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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:56 PM   [11 Feb 2011 | Friday]


It is a wonderful experience to see people come together in order to correct what was obviously so wrong !!! It is also equally wonderful to see people come together…. The actions that this group demonstrated not only corrected a problem, but also won a small victory over Satan and that is always satisfying. But, let this be a warning to us all that we will be attacked, whether in a subtle way or in such an obvious way that we just witnessed.

I received a comment from one of the members who asked me why I believed that this was an attack by Satan and not just someone messing around !!! This may seem to be a naïve question but, in fact, it demonstrates another method that Satan uses to influence people. Satan introduced doubt into the thoughts of this person, and we know that doubt is a favorite method used by Satan to do his work. But, to answer the question of why it was a satanic attack: because there is no other option !!! There are only two kinds of spirits: good ones and bad ones, and we have been warned to always check the spirits. In this particular case, it was not difficult to determine from where this attack came, but there are many times when it is not so obvious. Satan is an expert in what he does and he is a lot smarter then we. Our option is to check with God before we accept anything that seems to be the slightest bit out of alignment with biblical doctrine. It is all given to us in the Bible…..

But, let us joy in this victory and thank the Lord for protecting us from a satanic attack. Not only did we win this battle, but we caused these disgusting blogs to be removed from this site. But, this is not over. Satan does not like to lose, but we can see how becoming unified in our actions that we can overcome many troubling things. The next time will not be so obvious, and it is amazing how often Satan wins over us. But, not this time !!! We are all more aware of how Satan works now and that gives us a little better chance to win again. Victory is sweet so let us all come together and taste victory many more times…..

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12:55 PM   [10 Feb 2011 | Thursday]


Any one who reads the ten blogs from an “aamybond” has personally experienced the satanic attempts to influence this site…. The blogs are not only inappropriate but do give a certain insight into the workings of Satan !!! The troubling part of this event is that Satan is no longer trying to be subtle and this is very upsetting. We can always expect him to attempt his work in a very subtle manner so that we are not aware of the action, but this is not his usual way and there is a reason for it…. Something has told him that these blogs will be published and this is frightening.

There is something very wrong going on, but we can use this experience to learn how to overcome the attempts of Satan to influence us. The question of why Satan has become so blatant in his actions is certainly troubling, and how these disgusting blogs got onto this site is equally troubling. Obviously, they should be removed, but a lesson can be learned from this experience… Satan will do anything to distract the people of God from keeping their minds on Him. Not only have these blogs taken up space on the site, but certain individuals will read them just out of curiosity, and that is how Satan will win the first part of his plan…. And, there even may be some who will go further “just out of curiosity”…

First, we must have these blogs removed, but we should recognize how easy it is for Satan to attack us. This is just the beginning unless we stop it now. It is time to stand up and voice your disgust at this type of activity instead of just sitting and letting someone else do it for you. Satan is doing his thing in a very obvious manner and this is frightening, but God will do His thing and influence His people to fight against such attacks. If we do nothing, Satan will have won and we all will lose. If we unite in this and fight against this attack, it might very well be the beginning of unification and then we all win…. God allowed this to happen for a reason, and we know what we must do…. SO DO IT !!!!

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12:15 PM   [09 Feb 2011 | Wednesday]


Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus and ask that you consider my concerns…. I understand that the world has always been pretty messed up because the Bible tells us so, but I find it difficult to believe that it has ever been in the condition in which we now find ourselves. You know that I have been trying to spread the Word for over a quarter of a century, and I get the feeling that very few people are interested. Most will listen and although I show them that the notions that they have about you are not biblically correct, they do not seem to care or even check with the Bible to verify their ideas. For some strange reason, many people think that if they call themselves Christians that they have achieved salvation. I know how powerful Satan is and I never underestimate his ability to influence people, but things are getting out of control….

I have always come to You and asked for Your assistance and believe that You led me to write the books about understanding the Bible, but my concerns are increasing as a result of the incredible events and actions taking place. As I observe the things that people are now accepting and claim to be part of Your family, I become frightened that all of these people are going to suffer for eternity and many of them are my friends. I do not understand how people can accept behavior so far out of alignment with biblical doctrine and still believe that they are alright in Your eyes. Abortion, homosexuality, immorality, incredible greed and lack of remorse are just a few of the aspects of behavior that some, if not most, have adopted as acceptable.

The Church is so fragmented into an unbelievable number of different denominations that any sense of unity is impossible. Some of the teachings are outright satanic in nature and the alterations to Your Word in order to justify these positions is difficult to comprehend. I know that much of this was told to us and I understand that this is part of Your plan, but, Father, these are my friends and they are good people, but they have gone down the wrong road…. I realize that I am in no condition to expect consideration as I am a poster boy for sinners, but I also know that I have been forgiven and I love and care about these people. I ask You to help them find their way to You before it becomes too late !!!

