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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:26 PM   [27 Oct 2011 | Thursday]


Any discussion concerning free will must begin with a basic understanding of what exactly is free will. Most people think that free will means that we can do anything that we want and this is not correct. Free will is not a physical action, although it leads us to an action. Will is a thought, a desire or wish, perhaps with intent, but it is not the action itself…

If we consider that all actions are preceded by thoughts, we can begin to understand the difference. If we believe that free will is, in fact, the ability to do anything that we want, so then we must acknowledge that man is evil. Our sins then must be intentional and we know that although some of them are intentional, for the most part, we sin because it is in the nature of man. But, let us examine times that we think about doing something and know that it is wrong. Our mind tells us that we should not do it but, we do it anyway… If our will was without restriction, then how do we explain the reason for intentionally doing wrong? And, there are many answers to that question.

Paul understood free will perfectly and speaks of it in Romans when he explains that all the things that he does not want to do, those are the things that he does. And, all of the things he does want to do, he finds that he cannot do. He, as with all of us, also had free will and his will was to do good but, he found his flesh paid no attention to his will.. So, we can begin to see that the will is not the action but, the thought or wish or will !!!

The will is purely in the mind but, actions follow the will. We cannot will anything to happen or cause it to happen. We can only consider ways of doing or not doing things but, we must also understand the outside and powerful influences on our actions. Satan is always there putting thoughts into our minds and, often times we succumb to those desires. We can ask why God allows this but, we do not know. He may want to teach us a lesson or many other reasons that are always in our best interests even if it is wrong but, only He knows this answer.

If man had free will and it was as man believes that he can do whatever he wants, then the world would be an entirely different place. If we thought as Christians and our will was in alignment with biblical doctrine, then there would be little or no evil in this world. We can fight our weaknesses and pray to God to make us a better person. And, when our mind tells us that what we are willing to do is wrong, pay attention !!!

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12:59 PM   [19 Oct 2011 | Wednesday]


Is it not obvious what is taking place on this site… We have discussed the intentional continuous blogging or, in some cases, babbling in order to fill the page and move good words off of the first page. We have discussed that this type of behavior as inconsiderate and not Christian manner. We have discussed the satanic influences that this type of activity indicates and yet not only has it not stopped, it is increasing !!!

Now, we must forgive the poor individuals that are doing this because they are ignorant of the fact that they are being used by Satan. However, we must also recognize that there are some that know exactly what they are doing and, these people will get what they deserve. Never underestimate the power of Satan and what he is willing to do to disrupt Christian activities. This is happening for exactly the same reason that all other satanic activities persist and that is because we allow it. This is not a site where one comes to look for advertisements for sneakers and car loans and sex toys, but it used to be where good people came to read the words of good people writing good words.

Are there not enough individuals that care enough to stand up and fight this obvious satanic effort to take over our site. We must remember that Satan does not want to destroy the Church, he wants to rule it. And, the longer that we allow this constant blogging about ridiculous things, the faster that we will lose this good site to Satan and his helpers.

Considering the number of people that visit the site and do nothing when they see this type of activity happening, we are making it very easy for Satan to take this site over. If you have never blogged, then now is the time to do it… Stand up and be a soldier of God and fight against this satanic evil. It is not only your responsibility but it is the only way to stop these attacks. Do not be concerned what others will think about what you say against this activity, but understand that it is only important what God thinks !!!

Satan will never stop trying to influence the children of God. But, we can unite and let him know that he should take his efforts somewhere else. STAND UP and be a Christian in actions not just in words. Write a blog telling these people to move on because we are Christians here. We only need one ROCK here and that is JESUS !!!

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12:58 PM   [17 Oct 2011 | Monday]


Our soul is easily the most important aspect of our being and we hardly, if ever, give it a thought. In fact, we really do not even know exactly what it is. Apparently, it is indestructible and, it is the only thing that will remain of us forever. Our bodies will just rot away and become part of the earth and yet, we spend endless amounts of money and time attempting to improve on something that will soon disappear.

No one really knows what the soul is, although there are many notions and descriptions of this aspect of our being. But, the reality is that we have no idea as to exactly what it is. There is some discussion in the Bible concerning the soul but, not enough to make an accurate conclusion as to what it really is. We know that we have one and we know that when our body dies that it returns to God, in one place or another, and we also know that it will be reunited with our glorified body at some point. Considering the importance of the soul, one would think that much attention should be given to it but, we hardly ever think about it. We think about every other aspect of our being, all of which is pretty much junk. Our prayers concern our bodies and how to protect it and nurture it and we do not consider the total waste of these efforts since our bodies mean nothing in the end…

This is a question without an answer !!! Some have described the soul as a spirit but, what kind of spirit is another question. We just do not know what the soul is but, it is certain that it is the most important aspect of the body. The point of this is that there are many things that are of extreme importance to which we give little thought. We are consumed with today and what we will wear and eat, all of which is shallow and useless.

We are probably not equipped to understand the concept of a soul, but the more we study the Bible, the more information that we will gather. We have become so far out of alignment with the wishes of God that we find it difficult to tell the difference between right and wrong. In the end, the only thing left will be the soul and like most every other important teaching of God, it is not even part of our thoughts… Trying to understand the soul is like all other biblical doctrine. We can never achieve perfection, but we can always try to improve…

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