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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [29 Nov 2011 | Tuesday]


The human mind is probably not capable of comprehending the immense impact that Jesus and His death has had on humanity. We think of His death as the punishment that He assumed for our sins, but there is an incredible amount of other benefits which we derive from His actions… But, let us go back to the beginning and reduce this whole thing to the most simple terms.

God creates man and gives him paradise but with one very simple condition. And, of course, man disobeys and loses paradise. So, God gives man a second chance and gives him a few laws and commandments. And, if we look at the laws, we see that they were all in the best interests of man. He also knows that man will sin and gives certain appropriate punishments for the degree of the sin. It is all very fair, but man has trouble once more and changes the laws of God to make it easier for man to sin without punishment. God warns man endless times about doing certain things, but, as usual, man thinks that he knows better and disobeys. No matter how many time things turned out badly when man disobeyed God, man continue to do it his way and this is still happening to this day !!!

Finally, God gives man the most incredible gift that could possibly be offered to anyone for anything and that is a free ride to heaven… He tells man that He will assume the punishment for the sins of man but with a few very easy conditions… So, He comes to earth as a man and lives among us to show that He knows and understands the plight of man, and then begins the process of being punished for nothing that He had done.

Now, this physical punishment was just not being crucified, but included being beaten and whipped.  An interesting thing about the Roman scourging was that it was done using a whip in which bits of glass and metal were imbedded into the whip to increase the severity of the punishment. Then, He is crucified !!!

What happens next is beyond our comprehension. This action changed everything in the world, but unfortunately, man remained the same and few ever took and even now take advantage of the results of this amazing act of love. Just consider the fact that man can now go directly to God and speak to Him on a one on one basis. Consider the fact that all of the laws and rituals and punishments have been eliminated. And, there are a thousand other benefits that this action created for man as long as we do just a few simple things…

God gives us the Bible that explains everything to us and what do we do but do as the Jews did and begin to alter the words in order to make it more convenient for us… But, most importantly, most people think that the suffering that Jesus took upon Himself for our sins is over, but it is not… Jesus is still paying the price for our sins !!!

Most people have this ridiculous notion that we can do whatever we want and if it is wrong that there is no punishment. Well, think again because sin is always punished, but not to us but to Jesus. We lie, we steal and we kill and we think that God is watching this and eating bon-bons ??? Every abortion that we allow is like driving another nail into His hands or another stripe on His back. Jesus is still accepting our punishment for our sins and yet we hardly ever even think about Him from day to day. There are very few that have given a drink to a little one and there are few that will understand that statement because they have never even read the Bible… Satan is very happy with the people of today and especially the success that he has had with those who claim to be a Christian. Considering the burden that He has lifted from us, the least we can do is try to ease His suffering by trying just a little harder to be a better Christian and not just claim to be one !!!

Do something nice for someone that you do not even know every day and see how it makes you feel ….

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12:57 PM   [22 Nov 2011 | Tuesday]


Is it now more obvious than ever what is taking place on this site ???  “A blog was posted indicating how satanic influences are attempting to control this site by filling the pages with nonsense until the good words are pushed back a page or two, and what happened ??? Blogs were posted pushing back the warning until it is now two pages from the first… If the good people on this site did not believe the earlier warnings about this type of activity, they certainly must believe it now !!!

Again we must assume our responsibilities as soldiers of goodness and fight off these satanic workers. We have succeeded before and we can do it again !!! Once again we must appeal to the Administrators to limit blogs from a single person to one per day. The only way that this is going to stop is to resist and Satan will flee. We have been warned before and we have won but Satan will not stop if he believes that he can outlast us to defend our site from his attacks…

If anyone thinks that this is not being watched by our Lord to see what we are going to do, they are wrong…. We are the children of God and He is very interested in how we respond to satanic attacks. He has told us of this type of activity and He has told us to fight. Now, we are either His children and will be obedient to His wishes or we will not. If we do not fight, we should become a little concerned at His reaction to our apathy !!!

The blogs that were posted concerning this type of activity prior to this one have always turned out to be true… Earlier Christians had similar problems as Christians will always have problems with Satan. But, in those days, those good people banded together and fought. Are we any less Christian than they ??? We will see !!! Maybe one of us will write a new hymn like “ Onward Christian Soldiers”.

