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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:56 PM   [19 Jun 2011 | Sunday]


As we slowly watch the decline of our way of life in this country as well as throughout the rest of the world, there are still stubborn and badly informed people who claim that these activities are political in nature. There is nothing political about  what is going on and using politics as an answer is not only naïve but dangerous. We must remove our heads from the sand and realize what is going on and forget the stupidity of using political parties and their supposed platforms as the reasons for our decline. There are a few things of which we can be sure, and they are that Satan has a large part to play in what is going on; that humans will do human things and become corrupted by money and power; and that if no one does anything then nothing will get done.

In this country, political corruption has become a way of life. Recently, the Speaker of the House in Massachusetts was found guilty of various counts of extortion and corruption. The interesting part of this is that he is the third Speaker in a row that has been convicted of the same crimes. When questioned, the man explained that “it is just business as usual”. And Massachusetts is not the only State, this problem reaches to the very top of our government. And, to add more insults to our lack of action to stop this type of activity, these convicted public servants are still going to receive their pensions for the rest of their lives.

Our current administration is doing virtually nothing except campaigning for re election and is expecting to raise One Billion Dollars in order to guarantee re election. And, as the time passes, we find that not many, if any, of the campaign “promises” have been kept. The few bills passed are turning out to be disasters as they are finally read and implemented. The results are that more and more benefits are being removed from the elderly and the existing benefits are being reduced. Anyone asking for any entitlement is denied automatically and must go through the process of appeals and court actions. The few bills that are being passed in Congress are voted on in the middle of the night when just a quorum is present and passage is guaranteed, and most of these bills are for the benefit of the people that drafted them. We are all aware of the price of gasoline going up to record amounts and there is absolutely no reaction from government or even an explanation for the rise in prices.

As usual, this type of corruption breeds immorality, and it seems like every week a new Senator or Congressman is discovered with some strange moral fetish. The lying and deception from these people is outrageous, but after a few days, it is all forgotten and we return to “business as usual”. Congress sometimes holds hearings on certain outrageous activities, but at the end of the hearings, nothing happens. We must remember one very important aspect to this whole scenario. The radicals and hippies of the 60s and 70s are now running this country. The way that they dress may be different, but their ideology is the same as it was then and that is a socialistic society with they being the leaders.

Unfortunately, the United States influences the rest of the world and all of these disturbing aspects have permeated the world thinking, which is to do nothing except grab as much as you can for as long as you can. China is just sitting back preparing to foreclose on the rest of the world, but it is still not totally ready.

So, what is it that we can do ? We know that if we do nothing that nothing will get done. And, the people in a position to straighten this out are the same people benefitting and causing it all, except for one, God !!! We are Christians and that gives us direct access to God, and only He can fix this mess. But why is it still happening ? Because even the Christian community is so splintered and in some cases in such denial that no unified supplication is being offered to God for His consideration. There is one God and there is one Bible, but there are countless variations of Christian thinking and interpretations of the Bible. We MUST UNIFY in order to go to God and ask for His assistance. We MUST use only HIS WORD and eliminate the various and convenient interpretations of that Word as a basis for our beliefs and doctrine. The problem with this solution is that most if not all denominations would have to alter their thinking, and man is too vain to do that. In order to correct a mistake, we must first acknowledge that a mistake was made. So, we can all sit back and wait for all of the others to make the necessary alterations and go back to original biblical doctrine, and as we do, we can also watch the civilization implode….

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