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12:05 PM   [27 May 2011 | Friday]


We are all aware of the fact that our culture is changing rapidly, but, unfortunately not for the better. And as our personal situations become more difficult, our thoughts are prone to attempting to find solutions for these problems. We have examined this aspect before and understand that trying to solve our problems takes our thoughts away from God and we concentrate on things with which there is nothing that we can do. Our thoughts should be more dedicated to our Lord at these times, but we are human and make human mistakes. But, there are some that try to relate the proper thing to do and so the sermons and helpful blogging have been concentrated on asking God for His help. It is our only hope and the correct thing to do, but there is another very interesting part of this outlook that is extremely subtle.

As we understand that our own solutions to our problems are not going to work and finally go to God, we tend to forget a very important part of our Christian education. And that is the influence of Satan upon our lives. We are told much about Satan in the Bible in order to prepare us against his attacks and give us insight into his methods. We know that he is very good at what he does and this time he has done a pretty good job. He has us so involved with our problems and seeking help from God that we are underestimating the influences that he has upon other aspects of our lives. We essentially have stopped fighting him because we have essentially stopped thinking about him. He is our enemy and our greatest threat to our contentment, but he has very quietly remained out of the apparent picture and is doing his work without being noticed.

As Christians, we have our responsibility to fight against the attacks of Satan with the help of God. But, we must do our part too… However, Satan is so good at what he does that he has managed to get many to underestimate his influence. But, now we know !!! And now that we know, his attempts at being invisible are gone and we should return to our responsibility to fight him off. We may even find that solutions to our problems may very well begin to show themselves as he has been trying to hide them as well as himself from us. Our Lord has given us another victory by making us aware of our enemy once again, but, now it is our time to do what we must do and fight against the very subtle attacks of Satan against us….

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1:31 AM   [25 May 2011 | Wednesday]


Many of us may not understand the significance of the number three in our lives. Whether it be in our civilian life or our religious life, the number three is an important symbol of much of our lives. The number represents completion; the beginning, the middle and the end. In the Bible, we have two numbers that represent completion and one is the number three and the other is the number seven. We are human and can only comprehend human activities and thoughts and so God in His wisdom uses the number three when He speaks to us of earthly things. When He speaks of supernatural activities, the number seven is used and in that way, our understanding becomes easier. There are other numbers, but none as significant and used as much as the numbers three and seven.

If we examine the physical part of our lives, we find that most everything has three aspects. We are born, we live and we die; anything that we do can get better, get worse or remain the same, and there are countless other examples of how three impacts our lives. As we read the Bible, we find that Jesus uses three many times when He offers us a lesson and this is so that we can understand what He is trying to get across to us. And in His own life, three is extremely significant. He was tempted three times by Satan; He rose from the dead after three days; He was denied by Peter three times and many other instances of the use of the number three. Knowing that the number tells us of human events allows us to grasp the understanding of the lesson much easier and gives further information to the reader.

However, there is one time in our lives that the number three becomes vital. All of us will be invited to become a member of the family of God at least once during our lives. It is possible that we may be fortunate to receive the offer more than once, but we will all be asked at least once. It is at that point when the number three and what it represents become the most important decision that we will ever make. We can either accept the offer, we can deny the offer or we can put our decision off. We only have those three choices. How we get that offer is sometimes difficult to understand it as an offer because we are not going to get a phone call from God asking for our answer. But, somehow we will know and there is only one answer. However, it is amazing how many people deny or put off the answer. Denying the offer is death. Putting it off is stupidity because we just do not know what the next instant in our life is going to bring.

As a Christian, we all should try to explain to our non believing friends the immense importance of this offer and their answer. If we truly love these people, it would be very pleasant to spend eternity with them.

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3:14 AM   [24 May 2011 | Tuesday]


Matthew 12:25 “…..Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”

This statement seems to be fairly simple to understand and no interpretation should be able to alter the meaning, but let us examine one aspect that may not be so obvious. Jesus makes this statement so, therefore it is not only true but it is a guarantee. He does not say that it “may” not stand, He tells it that it “shall” not stand. It is arguably a fair statement to say that there is very little going on in the world today that it not divided in some way. And, if this is the case, then it is only a matter of time before this whole mess collapses on top of us. Some would say that it already is and they are correct. Now is not the time to argue politics and various political party platforms because it is all meaningless anyway. Now is the time to take our heads out of the sand and recognize what is happening. If we continue as we are, we are doomed to failure and it is very possible that we have already reached the point of no return.

