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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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2:49 AM   [29 Aug 2011 | Monday]


There was an elderly lady who lived by herself in the Midwest in a small cottage surrounded by a picket fence. Her mailbox was at the end of the front walk and everyday she would walk down and get her mail. On one occasion, the mailman was there and asked her why there was a Bible always in her mailbox, to which she replied in that way, Satan could not get past the fence and get to her !!! She actually believe that, as do many other people believe certain things which are just not true and sometimes these misconceptions can hurt them.

One of the misconceptions concerns free will. We are told that we have free will and that is certainly true, however free will is not what many people believe that it is. Free will is not an action but a thought, or perhaps a thought with intent, but it is not the action… If free will was an action, then why do we sin so much. Paul speaks about this in detail in Romans when he explains that his will is to do good but he finds that all he can do is sin. We can think about anything that we want but acting on those thoughts is not free will; the thought is, but the action is just an action. All we need to do is think about our own actions and think how often that we knew that what we were doing was wrong but we were doing it anyway..

We must remember that Satan is much stronger than any one of us and influences us constantly to do wrong regardless of what are will is. Adam was influenced by Eve who was influenced by Satan and that became the nature of man. There is only one being stronger than Satan and that is Jesus. Even the angels rebuke Satan but only in the name of Jesus. We must recognize the difference between freedom of thought, or free will, and the action that we take before we can begin to fight off satanic influences. If a thought comes into our mind that we know is wrong, do not expect to overcome that evil by yourself, but ask Jesus to rebuke Satan from his attempt to influence us. Our sinning will not stop, but we can begin to get a grasp on our behavior, especially our bad behavior, by using the only power strong enough to protect us… Having a Bible in our mail box will not do it !!!

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12:50 PM   [25 Aug 2011 | Thursday]


Over the years, many so called scientists have tried to establish the age of the Earth and the universe. Depending upon who is making the calculations, the Earth is anywhere between millions and up to billions of years old, according to them. It seems strange that these people cannot arrive at a consistent figure, but each one has their own opinions and theories. Christians believe what the Bible tells us and that is that the Earth is about eight or nine thousand years old. We have a tendency to argue this point, but there is one thing that we may not have considered. As we think about the Earth being created by God, we have a tendency to include the entire universe with those thoughts, and this may be wrong. The very first verse in the Bible “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”, there is no mention of the universe…. In fact, since God always was, we can argue that the universe always was. The Bible only speaks about the Earth and nowhere in the Bible is there any mention of any other planets or galaxies, so it is certainly possible that the rest of the universe already existed… Now, how God created the Earth is not given to us, but for all we know, God may have taken other smaller planets and formed the Earth. And on these planets were relics of those planets’ past which we assume to be from the Earth. The point is that it does not make any difference how God made the Earth, the point is that we trust and believe that He did as and when He said that He did !!!

Now, when we consider evolution as the way humans were created, it almost seems ridiculous to believe this theory. There is one thing that eliminates all aspects of evolution. Nothing can be greater than itself !!! No matter how many things that we put together, the result can only be the greatest part. If a frog gets hit with lightening, he cannot become a fish. What he becomes is a dead frog…  Man has created nothing and he never will because he does not have that ability. Only God has that power. Certainly man has altered many things, but they are just combinations of elements given to us by God.

Do not be confused by believing that supposedly intelligent people have found the answers because for as many intelligent people, there are as many different opinions. And, that is all that they are, opinions. In their research, they grasp onto that information that proves their theory and disregard any information that weakens their arguments. This is not unusual, it is the nature of man. Because these people are highly educated does not mean that they are smart, just educated !!!

Every answer to every question that man needs in order to get through this life and hopefully into the next one is in the Bible. All of these other questions have absolutely no effect on our lives, they are just presented to create doubt. And we all know the author of doubt !!!

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12:58 PM   [05 Aug 2011 | Friday]


I hope that you do not consider the flooding of this site with your junk in order to hide my warning to the people as some sort of victory, because, in fact, you made a huge error !!! By what you have done, you have revealed yourself to the people and now my message becomes stronger…. Many people would not have given my message much thought, but now, it is difficult not to see your methods and your actions have actually validated my claims.

