everyone around us suffers because of our feelings of frustration and it is at this point that Satan can claim his victory over us…

His victory is that he has influenced us to behave like ordinary humans. If he sees that we are easily irritated, he will introduce more and more things that will cause us frustration. And, the reason that this has happened is because when things were good for us, our vision towards God was blurred by our earthly success. It is unfortunate but true that our strength does not come from within ourselves but from our relationship with God. He is our strength and when we began to move away from that power, we become weak and Satan jumps in to fill the gap. We are not aware of this and do not even consider it as a factor in our dilemma because we are too occupied with our frustrations, and there are some that do not consider Satan to be much of a factor in anything. Unfortunately, these people are wrong, but they cannot see the influence of Satan and they put little belief in anything that they cannot see or understand.

Our faith is constantly being tested and whether or not this type of experience is a test is hard to tell, but nothing just happens. God is in control and the closer we are to Him, the better everything seems to be for us. When we become complacent, sometimes we need a gentle push to bring us back to reality. And reality is God and He is the only power, we are nothing without Him. When this type of event takes place, the answer is simple, but sometimes it takes us a long time to think about it. We should just sit down and try to relax and then return to our reliance on God for everything in our lives. As Christians, we are supposed to be different from others, but most of the time we are not. But, if we get ourselves overwhelmed by this ridiculous thing that we call life, we have no one to blame but ourselves. First because we acted like ordinary humans; and secondly because we did not look at the author of all that causes frustrations and that would be Satan. God is our source of strength and the greater the faith, the stronger that we are to be able to fight off Satan that is the cause of our problems !!!

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12:02 PM   [23 Oct 2012 | Tuesday]


It is most likely accurate to say that at some point in our lives that we all have wondered what God may look like and what type of individual He may be. Although it is impossible for the human mind to comprehend such a Being, this does not stop us from attempting to imagine what He is like. For the most part, we have various notions of His appearance but these ideas are based upon characters that we have seen in movies or paintings. In reality however, no one has ever seen God, so all of these ideas are incorrect. Our ideas of what He is like is generally based upon our earthly fathers and how we were treated by them. This can be fortunate and pleasant, but unfortunately, most of the time it is not so pleasant. Other than the movies and paintings of God, our earthly father is the only basis by which we consider what our Father in Heaven is like, but God is not anything like our earthly father, that we do know.

We can find that our curiosity begins with the fact that we are told that God created us in His own image, but what that means is not made clear and so it gives us no hint of His appearance. It is interesting to note that the image of God painted on the ceiling of the Vatican Chapel resembles daVinci who painted it. However all of the biblical characters painted over the years probably have no resemblance of the actual individuals. If we were to consider what Moss looked like, we would probably imagine Charlton Heston, the actor who played him in the movie The Ten Commandments. But more important than what God may look like is what He is like as an individual. All of the imaginary images that we have seen of Him show Him to be a very stern and frightening person, but this probably is not true. We have this feeling because of our earthly fathers and how we were treated by them, but God is not anything like our earthly fathers. God loves us so much that when and if we finally do see Him, we will probably feel intense love and warmth that we have never experienced on earth.

The Bible tells us that our earthly fathers punished us for any number of reasons, but God does not punish anyone. He may chastise us, which is another way of saying that He will correct our errors but not in a painful or emotionally destructive way. We know that He is understanding and will listen to us and even negotiate with us to a satisfactory agreement as He did with Abraham, Gideon and others with whom He asked to do certain tasks. We also know that once we do make an agreement with Him that He expects that agreement to be honored and there is no excuse for us not to uphold our part of the bargain.

When each of us approaches God and ask to become one of His adopted children, He never refuses anyone that request. We essentially make an agreement with Him based upon learning how to become one of His children by studying the requirements given to us in the instruction manual which we call the Bible. He offers us all sorts of help through the Spirit and overlooks many of our failures. But, He expects us to do the very best that we can in learning and living by the requirements for adoption. It is impossible to fool God with empty gestures or various excuses as to why we did not fulfill certain regulations, so it is useless to try. However, the biggest mistake that many make is to find another instruction manual that suits our agenda better and use that as the basis for our adoption. And, there is no question that God will not accept that and complete His part of the bargain. The requirements that are included in our agreement with God are not negotiable. He will always keep His part of the agreement and expects us to keep our part. If we change the agreement without His acceptance of any change, then the agreement becomes void. And, we can be certain that God has absolutely no reason to change His instructions since they are perfect, as is He !!!