Making changes is never easy, but before anything can change, people have to want it to change. The problem that we face is that the very individuals that have the ability to make the changes are the people that got us into this mess in the first place. A person or an entity needs power in order to make a change, but there is no reason for these people to want to change since they are the greatest beneficiaries of the status quo. It makes no difference if we talk about government, business and even the church, people are benefiting from the mess that we are in and the leaders of these groups are not willing to offer anything that will reduce their power or benefits.

Absolutely nothing is happening in our government with the exception of everyone trying to raise money for the next election. We all are aware of the fact that we are essentially bankrupt and yet we continue funding programs that produce nothing to help our situation. NASA is sending up the last rocket soon and then it is over. Why are we spending millions of dollars on something that we know is over in a month or two ? Of course, we know it is all about money, yet our representatives are spending millions taking trips all over the world instead of dealing with the problems that face us here.

The price of gasoline is totally unbelievable and there in absolutely no explanation for the daily rises in price, and no one is doing anything about it. Our leaders are not even asking questions because the oil companies will be donating huge sums of money to their campaigns. And, we can go on about all sorts of issues that are destroying our way of life, but the average citizen can do nothing about it. Groups are forming to attempt to make reasonable changes, but even they are dismissed as radicals. So, what does this mean ? It means that no one has the power to stop the destruction of our civilization and that is probably true. Except for one thing !!! We have God on our side….

Now, we know that God allows certain things to happen in order to get our thinking straight and come to Him for His help. This certainly sounds like one of those times. The unfortunate aspect of this is that even the Church is so divided that it has no power. We must unify into a Church based only on the doctrine as given to us from within the Bible and then and only then, we would have the power to do what we are supposed to do and that is to help others.  If we do not do this then it is better to be old now, because our younger generation is going to live in an entirely different world than what exists today.

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12:58 PM   [19 May 2011 | Thursday]



People spend most of their adult lives attempting to find the answers to many questions and discover what makes them happy. First of all, happiness is not for what we should be searching, but contentment is. But, what we should be using our time for is to discover and achieve the great gift that God has offered to us and that is paradise forever. This life is meaningless and absolutely useless if we do not succeed in that quest The greatest gift that God has given to us may not be life, but it just may be death !!! However, if we were never born, we would never have the ability to reach heaven. And, getting there is one of the easiest things to do. There are some religions that have various stages of heaven and different ways of reaching certain levels and the whole thing is very confusing and unfortunately cannot get anyone there. God has made salvation and eternal life one of the easiest aspects of life and many people do not even know what it is.

The love that God has for us is very much different then what we, as humans, consider to be love. Unfortunately, few if any of us have ever experienced true love for or from another person, there always seems to be conditions on the emotion. Certainly, the love that a parent has for their children is incredible, but not always guaranteed. When we are young, we confuse lust with love and when the lust disappears, so does the love. But, the love of God towards us in unconditional and that is something that we do not understand. There is nothing that we can do to make God stop loving us, but in life, we experience this many times. So, our thoughts on love are based upon our experiences, and we are generally disappointed because things never seem to rise to our expectations. We cannot imagine the love our Father has for us, but it is there and always will be.

So, let us get to the core of the matter and see just how simple this whole thing really is. So many denominations add so many conditions onto the acquisition of the love of God towards us that it sometimes seems unattainable. First of all, it is not that we love God, it is that He loves us. We cannot understand His love because it is so much different than what we have ever experienced. We are all creations of God but we all are not His children. We get to become one of His children by asking Him for that privilege. That seems simple enough, and it gives us all of the benefits of being a child of God. It is just that easy…. Then, the love of God is so great towards us that He takes upon Himself all punishment for every sin that we will ever commit and suffers the penalty for those sins. The fact that He created us shows His great love because if we were never born, we would never have the opportunity to achieve eternal paradise. And, when we become His child, He gives us His Spirit to guide us and protect us for the rest of our lives on earth. And finally, He guarantees that we will always have whatever we need as long as we are here on earth.

