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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:58 PM   [28 Sep 2011 | Wednesday]


It is clear that we are being given a lesson concerning the methods of Satan. And, we should learn from this experience many aspects of satanic activity so that we can protect ourselves from his attacks. He will not give up trying, especially if no one fights against him. He will use anything necessary to do his work. In this case, we will give the individual that is writing blog after blog after blog and filling the page, the benefit of the doubt that he or she is being used by Satan without his or her knowledge…. Filling the page is not only unnecessary but also inconsiderate, however this is a method of Satan to diminish the site.

And, of course, we have the sneaker salesman and used car dealer, and his messages are clearly spiritual in nature. His problem though is that the spirit that is driving him will bring him into eternal damnation along with the other workers of Satan.

Nothing just happens !!! God is in control so we must assume that this event has a purpose. Satan has once again revealed himself and his methods and we should understand that perhaps God is giving us these lessons to protect His children and we should pay attention.

So, once again, we can thank Satan for revealing his methods and giving us more insight into his attempts at influencing our thinking and keeping us away from our Lord. Each of these lessons are important for us to heed in order to help ourselves protect not only ourselves but others that we love. God appears to be telling us something, LISTEN !!!

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12:58 PM   [27 Sep 2011 | Tuesday]


Once again we see the satanic influences creeping onto this site attempting to diminish the purpose of it. This is a site that is dedicated to Christians that are offering information and perhaps advice to other Christians of a spiritual nature on our journey through this mess that we have created called life… It is not a site where we go to find the best deals on used cars or home improvement deals or any other non spiritual items that are being offered by the workers of Satan. These unfortunate individuals are probably not even aware of the fact that they are doing the work for Satan but, it is certain that they know that they are not doing the work of God !!!

It is always interesting that these events take place following some wonderful and informative blogging. The events are filling the page with blog after blog after blog by the same individual which pushes the important works off the first page and is not read by as many people. Also, the advertising of automobile loans and computer programs helps to move the better blogs further down the list and unfortunately they never receive the attention that they deserve.

We are not ignorant of the methods of Satan and we know that he will never give up. But, we should not help him out by even reading this trash regardless of our curiosity. If a person wants to find out about good deals on cars, then go to the sites that specialize in that type of thing. And, filling the page with continuous blogs is both satanic and egotistical. We have been here before and we have fought it off. It is time to fight again and stop this evil from filling the site with junk that has no validity or place on a spiritual site. Satan and his workers will never give up and neither should we….

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12:50 PM   [26 Sep 2011 | Monday]


Every disciple of Jesus will at some point be tested… This testing should not be confused with the occasional chastening that we must endure but, this examination will test the limits of our commitment and is not ever easy. Many people are never tested and will not be admitted into the Kingdom because God did not think of them as being worthy of testing. This test of our faith is a necessary element of salvation because many believe that claiming Christianity is all that is necessary to achieve this incredible gift. Peter speaks of this trial of our faith in 1 Peter 4:12 “ Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:”. We are being told here two important aspects of our testing. One that it will, in fact, happen; and that it will be serious.

The Old Testament speaks of this aspect also. Isaiah tells of the trials that we will endure, and Job is not a story about patience but of his trial of faith. Throughout the Bible we see many examples of testing, most of which the people failed, just as it is today.

Considering the magnitude of the gift of salvation and everlasting peace in the presence of God, we must recognize that this testing is not going to be easy. Peter calls it fiery, which certainly indicates a difficult if not painful experience. Again, this is not like the chastening that we all experience but, this is a very serious and difficult challenge to our faith. It will be very hard and it will seem to last a very long time and it will be painful !!! But, as we  see in Job, when we have passed our test, God always rewards His children and we can expect our reward as well.

If any of you have gone through your testing, then you will understand the seriousness of the process and exit a better person with a great increase in your faith and have found a sense of peace that can be gleaned in no other way.  If there are those who have not been tested as yet, wait, it will come… And, there are many that will never be tested. Unfortunately, testing is necessary to gain admittance to paradise and these people should examine the depth of their commitment as soon as possible. As long as we are alive on this earth, there is still time….


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2:56 AM   [08 Sep 2011 | Thursday]


There are certain verses in the Bible which are somewhat difficult to understand and grasp the true meaning. A few examples of this we will examine from the New Testament. In one instance, Jesus talks about Peter being the rock on which He will build His church. We have to look carefully at this statement since we know that Jesus is the corner stone of the church and all things are built upon the corner stone, so then Peter could not be that most important stone. As we look at to whom Jesus was speaking and remember that the first church was made up of Jews, we then begin to understand the meaning of the statement… Peter was the corner stone of the beginning of the church made up of believing Jews. Paul actually becomes the leader of the church when the Gentiles begin to join as we discover later on in the epistles. Understanding certain statements requires understanding the results of the early actions after the death of Jesus. Further evidence of this is when Peter and Paul disagree and the decision is made that Peter will preach to the Jews and Paul would preach to the Gentiles. And so, we see that the statement was, in fact, true but only for certain actions at the very beginning of the church. And we also see that most of the rulings were given by Paul on which the church developed.

When Jesus talks to his disciples about binding and loosing things in heaven, He is not giving all believers this authority. This statement gives those particular disciples authority to develop rules and doctrine of the new church and that statement validates their authority to do so. And as we read through the epistles, certain rules and requirements are given by these disciples and because of the authority that Jesus had given them, they become the doctrine of the church…. Some believe that all believers have this authority, but that is not the case. We can only imagine the chaos if all believers were binding and loosing things in heaven !!!

Again, when Jesus speaks to certain disciples about the works that Jesus had done and that greater works will these men do, He is not giving this authority to all believers. This power was given to validate the authority of these men to demonstrate to the people the power that Jesus had given to them. However, never underestimate the power of faith. Anyone that has enough faith can and have moved mountains because anything is possible with faith in God !!!


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