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12:58 PM   [21 Oct 2012 | Sunday]


There are rules and regulations for everything that we do. Whether it be in our jobs, or going to school, building a home or playing some sport, there are always rules that must be followed. When we do not follow these regulations, we are penalized and saying that we do not agree with the existing rules is no defense. There is nothing that can be said that any judge would consider if, in fact, we have broken the rules. And, depending on the infraction, the penalty can be very small or extremely severe. Some regulations already have a penalty attached to it if we are caught breaking that rule, for example speeding tickets or parking tickets. But, if we do not pay the penalty, the punishment becomes multiplied greatly. We all know these simple requirements of life, but for some reason, many people think that it does not apply to biblical rules and regulations…

The most important event of our lives is achieving salvation and the requirements are clearly stated in the Bible, and yet, people think that they can live by their own rules and still achieve this goal. The Bible is not open to personal interpretation, but there are so many various versions of the Bible, each with some changes of the rules given to us by God, it is difficult for many to understand why they will not reach their goal if they live by rules that were made by man. Jesus speaks of this to the Jews often, and because we were redeemed from the Jewish rules does not mean that new ones did not take their place.

The death of Jesus paid the price for our sins but did not eliminate certain regulations by which we must live in order to reach Heaven. God tells us that He will put His Laws and Commandments in our hearts so we know the difference between right and wrong. The other requirements are given to us by mostly Paul in his epistles, but there were a few others that introduced certain requirements for our behavior and salvation process. These rules must be followed, but many of them have been eliminated through the years because of various, but always self servicing reasons. We can be fairly certain that on the Day of Judgment when we explain to God that we followed our own rules that He probably will not find this to be an acceptable excuse. And, we are still making alterations today so that we remain politically correct…

The policy statement of this site is to unify all Christians and then we look at the Advisory Committee and find eight different denominations represented all of which have slightly different outlooks on the regulations for salvation. And these are only a very few of the many denominations that use a bible that has been altered from the original. More astonishing is that in many cases, these denominations know that their bible has been altered and still believe that they are correct and will be accepted by God. There are more radical changes taking place today in order to be politically correct and these poor souls that accept these changes are placing themselves in great jeopardy. The people that made the alterations will have no chance because their names will be removed from the Book of Life.

We must return to the basic fundamental rules and requirement that God has set forth to have any chance at salvation. That would be called unification, and is it possible, probably not… But, each individual should examine their own teachings and biblical basis to see if it is in alignment with the words of God and not man, and then the best decision is to return to the way of God because with any other way, it just is not going to happen !!!

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12:40 PM   [18 Oct 2012 | Thursday]


Unfortunately, most people have very little understanding of just how powerful Satan is and how much he interferes with our lives. Although we have examined satanic activities before, this subject is of such importance that we must constantly remind ourselves of his pursuit to influence our lives.  God was aware of how humans were going to be attacked by Satan and the fact that it is the very first story in the Bible of human behavior and how Satan influenced man to be disobedient should give us an indication of the intensity of satanic activities in the lives of us all. Making the event of Satan persuading man to be disobedient as being the very first story that we are given in the Bible was no random act, but was put there to indicate from that moment on, Satan was going to be the most negative influential character that ever existed. If we consider that he was able, with very little difficulty, to cause the original sin, we can begin to grasp the magnitude of his power.

Some will say that was then, but now we have Jesus, but consider that Satan influenced Peter while Peter was standing next to Jesus on the water and we can understand that Satan can influence anyone at any time. In fact, Satan attempted to influence Jesus and that should verify his arrogance and lack of fear of retribution.

Many people cannot grasp the fact that all events that cause pain and suffering in this world are directly related to satanic activities. We know this is true because the Bible tells us of this fact. Man was created in paradise and had everything that man needed without illness or unfortunate accidents; that is until Satan arrives and destroys paradise for man. We then lived in a world filled with all sorts of sicknesses, pain and suffering, wars and lack of contentment, and this is still the way it is today. But, at the end, when Satan is removed from the world, all of these aspects of our lives leave with him and we are back in paradise again. The only common denominator is Satan and his power to influence people and cause events that create suffering.

Our enemy is not our next door neighbor that does things that irate us, or the unpleasant clerk at the store, these people have problems of their own and do not know how to control their emotions and so others are the recipients of their unhappiness. And Satan is there telling us that we are entitled to be upset by the unpleasant actions of others. A kind word may very well be all that these people need and their whole attitude could change… Once we recognize the real enemy, we will find that our own attitude will change and we will become better people as a result.

