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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [31 Dec 2010 | Friday]


There have been many events and changes in the laws in recent years that have essentially been an insult to Christian religious beliefs… Of course, this is not a new phenomenon, but it certainly has reached the point in our lifetime bordering on the ridiculous. Perhaps, the most important and most discussed change was the acceptance of abortion in our society… But, it almost appears that that was just the ice breaking. Now, every radical or self serving group proposes some new and anti-Christian rule and with enough political persuasion, they manage to get these insults into law. It may be interesting to note that many, if not most, of the political figures that vote for these laws claim to be Christian…

 But, the real question is where were you, the individual, when it was time to stand up and fight against such things taking place ? Nothing happens without some one starting it and then pushing to make it happen. Satan clearly has his workers lobbying for all the changes that reduce the strength of the Christian religion, but where are the friends of Jesus to fight against these activities. We accept Jesus as our personal savior, and then what ? We just sit back and tell ourselves that Jesus does not need our individual help to fight these battles ? Is this what is expected from some one who has been saved from condemnation ? Would any one of us be satisfied with a friend if we were drowning and that friend did not help us !!!

Or, maybe we think that it is the job of the church leaders to do all of this fighting. That would be nice, but even they are not doing their job when they do not organize any resistance to the things that are going on… It takes one person to start to get some ridiculous law passed, but it also takes just one person to start an organized resistance against these insults.

A few weeks ago, the members of our government were applauding themselves because they finally succeeded in getting certain rights for gays and lesbians in the military. There are some States that allow same sex marriages. The Christmas season has just passed and any public mention or display of the fact that it is a Christian holiday has been removed by laws, and we could go on and on concerning the successful efforts of Satan to affect the Christian community in a negative way. The reality is that he does not need to work very hard, because it is people that claim Christianity that are doing his work for him. And, those who are outraged at these activities are doing nothing to stop it !!!

So, the next time, you, the individual, is praying to God and asking for His forgiveness, you might want to add that you do nothing to help Him in His battles with Satan. At least, get up and ask your Pastor what he intends to do to organize resistance to these events. Even with all of the various denominations going in different directions, there are basic fundamentals on which we should all agree. The Christian community could be the strongest force to stop these insults to God and His Church…. But, some one has to start it and that some one should be YOU…..

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12:59 PM   [31 Dec 2010 | Friday]


There is nothing that we can do in this life that does not require that we follow certain rules or regulations. It does not matter in what arena we are attempting to succeed, there are always things that we must do in order to achieve our goal. Some times, these requirements are written and are easy to determine and follow, but there are other times when we must decide the rules using certain moral and ethical principles from which we can determine the proper path to take. Many try to eliminate any rules and believe that they will succeed, but the outcome will never be for what they had hoped !!!  This is especially true in our younger years when we think that we can do anything and that it does not matter. This is called learning by experience and as we grow older, we find that it is futile. Following the rules may in some cases be unpleasant, but, unfortunately it is the only way in which we can gain our objective.

Christianity is not a game, but a way of life !!! However, it also has rules and requirements that must be followed in order to gain our objective which is salvation. In this particular case, we have these requirements written for us in the Bible. And, although salvation is a free gift, achieving it may not be as easy as just claiming Christianity. There is nothing that we need to do to achieve salvation because there is nothing that we, as humans, can do to achieve salvation. However, just saying that we are Christians is not going to get us where we want to be for eternity. When the Bible speaks to us and tells us that there is nothing that we can do, it is speaking about physical things. But, there are many spiritual aspects on the road to salvation. Jesus does not warn us that many will be left out at the end, much to their surprise, unless there was more to salvation then just claiming it.

Living a Christian life is not easy, in fact, it is impossible. But, attempting to live the life to the best of our ability, in faith, goes a very long way in the eyes of God. Abraham is a perfect example of living in faith and following the instructions of God. It certainly must have been an enormous burden on Abraham to prepare his own son to be sacrificed to God, but he did it and was rewarded as a result. God knows those that are His, and these individuals are tested just as all of the people of God will be. But, now, here comes the problem !!!