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12:59 PM   [20 Nov 2011 | Sunday]


The internet is filled with various sites where anyone can find out anything about everything. Certain sites are dedicated to one or two particular areas of interest but most sites are essentially advertising areas attempting to sell a product. There are also many sites where people go to get information about anything and so on !!! Then, there are sites like this one where people come for a particular and singular reason. In this case, it is Christian fellowship with others who believe in the same things. The blogging for the most part is people offering their understanding of certain biblical or religious aspects and they want to share this with others. There are many wonderful and good blogs written by people who care about their brothers and sisters in Christ…

But, now we have been facing an onslaught of blogs that are clearly satanic in nature and origin. This is, or was, a religious site, but recently it has become a place for people to tell us how comfortable the boots that they sell are, or how to buy a car the cheapest way… These people have no interest in our Lord or any of His children that visit this site. They are interested in selling a product or reducing the importance of God in our lives. Their message is materialistic and nonreligious. If any of us had an accident and broke our leg, we would not go to a car dealer to get the leg repaired. This site is where we go to read the words of other Christians about Christian interests.

If we continue to allow these blogs to be posted as much as they are increasingly being placed on this site, we may as well consider it just another general informational site. We have all seen the works of Satan when he fills the page with nonsense in order to overcome a particularly good blog, but any blog that is not in alignment with the policies of this site is just filling important space.

We can also make an assumption that the majority of these advertising blogs are scams… The only thing that we can do to take our site back and keep it Christian in nature is to resist reading these blogs. If a person wants to purchase boots, then go to a site where these products are sold and get the true information about the products. Do not read the blogs and give the blogger any confidence that they are successful !!! Remember that if we resist Satan, he will flee !!!

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12:30 PM   [18 Nov 2011 | Friday]


There really is no conclusion when we examine the methods of Satan to influence our lives. However, many make the mistake of thinking that Satan has little or no influence on us, especially Christians, and they are sadly mistaken. Satan involves himself with all that we do, and given the chance he will attack relentlessly. Children are especially vulnerable to satanic influences because they cannot understand the concept of spirits and are used by Satan to irritate parents to the point of anger. Most children learn very quickly which buttons to push to get their parents going and it was Satan that taught the child these points. If we, as their parents, understand this then we may handle difficult situations with our children in a different manner. The child is not the enemy but parents often times treat them as if they are. This same principle applies to all others that make our lives uncomfortable. The people or person is just being used and they do not even know it…

Satan has a particular interest in children. The child has no protection from his advances and is easily persuaded to be disobedient. If Satan can reach the child early enough, he can affect the personality development of the child and then he has him for life, or until someone helps that child find God. This becomes the responsibility of the parents, but they must be children of God first. When the parents understand from where the influence is coming and after they have done all that parents normally do, they then do what should have been done in the first place which is go to Jesus. We know that Jesus loved children and will always protect them. He is the first place to go for everything, but especially in protecting our children from evil. It all begins with the children and once Satan has the parents disciplining the children rather than realizing that Satan is slowly training the child, the problem just keeps increasing. We should attack Satan by prayer and asking the Lord to intercede rather than punishing the child. This is easy to say, but with things coming at us from all angles, it is not so easy to do. But, if we remember also that all those other things coming at us are satanically influenced, then we have only one enemy to fight and our task is much easier. Plus, if we ask the Lord as we should, we do not even have to do the fighting….

Unfortunately, most people do not or cannot recognize the influences that Satan brings upon us. One of the methods of Satan is to convince people that he has little power over us but, this is a lie. Satan is a liar and the father of it and he has been very successful in making people believe his lies especially about himself. Do not be persuaded about the power of Satan and he should be the first thing that we think of as a cause of all that is wrong with our lives as well as the world. Since he is, in fact, the cause of our problems and we accept this fact, we may find that the unnecessary disagreements that we have with our friends and families can be avoided. Do not underestimate or disregard satanic activities because that is exactly what he wants us to do. In that way he continues to infiltrate our lives and cause us to begin to doubt the affect that God has on our lives….