There is no other being that can do all of these things for us, but God does because He loves us and that can be the only reason considering the way we treat Him in return. We continually sin against Him. We disregard the wishes that He has stated for us in the Bible. We alter His words and take His position by changing His rules. And because we are endowed with His Spirit, we make Him a participant in our sins. And yet, He still showers us with gifts and benefits and ultimately we are given eternal paradise.

The least that we can do is to return to His original intentions by unifying the Church and return to the basic and fundamental teachings and doctrine given to us by God and not altered by man. And, the next thing that we can do is thank Him for the incredible love that He has shown us even though we cannot possibly understand the depth of that love


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12:55 PM   [19 May 2011 | Thursday]


The love that God has for His children cannot be understood by mortal man because that love transcends all things that would interfere with a human relationship. We speak about the love of God towards His children but we know nothing about it except that it exists. Although the love of God is far beyond our comprehension, it certainly is not beyond our belief. We experience it every day in many ways, but unfortunately, often times we do not recognize it. But, because in this earthly life, we are so used to receiving punishment for the errors that we make even from those that love us, that it seems impossible that we should not receive some retribution for our sins against God. Even today, there are still church groups that believe that we will be punished by God before we are allowed into paradise. We are so used to getting some sort of punishment for our errors in this world that it is almost impossible to comprehend that God does not punish us for our incredible sins. His love for His children is so immense that He took that punishment on Himself so that we do not have to suffer. In a world full of hate and immorality, it becomes even more difficult to understand the magnitude of His love.

There are some that cannot accept the fact that accepting the atoning death of Jesus is all we need to cleanse our souls and so these groups teach that earthly punishment is a necessary element to achieving salvation. And, there are others that just take advantage of this simple fact and do not even attempt to lead a Christian based life. And, the truth is that it is extremely difficult to believe that we need not do anything physically in order to achieve salvation. Considering our incredibly sinful lives, just having faith just does not seem enough in any way to grant us access to paradise. We are so used to receiving some sort of punishment for our errors that we fully expect to have to pay for our sins. However, our sins are so great that there is no adequate punishment and so no one would ever get into heaven.

We are human and we think as humans. God can think as we do, but we cannot think as He does and so it is impossible for us to understand His reasoning for anything The Bible gives us all we need to know about the aspects of life that are necessary to achieve an acceptable life with God, but when we consider the incredible gift that He has offered to us as His children, it is difficult to comprehend considering how often we insult the Giver.  It is not unusual for some to actually punish themselves for their sinful actions without even realizing that is what they are doing. If we examine the problems that we have faced in our lives, we find that the ultimate reason for the problem was our own fault. Without realizing it, this could very well be a type of self punishment, but in many cases, it is just pain ego and stupidity.

The gift that God has given us is so immense that it is impossible to comprehend. We can have certain ideas about it and depending upon the depth of those thoughts, our conscious comes into play. We all sin, of that we can agree, but acknowledging our sins to God and how we do it, tells us the conviction that we have. We may not be sorry for the actual sin and often this is true, but a good person is sorry for offending God. Then there are those that just do not give it much thought at all. Depending upon how we were treated by our earthly father will generally determine the thoughts we have concerning the forgiveness of God. There are some fathers that are very understanding and when we make an error, they will discuss it with us, but still punish us because we did something wrong intentionally and some sort of punishment is appropriate. Unfortunately, there are few parents such as this. Generally, if we are caught in our discretion, we are just punished. And, the degree of punishment sometimes does not suit the error. People are prone to allow their emotions to govern their good sense, but God is not as we are. First of all, He does not punish. He may chastise us for our own benefit if we are continually sinning to our own hurt, but it is not to satisfy some emotion in Him.