You know that you should never reveal yourself, but you must have become overwhelmed by your own ego and made that mistake…. Your victory has turned into defeat and now many more people will be aware of your tactics !!!

Maybe even the Administrators of this site may wake up to these attacks and do something about it. One can only hope and pray and God will do whatever is necessary as He always does. On that, we can all rely !!!

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12:45 PM   [03 Aug 2011 | Wednesday]


Here we go again…This site is once again being used as an advertising location without regard to the purpose of the group. The problem is that people are opening these blogs and giving validation to what is being offered. Now, we have sneakers, lesbian dating services and tattoo needles that are being advertised, Is it not obvious the satanic influences that allow these ridiculous things to be posted on the site…. Soon, we can expect that someone will offer authorizing marrying their lifelong pets, the way things are advancing.

We are here to offer support and help to each other in our very difficult journey through this mess of this world that we have allowed. And, that is how these unsuitable blogs get unto this site; we allow it along with all the other satanic devices that have caused the problems from which we probably will not be able to correct.

Do not validate these blogs by opening them and they will soon go away !!!  But, if you find that these blogs are too inviting, then perhaps you should examine your own motives. The most important aspect of everything that we do is to verify that what we do is in alignment with the doctrine of our Lord. God is, or should be, the first and most important part of our lives. All else is secondary to Him…..

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12:20 PM   [03 Aug 2011 | Wednesday]


As we move further and further away from the concepts of God, is it not curious that we are experiencing more and more troubles in this country as well as throughout the world !!! This country was built upon a document that for the first time in history, the average citizen was taken into account and given the exact same chances for a  lifestyle that had never been seen before. However, the most important part of that document is that we would be “ nation, under God…” which means that our nation is in subjection to the doctrine and guidelines given to us by God. These Divine aspects come first and as a result our nation became the most important and influential nation that ever existed. Our standard of living continued to raise year after year for decades until we began to disregard our own Constitution. When it was said that all men are created equal, it did not only mean to relieve the bondage of the slaves. Each person should have exactly the same rights as all other people regardless of their race or ethnic background. But, this is no longer true. Some people seem to be a little more equal than others. The people with money are not treated as equals with a person without money. And, when we bring all of the negative aspects of what has happened to our world, it is very easy to trace our problems back to Satan and his methods of controlling the world…

We have disregarded our original intentions so much in recent years that our Constitution is useless unless it can further the power of certain individuals. The document was designed to protect the people from exactly what is happening right now. It was meant to protect the people from the government taking away the rights of the people and dictating to the citizen what the government believes is right and not what the people want or need. An example of this is the Medicare changes. An overwhelming percentage of the people were against it, but their opinions meant nothing and now we are facing disaster….

And, as we get further away from the doctrine of God, we find ourselves literally imploding and taking the rest of the world with us. Abortion is not right and acceptable; homosexuality is not right and acceptable; same sex marriage is not right and acceptable, casinos and legalized prostitution is not right and acceptable, government operated gambling in the form of scratch tickets and lotteries is not right and acceptable; recreational drugs and attempts to legalize them is not right and acceptable and lying and distorting the truth by the government to the people is not right and acceptable…. We could go on and on but the truth is that most people fear the government and are unwilling to stand up and voice their opinion. And, the sad part about it is they have every reason to be afraid of the government because it has become so corrupted that it can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong. And, in fact, it really does not make any difference to these people anyway because no one can stop them.

Satan has never enjoyed such power over the people as he does now. His methods and policies are exactly how our government is run now, and the results are going to end in disaster. The only hope to slow and maybe stop this attack is within the Christian community. It is called prayer, and a lot of it !!! We must stop accepting what so obviously wrong and ask our Lord for His intercession. Perhaps if the parents of young people think about the fact that oral sex is no longer considered a sexual activity and place the image of their children engaging in the act, it might stimulate them to drop to their knees and ask God to stop this insanity !!!

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