Another method of Satan is to get people to qualify their sins. We all sin much more then we want to admit and that also is a satanic method. If he can get us to sin to the point that we begin to disregard that sin, the next step is to increase the severity of the sin and decrease our shame for sinning. There is no difference between sins. Sin is sin and one sin is no more acceptable than any other. Murder is the same as stealing in the eyes of God, but Satan wants us to think that there are degrees of sinful behavior and that “small” sins are alright. We can see this affect even within our churches. Although certain practices are totally out of alignment with biblical doctrine, some churches allow such activities and they become part of the teaching within that church. We have an enormous number of different denominations, but only one God and one Bible. It becomes very difficult to fight our enemy when we are so divided.

Do not think that any individual can fight off Satan because we cannot. We can resist him and the Bible tells us that he will flee, but be assured that he will be back. Consider Peter when he was standing on the water next to Jesus and Satan put doubt into his mind and he began to sink. If you cannot keep him away when you are standing next to Jesus, you are not going to do it alone… Even the angels do not mess with Satan, but rebuke him in the name of Jesus, just as we should. Satan trembles when he hears the name of Jesus and this is how we fight him: IN JESUS’ NAME !!!

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12:57 PM   [15 Nov 2011 | Tuesday]


It should be understood and believed that all that is evil in this world can be traced back to satanic influences on man. We saw this in the first human experience and it has not stopped since that time. Where man is involved, so is Satan…. Natural events such as hurricanes and earthquakes are not satanic activities, only God has the power to cause this type of occurrence. But every other human problem has a satanic overtone in some form or other. His methods are endless and he does not have compassion on any human creation of God, whether man, woman or child. Bad things happen to people, this is part of life; but the satanic influence on that bad thing is also part of life…However, once we begin to understand that Satan interferes with our lives, we begin to realize where our fight should be directed. Even though a friend or even random people do things that cause us stress and sometimes angry feelings, they are not our enemy and we treat them as a Christian should always treat other people.

If we take a normal person and place them in an uncomfortable situation, Satan will be there in order to increase the discomfort. We are speaking about true believers because these are the prime victims of Satan. A mother had a bad night of sleep and her children are late for school and her best friend told her something that increased the stress on this tired woman. You can be assured that Satan arranged for the friend to be there and increase the discomfort of the woman. By the time that her husband has come home, her children have driven her to the point of frustration, and her husband had a bad day at work and takes it out on her. All of this is too much for this poor woman and she begins to yell and discipline her children, perhaps even hitting them, and is not too friendly with her husband. She is so upset by that day, that she cannot sleep that night, and the next day starts the whole process over again….

In this particular example, we see that many people have been influenced by Satan and he uses all of their weaknesses to increase the discomfort of all of the people involved. The woman is tired and weakened, the children are being children and the husband should have left his work at the office. None of these people thought about how their actions were going to affect the others, in fact, they do not even care !!! The woman asks herself; why is this happening to me; when she should be asking, what is the lesson that I am missing… The experience has produced conflict, which advances to anger and finally to doubt about all things happen are in our best interests…

There are many Christians that may believe that we are giving Satan too much credit, but there are also many Christians that are missing many of the benefits of being a child of God. When we find ourselves in a situation that is uncomfortable, we usually try to straighten it out ourselves. This is almost impossible because we have absolutely no control over the other individuals involved. And, we do not know to what extent Satan has used his methods to affect this experience. If we assume, and correctly, that Satan is the cause of this problem, then it is a simple matter to ask the Lord to take care of it, and He will, He is the only being that knows all of the particulars that have caused the problem and He is the only One that has the power to stop Satan from interfering with our lives. God has told us to cast our cares upon Him, and yet, we try to figure it out for ourselves and be miserable until we finally see satanic activities within the situation. Only then do we go to God, but if we just understand the magnitude of satanic actions upon all of us and give it to God immediately, our lives would be much less stressful.