The Bible is our instruction manual, or rule book, on how we are to attempt to live our lives and achieve salvation. But, as time went on, many changes were and still are being made by man to the original doctrine and principles given to us by God. The trouble is for those people that use these new rules is that God does not accept them and these individuals risk the loss of the prize. There are also many that believe that once your name is written in The Book of Life that it can never be removed. These people should read the last few paragraphs of the last Book in the Bible and see that a person can and will have their name removed from The Book of Life under certain circumstances….

We all must examine our lives and the manual of life that we are using as our guide to see if it is in alignment with the wishes of God.  There are so many different interpretations to the original text that it will be very difficult to find many that are, at least, attempting to live their lives in the way that God intended. Claiming Christianity does not guarantee anything !!! We are warned many times about drifting away from the wishes of God, and we should realize those warnings are for our benefit and should heed them. God is very understanding and loves us more then we can imagine, but He only gives us one way to achieve salvation... HIS WAY !!!

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12:59 PM   [31 Dec 2010 | Friday]


We accept Jesus as our Savior and then what happens ?  Unfortunately, for many, not very much happens. The person may buy and read the Bible, but more often, they just buy the Book and look through it and find that it was not what they had expected. And, perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of the lack of commitment is the benefits we receive having established a personal relationship with God…. There is no question that understanding a personal relationship with God is different then a personal relationship with our friends, but, in fact, it is almost exactly the same. The trouble is that we cannot comprehend having God as our personal friend and yet, He is, in reality, our best friend !!!

We all have friends and we talk to them about our problems as well as our happiness, and we share our lives to some extent with these people. The trouble is that these people are human just as we are and have no more insight into almost anything then we ourselves do. People have opinions and are more than willing to offer these opinions to us even though their notions are based upon no real information. The Book of Job is an excellent example of what friends do, and it is no different today.  

One of the great benefits of knowing God is that He knows everything, including the future !!! So, if we were to ask His advice about our situations, His answers would be the only correct information on which we can rely. Talking with God is actually prayer… Many think that repeating certain prayers is a part of praying and to some extent, it is. But, these standard prayers are more an act of praise then real prayer. We can all relate to some part of many of the Psalms, and so we use those words as our prayers. But, the reality is that God wants us to come directly to Him with our own personal thoughts and share them with Him just as you would a very close human friend. We should speak to Him just as if He was sitting right in front of us listening to our problems because He is right there in front of us all of the time !!! It is not an easy thing to talk with God because we have to be honest. The fact that He already knows of our concerns and the real reasons in which we find ourselves is not important. But, by discussing these things with God, we find that we do not leave out certain parts of the situation that we do not share with our human friends for any number of reasons.. And, because of this, we discover aspects that were unknown to us or we were not willing to accept about ourselves.

God not only knows about our concerns, but He knows the real cause of the problem and most importantly, He knows the solution !!! And, the best part of all of this is that His answers are always correct… And, He will answer !!! How we get those answers is sometimes difficult to see, but they will always be there. We often make the mistake of trying to figure out how this will take place and we look for indications that the way we thought is happening, but this is an error on our part. God does not work in mysterious ways. But, some times the answers come from places from which we never imagined.

So, we talk, or pray, to God and then what ? We trust !!! We have faith that we will have our answer and we wait until it is clear that what happens is always in our best interests… The more we do this, the more comfortable we become talking directly to God and our amazement will grow at the results of our sincere prayers. It is very comforting knowing that God is our friend.

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12:58 PM   [31 Dec 2010 | Friday]


We are beginning a brand new year and although we can hope that this new beginning will give us a fresh opportunity to correct our errors of the past, the reality is that it is not in the nature of man to admit his mistakes and return to basic fundamentals that work !!! We should examine the past from the very beginning to understand the simplicity of having a good life and then discover why we cannot achieve it…

In the beginning, God created all things… One of the things that He created was man, and He loved man so much that He gave him paradise in which to live. There was one rule however, but it was only one. Man then proceeds to immediately break that rule. Of course, man was influenced by Satan to break the rule, but it was ultimately man that made the choice…. So, mankind is beginning to establish its personality and we see that it is evil and disobedient. God then finds one man that is faithful to Him and destroys everything else except that man and his family and begins the whole process once again. And, as man repopulates the earth, we find that, once again, that he is evil and disobedient.