We have seen satanic influences on this site many times and once we recognized it, we resisted and he left the site alone. But he has not left the site, he is still here just waiting for another opportunity to corrupt it because it is where people try to help others in their walk towards God, and Satan hates God and everyone that has placed their trust in Him. We are told to be constantly vigilant and that is because it is necessary and important so that we do not miss the chance to react immediately to a satanic attack and stop it. But, we must believe that we are being attacked and not just think of it as just an irritating event…

Many people have great difficulty trying to understand why God allows Satan to do what he does, but we are not entitled to know that answer. We are entitled though to trust that what God decides for each of us is in our best interest. God may allow Satan to interfere with our lives for any number of reasons. Perhaps we need to be chastised as a result of a recurring sin, or we may need to be taught a particular lesson, but we do not know… We must trust in God that it is necessary and He is never wrong. However, we must always be aware of the existence of Satan and his workers and never underestimate the immense powers that he processes. If you think that Satan has little power over you, then you have just experienced Satan influencing your thinking !!!

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12:58 PM   [14 Oct 2012 | Sunday]


Faith is the essence of the Christian belief. The entire principle of our religion is based purely on faith and it is the most importance aspect of being a true believer. If we examine the doctrine given to us from within the Bible, there is absolutely no evidence that any of it is, in fact, true. We do know certain events took place because both the Jews and the Romans were extremely accurate with their record keeping and kept voluminous reports of almost everything that occurred during these times, but the rest of the information that we get is from stories that may or may not be true. We know that there was a person named Jesus born to Mary and Joseph and we know that the records tell us that a man named Jesus was crucified. But, with the exception of those few events, we really know nothing to be absolutely true as the Bible tells us. So, we need to find a reason to believe that the rest of the information is true and that would be very difficult. It all comes down to faith…

But, there are different kinds of faith. There is the faith that we believe everything in the Bible is true and accurate and this is the kind of faith that Satan attacks constantly. Because there is no real evidence of many of the biblical events, he attempts to create doubt in our minds about certain claims that the Bible makes. Scientists are always coming up with various natural reasons why certain things happened on the earth, but after examination, they find a flaw in their theories and have no real evidence other than Divine intervention, but will never admit to that. So, we believe that everything occurred as the Bible tells us through faith. However, there are many individuals that have experienced certain events in their lives that cannot have happened without Divine intervention and their faith becomes very strong as a result. But, this faith is about things and events and is necessary to claim Christianity.

However, there is another kind of faith that requires more than just believing that certain events took place as the Bible tells us. This other faith is what makes us a Christian and not just claiming to be one. And, that is living in faith in accordance with the doctrine and principles given to us from within the stories and lessons… Saying that we believe is much different than living by what we say that we believe, and few actually do this. Jesus tells us many things that we should do and if we did, our lives would be without stress and we would find a sense of peace and contentment. But, obviously, few take the advice of Jesus because most people live with increasing stress as the world becomes more complicated and we cannot understand what we should do. But, the answer is simple and that is to have faith. As the world around us becomes more unstable, the importance of faith in the words of Jesus become more important because He tells us that no matter what happens, that we will be fine…

The world is upside down and it most likely is not going to get any better. The leaders of the world are totally unqualified to run their countries and create problems from which there is no recovery. But, a true believer need not be concerned with these problems because we have the promises of Jesus. Many people are finding that they cannot afford the life style that they would like to have or their entitlement checks are getting smaller and they become very worried as to how they will cope. The answer is very simple and that is to have faith. Not the faith that tells us that the Bible is accurate, but the faith that Jesus will always keep His promises that we will be fine no matter what happens to everyone else. Worrying never solved a problem nor changed it, in fact, it makes it more difficult to relax and calm down and believe in the words of our Lord, Jesus. He will never let us down, but we can create circumstances for ourselves with worry that cause us to miss the miracle that Jesus will give to solve all of our problems … So do not just claim faith, but live in faith and the more that you do, the easier life becomes because Jesus told us that and believing Him is called faith !!!

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4:07 AM   [13 Oct 2012 | Saturday]


Danner boots and how they are made, probably will not help anyone gain more understanding of the Bible, so we really do not care !!! If anyone has anything to offer to assist others in their walk on this earth, then this is the place to say it and people may just listen... But, to submit a blog that has no religious significance can only mean a few things. One is the author has no idea of what the site is all about; or it can be Satan putting his toe in the water and testing it. In either case, Danner boots are not going to get anyone to Heaven unless they believe that they can walk there !!!