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12:24 PM   [06 Feb 2011 | Sunday]


Any one over the age of fifty years old will most likely remember how much different life on the earth was for almost everyone just a few years ago!!! The speed of life was much slower and people were capable of dealing with life much easier then it is today.  But, going back even farther, it was even more simple then, and although life may have been difficult, it was not impossible… If we return to the beginning, we would find that changes in life took many years and the people involved had the opportunity to adjust to the changes over a long period of time… In many cases, the people discovered that the changes were not working out and so they altered their agenda and adjusted because they had the time in which to do it !!!

Today, we measure things in milliseconds….  Changes are instantaneous and very little thought is given to whether the change is helpful or not, it just moves on and another change is made to adjust the first one…. And, clearly, no thought is given to whether what we are doing has anything to do with the doctrine given to us from within the Bible. The god of today does not exist in Heaven, it exists in the Federal Reserve Bank and all that we do and all the changes that we make to our life style is to gain access to this god… Nobility is a word that has no meaning anymore, unless it is profitable to be so. There is only one reason to do almost everything today and that is to make money. There is no beauty in this world !!! There is no art, there is no music; but we have come to the point where very little makes much sense and very little matters. If an event occurs that is reported instantly all around the world and is considered important, that importance only lasts until the next event occurs and the first one is forgotten.

A similar world existed many years ago in which the same type of activities were normal, and it went on until God decided that it was time to begin again…. So, he protected His people and began again !!! But, as usual, man did the thing man does best, mess up, and here we are again… But, now we are moving so fast, we are accelerating the time that God will protect His people and end this mess … But, there is something inside of us that is telling us that we are moving too fast. If we just use the music of today as an example, we will notice that there is a tendency for the older music to be coming back into popularity. People are searching for that time when things were easier and less stressful…. We can see it in other aspects of life too, but, unfortunately, it is not going to work. Satan has taken control and as usual, he starts with influencing the younger generation.  If we stay with the music as our example, we find that if we can understand the words, they speak of violence and immorality. Of course, we have to get over the incredible noise that is called music first…

But, there is hope… There is always hope with God and He gives it to us in the form of the Bible. We should read it and return to the basic fundamentals of life and slow up the time when He decides that it is time to end this mess…. The longer that the world exists, the more souls can be saved and that is a pretty good reason to pray for things to slow down !!!!


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12:24 PM   [04 Feb 2011 | Friday]


It is not surprising how differently that many people think about prayer considering the different interpretations there is about speaking with God.  If we believe the words of the Bible, then all of the work of God was completed on the sixth day. So, what does He have to do now ??? One of the things that He does is love and care for His people and answer their prayers when they come to Him and ask for help. And, that’s exactly what prayer is;  speaking with God about our concerns and any other things about which we would talk to our best friend..

The hymns and Psalms and other prepared words are more an act of praise, but really prayer is just speaking with God on a one to one basis. There are many misconceptions about this and many rather strange notions concerning what we should do when we come to God and offer our prayers to Him. Some think that we should never ask for things for ourselves, but always ask for help for others.  This is a noble thought and praying for someone else should be a part of our conversation with God, but only a part. Every one has the ability to speak with God for themselves and it is not selfish in any way to talk about our own problems to Him.

There are others that think that God is too busy and that their concerns are too insignificant to go to God with them.  Well, we have already established that God had finished all of His work a long time ago and so He probably has plenty of time for each one of His children !!! God is never too busy for His people, but often, His people are too busy for Him !!! However, considering the mess we have gotten the world into, God may be a little busier then He was just a few short years ago.

God is the only being that knows every thing; the past, the present and most importantly, the future. When we come to Him, His advice is based upon things that we do not know and therefore cannot be sure of our own thoughts on the subject. We make decisions all of the time and most of the time, those decisions have to be adjusted because of some thing that we did not know comes into play and renders our decision incorrect. But, the answer that will be given by God factors in all of the things unknown to us and is always correct. One of the great benefits of being a child of God is, being a child of God….

Some times, God does not answer our prayers immediately for reasons known only to Him. But, we are impatient and because there is a delay, we think that we are not going to get an answer. Delay is not denial !!! Often, we are not ready to accept the answer and there is certain preparations that must take place before our answer comes, but it will always come… It may not be what we expected, but it will always be the correct thing for us to do. Talk to God and then wait and see what happens…. If our prayer is within His plan for us, we will always get an answer. And, do not be disappointed if we do not like the answer, God really does know best !!!

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