Finally, God approaches man and establishes an agreement with him that if mankind keeps just a few rules and regulations that God will give him paradise once again. So, we accept the Ten Commandments and just over one hundred and twenty laws given to us by God…. Man then begins to find ways to interpret these Laws in such a way that they essentially become lost in the additional laws that man establishes and now we have just over nine hundred and twenty laws, eight hundred of which were made up by man and not given or approved by God… Man lives more by its own rules and cannot understand why paradise has not come as God had promised. The Old Testament gives us many stories and lessons concerning the nature of man, and man is usually disobedience and evil and shows us how and why things did not work out for these people.. Simply, they disregarded the rules given to us by God by altering the original Laws and tried to live within its own view of the Laws but adjusted to suit the desires of man.

Finally, God has had enough and redeems us from all of the Laws and tells us the we should live by two basic rules; love God and love each other !!! He lives among us and demonstrates that it is entirely possible to live within these simple boundaries but He also understands the nature of man and satanic influences, but gives us a manual by which we can attempt to strive to emulate His example. But, God also tells us that this is our last chance and that there will be no other way to achieve paradise…

So, we are given another, but last, chance to find salvation, but man, true to its nature immediately begins to interpret the new guidelines in such a way that they are out of alignment with Biblical doctrine… Today, we are so far away from the original intent of the lessons given to us from within  the Bible that it would difficult to find a single denomination that is true to the original intent of the teachings of God. There are so many different interpretations of the Bible and so many various denominations that we have once again lost our way to paradise.  There are groups that not only do not condemn certain evil acts but embrace those who commit them.

We must examine our position in relation to the original instructions given to us from within the original Bible and reverse all changes in order to realign ourselves with the wishes of God. There is only one God and there should only be one Church !!! The rules are very simple and our Pastor, Jesus, is very understanding and will excuse our transgressions, but we must first admit that we are making mistakes and not try to justify our evil actions by rewriting the Bible to adjust for our weaknesses…

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12:47 PM   [01 Dec 2010 | Wednesday]


We are now in the beginning of the Christmas season at which time we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is supposed to be a time of great joy and happiness because of the incredible event that took place so many years ago that eventually gave mankind the opportunity to reach eternal salvation !!! We are a nation built on religious freedom and now we find that the symbols of the Christmas season and what they represent can no longer be displayed in public because it offends certain groups or individuals. These small minded groups have petitioned the civil authorities to banish any reference to the birth of Jesus in public displays and amazingly, they have succeeded. In most areas of this country, it is illegal to display the Nativity scene even on your own property if it can be visible to the public.

This is outrageous but not as upsetting as the fact they actually succeeded in getting these ordinances accepted and enforced. We can drive along any highway and see billboards filled with young women wearing nothing but their underwear and many more provocative advertisements, and no one seems to care about those symbols. The fact that the Christian community did not rise up and fight against these actions is shameful.  Just on the basis of religious freedom, these ordinances could have been prevented, but that was not the case. At the very least, a church should be allowed to have the Nativity scene displayed on the property it owns.  But yet, we find church groups fighting for various laws and ordinances that are directly against the doctrine of the Bible…

There are many people, both young and old, that have actually forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. It has become the most depressing time of the year for many people instead of being the happiest time for us all. Other religions are fighting for equality in their religious holidays and are winning because they are fighting, but we have lost the essence of Christmas because no one organized a unified resistance to the attempts to take religious significance out of Christmas. This is just another example of the problems of so many various denominations that have apparently lost their way. There is only one God and there should only be one Church and until that happens, the Christian community will continue to be denied the rights and power that it deserves…..

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