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12:49 PM   [19 May 2011 | Thursday]


The most important and largest impact that develops our relationship with God is the relationship that we experienced with our earthly father. It is probably impossible not to be influenced in some way, and maybe in a very large way, by what our relationship with our father was when we think about our feelings for our heavenly Father. There is also a difference whether one is a man or a woman because the two genders are treated differently by our earthly father !!! We are not capable of understanding God and so the only reference is what we have experienced, and sometimes this is unfortunate. We tend to forget that our earthly father was driven by the same emotions as we are, and they include love, hate, envy, pride, immorality and often times stupidity. God does not have these emotions except for one and that is love. Unlike our earthly father, everything God does for us is done out of love, whereas on earth we experience all sorts of behavior from our father and sometimes it is very painful and often unnecessary. But, we have no choice but to carry this baggage along with us throughout our lives and have it have some influence over all of our relationships.

There are some that have had an excellent relationship with their father, but unfortunately, the reality is that there are very few. Mostly, we have all received some sort of abuse from our father either physical or emotional, however, in most cases, this was not intentional; it is just that our father too is or was human. The thought of total and unconditional love and forgiveness is almost impossible for us to comprehend since it has probably never happened for many of us.

If we assume a normal family in which the father is present until the child leaves home, we find that the differences between a boy and his father has a much different relationship then does a girl and her father. As the boy gets older, all sorts of emotional barriers begin. The competition starts between the two and the father always has the last word and this is very frustrating to the boy. It is not unusual for the father to actually fear the son because the father knows that at some point, the son is going to beat the father in whatever the competition may be about. Although this is all human nature and normal, it does not make it easier to experience for both parties. There is physical abuse sometimes and also punishment for what the father decides needs punishing. The father has absolute control over the boy for a very long time and this never feels good to the boy and frustrations build and cause negative feelings. There are also times when the father leaves the family and the feeling of abandonment sets in. Even if the father dies while still a part of the family, the boy is then left without the development of a relationship with a father figure. A stepfather is just not the same or some other father type figure. We only have one earthly father.

Girls have very different experiences with their father. The little girl is usually the apple of the eye of the father and he becomes very protective of her as she begins to grow and develop. No boy is good enough for his princess during the teenage years and the father has a difficult time saying no to his little beauty without the father giving a lot of thought as to what the girl wants is good for her. Girls learn how to manipulate boys very early on, but this is not unusual, in fact it is normal. There is nothing wrong with this activity unless the girl uses her abilities to her detriment. But, learning how to interact with men begins with their father, however God is not interested in what a woman has to offer other than her soul !!! Unfortunately, many girls experience physical and sexual abuse and learn not to trust men and it is very hard to understand that our Father is different than her earthly father because she has no comparison. It is unfortunate that girls have what most men want and most men will do anything to get it, including abuse of all sorts. The effect on the girl is more unfortunate because her relationships with men is always effected in a negative way and it is not her fault, but she is the one that suffers the most. The effect that early abuse towards a girl has is so profound that some find it impossible to have a life that includes a trusting relationship with any man. And, although He is not like any human male, God is a male figure and it is almost impossible to overcome the terrible scars left on the girl from earlier experiences.


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12:24 PM   [13 May 2011 | Friday]


There seems to be an unfortunate change on this site in recent months, but perhaps this is a natural evolution of things. The number of hits on each of the blogs has dropped dramatically which means that either fewer people are looking at them or that the content is of little interest to them. This is theoretically a Christian site and one would think that the emphasis should be on Christian interests, however we see many somewhat strange blogs that have nothing to do with Christian thought. In fact, we have seen advertisements for tee shirts and sex toys and suggestions on how to fix your computer or get a lower rate on your mortgage payment… If your interests are on these things, then go to a site that discusses these points.

Then, there are people that come on and blog many times one right after another, but strangely, their identification is missing. Also, there are remarkably few comments concerning any blog. It is as if people are afraid to voice their opinion and this is too bad because many blogs speak wonderful things and comments give the author assurance and a feeling that he or she is helping. Although it is not specifically stated, we come here to help each other understand the will of God as it applies to our lives. We do this by either communicating a personal experience or explaining various statements made to us from within the Bible. We are here to help each other, but it seems that some use the site to pontificate their own opinions concerning their interpretation of certain biblical events or doctrine. In these cases, it is interesting that these types of babbling is generally completely out of alignment with Christian doctrine, but totally in alignment with the agenda of the author.