We all say that we resist Satan, but in reality, we do not. There are two reasons for this; one is that most of the time we are not even aware of the satanic attacks that we are experiencing;  and two is that none of us has really closed and locked the door against Satan. It may not be possible for humans to totally close out Satan because of our nature of wanting to sin, but it does not matter because we do not close the door anyway for those occasional times that we need Satan to provide satisfaction for our desires…

Where man is, there will also be Satan. In family affairs, in business affairs and in every aspect of our lives where man is involved, Satan will interfere with whatever is going on. It is extremely important to remember that the person or people that are corrupting the circumstance are not even aware of the fact that they are being used by Satan, so we should not view them as the enemy….

It is essential that we realize that Satan does put thoughts into our minds and convince us that we are doing the right thing. Many do not believe that Satan has this power, but they are mistaken. Until we accept the reality of this circumstance, there is nothing that we can do to change it. But, once we recognize the satanic activities within our lives, we have recognized our true enemy….

In the final part of this discussion, we will examine whether there is anything that we can do to diminish the extent to which Satan effects our lives.  

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12:58 PM   [12 Nov 2011 | Saturday]


It is a huge and unfortunate error for anyone to underestimate the power of Satan and the impact that he and his workers have on civilization. We must understand that it is probable that every person that ever lived has been influenced by Satan during their lives. Even though Satan has less interest in non believers then he does in Christians, the non believer, although not a child of God, is still a creation of God and therefore subject to attack. A Christian is almost guaranteed to be attacked and the events will never be in the best interests of that person. The reason for these attacks is to create doubt in the mind of the individual. He wants to have a person doubt everything about God; is there a God, why does He allow these attacks, why is there sickness and all sorts of negative questions about God. He also interferes with our lives in order to take time away from our thoughts and actions towards the Lord. There are many reasons but, none of which are in our interests. Often times, he will give us something that appears to be a good thing for us but, in the end, we will get hurt. This is one of his methods !!!

Satan understands mankind because he was instrumental in forming the personality of man. Now, he places his interests on individuals and gets to know the weaknesses within that person. He uses those weaknesses to get at us and he has many ways of discovering our limitations. He generally does not make a frontal advance on us but, moves on us from different angles and blind spots of which we are not aware. It was somewhat surprising that he attacked this site in such an obvious manner because Satan is extremely subtle… We have fought him off a few times but, it would not be unusual for him to do nothing for a while in order to make us believe that he was not involved… This is another one of his methods.

The various methods that Satan uses to influence individuals are, in many cases, so subtle that they become almost unbelievable, which is his hope. We see from within the Bible that he generally waits until a person is at a weak point in his life. Weak, both physically and mentally, and then he begins his advance. He waited forty days for Jesus to become weak before he began his attack on our Lord, and it is the same with us. He observes our actions and takes notice of our weaknesses and the things that set us off and also listens to our desires and hopes. Satan cannot read our minds, but he can put thoughts into our minds.

One of the ways that Satan discovers our concerns is through our prayers… This may sound shocking, but it was not without reason that Jesus told us to go to a very quiet place and speak with him in our minds. If we pray out loud, Satan is listening to our inner most concerns and uses that information for his advances upon us. So, when we go to the Lord with our concerns, we should do so in the Spirit because that information is between the individual and the Lord. We may ask for something that is not in our best interest and God does not give it to us, but Satan will and we think it was from God. And, when it turns out badly, we then begin to doubt….

 A Christian is of particular interest to Satan. He will do everything to make us look like poor witnesses for our Lord by observing and finding our weak spots and using that information against us. It is a mistake to underestimate the extent to which Satan will go to influence us to appear to be poor examples of Christian behavior to the rest of the world. He will use many things that would never occur to us to be satanic activity. He will use our friends, family and even our children to irritate our lives.

We have all experienced times when things seem to be going right for us and we are enjoying a sense of happiness. And then, as we tell our friends about our experience, that friend says or does something to diminish our happiness and bring us down. It is not the friend that becomes our enemy at that point, that friend was being used by Satan, without their knowledge, to get to us… This is only one way that we are attacked, but the other ways are endless and once we understand that it is Satan doing this, we stop getting upset and angry at our friends or whoever has brought us down.