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1:10 AM   [12 Oct 2012 | Friday]


Anytime something unusual happens, it should set off an alarm in our minds to investigate the event before we go on and trust whatever it is that has happened. We know that Satan has attacked this site many times and we can be certain that he will continue. This is not only true for events that occur on this site, but in our lives as well. Something may appear to be completely harmless but we should never trust events about which we know little or nothing. This is a method of Satan to get people to become influenced by him and we should be aware of it. An incident happens that seems to be perfectly harmless and so we go along with it only to find out later that it was a satanic trap, and we were caught in it…

The Bible tells us to be vigilant night and day against the attack of Satan and it is very true. Satan can transform himself into an angel of light and that makes it very difficult to distinguish between good and evil. But, there are always aspects of what Satan does that exposes him at some point, but we must remain vigilant constantly.

If we use what has happened on this site as an example, we can get some idea as to how to determine whether Satan is involved. We know that Satan loads the pages of the site in order to push good words off the first page where it would get the most exposure. Usually, the posts are stupid and it is fairly easy to see what is going on. But, as we resisted him, and with the assistance of the administrator, we overcame his attempts to corrupt the site. However, at some point, he was going to see that these ridiculous attempts would be discovered and so he would have to find some other way of accomplishing his mission…

Once again, if something unusual happens, we should investigate exactly what is taking place. Satan could very easily change his style of posting and make them appear to be in alignment with our purpose. So, if we see what appears to be legitimate posts but there are many of them one right after another, it should cause us to wonder, because it is accomplishing the very same thing as the posts selling shoes and other junk, and that is to push all other posts off the first page… Satan is very intelligent, but as we become more aware of his methods, he then must become more subtle. Unfortunately, the first few sentences of every post shows along with the chosen title and if these words appear to be legitimate, we may open the post. It is only then that we can determine if the rest of the post has any validity… But, by opening the post, it receives validation and more people are interested in reading it.

The test for a good posting is if it gives us information that is biblically correct or offers a lesson that may be useful in our lives. If it helps us understand doctrine or explains a difficult lesson, then we know that it is a good post from a good person. But, if after we get past the first sentence and it begins to ramble on, we should become suspect. Anytime we see many posts one right after another and it moves good words off the first page, this is not good regardless of the content. It is selfish and self serving which is not a Christian principle and we should be very careful and remain vigilant which is a Christian principle. There is nothing wrong with sharing a personal experience or thought with others that have similar beliefs. But, that does not take ten posts one right after the other to do. Let us stay alert to any new satanic attempt to corrupt our site, because he will never give up but neither will we !!!

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7:17 AM   [09 Oct 2012 | Tuesday]


Score another victory for the members of this site that participated in the fight against the satanic attack and won... We must also thank the administrator for reacting so rapidly to our request for his assistance in this fight. But, although Satan will never give up, he may be just starting to realize that we are not going to allow his attempts at destroying this site by any method.

The Bible tells us that if we resist him that he will flee, and it is true... But, his ego is so big that he does not see that he is also demonstrating his methods and educating us all in his manner of attacks and that we know how to fight him. He has also shown some that may have had a few doubts about the extent of satanic influence, or at least the attempts, but now, perhaps, many more are aware of how persistent that he is and will become more aware of the constant efforts to disrupt our personal lives as well...

Many good things came from his attempts and that will really upset him because certainly this is never his reason for what he does, so we have let him know that he can take his efforts somewhere else. We know him now better and we know that we can resist him and we know that he will flee. And, if any of you are concerned that he may try to hurt you because you resisted him, do not worry... For those that resisted him, Jesus will protect us, and that is a pretty good feeling...

God knows those that are His and those have just scored another mark on the plus side of the ledger. This site belongs to the members and we are not about the give it up to Satan and his workers under any circumstances. But, be vigilant because he will be back and together we will beat him again !!!

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7:16 AM   [09 Oct 2012 | Tuesday]


Once again we must put on our armor and fight satanic attacks on the site as Christians... Last week we got few blogs that were more than suspicious and Satan was testing the water with that nonsense, but we did nothing to stop him and now his attack has become greater and more intense... We are not ignorant about this method of attack, but we are being foolish if we do nothing to stop it because it will continue to escalate.

The number of hits these blogs received is obviously ridiculous considering the language, whatever it may be, but the person that placed the blogs loaded the hits in order to make it look as if many people were interested by this gargabe. Do not be fooled and do not do nothing. Notify the administrator, stand up and do your duty and act as a soldier of God and fight off these satanic attacks.

Telling yourself that someone else will do it so you do not need to bother the administrator is just an excuse and never forget that God sees all things and knows who is doing the duty of one of His children... JUST DO IT and see that it will make you feel much better about yourself !!!


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