There are two realities that we must accept and this is where a site such as this can be extremely helpful. One is that we all need help, and the other is that, in fact, few people read and study the Bible very often. But, if the site is losing members at this time, it is almost totally understandable. The world is so messed up and the depression factor is so high, people are spending more time thinking about how they are going to pay their bills and have less interest in reading someone else’s’ problems. But, this is exactly the time to come to a site that discusses Christian values because it is Jesus that is our only hope. We should not allow the problems of this life to interfere with our more important life and our relationship with Jesus. This is easier said than done because we are being badgered constantly by the problems of this world and how they affect our lives.

There are many good people that come to this site and some are very understanding about biblical doctrine. This is the time to ask these fellow members where to find the peace that knowing and understanding the Bible will give to us all. It is our only hope…

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12:09 PM   [03 May 2011 | Tuesday]


It is incredible as well as very unfortunate the number of various “translations” of the original and first English translation of the Bible. We must trust the there was Divine guidance in that event, but once it was complete, no further assistance would be necessary. In some groups, more than one version of the Bible is used and that can only cause confusion and misunderstanding, and we all know the author of confusion… There are so many different denominations of Christianity which is difficult to understand because there was only one Christ. God gave us the Bible and it is not open to interpretation or opinions, but that is exactly what these “translations” are.

If we examine a few of the misunderstandings, we can see how using different versions can only lead to incorrect understanding. There are some that believe that God punishes us for our sins.. The fact is that God took upon Himself all punishment for all of our sins and does not even recognize our earthly sins. He is not about to punish twice for the same thing and His redemptive death would have no use. However, He does not forget because we are told that we all must stand before Him and give an accounting of our lives. He may chasten us, but that is for our benefit not a punishment. Chastening can certainly appear to resemble punishment, but it is not. It may very well be a form of preparation for some purpose that God has in store for us, but it is not punishment.

There are those that believe that the Holy Spirit prevents us from sinning, but that is incorrect also. It is possible that there are times that we are prevented from doing something because it may physically hurt us, but God does not prevent us from sinning. He may nudge us and show us the error of our ways until we stop doing whatever it is that we are doing, but we all sin all of the time… So, obviously, we are not being prevented from sinning.

So, does this mean that we can sin all we want and it will not be accounted against us, and the answer is yes we can. But, as a Christian, if we are truly a Christian, we would not intentionally sin just because there is no punishment for it from God. A true Christian spends his or her life fighting against the flesh, but unfortunately, we seldom win. However, the important part is that we try !!! Paul speaks about this situation in Romans and gives us the understanding of the difficulties of the conflict between the flesh and the soul….

But, the problem begins as a result of so many various Bible interpretations. Theoretically, we are all one Church and we should be getting our information from the source that has been provided for us from God and not someone’s opinion as to the intended lessons or doctrine. We must unify our Church and return to the original and very simple instructions for our behavior that God has described for us….

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12:31 PM   [02 May 2011 | Monday]


There is one sentence in the Bible that could easily be one of the most important statements made, but it also extremely easy to overlook. And, if a person does happen to notice it and has not read the Old Testament, it has little meaning to that person and yet, it is the essence of Christian belief !!!

Many things occurred at the moment of the death of Jesus, but none as important as the one described in Mat 27:51, Mk 15:38, Lk 23:45 “And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom”. This one event changed everything for everyone and it is described in one sentence !!! This single event allowed all people to come directly to God which had never been allowed prior to that point in time.

The Old Testament explains the procedures for the people to receive forgiveness, but it had to be done through the High Priest and only once a year. The High Priest was the only person allowed into the room of the temple called The Holiest of Holies which was separated from the rest of the temple by a veil. No one was allowed into that room except the High Priest and only once a year to ask forgiveness for himself and the sins of the people. When Jesus died and the veil was rent from top to bottom, it allowed all people to enter the room on their own and ask forgiveness by themselves directly to God. For the first time, all people could establish their own relationship with God through Jesus. An amazing privilege….

If a person had not read the Old Testament, then that person would have little understanding of the immense importance of that one event that is barely mentioned in the New Testament. The Christian Bible is both the Old and New Testaments and both should be studied in order to gain proper understanding of the lessons and doctrine. It also tells us of all the other things from which we were redeemed which may be a good thing to know also….

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