In the next part of this discussion, we will examine other satanic methods in order to gain further understanding of his never ending attacks and also what we can do about it to resist him…

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4:43 AM   [11 Nov 2011 | Friday]


Preface: It will interesting to observe what if anything happens on this site after this blog is posted…


The question most asked and least understood is why God allows His children to be attacked by Satan to which we do not know the answer. But, it is extremely important that we never forget or even question the fact that all things are in the best interests of the children of God. The fact is that Satan cannot hurt us because we are protected by the Lord, however Satan can certainly make our lives miserable if we allow him to. We find in the Bible some examples of when God allowed Satan to bother certain individuals but, there was always a good reason and that person was always rewarded for his troubles. In most cases, it was done to teach a lesson but, it also gave us insight into the methods of satanic activities from which we can begin to understand our enemy.

In any battle, the army that understood the opponent best was usually the winner and this is why we are irritated so much by Satan. He knows us very well and understands our weaknesses and uses that information to get at us. We, on the other hand, spend little or no time trying to understand Satan and his methods and so we are at a disadvantage. The information that we can gather from the Bible concerning Satan is more than enough for us to resist him and if we continue to resist him, he will flee. We are not going to use biblical quotes in this discussion, each of us should have read or should now read the Bible and gather this information for him or herself. However, there is one verse that Paul writes that is extremely frightening:

2 Corinthians 11:14 “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

The reality is that Satan has already been defeated but, that does not mean that he will stop attacking the children of God. We are really not his enemy; God is his enemy and we are more like collateral damage. But Satan cannot get at God and so he attacks His children. It is also important to note that satanic activities will increase as the time of the end approaches, and we may very well be witnesses to that event. Satan is generally not very open with his attacks but recently, these assaults have been more obvious, as with our site for example.

Our discussion of satanic activity will focus on the individual rather than on mankind. So, we begin by trying to discover as much as we can about our enemy through Bible reading. All the information that anyone needs about anything is discussed in the Bible, and the fact is that we know very little about Satan but we know enough to protect ourselves… An indication of the intensity of satanic activities towards Christians was described by Jesus in His parable of the Sower of Seeds when Jesus tells us that after hearing the Word, Satan comes immediately to attempt to take the Word away.

Satan is a spirit and so are his followers but, we know that these evil beings can invade the body of man and take over the life of those individuals. We really know little about Satan other then what is given to us from within the Bible. There are many stories and notions concerning these evil spirits but, the only reliable information comes from the Bible….Spending time trying to discover how it all began is really not essential information and we will not discuss things about which we are not certain. But, we will discuss the methods of Satan and his followers and how they use the weaknesses in man to affect our lives.

Satan knows mankind very well and was instrumental in developing the nature of man when he first influenced Eve. From that point on, man has continually been disobedient to the wishes of God as a result of satanic activities. We are not saying that man is evil, although man seems prone to doing evil things, but man is easily inclined to servicing his own desires and Satan knows this. Man is concerned more with money, power and carnal enjoyment then he is with being obedient to the wishes of God. However, man has help with these aspects, Satan !!!

Before we go into the particular methods of Satan to attack an individual, we should examine the results of the success that Satan has enjoyed affecting the world. We must remember that everything that happens is as a result of the activities of man. All we need to do is look at what we have produced in this world and it is easy to see the satanic influences that have brought us to this point at which we now stand. We have corrupted the resources given to us by God, we have created a society of governments that are led by people that have no interests in the citizen but are only concerned with their own agendas. Satan hates God and everything God has done and he will use man to destroy all of it. Unfortunately, we do not realize the influences that Satan has upon us and he has been very successful.

In the next part, we will discuss how Satan uses individuals to get his work done and how he interferes with the lives of an individual. Knowledge of the methods of Satan will give us all a chance to fight back and resist him and find our lives improving the more that we resist his attacks…

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12:59 PM   [09 Nov 2011 | Wednesday]


Is it now more obvious than ever what is going on here....  Again, we must fight our enemy to stop what is so ridiculous that if it was not so important, it would be laughable !!! Again, we must submit our requests to the administrators to stop this type of action and take back our site. One blog each day seems to be the only solution and we should ask the Administrators to enforce this rule for the benefit of all.....

And, does anyone have the slightest idea of what is being said in these continuous babblings ???

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12:50 PM   [08 Nov 2011 | Tuesday]


Recently, this site has been attacked by Satan much more openly than usual. Although we have been able to overcome these attacks by a unified effort of the members, the attacks will not stop… Any problem that we encounter in life can be corrected by understanding exactly what the problem is and addressing the solution on an intellectual level. Let us take for example, bodily pain. We all have pain at some time or other, so we generally take some pain medication and the pain goes away. The problem is that we have not solved the problem. Pain is our body telling us that something is wrong. When we mask the pain with medication, we never find the cause of the pain and it usually returns. In fact, we can even increase our problem by taking pain medication because we do not realize that we are increasing our problem by whatever we are doing that caused it in the first place. Without understanding, we can never solve our problems. We can deny them or push them aside for a time, but until we discover the cause, we cannot solve the issue.

Understanding Satan is an issue that is seldom discussed and as a result, people suffer needlessly because they do not know the cause of their problem. Many totally misunderstand just exactly how powerful and influential Satan is in our lives, and disregard many of the signs of satanic attacks. Satan is our enemy !!! The family down the street that leaves garbage in their front yard or the arrogant salesperson is not our enemy, but they are being used by Satan to irritate us… Christians are going to be attacked by Satan. And Christian institutions are going to be attacked by Satan. Satan hates God and he hates anyone or anything that belongs to God.

Many believe that Satan is not a significant factor in the life of a Christian and they are completely wrong. Let us examine the very first human event and we will see just how significant Satan is to the children of God. The very first human event is Satan influencing man, in this case Eve, to become disobedient to God. And, he succeeds !!! And, it has continued ever since that first encounter. In fact, Satan was so successful that God destroyed almost the entire world and started again because the world had become so evil. The new world turned out to be pretty much the same as the first one because of satanic influences once again. The Old Testament does not specifically mention Satan as the cause of the evil, but the New Testament discusses Satan much more and how Satan affects the world as well as individuals.

Some would suggest that we are blaming Satan for all that is wrong and evil in the world, and the answer is yes, he is !!! The reason that we know this is because when Satan is taken out of this world, all sickness, all sadness, all evil and everything else that is wrong will be gone…

So, now it is time to try and understand our problem so that we can overcome and resist Satan and he will flee from us for a little while. An interesting aspect of satanic activities is that he pays little attention to non believers and as a result, these poor people feel that they are being protected by God and are alright and it is not necessary to make any commitment as a Christian. In fact,  Satan will sometimes reward non believers and give them wealth and all sorts of worldly benefits just to keep them convinced that they are in good standing with the Lord. This is one of the methods Satan uses and again he is very successful. But, as children of God, we are constantly attacked, which begs the question as to why God allows this to happen. The only way that we will know the answer to that question is to ask the Lord when we see Him… So, now we know who our enemy is but we do not know how to fight him because we do not understand his methods of operation. But, the Bible gives us the answers.

We will be discussing the methods of Satan and how to overcome his attempts to influence us in future blogs… But, remember that we have already overcome his advances on this site which should give us all great hope that through understanding and the help of the Lord, our lives will become less stressful and we may find contentment !!!

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2:10 AM   [07 Nov 2011 | Monday]


We have won and incredible victory over Satan and his workers, and this is not the first time… Some of you may remember another similar victory not too long ago but, this one was much sweeter because it took a unified effort from many people. It did not matter how little or much one did to win this battle, the point is that everyone that did anything stood up and assumed their responsibility as Soldiers our God and a miracle happened to the benefit of all…. It was a wonderful and heartwarming experience and demonstrates the power of the children of God when they unify their efforts against evil…

But, do not think that this is the end !!! Satan does not like to lose and will continue his attacks probably more now than before. He will become more subtle and try many other ways to infiltrate this site. But, we know him better now and we know that we can overcome any and all of his attacks. And, the most important aspect of this experience that can be learned is that the Army of God never loses. We have begun to form our division of the Army of God and we should increase in number and stay unified in our fights against evil and then we can taste the sweetness of victory many more times.

Do not ever underestimate the power of Satan to influence anyone, repeat “ anyone” but know that as a unified group, we can always win !!! If we continue to resist him, he will leave us for a time but, he will always come back. However, we are becoming more ready for him every time someone new stands up and joins in this never ending fight….

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